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  1. If you want parallel signal paths "on the cheap", then look at the Line6 POD HD500x. You can pick up a good one second hand for between £200-250, add about £20 for the HD Bass pack (or go the whole hog & get the HD Fully Loaded pack with loads of guitar amps/cabs). Been using one for a good few years now, really happy with the sounds I get from it, the effects are great too, plug it in to your amp's Effects Return. Add in the all the connectivity you want for the studio (Pro or Home), as well as a sturdy package that is just as happy on a stage. Yes, it's "old tech", but it still works, it still sounds great, and it's still being made & sold by Line6.
  2. As for selling it on, there seems to be a pretty good marketplace for them on Facebook & eBay.
  3. Neck pickup. Raise it up a wee bit, sorted.
  4. Brexit: 'I was asked to pay an extra £82 for my £200 coat' - BBC News Some people still don't get it.
  5. Are PMT still doing that 10% discount offer for BC users? "BASSCHAT10" IIRC
  6. That's a MusicMan Bog-o isn't it? Do you need to sit down to play?
  7. Oooh... is that a 481 next to it? About bloody time. And about time they reissued the 4005 too.
  8. It does constantly amaze me how people let their get get in to such a state. Remember doing a setup on a friends guitar, I spent more time cleaning it than actually doing the setup. The 4003 I bought a few months back was in desperate need of a bloody good clean, and the case had to be changed as it absolutely stank (it was knackered as well).
  9. F#*k Off and Die - Darkthrone F.O.A.D. - Voivod
  10. Again, I've never bought anything from them, but they have been around for quite a while.
  11. Please Don't Touch - Johnny Kidd & The Pirates (also Motorhead & Girlschool)
  12. Electric Boogie - Marcia Griffiths
  13. Likewise: Bass > Pre-amp > FX Return. Cheating a bit, because my Pre-amp is also a MultiFX.
  14. Stupid Questions - New Model Army
  15. There's the Zoom FP-02 as well for about £50-ish. Have you looked at the POD Go instead of the Helix Stomp? There's the same amp/cab/effects models, just a slight reduction in functions (single amp/effects chain IIRC), but it does have a built in expression pedal. These aren't much more than the HX Stomp. A fair bit more is the Helix LT, but it does have the full Helix functionality, as well as increased connectivity options and the expression pedal. To achieve a similar outcome, but with less outlay, have a look at the old HD500x, though you do need to buy the HD Bass pack. You can pick one up a good second hand one for about £200-250. Add about £20 for the Bass pack, or about £75 for the Fully Loaded pack, it will give you loads of options, as well as having loads of connectivity options for studio/live uses. Been running one for a good few years now, still very happy with it.
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