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  1. I wonder if the the JB-40FL 3-Tone Sunburst one is also heavy? It states same wood for body and neck but they do seem to be far more widespread in use and very little references to weight... @kodiakblairdid anyone comment on these ones? Its looks the same apart the JB75 has a black pickguard... I'm sure there will be minor differences perhaps, not that it would bother me much... It's a shame they don't do the kit bass with a fretless neck...
  2. Personally, I think it's a great looking bass and have seen worse examples of 'slight' issues in boutique work. I had a £3k+ bass a few years back and could faintly feel the stripes in the thru-neck. It's easy to criticise someone else work (yes I can see the misalignment) but given the fact that Lukasz is asking a similar price for a hand-made bass as what you would expect to pay for a CNC, mass produced Indonesian bass, I think whoever buys this is getting a great bit of kit. It sounds great as well! It has my vote.
  3. I think I will... I might even keep a project diary to inspire others!
  4. I did consider this but I wanted the 70s sunburst with black pickguard anyway... plus there is the hassle of painting and defretting the neck... I wonder if there is variation in weight... other reviews on the Thomann site mention weight as well but I think that if I gig it, it would just be for the occasional song rather than a whole gig... Thanks for the advice though, it's a shame they don't do it the kit with a fretless neck... i think if they did, I would jump on that!
  5. Yep... that's what I am hoping for. Hopefully someone will have one and wouldn't mind doing a quick check!!
  6. I know this may seem to be a bit naughty, and I just wanted a bit of advice... I have always loved the mid 70s jazz look, primarily the headstock and a beaten up body with darkened laquer on the neck. Mmmmm... anyhoo.... I only really play 5 string so 4s never get used (trust me - I have had my share...) Anyway, I would like a fretless (which also wouldn't get much use) so I thought about getting a cheap fretless and dressing it up to look like a mid 70s beaten up jazz... I have recently bought 2 Harley Benton acoustic guitars for other gigs I do and with a bit of fettling, was astounded at the price point for the quality of guitar that you get! They will never win awards, but I recently changed my £500 freshman acoustic for a £70 HB one and I would put them side by side any day... That aside... I was looking at this: https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_jb_75fl_sb_vintage_series.htm Basically, strip it apart, road worn paint job ( I have a good plan on how to achieve this...) and I wanted to reshape the headstock to make it look like a fender and stick a cheeky 70s decal on it with some aged lacquer that I already have. Nobody would ever be fooled but I don't want to spend £2k+ to get a bass I would hardly ever use professionally... this would be a good compromise and a fun project to boot! So.... does anyone have on of these? Would a fender template like the ones here: http://www.tdpri.com/forum/attachments/bass-place/66934d1292895136-p-bass-headstock-template-bass-heads-1-pdf lay over the HB one so it could be reshaped or am I p***ing in the wind here? I was gonna take a punt anyway but thought I would ask before I did... Anyone else done this kind of thing?
  7. Freshman FA300D acoustic guitar in excellent condition. Comes with TKL tweed hard case. Cost over £500 a few years ago, it hasn't seen much use as I play bass mainly. Home and studio use only, in immaculate condition apart from one tiny nick in the back of the neck, not noticeable when playing. Lovely, mature full sound for a Dreadnaught guitar, cedar top with mahogany sides and back. Will have some new strings on it, any trial welcome. Can post - this can be negotiated. I do have boxes ready to go.
  8. 👍 Good stuff. I hope it serves you well as a spare for a spare! 😁
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