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  1. Osiris

    Favourite bass colour

    I don't really have a favourite colour as such, I tend to judge each instrument on its individual merits. But anything turdburst is fundamentally wrong and should be cleansed with fire. So I'd probably have to say all of the above as long as it doesn't like a dirty protest 😀
  2. On the water bass the seller forgot to mention what to me is its biggest selling point, namely the crude drawing of a Sci-fi or superhero film villain on the finish.
  3. Osiris

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    Cheers @intime-nick 😀
  4. Osiris

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    Cheers, Are you using something like these? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Replacement-Sport-Ear-Gels-Earbuds-Tips-for-Various-Devices-Flange-Ear-Buds/282177969644?var=581177088266 If it's something else, can you share a link please?
  5. Osiris

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    Out of interest, what replacement tips are you using with the ZS10's? I am using the large rubber ones that came with mine and they offer a good tight seal for me but one of the tips has an extra bit of rubber that look like a moulding defect that irritates the inside of my ear after a while, so I'm looking to replace them but I don't know what aftermarket tips fit them. What tips/buds have you tried?
  6. Osiris

    NBD - Weird colour Mustang Bass

    That's a great colour and a good tale too. Even with the extra charges I guess it still worked out about half the price of a new one in this country? I have an Olympic white one (yes, the sonic blue ones look virtually identical) and have ripped the pickup selector switch out and fitted a blend pot instead, it makes the bass way more versatile. It's a cheap and simple mod that really opens up loads of new sounds
  7. Cheers, I don't suppose you're anywhere close to sunny Wellingborough are you, so I could pop round for a cheeky test drive
  8. Osiris

    Punk - musically significant or not?

    I think that Punk was and is still musically significant, at least as much so as any other genre. I still like a lot of punk music that has been made over the past 40 years as well as much that has been influenced by it. But I do think a more pertinent question is whether Danny Baker is significant or not? He certainly isn't from where I'm looking, the cockney gobshyte. And what's with his hair?
  9. I currently gig a variety of basses the cheapest of which was £150 and two others that each cost 10 times as much. While the more expensive ones have noticeably more attention to detail in their construction, the cheap and cheerful one (which has had a pickup upgrade and a new bridge but is otherwise stock) still holds its own. And I'm less precious over it on the odd rowdy gig. As @dmccombe7 has already said, there are some seriously good cheap basses available these days. I have also played some expensive basses that were simply terrible, e.g. I once tried a Fender custom should jazz that was up for £2800. The neck pocket had a noticeable gap of 2 to 3 mm and the logo on the head stock was wonky. For me, I'll judge an instruments suitability on how it plays, feels and sounds and not by its price. In my experience there's good and bad gear available at a variety of price points.
  10. @JohnDaBass Cheers for the heads up on the LP junior, I haven't com across that yet, I'll check it out. I like the idea of an SG shorty too.
  11. Osiris

    Fender Downtown Express multi effects

    According to my battered old Oxford English dictionary the literal definition of Multi is more than one. While it is often understood to mean loads in terms of multi-fx units that offer dozens or even hundreds of effects, it is still a perfectly apt and reasonable description to this single pedal that offers 3 different effects. Yes, pre-amp would probably have been a term that would have sat well with more us than multi effects, but it is still literally and grammatically correct. The argument about cheaper multi-fx doing way more for much less money also applies to things like your beloved future impact too. Just sayin'
  12. I like the design of the Nordstarnd, the body shape is more to my tastes but finish was an affront to all that is decent and holy - the one I saw was blue with a nasty turdashell scratch plate and gold hardware. Really fugly 🤮 If they do it in some more sensible colour schemes (natural and black always works for me) then it could well be a serious contender. As for the Stingray, interesting but I personally can't get on with that nasal Stingray sound, it works great in a mix but I find it irritating when it's just the bass on its own!
  13. What do you think of the MIJ Mustang? I have the Mexican PJ Mustang and love it, the stock pickups sound good enough to not warrant considering replacing them and the neck is fast and comfortable. The only mod I have made was to ditch the 3 way pickup selector switch and swap it out for a blend pot as this makes the bass so much more versatile. But in truth I spend 90% of the time just on the P pup