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  1. I had an MB4 from new in the sparkle black finish, bought it in '93 IIRC, the first new bass I'd ever bought. Good to look at, good to play, shame it only sounded OK. It was significantly lighter than the Westone Thunder 1A I had, so it became the main bass. The guitarist in the band I was in at the time also had a Washburn Mercury guitar (bought from the same shop). Haven't seen any of the 90's Washburns in a long time. Must admit, I much preferred their 80's basses.
  2. Right Here, Right Now - Fatboy Slim
  3. Hall of the Mountain Grill - Hawkwind
  4. Got to second the respect for Paul Gray, superbly tasteful player. Phil from Subhumans & Jasper from Citizen Fish Grant from Rudimentary Peni
  5. You really can't go wrong with an Ashdown 300w MAG head (or combo). Puts out something like 200w @ 8 Ohms, 300w @ 4 Ohms. Should be able to pick one up relatively inexpensively second hand too. I have the 2x10 combo, and that's plenty loud enough for band use. Just checked the Ashdown site, the EvoIII puts out 220w @ 8 Ohms, 330w @ 8 Ohms.
  6. Skybone

    Matsumoku basses

    Always had a big soft spot for the SB Special II, owned a black one from '84 in the late 80's, 'til I stupidly part-exed it for an Encore Strat in the early 90's (shut up, I know! ). Always regretted that. I did however end up getting an '82 Westone Thunder 1A not long after. Managed to find another one around 2006, but life hadn't been too kind to it. It was still a nice bass, but nowhere near as nice as my original one. Bizarrely, that one was an '84 model as well. In all my research around the time, I could never find any info on the SB Special II, only the RSB Deluxe. From what I can gather, they were only made in 1984, as I've never seen one from any other year. No doubt, @Fionn's and @FlatEric's ones will be from other years. 🙄
  7. Excellent find @Maude, some great looking creations there.
  8. Won't Let the Sun Go Down on Me - Nik Kershaw
  9. Hall of the Mountain Grill - Hawkwind
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