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  1. paddybass

    SOLD Emma Discumbobulator II

    Now sold. Thanks.
  2. paddybass

    SOLD Emma Discumbobulator II

    Selling this 'as new' Emma Discumbobulator II with original box and manual. Only been used a few times so in perfect working order. There is some velcro on the underside. Postage approx £5 mainland UK. Cheers.
  3. Looking for an unlined J Bass or P Bass with J pup added. Or possibly a Yamaha TRB. Thanks. I am now sorted, many thanks to Tommo.
  4. hope it arrived in good working order? Thanks.
  5. paddybass

    SOLD Squier Jazz Bass 1989 £250

    Now sold. Thanks.
  6. £36 includes £50 insurance. If you wanted it covered for the value of £120 then it is £47. Thanks, Paddy.
  7. paddybass

    SOLD Squier Jazz Bass 1989 £250

    price drop £250
  8. bump, poss swap for ashdown cab.
  9. paddybass

    SOLD Precision Bass, Sunburst and Maple, £250

    Thanks very much for that info. Very interesting. Cheers.