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  1. Everson 4 string

    That is beautiful, shame I'm skint. GLWTS.
  2. Thinking of trying guitar again

    Have you had a look at any of the Vintage range by JHS? They do have a good reputation, and are relatively inexpensive. If you found the Strat had a "weedy" sound, then is going for a Tele a good idea? Not that they're weak & weedy, but the fact that you have only 2 single coils to play with, rather than three. I had one of the "Custom II" Tele's for a while, with 2 P90's in it. Sounded warmer than a standard Tele, but I didn't get on with it. Part-exed it for a PRS SE Singlecut with P90's. Have you considered a twin humbucker guitar? You'll get a fatter sound from that, as well as a slightly shorter scale than a Tele (bit easier to handle)
  3. What are your bass care tips?

    Those sachets are excellent. Normally you'd just chuck them out, but you need to leave at least one or two in your case. They'll absorb any residue moisture from the strings, and generally keep the atmosphere in the case reasonable for the bass (or guitar). I also keep a bar towel in my case, handy for wiping any excess sweat or anything off the bass (or guitar), and also stops the bass moving around in the case (if it's an after market case).
  4. Hello from Lyon, France

    Bonjour Romain
  5. Hi, from the Isle of Man

  6. Tuning pegs - flawed design

    Or utilise the allan key that you use for the truss rod (in a similar way to headless bridges I suppose).
  7. Knobs!

    Here you go. The third one has them as well now.
  8. Nobel Prize winners Metallica...

    They obviously need the £90,000 prize money.
  9. Callouses & Touch Screen Devices

    Yes, I was bored at work & mucking about with my touchscreen phone. Mildly annoying, but I'm not about to stop playing bass just to improve my touch screen performance!
  10. Anyone else having issues with their touch screen devices? I can't seem to be able to use my fingertips on touch screens anymore. Have to use the side of my finger, which makes for some interesting spellings! 😃
  11. Knobs!

    Got to check out endlessknobbing now. 😃
  12. Knobs!

    Likewise, I have the Bakelite-style chickenhead knobs on all of my basses & electric guitars, because a) I like them, and b) because they are on the front of my Matamp. They look far better than the original knobs that were on the guitars (generic speed knobs or MXR/J bass style knobs), plus they give a real 60's vibe.
  13. Preamp/effects options for FRFR setup

    With the HD Bass pack, it adds the GK 800 and the SVT bright & normal, plus a 4x10 and the 8x10 cabs (admittedly not a great selection, but they are very good!). Plus, some of the guitar amp models are good with bass, like the HiWatt DR & the Plexi's.
  14. Preamp/effects options for FRFR setup

    IMO, the HD500x makes the B3 sound processed, it is a step on again. Again, IMO, the Helix seems a bit overkill for my needs, as much as I'd like to have a shot on one, I don't think I could justify the cost. Before I bought the HD, I looked at all the units available, and the HD seemed to offer me everything I wanted. I compared the B3 against the PODxt Live, and the B3 for me, didn't sound as good as the POD. When I got the HD, I compared it against the PODxt Live, and again, the HD sounded far superior to my ears.