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  1. Someone please buy this before my self restraint crumbles!
  2. Is it passive or active? Had one similar years ago that was active. Good basses.
  3. Just wondering what's happening with the delivery services, Post Office, couriers, etc.? Are they classed as 'Key Workers'? If you buy stuff online, you may well be waiting an age for them to come to your door. And yes, I do have something on order...
  4. I always assumed it was something to do with the gauges of the wire they used.
  5. Define 'cheap'. One of the best value and underrated multi-fx, is the Good old Line6 HD500x with the HD Bass pack. £200-250 will get you a well looked after second hand one on eBay.
  6. Actually, IIRC, they were made in Korea.
  7. Always fancied one of these, they just look ace and the three pickups should give you some interesting variations. Something else incoming, but GLWTS.
  8. I never had a problem when I had an XT Live, however, if you can afford one, buy a HD500x instead (and then get the HD Bass pack for it), well worth it. I had an XT bean since they came out, and got the Live to replace a Zoom B3, but found it to be not that great for the effects. The Amp/Cab sims I felt were better than the B3's, but the effects didn't really shine through from my perspective. Hunted around for an appropriate (and affordable) alternative, and ended up getting the HD500x. Been using that for over 3 years now, and very happy with the results. Second hand versions are a great buy, as they do tend to have been looked after. Another alternative would be the HX Stomp, but that's significantly more than a second hand HD500X.
  9. One of those Marshall Mini Stack amps, MS4? Just cause it looks cool. 😁
  10. I've got the DP-03 recorder, dead handy for rehearsals when you're trying to work out / remember new songs. They also help with the overall sound of the band (IMO).
  11. No, it's because Napalm Death weren't available, but as Bill was a member of Napalm at the time, they went with Carcass. That's what Jeff told me anyway.
  12. It all depends on what you're going to use it for. If it sounds good to you, then who cares?
  13. "Om" from Red Dwarf (who were actually the real band Carcass)
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