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  1. Hearing that record prompted me to quit the band I was in and get lessons. It had a profound effect on me. For me, there is electric bass pre-Jaco and electric bass post-Jaco. And I love Bright Size Life with Pat Methany too. Mental to think Methany was only 21 at the time that was recorded.
  2. I wonder how the Trace Elliot Elf and TC Electronic BAM200 compare - anyone used a BAM200? https://www.tcelectronic.com/Categories/Tcelectronic/Bass/Head-Amplifiers/BAM200/p/P0DI5#googtrans(en|en)
  3. I'm very interested in this too.
  4. I either don't respond to clowns like this or respond with childish things like "To you, £500."
  5. I've had to do this myself and have previously used two Aguilar Tone Hammer pedals into the PA (I play in stereo) and it worked great. Pardon me, what is FOH?
  6. Playing at IKLECTIK, London in April this year. Great venue.
  7. I leant out my amplifier twice. The first time - the bassist put a bit of tape over the lights on the amp head and when they were pulled off took the paint off with it. The second time - the bassist had it on 11 with the gain and drive turned all the way up - the amp was clipping the entire gig. There won't be a third time.
  8. Yes, I use Transferwise a lot - it's a real good resource.
  9. £120 Literally used once - I bought this brand new in New York City last week purely to travel back home with a bass I collected there. Pickup from Bournemouth is preferred but I will ship it if necessary for £15 via interparcel.com. Key Features taken from the Gruv Gear website: Ergonomic side-carry approach is the ultimate in convenience. Low center of gravity makes your gear feel like half the weight. Strong 1680D nylon yet lightweight. StrapFlat™ long pocket saves space and helps extend the life of your guitar strap. Adjustable foam bars for a customized fit (optional on Acoustic Guitar model) Removable neck brace doubles as a headrest during string changes and other maintenance. Hybrid case design for world-class protection for your instrument. Top pocket stores up to 4 pedals and large side pocket fits up to a 15" laptop. Tech Specs taken from the Gruv Gear website: Inner length: 49" / 124.4cm Inner width (bottom): 15.5" / 39.3cm Weight: 6.2 lbs / 2.8 Kgs Outer material: Waterproof 1680D nylon Inner material: Faux fur, durable 600D polyester scratch panels https://gruvgear.com/products/gigblade-side-carry-hybrid-guitar-bag?variant=5707083939868
  10. Judging by this photograph, I reckon they've mistakenly written "formally" rather than "formal" :D
  11. Not affiliated but this would be totally killer!
  12. Only $7000 and this is written so enticingly how does anyone resist? "The day of the recording session will be chosen by the Rocco camp: All travel, lodging, food, tax and any other expenses are the sole responsibility of the receiver of the invitation. Rocco is excited to welcome you as an honored guest however, recording of any kind is strictly forbidden: Any attempt to do so will result in termination of this invitation. Rocco, nor any of his team will be responsible for any expenses lost. By accepting the invitation, you agree to the terms."
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