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  1. I must admit, surf green does really appeal. I have seen surf green and a tort scratch plate which looks great. It's such a risk though, with such a pricey instrument. I might have to get creative on Photoshop to visualise it!
  2. I am considering my options I must admit... I really want a funky solid colour though... Surf green or lake placid blue... Would it be sacrilegious to repaint this??
  3. It is... Seems a shame to let it go so cheap but needs must! Plus I think the current climate doesn't help. It was for sale in the Bass Gallery a while ago for £1500 so it is a bargain! 😜
  4. I have seen something I would like so would accept £1200 plus delivery...
  5. I just picked up a sunburst one of these and they are great US made precision basses for not much cash...
  6. I was after a YOB '76 Precision... But had to settle for a US made Highway 1... Saying that, it sounds like a P, plays like a P and with work minor work, will look like a mid 70s P! I gonna try and vintage up the maple on the neck with some amber tinted lacquer... No idea how that will turn out!
  7. Ha! It's the one thing I won't let go of now... I love that bass. So versatile, so playable. The GB is definitely on the same par, perhaps a bit more hifi... It's just the 35 scale I don't get on with... How are you mate? Still got your GB?
  8. To be honest if it doesn't go to a good home it will stay with me! Every time I look at the as I think ... " Is it the right thing?" Time will tell!! Glad it served you well!
  9. Cheers mate - it's a great bass and a pain that I'm not getting on with it. To be honest, if it doesn't sell I will give it more of a trial when gigs start back again... you never know! How's all with you in Norwich? Keeping yourself entertained?
  10. Have just bought some vintage amber nitro lacquer from Northwest Guitars... it looks to do what I want so will be a bit of an experiment! Hopefully this way, I can just get a bit of a key on the wood for the lacquer to stick and not remove the decal!
  11. I did think that if I wire wool / scotch pad the headstock, I could do it light enough to create a key for the clear coat to stick but not remove the decal? I suppose it's going to be trial and error really... I could always get a another decal if it does come off. I read somewhere that multiple coats of tru oil create a vintage look... could try that first?
  12. Some interest but nothing so this is very much available. A few questions I should have included in the description: Weight - a smidge over 9lb (this was calculated using bathroom scales so not 100% accurate) - it feels very similar to my Sei Jazz which is a shade under 9lb... I have included pics of the bridge spacing - 19mm and some enquired about pickup size so I have added those pics as well. Cheers!
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