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  1. Rui bought my Bacchus recently, very easy transaction and recommended all round. No issues at all posting to Portugal via UPS.
  2. Canon 80D as new with very low shutter count (8442) with Sigma Contemporary 18-200 Zoom lens and Sigma 30mm 1.4 Arts lens. Both lenses have Hoya standard UV filters. All items in as new condition with boxes, all lens caps, lens pouches etc. Essentially as you would buy from a shop! Lenses were purchased from Wex in Norwich, body - not sure as it was a gift from my wife. I am going full frame so whilst this is a great amateur / semi pro setup, I have some professional projects in the pipeline and I need to upgrade. Any questions welcome. Any trial or inspection.
  3. Just received John's Sire V7 G2... packed well, posted quickly and as described! What's not to like! Deal with John in complete confidence - a recommended BC'er.
  4. Mustafunk bought my Xotic in a trade - very easy transaction and he sorted all shipping! Recommended BCer!
  5. Thanks Andy... also of note, I had the chance to use scales at work to weigh the bass - 4.35kg - a smidge over 9lbs if anyone is interested...
  6. Something has come up and I need to sell. Offers are welcome although sale only.
  7. It's one of those situations of analysing differences between pups using frequency analysers and what not... Such minute differences... No apology necessary, I think you nailed it on the head!
  8. Looks about right - I'm with you on the stock pups... very typical jazz sound, lots of 'growl' as you say... I can imagine lots of 'sharp intake of breath' with what I am about to say, but I don't think I have never heard enough of a benefit to warrant the kind of money some pickups cost. It's a very subjective thing - I replaced my SR5 pup a few years ago with a bartolini version and I honestly don't think it brought anything to the sound that the original didn't have. A slight tonal difference yes, but not enough to really warrant the cost of changing it. I have a cheap Revelation fretless and the pups are so loud and toneful! Hardware is a bit naff but I was so surprised at the sound of cheap pups. I played a friends SUB SR4 and the output was huge and it had a typical SR sound. Anyway... Carl - stop rabbiting on!!
  9. Hi @TorVic I think that they would fit yes. It's difficult to be 100% accurate and without hesitation, as the measurements on the Aguilar website / link you posted seem to be in inches with a decimalised ending... Or am I being a bit stoopid?? For example, length of the Aguilar bridge is 4.100 - The bacchus is about 4 1/8" but with a cavity which is about 4 1/8"... the distance between screwholes is 1.920, the bacchus is about 1/16" under 2 inches... based on these, i think they would fit. Someone could correct me if I am wrong?
  10. I'm selling my flash gun setup comprising of the following: 2 x Yongnuo Speedlite YN560-III - both with cases, supports and in as new condition. 1 x Yongnuo YN560-TX Wireless Manual Flash Controller / Trigger for off camera triggering of both flashes 1 extra diffuser for one of the flashes Neewer tripod kit which includes 2 tripods, 3 umbrellas per tripod (2 white, 2 silver and two gold) and all attachments to attach flash guns and unbrellas to tripods. This comes in a handy carry bag. Basically, everything needed to get going an wireless off camera dual speedlite setup. This is pretty much as new and has had very little use - I am doing more video stuff so needed some continuous lights for my work. I can post for minimal cost (will have to finalise costs) but collection is preferred - Lowestoft area.
  11. I would have thought similar as the scale length is so close to a 34 but will check..
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