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  1. Squier Jazz Bass 1989 £250

    price drop £250
  2. bump, poss swap for ashdown cab.
  3. Precision Bass, Sunburst and Maple, £250

    Thanks very much for that info. Very interesting. Cheers.
  4. Precision Bass, Sunburst and Maple, £250

    sunny weekend price drop
  5. Feedback for ipg

    Ilian bought a Bass cab from me, paid promptly and excellent communication. Many thanks.
  6. Precision Bass, Sunburst and Maple, £250

    Thanks for that info guys.
  7. Squier Jazz Bass 1989 £250

    No love for this old beauty? Will add in courier for the asking price of £295.
  8. Now reduced to £250. Willing to courier at cost. I’m moving on this very nice Precision Bass of unknown origin as I have another one on the way. I’ve had this 3 or 4 years myself and has been used both live and in the studio. Currently fitted with flats. It has a lovely sunburst finish and a very nice Maple neck but with no branding. Frets are good with very little wear. I have no idea of it’s origin but I bought it from an old guy who said it’d been under his bed for many years (yes, that old chestnut). It’s decent enough hardware, the chunky bridge and tuners have nicely rounded edges. The pick up pole pieces are proud of the covers. There is a serial number sticker 81 6305 (see pic: 81 in slightly less bold character than the 6305). Neck plate stamped Made In Japan. Who knows, maybe an old Jap copy or someone’s tried to pass it off as one? But anyway, it plays great, sounds great and looks the part. Another slightly odd thing is the black of the sunburst covers the whole chamfered area of the body on that corner which I haven’t seen on other sunburst Precision’s. Scratch plate has an older looking tort design to it. Not asking a fortune for this so It’s all subjective. It does have the odd little ding or blemish, a slight craze to varnish above tug bar holes which Ive only just noticed after 4 yrs but generally very tidy 8/10. Can pack well, box and courier included in price of £300.
  9. Feedback for ipg

    Great communication and quick payment. Many thanks.
  10. Squier Jazz Bass 1989 £250