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  1. I always found that the skin on my fingertips reacted with the nickel on strings, causing dead & flaky skin as well as making the fingers a bit more sensitive, and not able to play for too long before needing a good break from playing. This changed after swapping over to stainless steel strings, no more skin reactions, can play for longer as my fingertips hardened up, and with the added bonus of the strings still sounding bright, and lasting for around 6 months.
  2. And there was me thinking that in amongst the usual Eurovision dross, there were actually a few decent songs. Well, half decent, commercially viable pop songs, that would get some air play on various radio stations.
  3. I remember seeing FNM with the original singer, Chuck. Great show, tiny venue.
  4. Hawkwind;: Space Ritual. The bass just drives the whole album.
  5. I'm another one who doesn't like practice amps, I'd rather play without an amp than use a practice amp. I'd go with the Zoom B1 over an amp (and possibly a B3n over the B1), as it'll give you a bit of flexibility if you want to integrate some effects into your "playing out" rig.
  6. They have been released, it's just that they're like rocking horse poop, and priced accordingly.
  7. Skybone

    Muziker ?

    Didn't they buy up Digital Village (DV247)?
  8. Certainly hope they'll be "rolling" out that new bridge on to all of the production models.
  9. Although it was a guitar amp, the Matamp I used to own was a superb piece of kit, and the customer service was brilliant. After a year, I ordered a replacement face plate for the amp. When it was ready, I took the amp over to the factory, they fitted it, checked the amp over, and then didn't charge me a penny for any of it. Must have been there a good couple of hours minimum. Good craic, excellent service. Added to the fact that they also sourced a specific vinyl to cover the amp & cabs especially for my order.
  10. I haven't bought back any instruments I've sold, bit have bought the same versions of them before. Unfortunately it wasn't that great a reunion due to the passage of time, but it was good to reminisce for a while.
  11. Thread resurrection time! Has anyone done a pickup swap on their Faker? What have you tried? What do you want to try? Been looking at the Gemini Pickups site again, thinking about getting a set of the Tsunami pickups. Tried the Retrovibe "Classic" pickups, they were ok, but didn't quite have the sound I was after, not interested in trying any of the humbucker options either, I do like the single coil sounds. Thoughts? Opinions? General observations? Etc
  12. https://thousand-mile-stare.bandcamp.com/album/overrun Here's a link to the Bandcamp page for my band, Thousand Mile Stare. It's all original songs, in a classic, heavy rock style, have a listen. This was recorded last year, live, with our old drummer.
  13. Skybone

    What to do...

    If the full blown Helix is over kill, then maybe look at the HX Stomp. A full blown Helix, but in a small box, a lot less connection possibilities, but the same sounds. However, I'd agree with @Dood, and spend some time setting it up for your needs. I have a HD500x, and to be fair, I only use 3 or 4 patches. Each with the same amp & cab setup, but with different effects, so I can switch between the patches to give me the sounds I need for different songs. I have other patches set up, but I don't tend to use them much.
  14. My avatar went missing yesterday as well.
  15. Always used MusicGuard for mine. Pretty decent level of cover for an affordable price per month.
  16. Back to 3 basses. 2 Acoustic guitars & 2 Electric guitars.
  17. Very tempted, but skint unfortunately. GLWTS. Free bump.
  18. Well, the deed is done, we are officially looking for a new drummer. The guitarist had a long phone conversation with the old drummer, in which he finally realised that the drummer couldn't commit any more time to the band due to work commitments, and the fact that he's newly married and wants to start a family. If he didn't have enough time for the band before any sproglings come along, he certainly won't afterwards. Thankfully, the rest of us have older kids and realise this, but thankfully now, the guitarist can see that the drummer just doesn't have the time to commit to the band (despite all of his assurances). Fingers crossed, we can find someone suitable soon! Bandcamp link: https://thousand-mile-stare.bandcamp.com/album/overrun
  19. Have you tried looking at Thomann or Musik Produktiv? Both do variations on the Ashdowm ABM 300 Evo III Music Produktiv do a 2x10 version: https://www.musik-produktiv.com/gb/ashdown-amp-c210-300.html As well as a 1x15 version: https://www.musik-produktiv.com/gb/ashdown-ampc115-300.html Thomann do a 1x15 version: https://www.thomann.de/gb/ashdown_toneman_c115_evo_iii.htm Both amps are tried & tested amps, dating back about 10 years, but still sound good, they're in a Rootmaster cabinet, and come in at around 23kg, and because they are new Ashdown's, they are covered by a standard 3 year warranty, extendable to 5 years if you register the amp online. The Thomann Toneman is cheaper, but they don't do a 2x10 version, but have the 300w & 600w heads and matching cabs available. Music Produktiv just do the combo's & cabs. I bought the AMP (Ashdown Musik Produktiv) c210-300 combo earlier this year, and I'm very pleased with it.
  20. After years of wanting one myself, I got one, and was sorely disappointed. Shame really, it sounded great but it was a bugger to play, especially if you've been used to playing "double cut" instruments. Best advice would be to "play from the hip" (a la Mr Way).
  21. What @4000 said. Back off the neck pickup a tad, compared to the bridge pickup. Set your amp/preamp EQ accordingly (I would suggest that your Mids need to be higher than the Bass & Treble). If you've kept the Warwick and will be running both, maybe look at a programmable preamp with settings suited to both basses. Like @NikNik, I don't have a Ric anymore, but use Rockinbetter Faker's, with a HD500x into an ABM300 combo. Works for me.
  22. Tech 21 VT Bass 500 head and a neodymium speaker loaded 2x10 or 2x 2x10? Fender Rumble 500 & matching cab? Employ a roadie. Helix or other amp modeller (though you still have to think about some other way of hearing yourself playing, either an FRFR/Active PA Speaker or a lightweight combo). I'm currently using a HD500x (predecessor to the Helix) with an Ashdown ABM300 Evo III combo, and plug the HD into the Effects Return of the amp to bypass the preamp. Amp modelling and monitoring on the cheap!
  23. Love that, saw it on Facebook. How wide is it at the nut?
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