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  1. Saw that, and again, definitely one to consider. Humbuckers again though.
  2. The Chowny's are very tempting, the only thing putting me off them is that the pickups are humbuckers, where I much prefer single coils. The downside of a Semi is changing the pickups, as all the pots need to come out via the treble soundhole, which frankly sounds like a right PITA. Not sure if they have a push/pull for single coil either. Plus I'd need to find some single coil pickups that'd fill the holes.
  3. Where's the fun in that, when you can just buy another one that does the same kind of thing, but without some of the features? Oh... hang on...
  4. Yes, I have a PolyTune, and it regularly either goes into 6 String Poly mode. It annoyed me so much, I bought a UniTune.
  5. Erm... A custom built, Walnut Rickenfaker (the one in the avatar). Still want a Semi though, the Warwick Star is the current favourite.
  6. What year is it from? Found this 1986 Catalogue on Ibanez.com (https://www.ibanez.com/eu/support/catalogs/)
  7. Of all of them, I'd be inclined to say go with the Ashdown. Also have a look on the Muzik Produktiv site, they have their own version of Thomann's Ashdown "Toneman" range (the "AMP range"). I have one of the Ashdown Muzik Produktiv combo's, and it's great. Based on an ABM Evo III, but in Rootmaster cabinet. Laney and Hartke are good too.
  8. So how does it sound @fretmeister?
  9. The standard non ABS Thomann case is a good fit too, and usually a few quid cheaper than the ABS one too. That Gator "soft" case looks pretty good too.
  10. I did notice there were a few missing, but hey, it's still a great resource. The Bolt Thrower & Electro Hippies Peel Sessions were good too. Had a load of them on Vinyl.
  11. That's some resource... and a trip down memory lane, I remember listening to a load of them. JP RIP.
  12. Set or through neck? What's "Eshtronic"?
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