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  1. Some man Pentode. They are indeed to my ears the best cabs money can buy unless you are a pop n giggle merchant. Moving to an ampless in ear set up now. Had great fun having my trousers flapped by this and my SVT over the years!
  2. Make me an offer guys. This has to go as I'm no longer playing large venues 😓 Gonna be listing a Skunkworks SVT in the next couple weeks too 😫
  3. This badboy is back up for sale! Heading down to Leeds again the 2nd weekend in Feb so can deliver en route or meet up nearby 🤶
  4. Payday for most folk today let's grab a bargain 🤩
  5. Darkglass Microtubes X Mutiband Bass Drive Pedal bought this from the Gentleman Kev 2 weeks ago. Only selling as a mate has just sold me his X7 for a good price. Literally took me 2 mins to dial in 'the tone in my head' which was a midheavy distorted tone with a huge bottom end. Condition is mint and basically wouldn't tell it was 2nd hand and comes with box and manual etc. Distorting bass has always been a very challenging engineering endeavour. In order to achieve a punchy and aggressive distortion, that is also full and fat-sounding, you really need to reconcile two contradicting conditions. The tightness comes from attenuating bass frequencies before saturation, which will also result in a very thin signal, however boosting the lows can also result in additional, unwanted fuzz. To solve this paradox, audio engineers have been using multiband distortions in the studio for a few decades now. The Microtubes X is our solution to this issue, but in a very compact form and just right for your pedalboard. The audio is split by two variable low-pass and high-pass filters at the very start of the signal chain. The high-pass signal (mostly the mid and treble tones) is distorted using CMOS circuitry, just like our other Microtubes pedal circuits. The low pass-signal (all bass) is left untouched. This lets the high frequencies be all crunch, attack and full of rich harmonics, all while mixing back in the undistorted lows to add gargantuan size to the overall mix. The result is virtually unlimited fullness, size, aggression and definition, regardless of how old the strings are or even if your instrument is just boomy or thin sounding. The Microtubes X offers all of this in a compact form with very few controls to tweak, making it almost impossible to dial in a wrong tone. (resusing Kev's original post and pic - original link here:
  6. Thanks guys 😎 2nd hand prices are getting crazy so it's a no brainer to try it out as you can flip it for at least the same as you paid 👍🏼
  7. MrPring

    Darkglass? Help

    Legend, thanks Danny!
  8. MrPring

    Darkglass? Help

    Just to further complicate matters I'm in the process of going to an ampless setup on in ears so could potentially need something with a cab sim or at least get a cab sim pedal in addition. Too much gear not enough time 🤔
  9. Open to offers as this is surplus to requirements. Mint condition (no box)
  10. MrPring

    Darkglass? Help

    Sold a VT Bass Deluxe last week 🙈 First practice today without some form of VT Bass pedal in over a decade. Will check out the for sales 👍🏼
  11. MrPring

    Darkglass? Help

    Hello, I'm wanting to get involved with some darkglass dirt having sold some of the setup which has served me well for the last 5 years. My favourite bass tone has been the first track from this EP https://wecamefromwolves.bandcamp.com/album/paradise-place-ep but I've struggled to recreate it live. The setup was G&L SB2 (back pup) > REDDI > SVT Skunkworks (for sale soon) > Mesa mkV > SM7b > Api pres This produced a nice biamped distorted tone with loads of clarity. I'm leaning towards a microtubes X or X7 but haven't had a chance to play through any of the Darkglass stuff and am absolutely dead with all the crap Dingwall djent or slap 'drive on 10' demos online. Help a brutha out! Cheers Rob
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