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  1. Thank you, I'm not familiar with Alpher, I'm off to do some research 😃
  2. Now that I could actually live with, it's a stunning piece or two of timber, I love the grain on it. Two reversed P pickups is perfect for my tonal tastes. Black hardware always looks classy and understated on natural finishes too, way more so than blingy gold, IMO. The only thing I'd change if it was mine would be to have the back of the neck and headstock finished in black. Anyone know who made it?
  3. I'm forever in your debt. Thank you my good man. Chuck in a couple of fish fingers and it gets even better 😀
  4. @drTStingray There's no anti Musicman agenda, we're just having a bit of fun. Puerile perhaps but nothing malicious 😀 But for the record, I personally don't like brown basses. That includes sunburst. I don't like brown shoes either, brown brogues in particular are awful. They look like Crocs. But not everything brown upsets me, I regularly eat my own substantial weight in Dairy milk and gravy is the food of the gods. Oh, and Newcastle brown ale. But toilet humour I can do. But that's just me and my misguided opinions!
  5. Is that the prototype Musicman Bongo?
  6. It looks as though it's still damp to me. But yeah, tortoise shell scratch plates are another abomination that should be erased from existence. They really are offensive. Paired with a turdburst bass, two wrongs don't make a right, they make wrong squared.
  7. Don't overthink this, it's meant to be a light hearted dig at a guy that a couple of us on here know who's quite vocal about how much he hates brown basses but won't accept that the one pictured, which is his, is actually brown. Which, of course, it is
  8. Which is, of course, a slightly more palatable shade of brown than Autumnal dog egg. But only just.
  9. What sort of sound are you trying to achieve? I use the stock cabinet models all the time and don't have any issue with them dulling the tone, I go straight into the PA without any backline with a parallel signal going to my in ear monitors. There's plenty of top end present.
  10. How much??? That's almost Helix Stomp money. Much as I love Steve Harris's sound I can't see me getting the pedal if it's going to be that expensive.
  11. Looks like the same casing as the dUg pedal, in which case you'll be surprised at just how small it is!
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