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  1. @nonkel26 The Genzler Magellan 800 sounds like it will fit your needs perfectly. It's powerful, loud, versatile and punchy. I've been gigging one for more than a year now and cannot fault it. See my review here and to see how it compared to some of its rivals, including the DarkGlass and Tone Hammer here. And if weight is becoming an issue it might be wise to consider downsizing from your 4x12 cab too to a neodymium loaded cab, which will significantly reduce the weight but not the volume.
  2. Osiris

    Sandberg appreciation society

    It certainly is, the wood grain is stunning.
  3. Osiris

    Show off your short scales!

    I'm a bit late to the party after having played 34" scales for the past 30 years or so. I've got a dodgy nerve in my left wrist that makes playing 34's in the lower register uncomfortable after a while so I've picked up a couple of shorties and find them so much more comfortable to play. The top one is an Ibanez Talman. They're cheap and cheerful but are a massive amount of bass for the money. I bought this one from @Thunderbird who had swapped out the pups for Kent Armstrong Vintage Hots, put some decent pots in it, replaced the jack and shielded it and with these extra tweaks it is a seriously giggable bass. I replaced the bridge myself as the stock one was a bent bit of tin foil jobbie - seriously it was really flimsy. It's been wired with a pickup blend pot instead of the stock vol/vol/tone arrangement as I much prefer the convenience of a blend. The inlays are stickers off eBay, not that you can tell from any distance, and just help to make it look more classy than it really is The Mustang P/J is my new toy. Classic Fender styling and tone in a short scale package. I found the 3 way pickup selector switch to be too tonally limiting so I've had it re-wired to include a volume and pickup blend by the jack socket and a tone pot where the pickup switch was on the bottom horn, I only ever leave the tone wide open so I was quite happy to have it out of the way! I've stuck a cream coloured pot on it to help camouflage it as it looked a bit odd at first, but I'm really starting to dig the look now. There is a touch of lateral moment on the E string bridge saddle, entirely down to my ham-fisted playing style, so the bridge may be upgraded to something like a Fender Hi-mass or Gotoh 201 at some point, but I can live with it for now.
  4. Osiris

    Sandberg appreciation society

    Here's a couple of mine, The TT was an impulse buy purely on the aesthetics, I just love the red and black combination and I think the ebony fingerboard just adds to the looks. It's all passive with Hausell (can't find the umlaut key) pickups and it sounds utterly immense. The neck pup has a more P like mid range punch that you usually get with a J style single coil. The VM is a swamp ash body with 'Berg own brand pups and a Glockenklang pre-amp. The poor thing is currently looking for a new home
  5. Osiris

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    Thanks for the clarification
  6. Osiris

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    Should that read "Dynamic speakers tend to develop a lot more bass than armatures"? Or is it the other way round? Not trying to be a smart-derrière, just trying to get to grips with it all
  7. There's a really helpful article on scale length here; http://www.studybass.com/gear/bass-guitar-buying-guide/bass-scale-length/ For your Ibanez with its 35.2" scale, according to this article you will need extra long scale strings - which matches up with what Rotosound are saying in the link you posted in your message. Some string manufacturers state the scale length that that particular set of strings is suitable on the back of the packaging that the strings come in, so take a quick look before buying some new strings to make sure they fit if you can. And if you are buying online, a Google images search may find the packaging of the strings you want so you can read what it says that way. I recently did something similar when buying some short scale strings!
  8. Not a tribute band as such but I've always thought my mates band name was superb, but you have to say it with a Yorkshire accent;
  9. Osiris

    Bartolinis + Glockenklang?

    I have Bartolini humbuckers in my Ibanez SR1000, although off the top of my head I cannot remember exactly which model they are. The stock pre-amp died years ago and was replaced by a 2 band Glockenklang. Everything works fine and there was no issue connecting everything up. One thing to consider before doing anything is that the Bartolini pickups sound very different to Jazz single coils. I'm somewhat ambivalent to the sound of the Barts, they slice through the mix brilliantly and are tonally consistent from the low E to the high G on my 4 sting, 2 octave neck. But when it's just the bass in isolation, I personally find the tone to be somewhat bland and unexciting - they don't have the classic passive single coil punch. But they may well be exactly what you are looking for.
  10. Does anyone have a Fender hi-mass bridge for a 4 sting bass that they are looking to re-home? It's one of these that I'm looking for - https://www.thomann.de/gb/fender_hi_mass_bridge_iv_brass.htm but I'm too impatient to wait until they're back in stock Please drop me a pm if you have one going spare.
  11. Osiris

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    I think you're right to be cautious. Nail varnish will contain some sort of solvent in which the acrylic is dissolved, so when the solvent evaporates it leaves behind the acrylic layer. There is a possibility that whatever solvent is used in the nail polish could interact with the acrylic used on the IEM - it is a solvent that can dissolve at least some acrylic materials after all. It may not affect it at all, of course, but there is still a risk no matter how small.
  12. Thanks @KiOgon. What would the best thing to do with the wires that are all soldered to the back of the tone pot in that diagram? Can they be soldered to the back of the volume? Does that make sense to you @Thunderbird seeing as you'll be wiring it up for me
  13. I've just acquired a Fender Mustang P/J. The control layout is master volume and tone knobs with a 3 way pickup selector switch. As I only ever leave passive tone controls fully open, I want to know if it is possible to rewire the bass so that it can have a pickup blend pot instead of the tone? For me, a blend pot would be far more useful than the tone control. The little metal control plate only has holes for 2 knobs and I don't want to go at it with a drill to make room for a third pot. Ideally I can just swap the tone for a blend and not have a tone control at all. If it is possible to do, would there still need to be a capacitor wired into the circuit somewhere? I seem to recall having a passive bass rewired years ago to bypass the tone control and there was excessive top end in the signal, and I seem to think at the time that I was told that it was because there was no capacitor (possibly the tone pot too) in the signal and that these naturally remove these ultra-high frequencies from the signal. The pickup selector switch can be left in place but not wired in. Can it be done? Does anyone have a suitable wiring diagram? Are there any reasons why it would be a bad idea?