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  1. Great to see musicians interacting with other musicians, rather than solo noodling, or "playing along" to a backing track where you can only hear the backing track.
  2. Last Exit for the Lost - Fields of the Nephilim
  3. I was under the impression that all the current 4003's with the new bridge are single truss rod. No doubt someone will be along shortly to tell me I'm wrong. Had to do a set up on my 4003, where I had to adjust the truss rod (yes, had to stump up and buy the tool). Was a bit cautious admittedly, just adjusted one a quarter turn, then the other the same amount. Thankfully, they didn't need too much adjustment, and it's still a great player. Even the intonation's spott on.
  4. Teenage Negasonic Warhead - Monster Magnet
  5. Saw the post. Haven't seen a Ric for that price in a very, very, very long time.
  6. Time We Left This World Today - Hawkwind
  7. If it's something light you're after, then unfortunately a standard maple 4003 doesn't meet the bill. Weighty buggers. I believe that the Walnut 4003 is somewhat lighter though. A Spector might be a good option, as would a through neck Thunderbird. Though as you say, neck dive might be an issue, but a decent grippy strap usually helps.
  8. If something has "changed your life", then I see that as something that has inspired that person to do something. Whatever that something may be. "Inspiration"
  9. The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner - Iron Maiden
  10. Top chap to deal with. Arrived a lot quicker than expected, very well packed too. 👍
  11. I would also be concerned about the temperature variations when storing things like an instrument in a garage / summer house etc. Surely it would be better to keep them inside in a constant temperature (and humidity) to minimise any movement in the instrument.
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