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  1. Welcome home (Sanitarium) (sic) - Metallica
  2. Makes sense if it's a weird formatting that the site maybe doesn't really know how to handle.
  3. And here's one that isn't affected,
  4. Just quickly scanning the marketplace and found this on a couple (but not all) sale threads, black text on the darker background, but it seems random as not all ads of the handful I've looked at have the problem. The image below is from here -
  5. That was me . @barrycreed Yes, the jazz pickup is a standard jazz bridge pickup size. I've swapped out 2 or 3 different sets of pickups on my Talman before settling on the Enwistle neo's. Never had any problems with fitting anything into the existing routes either although as Maude says, if you go for a set of Entwistle neos yourself, the pole pieces protrude a few mm from the underside of the pickups but as the cavities in the Talman are pretty deep there was no need for any additional surgery to the bass, just drop the pickups in and then balance their heights using the screws, there was no need for any foam or springs with these particular pickups in my case.
  6. Just received a pair of shiny knobs from Andy and has already been said many times over he's a great guy to deal with, no bother and they were quickly delivered. He also has unnaturally large handwriting. In case you were wondering.
  7. Fake plastic tits - The Everly Pregnant Brothers
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