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  1. Ibanez https://www.ibanez.com/eu/support/catalogs/19810101000008.html https://www.ibanez.com/eu/support/catalogs/19810101000009.html
  2. What I Am - Edie Brickell & New Bohemians
  3. Things change. Tastes change, requirements change, situations change, times change.
  4. I'd love to get my hands on a 4 string Long Scale Star Bass.
  5. Ibanez are Japanese, and therefore use metric measurements. When I went through my "Vintage Ibanez Guitar Collecting" phase, I managed to find a few sets of NOS Ibanez knobs from the US & Canada, it is worth trawling eBay, but I'd expect them to be be pretty expensive these days. The Ibanez Collectors World site used to be really good, especially for the guitars, but there was a lot of bass info on there as well. IIRC, Ibanez did a good run of "Vintage Reissues" from their 70's & 80's catalogue, and they also reissued the "speed knobs" with the rubber rings. You may be able to find some of the reissue knobs.
  6. Have a look at the Yamaha, definitely worth considering. However, whether you get another bass or not, I would really get the Spector in to someone for a damn good look over / service / setup, as it's still looking decent after all this time in the garage.
  7. Stone Free - Jimi Hendrix Experience
  8. I definitely think that the move to a single piece button/screw for the S Locks was a really daft decision, when the button and separate screw combination was simple, and it just worked. If you do a bit of searching, you can still get the old style strap locks.
  9. The pointy bits will catch on something.
  10. I went through the very same process a few years ago, ended up going around in circles for ages. I bought a Zoom B3, and although it was Good, I found it a bit limited if I was using the amp sim, add a compressor or a reverb, that left only 1 slot left for effects. I'd had a PODxt bean for years, so I bought an XT Live, and the bass expansion pack. Decided to try it against the Zoom to see which one stayed, which one got moved on. IMO, the XT Live had slightly better amp sims than the Zoom, and the fact that you could assign more than 3 effects to a patch meant that the XT won. The XT wasn't perfect, but it was very good. The POD X3 uses the same amp / cab / effects model sets as the XT series, except it's 'fully loaded', as in it came with all the model packs from the XT series. After a few months using the XT Live, I was finding that the effects were 'getting lost' in the mix. So the search began again. Again, After a long search, I kept coming back to the Line6 POD, but the HD500x. Again, you had to buy the bass pack, as the standard model set only has two or three amp sims that would be alright for bass. Compared to the XT (and the Zoom B3), it had very few amp sims. Anyway, managed to pick one up relatively inexpensively second hand, added the bass pack, then compared it against the XT Live. After a few minutes, and without too much tweaking either, the quality of the models on the HD simply blew the XT Live out of the water in every aspect. The effects are better quality as well. Yes, it takes a bit of time to tweak, but even the standard settings sound great. Four years later, I'm still using the HD500x as the basis of my rig. You can get them for around £200-250 on eBay. The Bass pack is around £20, but money worth spending IMO. Loads of connectivity as well, and if you play guitar, even better. Plug it into the Effects Return of your amp, bypass the preamp. Result. Well, works for me. If you just want effects, maybe look at the Line6 M series.
  11. I'd also suggest that your guitarist should spend some time at rehearsal dialling in his EQ to get it sitting in the band mix. OK, this is going to take a bit of patience for the rest of the band, but by doing it, he'll get a sound that will fit in with everyone else, rather than start on the endless trek of buying new gear. I assume that his EQ was set to sound Good on his own, rather than fit in with the band. I would also suggest that the miss should be boosted rather than scooped, which should give him a better overall sound. Also turn the Gain down, and use the Master Volume.
  12. Cool looking pedal. Actually, Blacky builds his own pedals, and has a 'Blacky Blower' distortion pedal: https://bywaudio.com/index.php/product/blacky-blower/ Joe's Pedals has been going for a while. IIRC, he used to work in one of the boutique vintage guitar shops on Denmark St., but went out on his own, selling pedals from some of the more smaller pedal builders.
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