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  1. I still don't think you really understand what I was trying to get at. Lend me your interface and DAW and I'll see what I can knock up with the Stomp. If anyone wants me, I'll be listening to this (with nary a synth in sight);
  2. Cheers @dannybuoy I can confirm that this link works fine on my Windows 10 PC, just click on it and you get the full version with none of the blurb in the installation about it being a 30 day trial as with he previous link I'd posted earlier.
  3. Osiris

    Dov65 feedback

    Just received some freebie bridge parts from Dave and he's a great guy to deal with, fast and friendly communication and the parts arrived very quickly too.
  4. I had a go at downloading Riffstation from the above link but it looks like all you get is a 30 day trial after which it will stop working. In the end I didn't install it as I was hoping for the complete full version which looks to have been a freebie prior to being pulled. Ah well.
  5. Thank you, Father Teebs. Does the absolution also cover the incident with the donkey and the gimp mask?
  6. Looks like you can still download it from the link below, but I should point out that I haven't actually downloaded it so I've got idea if this is what it claims to be or whether it's a virus or some other nasty! I'm just absolved myself from any blame if it turns out to be dodgy! http://riffstation.findmysoft.com
  7. It's like Crack to him.
  8. Alvarez Baritone and the Cüm Brulees.
  9. @CameronJ My pleasure, my good man 😀
  10. Alvarez Baritone. Sounds like a Mexican pimp 😃
  11. There's always one. And it's often me. And this is no exception! I owned a 250 watt SMX 1x15 combo and matching 1x15 cab, bought new in the early 90's and in time grew to hate it with a passion, it was an absolutely gutless pile of 5h1t that was about as versatile as Rik Mayall. It was my first serious rig and I'd saved long and hard for it. I'd bought it on the strength of the buzz about them at the time, still very much pre-internet times so I was influenced by the likes of Bassist magazine and the word on the street. I was still young and relatively inexperienced when I bought it but as I developed as a bass player and got to know what bass sounds work for me I came to realise that my Trace rig couldn't deliver the goods. I wanted a fairly flat sound with tight lows, punchy mids and enough high end to give the sound some definition. All the Trace seemed to deliver was a bright top end. The SMX pre-amp had a million and one tone shaping options but no matter what I did with it, it didn't really stray form a bright sound that was delivered with the slam of an asthmatic nematode. It was like dealing with an 8 year old; Trace, give me gutless sound with lots of treble. No problem. That's great, how about thickening things up with some audible bass frequencies? What about some more treble instead? Trace, give me some punchy mids. I know, a massive boost between 2-4KHz will work wonders. And so on. I eventually saved up enough money to replace it. I couldn't care less what the anti class D crowd say but it was replaced by a Mark Bass Little Mark 2. And there it was, all of a sudden there were all the lows and mids that were missing from the Trace. The Little Mark was rated at 500 watts and was easily twice as loud as my old SMX and didn't break a sweat delivering the lows and mids with a conviction that the Trace never could. So if TE watts are twice as loud as everyone else's, then Mark Bass watts are >4 times as loud! All in my experience of course!! Fast forward to last year and having more or less got over my old Trace rig I thought try again. Based on the high praise heaped on them on here and elsewhere online, I bought a TE Transit pre-amp pedal as my band was ditching backline for IEM's. This was a significant improvement over the SMX but still not without its issues, for example the so called legendary Trace pre-shape added so many subby lows that it was unusable. I reckon it'd even be too over powering for dub reggae. Still, the EQ was very good, and the dual band compression was fantastic. But that soon followed its predecessor out of the door. So it came as something of a pleasant surprise when I dropped in to buy a used bass from a guy a few months ago and he plugged it into a GP7 (?) (1x15 with 7 band EQ) combo to show that it was working. My initial reaction was to think "oh no, don't" but with the EQ set flat and any idiot buttons switched off, there it was, my Trace Elliot epiphany. There was that big, punchy Trace sound that's so revered. There was the weight and heft that was lacking from my old SMX. Mine was obviously a Friday afternoon special and I still sometimes shudder at the thought of it. But some 25 years or so later, I think I finally get it.
  12. Spot on. ^ Compression metering is definitely of great value when setting up a compressed signal, without it the temptation is to flatten the dynamics to the point that the compression is audible and obvious, which invariably means that you've over done it and that leads to complaints that compression obliterates your dynamics. You can, of course, use it that way if you are looking for a dynamically flat signal as an effect (not that I can think of an example off the top of my bald little head). But when set up correctly it controls your dynamics and doesn't flatten them. However, in the absence of metering you can use your ears if you know what to listen out for, that's what I've done with my Stomp compression patches and they work for me, giving me the control and punch that I like.
  13. Someone agreed with your unsubstantiated claim (only one of them by the way) therefore your statement has indeed been validated. My defense withers in the face of such empirical evidence 🤣🤣🤣
  14. My interest was based more on your ad nauseam repetition that the synths on the Stomp are noticeably inferior to those of dedicated synth pedals such as the Future Impact, without actually offering anything in support of that claim, rather than any serious interest in bass synths themselves. I thought I'd been fairly unambiguous on that point in my previous posts? Or was I being too subtle?? Didn't the link to the The best (insert whatever here) thread give you a hint??? My background is in science which is an area where anyone making a claim needs to provide evidence to back it up, otherwise they are ignored. Unsubstantiated claims do not last long in scientific circles. And quite rightly so. Unfortunately this is a trait that I carry into my everyday life too, if you can't support the claim you're making don't expect me to take any notice of it. It's also a handy way to filter out some of the copious amounts of bovine excrement that life throws my way. Not that I'm implying anything personal here 🐄 💩 But as I'd (also) said in an earlier post, just playing with the synth models in the Stomp and mindlessly tweaking parameters, the functions of which I don't understand, was yielding results that to my untrained ear were comparable to some of the synth clips that I've heard online - though these are not exclusively Future Impact clips. The clips posted by Quatshisname do indeed sound great, and may well be "better" (presumably measured by whatever metrics you are use to determine betterness?) than the various models currently in the Stomp, but until I see of hear a direct head to head comparison between the two any claims of superiority shall remain, in my eyes, an untested hypothesis. Conjecture. Speculation. As for my compression settings...
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