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  1. You can use any latching foot switch with the Magellan 800, I've used 2 or 3 different ones with mine and never had any problems.
  2. I think your intonation might be out. By a couple of meters.
  3. Osiris

    1/2 Basses

    Could this ideal for her? (Shameless sales pitch!)
  4. Don't knock it until you've tried it 😀 I've been playing since the mid 80's and my basses have been getting progressively smaller in recent years, it probably helps that I'm not exactly a giant of a man either! But shorter scale basses are so much easier to get around on than full sized ones like a jazz or precision. The Mikro is 28" scale compared to the more usual 34" scale (15 cm shorter, meaning the first fret is 15 cm closer to your body than on a regular scale bass) and it makes 34" scale basses feel very cumbersome indeed. But even at 28" it's still bigger than a regular 6 string guitar, albeit only just! And no, this is not a hard sell! Another one to consider is the Ibanez Talman TMB30, which has a 30" scale neck. I've got one and admittedly it's had a couple of hardware upgrades, (but still no more than an extra £50 spent on it) but it has seen off a couple of basses that each cost 10 times as much. Admittedly it looks a bit daft, some might say like Barbapapa (ask your grandparents 😀) but the neck is sublime and it has an array of usable tones for different styles.
  5. That's bringing back a few memories for those of us who have changed nappies on our kids in our time. 🤢 🤮 And why have they used burnt fish fingers for pickups?
  6. I forgot to mention F holes. An ashtray built into a bass is of little use to me.
  7. You could always treat yourself as a belated birthday pressie and let us know what you think. Don't forget some white socks to wear with them 🤘
  8. Sunburst of any description Tort scratch plates Sunburst + tort = wrong2 Gold hardware Millions of controls on active basses
  9. I'm a pathologically miserable bastard at heart and can't usually tolerate twee, mawkish or generally upbeat music, but this little ditty never fails to put a spring in my step. It also happens to be arguably one of the greatest songs ever written concerning transvesticism after the consumption of a shed load of Jama, a subject that is close to all our hearts.
  10. That sounds like it could possibly be nerve damage especially if the fingers are weaker than usual. I have similar symptoms in my left wrist caused by years of cycling. I don't do any stretching exercises before playing but what works for me is a neoprene wrist strap, this is the one I use. But if it is a damaged nerve it's worth getting it checked out by your GP, although that could take a while at present.
  11. This is my favourite PiL era Jah Wobble tracks, the bass on this has a simple but massive groove. And here's a Covid-19 Buy One Get One Free offer, The rhythm guitar on this is actually a distorted 6 string bass according to Peter Hook's Unknown Pleasures book;
  12. While the hipster chap in this picture may be considered cool by some, I think we can all safely say that that guitar most certainly isn't 😃
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