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  1. What pedal do you need for the "Psssh-di-cuff"?
  2. "Get to the back of the queue!"
  3. "I only said 'This meal's good enough for Jehovah'"
  4. We can talk about Ric's & Fakers, we just can't sell them.
  5. That's a seriously nice looking bass.
  6. From our gig last week...
  7. Do you think there should be a Vegan option?
  8. There's an "Ignore Soup" button?
  9. ^This. Have you been asked to join them? Or is it your secret new project?
  10. Must admit I've only ever played a long scale, so shorty's don't really appeal, medium's could work, but I think I'd need to try one first, but long scale is my preference (as are single coils). More research required I think!
  11. Don't ask me why, but I've been hankering after a Semi for some time, but which one? I really like the look of the Warwick Star Bass, classic looks but still relatively modern, single coils, passive, ticks a lot of boxes. Unfortunately, not cheap. The Chowny CHB2 is another contender, long scale, but comes with humbuckers. The Italia Rimini... Love the look of the Rimini, unfortunately don't seem to come up very often. There's a Gear4Music semi that's el cheapo, looks like the Star, anyone got any experience of that? What else is out there that's worth looking at?
  12. Alternatively, you could try getting something like a Zoom B3 or the newer B3n with a USB interface. Plug & play.
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