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  1. I’ll have a check of the pickups. Cheers.
  2. not at the moment Jim, got stuff incoming, thanks though
  3. £200 including delivery mainland UK. This is a 70's Columbus body naturally worn and knocked about over time with a later fretless Hohner P neck. I bought this as a Columbus Jazz Bass but the neck was twisted so I added a fretless P neck I had on an old Hohner bass. Rosewood fingerboard, original Pups which sound ok and flat wound strings. Decent enough intro Bass if you fancy trying Fretless. Or you could just use the body and add another neck and have a road worn Jazz. I added another (better) bridge I had lying around with threaded saddles. It has a spacer in the neck joint to raise neck height. It either looks cool or a piece of ...., scratch plate is a bit rough around the tone plate. No frills, it is what it is. I'll chuck in a decent soft case and will courier in a box if needed inclusive in the price.
  4. Custom 4 string Jazz Bass with a 90's Japanese body professionally refinished in Aztec Gold, a beautiful one off Funk machine. A gorgeous Bass that only sits at home now but this deserves to be played. All Parts Neck with Binding, MOP inlays and Walnut facing (£400). There is a slight smudge in the varnish to the right of Fender decal, only noticeable close up. A few light buckle marks on the back as seen in pic. Small paint chip at heel of neck next to truss rod adjustment. Babicz Full Contact Bridge fitted. Will ship in Spider hardcase and boxed for courier. Shipping to mainland UK included in price.
  5. Yes it’s a master vol so you can adjust output signal. A common mod on these type EHX pedals. Cheers.
  6. EHX mini QTRON for sale with pwr adaptor lead and Master vol mod. All working, surplus to requirements. 7 x 5.5 inches Pick up from Poole, Dorset or will post UK for £5. Cheers.
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