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  1. Love the racing stripe on the Talman. I've got a black short scale Talman and wouldn't mind copying you idea, how did you apply the stripes?
  2. Woah, what a coincidence, I was just about to mention Pride by U2 but for another lyrical gem One man cum on a barbed wire fence... Now, I can't vouch for Bono's integrity here, he may well have done so in which case it's a factually correct statement. But it still begs the question why?
  3. Sorry Skinnybabes, I'll stop flirting with you in public if it makes you squirm.
  4. Mildred my dear, or may I call you Skinnybabes? Anyway, I see you've listed your Magellan (you'll regret that) and are now DI'ing into the PA. I'm going to suggest that you bin the idea of a 5 string altogether and get something like a Helix Stomp instead. Not only will you have a ton of amp and cab models for DI'ing straight into the PA but there's a number of options in there such as the Simple Pitch block that does a very convincing pitch shifting for lower (or upper if that's your thing) tunings. I was using a Stomp with the last band who were on IEM's and used the Simple Pitch for anything lower than an E, it worked a treat and nobody noticed that I was cheating, not even the keys player who was very picky about things sounding right. The Stomp will work out much cheaper than a decent 5 string, will allow you to continue to use your current basses and will also give you a tuner, compressor, HPF and a shed load of other toys in one box. More importantly it has lots of bright coloured LED's on it.
  5. I've no doubt it's a sublime bass, perfectly made and a joy to behold but you've got to admit, with that colour scheme it does kind of look like the morning after
  6. Please don't post a picture of it otherwise I'll report you to err... you, I guess?
  7. Boring basses for me tonally tend to be expensive active basses. Yes they are very versatile with their on board pre-amps but most active basses sound sterile and a bit soulless to me, they often lack the character of a good passive instrument. I'll take one or 2 great sounds over a million mediocre ones. In terms of aesthetics, it's the drab and dreary sunburst monstrosities that bore me. And tort scratch plates, I don't understand why anyone thinks they look good, but each to their own. Needless to say for me, a turdburst and tort combination is about the least attractive finish on any bass whatever brand and regardless of cost.
  8. I've just measured up from the strap pin on the top horn to the nut on my Mustang and it's 38 cm, so I reckon it should in the case if the neck support s 38 cm. But Mr @Thunderbird says he has one and he lives just down the road from me so I might just invite myself around when we're allowed to mix freely again to see if my Mustang will fit in his case
  9. Has anyone tried one of these G4M cases (either the rectangular one or the shaped one) with a short scale bass? I'm looking for a cheap and cheerful hard foam case for my Mustang but my concern is that the central neck support channel could be too long for a shorter neck. Has anyone used one of these with a Mustang or other 30" scale bass? Did it fit?
  10. And people who want a cab that looks like a filing cabinet.
  11. Up for grabs is a brand new Fender padded gig bag for bass. This came with a new bass but I prefer to use my semi-rigid case instead. The bag is new and unused other than being shipped to me with a bass inside. There's no rips, tears or frays and the zips are all working as they should. Comes with a removable shoulder strap. Looking for £20 plus postage within the UK, please.
  12. Just received a wireless transmitter pouch thingy from Nick. Everything went well with the transaction and Nick is a good guy to deal with.
  13. As has already been mentioned, you cannot go wrong with the Ibanez Mikro, it's 28 and a half inch scale makes it just slightly larger than a regular 6 string guitar. *Shameless sale plug*, but I have one for sale which I bought with the intention of teaching my son but unfortunately, he wasn't interested in playing. Drop me a line if you're tempted
  14. I'm not sure which predates the other but someone has covered the others video while paying different songs.
  15. The original 80's pop song Smalltown Boy by Bronski Beat And a superb cover and rework of the song by Paradise Lost, which puts its own stamp on the song while retaining much of the feel of the original. I much prefer this to the original; Then there's the post punkesque Diane by Husker Du, nothing special in itself IMO, Which was given a haunting rework and a superb cover by Therapy? There's no question as to which the more powerful version.
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