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  1. That's funny, as that's where I ended up. I found a good deal on Amazon so if it doesn't work out for me, not a big loss! Interesting to see what other people are using though...
  2. Top job - thanks for that. Any personal experience?
  3. That's so rock n roll....
  4. Hi all... I'm being offered a Bacchus WL-533 (Phillipine model) being offered as a partial trade on a bass but I have no idea of the value of these basses. It sounds good, looks good, right scale length and measurements all look good so it will be a bit of a punt... What's the value? Anyone bought one recently? Anyone have one which they can share some info on? Thanks!
  5. Hi all, I need to source a new case for gig accessories - leads, pedal, extension lead, ipad cradle etc... I am ditching a photo backpack - what are people using? No bag for life ideas please... anyone got anything cool they want to share or possibly sell? Cheers all! Carl.
  6. It is... Just a shame that's it's a bit too small for what I want. 😡
  7. Price is negotiable... I have found something I am interested in if a cash sale is possible...
  8. Hi... Weight (weighing myself then again with the bass, not exact I know but the best I can do) looks to be 9.5/10lbs... Feels very similar to a SR5 I had a while ago, it balances and plays lovely...
  9. AKG C1000s Condenser mics (Silver ones) - As new and in flight cases. I believe these are the Mk3 models and they look brand new as I have never used them! Bought for drum overheads and it never happened... Will include postage to UK. Will add pics ASAP
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