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  1. Drunk eBay magic

  2. Ibanez ar220

    I've not seen any of these "in the flesh", but have been seriously considering either the 420 or 620. I've owned a couple of late 70's 2619's in the past (same specs), which were real LP Killers, fantastic guitars, and with the addition of the Tri-Sound switches, they add some really useful, and easily accessible sounds. The 2619's pre-dated the "AR" range (even though they were "Artist"), and the specs are slightly different, the "AR"s tend to have thicker bodies, more like those of the LP / Yamaha SG, where the 26** series had thinner bodies. Some of the previous reissues of their 70's/80's range guitars have been superb, so I wouldn't expect anything less from these.
  3. Rotosound Broken String!

    Did you use some buttah?
  4. ?Anybody identify the Bass..

    Yup, Ric 4004Cii. There was an interview with him a while back in BGM (can't remember his name... Andy ?).
  5. Gig Gear bag = what do you use

    Got a Thomann pedal bag when I got my HD500x, extra large pocket on the front, so leads, PSU & other stuff goes in there. Sorted.
  6. Online String Stores Recommendations

    Bizarrely enough, I've just bought a Mono Betty strap from Amazon for £35, including free postage. Bargain, seeing as they're about £42 everywhere else.
  7. If £2k is burning a hole in your pocket....

    Yup, can totally agree with that, but I could do with a decent amp as well. Maybe some other stuff... Dunno, I quite fancy another bike as well. It's your money, do what you will with it, and enjoy.
  8. Sampling.. but is it proper music making etc?

    Can't remember which song it was, but one of the Sia songs, the backing track was samples of her voice. Thought that was brilliant and creative.
  9. Stolen guitar and bass Glasgow

    Get the info up on the many UK Instrument groups on Facebook. Usually a pretty good way of letting people know, and the thieves will probably try to flog them via Facebook.
  10. Miming on TOTP's

    The miming was one of the best bits of Top of the Pops
  11. Can any one recommend a good, reasonably priced online string retailer? Looked at all the usual suspects, like Stringbusters, Strings Direct, eBay, etc., but are there any others out there that folk use and can recommend? All this talk of string brands, and the qualities of the different lines makes me want investigate various options.
  12. Bright string suggestions please

    Always used to find Stadium Elites quite bright, and stayed bright for quite a while. I'll also second Lozz & SH's recommendation of Roto RS66's. Fender Stainless Steel's stay pretty bright too.
  13. Is there a bass somewhere that doesn't play like a dream? I think I've owned quite a few of them over the years!
  14. Hi folks

    Good to hear a positive Ric owner story! Welcome!