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  1. What about the Aerodyne Jazz bass? Obviously it has a jazz bass body shape but it has a Precision split coil in the right position and it has a jazz neck profile, at least the one I had about 10-12 years ago did. Great lightweight basses although the bound edge on the body will eventually erode your forearm down to the bone.
  2. @martthebass I have acute Mustang envy 😎
  3. I'm hoping to blag the other one if I can shift my Sandberg in time!
  4. Osiris

    Feedback for Osiris

    Cheers Nick, The board has already done a couple of gigs, it's perfect for what I was looking for
  5. Having owned a Stomp for a couple of months now I find that editing on the unit itself is a doddle, I can see that having the editing software could be useful but I prefer to know my way around the pedal interface so I can make changes on the gig without having to think about what I'm doing. The limited controls have been implemented in a simple and intuitive way making edits on the fly quick and easy.
  6. I find the pickup balance to be fine on mine although admittedly I don't use the J pickup on its own as that sound isn't for me. But the stock pickups on mine sound great and complement one another really well. I play varying the blend (I had the 3 way switch changed for a blend pot, that's the only mod on mine) between P only, both pickups 50:50 and my favourite setting of P on full with the J at about 30-40%. I've had a play with an American performer in PMT in Northampton, it was a good bass but I struggled to see where the extra money was going in comparison to my Mexican P/J version.
  7. I've also found a couple of black Mustangs with maple fretboards on Reverb which look great too, although I just wish they didn't have tort scratch plates, nasty things that they are 🤮 😀 I can't find any other information about them online and the seller's are in Europe. Make of that what you will. https://reverb.com/item/23255553-fender-fender-mustang-bass-special-edition-pj-maple-neck-black
  8. I've thought about changing the bridge to something bigger on my P/J Mustang too, what bridge have you fitted to yours?
  9. FSR means Fender Special Run, essentially a limited edition of a particular model.
  10. Just stumbled across this when looking for new toys online, I think I want one https://www.gak.co.uk/en/fender-offset-mustang-bass-pj-sea-foam-pearl/927703?gclid=CjwKCAjw0N3nBRBvEiwAHMwvNmsxvmgo1JDe6QimSKavDDPBq7CnzkXBcrx06Pp0Uz1KHNtVwSf3LBoCcHQQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  11. Gotcha, I read your first post as literally meaning they make you play better, not that they make your sound better But you're absolutely right, when set up correctly they make the bass consistent and punchy, I love a multiband for big fat lows and punchy mids.
  12. I'm an unashamed pro-compression advocate! But I think the quote above is the fundamental issue that a lot of people have with compression, they see it as an effect and expect a significant change to their sound as you'd get with other effects, but that simple isn't the case. It can be, but that's not usually productive to your dynamics or a great bass tone. Compressors are dynamics controls, nothing more. They are there to stop the peaks and spikes in your signal and to even things out. Some will colour your sound in a way that you may or may not like but that's usually the most obvious 'effect' of them. I think if more people followed your lead and stopped thinking of them as effects there would be much less confusion and misunderstanding surrounding them.
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