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  1. I had one of these for a few years and can attest to how good they are. Great for recording rehearsals and then doing individual mixes for each of the guys in the band. GLWTS
  2. She turned me into a newt. Oh, hang on. Sorry. Wrong film. D’oh!
  3. BassChat has done many things for all of us, as attested to here. But it still hasn’t told me which bass is best for metal. Pah!
  4. That’s a cracking idea - although he’d need a grown up to help, I think. I personally would also have gone with Teebseyes on the front of the headstock instead of the faux fender logo. Well, I wouldn’t because I’m not Teebs but you know what I mean....
  5. Lovely and warm and smelling of donkey farts thank-you-for-asking 😜
  6. Looks nice. Not as nice as the tasteful leopardskin-print throw but still very nice. Looking at those cushions on your chair I’m guessing that the Chalfonts are still giving you grief? Thanks for sharing the build - and for the fascinating glimpse through the keyhole Chez Teebs 😁
  7. Pay no attention to them, Young Teebs. You’ve done a grand job there and I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures of the finished article. Out of interest, how long has the build taken? And would you do another one - or has this scratched the itch? Whats your next plan to avoid Mrs T during lockdown? Build a glider in the loft? Or a 1:1 scale icebreaker? Seriously though, that looks like a nice job and I’m looking forward to your impressions on playability and tone....
  8. I was thinking of ordering from them but not sure whether they’re open during the German lockdown. There’s nothing on their website one way or the other so before I hit “Order Now” has anyone dealt with them recently?
  9. Thank you. So does everyone - but nobody ever boasts of their accomplishment in making it 😁
  10. I’m beans on toast. Easy and simple and very unlikely to impress anyone 😁
  11. Got it, thank you - you’re an absolute star! Little Anna will be made up...... ....once I’ve practised it a few times 😁 Thanks, Rich
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