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  1. Ahh...I thought they looked like DiMarzio. As far as I know (I've never taken the back plate off) the electronics are stock. Unless whoever put the EMG on changed something. I'd like to get it as close to original look as possible so a set of creme DP126 would look great. And they seem to be available too. If the pickups don't need to be active, all the better. Now to find suitable machine heads, as the previous owner replace the 'Hercules' with Schallers. Then knobs. Although I doubt the original Ibanez ones are still around. As for 3d printing, I wouldn't know where to start! Big thanks everyone on your help with this!
  2. Must admit, that had crossed my mind. But I thought it might affect the warranty on new pickups, by taking them out of the original casing/cover. If nothing else seems like an option, that could be a good solution. Thanks for the reply!
  3. Hi everyone I'm looking to replace/upgrade the pickups in my 1981 Ibanez Roadster RS940 Fretless and I'm finding the choice of cream/ivory pickups out there pretty sparse (regardless of the current COVID -related supply problems). Currently, the bass has the pickups from when I bought it, second-hand for about £90 from Allbang & Strummit on Earlham Street (now there's a blast from the past!) in London in about 1988. The previous owner had already replaced the original ivory bridge pickup with a black EMG, which sounded great. But now its crackly electronics need a bit of TLC so I figured I would improve the sound and look (I've lived with the quirky one-black one-white combination for long enough) with some new cream/ivory, active, exposed-pole PJs, as the original Ibanez Super 4 PJ seem impossible to find. But the choice out there seems to be EMG with no exposed poles, or DiMarzio, which aren't active. Lightning rods are black only. And Lindy Fralin are a bit on the pricy side. I'm starting to thing that I may have to compromise on the exposed poles and go with Ivory EMG PJs. (Rather than PJ-X which I've heard don't have the slightly more low-fi growl.) Anybody know of any other options? Cheers Andy
  4. Forgot to mention, I'm in Bromley. So shipping would be UK, which I'd obviously pay for. Shame I'm not nearer.
  5. Hi there. It's an absolute stunner! Couple of questions...is it a special and if so what is the difference from a regular 5? (I'm a bit embarrassed I don't know this, but have never owned a Stingray, just admired from afar. Could you post if needed as I'm not local? Is the case included? Was the white pickup a special option? Can't see it on many. Many thanks Andy
  6. Hi there. Hope you're staying safe and well. Is the cab still available? And how much would shipping to Bromley Kent be? Thanks. Andy.
  7. Hi there. I would love to take this off your hands. Any ideas how much a courier would be to BR4? Unless there’s any chance of meeting you in London. Thanks Andy
  8. Hi fella Very interested in the ODB3. I see you're in London - as am I. So was wondering if you knocked off postage, and I arranged to collect depending on your location (I work in West End) how it would affect the price? £30ish? Cheers Andy
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. JJ Burnel, Mark King, Bernard Edwards, Pino with Paul Young, James Jameson, Stuart Zender, Flea, Jaco to name but a few. Wanted to be a drummer, throughout the punk days of the late 70s. Sister lived in London and bought a bass with the intention of joining a band. I came to visit, and in the first 5 minutes of holding her bass, worked out Babylon's Burning by the Ruts - which she still couldn't play. Then I was at art college in the 80s, and jamming with in a couple of mates at lunchtime in a basement. I had a cheap Gibson SG copy and had learned a bit of guitar but my mate already played guitar, so I picked up the Fender Musicmaster Short scale that was lying around. Then I heard Mark King's bassline on Living It Up and saw the Ace Brixton gig on BBC Sight and Sound in Concert. I bought the Fender, and cut my teeth on The Early Tapes before buying a Westone Thunder 1A. Aged 17, through a complete fluke, I got to play with Mark King at the Capital Radio Rock Masterclass at the Duke of Yorks Theatre on St Martin's Lane. I was bricking it but got paid a much-needed £50 for the pleasure of meeting my hero. I know people make funny noises when you mention Mark King, but he first opened my eyes to the fact that bass doesn't need to be boring and static - something which a great many bands could do to remember. I still love to watch him and still think he's impressive.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. Sorry Just to clarify, I'm interested in the boss bass overdrive odb-3 and the ehx micro qtron. Thanks again
  13. I'm interested in both these pedals. As I work in Knightsbridge, I could also pick up to cut out the cost of postage. What price would you consider? That's if they're still available of course Cheers Andy
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