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  1. Been using the old style Schaller strap locks for years. Always found them to be trusty & dependable. Tried Dunlop's a few times, and never really got on with them. The rubber washers seem like a good idea, seen loads of people using them and depend on them.
  2. World Shut Your Mouth - Julian Cope
  3. Again, it depends on what you want to do with the effects... You could go down the pedals / pedal board route, but be prepared to experiment, swap pedals in & out until you find ones that you really like. There again, you could try a newer multi-FX, but that then opens the question on whether you just want effects, or whether you want to get into amp/cab modelling. If you're happy with your current amp setup, and just want the effects, then maybe look at the Zoom B1 Four / B3n. Of course, the Zoom's have the amp/cab models on board as well, but they can also be used without engaging them. If you wanted to spend a bit more money, then maybe a HX FX, or one of the older Line6 M modellers (M5, M9, M13) might do the trick. If you wanted to get a bit more serious about a multi-FX, there's the POD Go, HX Stomp / Stomp XL, as well as the Helix. There's also big bucks kit like the Kemper, Headrush, Neural & Axe FX. Currently using the POD Go, and think it's great. It is limited compared to the Helix/HX Stomp, but anything more would be overkill for what I need. And if I do need something else, I can copy a patch/preset and tweak it to suit requirements, and work around the limitations. Sound quality's fabulous too. Before I bought the POD Go (and all the other multi's I've been using), I was seriously considering going back to a pedal board. However, after costing up the pedals I thought I'd want/need, looking at alternatives, looking at ancillaries (board, PSU, patch cables, etc.), it made buying a "do it all" multi even more practical. You need to figure out what sort of sounds you're after, what effects you need/want, and what you want to achieve, then go from there (usually downhill / down the rabbit hole etc.). Whichever way you choose, trawl the Effects For Sale section.
  4. And possibly drop the bass side slightly as well.
  5. There's just something about a black bass with a mirror 'plate. And there's just something about a black Ric with a mirror 'plate. That's a stunner. GLWTS. I do not need another 4003, especially one with a mirror 'plate...! (repeat to fade)
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