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  1. Been using the old style Schaller strap locks for years. Always found them to be trusty & dependable. Tried Dunlop's a few times, and never really got on with them. The rubber washers seem like a good idea, seen loads of people using them and depend on them.
  2. World Shut Your Mouth - Julian Cope
  3. Again, it depends on what you want to do with the effects... You could go down the pedals / pedal board route, but be prepared to experiment, swap pedals in & out until you find ones that you really like. There again, you could try a newer multi-FX, but that then opens the question on whether you just want effects, or whether you want to get into amp/cab modelling. If you're happy with your current amp setup, and just want the effects, then maybe look at the Zoom B1 Four / B3n. Of course, the Zoom's have the amp/cab models on board as well, but they can also be used without engaging them. If you wanted to spend a bit more money, then maybe a HX FX, or one of the older Line6 M modellers (M5, M9, M13) might do the trick. If you wanted to get a bit more serious about a multi-FX, there's the POD Go, HX Stomp / Stomp XL, as well as the Helix. There's also big bucks kit like the Kemper, Headrush, Neural & Axe FX. Currently using the POD Go, and think it's great. It is limited compared to the Helix/HX Stomp, but anything more would be overkill for what I need. And if I do need something else, I can copy a patch/preset and tweak it to suit requirements, and work around the limitations. Sound quality's fabulous too. Before I bought the POD Go (and all the other multi's I've been using), I was seriously considering going back to a pedal board. However, after costing up the pedals I thought I'd want/need, looking at alternatives, looking at ancillaries (board, PSU, patch cables, etc.), it made buying a "do it all" multi even more practical. You need to figure out what sort of sounds you're after, what effects you need/want, and what you want to achieve, then go from there (usually downhill / down the rabbit hole etc.). Whichever way you choose, trawl the Effects For Sale section.
  4. And possibly drop the bass side slightly as well.
  5. There's just something about a black bass with a mirror 'plate. And there's just something about a black Ric with a mirror 'plate. That's a stunner. GLWTS. I do not need another 4003, especially one with a mirror 'plate...! (repeat to fade)
  6. Personally, I like through neck, but owned & played bolt-neck, set-neck as well as through neck.
  7. Yes, everything depends on the available budget. Although Helix is excellent, it isn't exactly cheap. If you can afford the LT or the full fat Helix, then go for it. If you can't quite stretch to those, then HX Stomp or HX Stomp XL would be a good choice. But, if the budget's a bit less, then the the POD Go is a fabulous wee thing, definitely a great choice.
  8. Hole in my Shoe - Neil (or Traffic)
  9. KD Lang - Constant Craving (sounds like Can't Stand Gravy)
  10. Shows you how much I know about Wal's.
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