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  1. Skinnyman

    Mourning the passing of GAS

    I'm sure that hunting down the best/cheapest/bargain/ultimate/whatever piece of kit is a "man"thing that's the modern equivalent of hunting the mammoth. I like nothing better than a good 'project', especially for something I don't know much about. The research, the shortlist, the bargain chase.... And a good spreadsheet whenever there's the opportunity. Or is that just me?
  2. Skinnyman

    What are you listening to right now?

    Ooh, good choice. Me gonna listen to that now. Loud....
  3. Skinnyman

    Mourning the passing of GAS

    All this talk of PBasses makes me think that i need to try some more in case The One is out there. I have a nice 1982 Precision but it weighs more than an Austin Princess - I might have to go seek out the Perfect P. Dammit. This thread has given me GAS..... Aaaaaaaaargh!
  4. Skinnyman

    Mourning the passing of GAS

    Makes me think there's scope for a whole new sub-forum, "Pbasschat".
  5. Skinnyman

    My usual practice technique these days

    Don’t talk to me about bloody British Gas..... Small world though, I used to live in Coleorton
  6. Skinnyman

    my custom bass nightmare (literally)!

    Someone has taken the sharp things away from him, haven't they? Haven't they? Why haven't they?
  7. Skinnyman

    my custom bass nightmare (literally)!

    Cheese at bedtime mainly
  8. Skinnyman

    Daddario half rounds

    Thanks Hooky. I’ve been wondering about half rounds for a while and was tempted to try a set - you’ve just saved me £36! Thats cold comfort to you, I know, but you can take heart from knowing that you’ve just performed a valuable consumer service!
  9. Skinnyman

    NBD - Got myself a deal on a G&L...

    This. He can’t see past this and recognise that you’ve actually done him a favour. He should see that what he’s paid out was a reward for the recovery of his bass. What he’s actually thinking is that he’s just paid to buy a bass he already owns. Given time, he might come round - but, frankly, why should you care? You’ve done the decent thing. You’ve reunited the bass with its original owner. You didn’t have to do that, but you did. So move on and let him come round in his own sweet time. To paraphrase what Andruca says, the people you do a good deed for don’t have to be nice people - but that shouldn’t stop you being a nice person yourself.
  10. Skinnyman

    My European Tour Feb / March 2019

    Nice picture. Keep the tour diary coming - we can tour Europe vicariously with you 😀
  11. Skinnyman

    Mourning the passing of GAS

    Or, put another way, you have to suffer a lot of pricks before you touch the rose. never understood that myself, but mother used the phrase a lot
  12. Skinnyman

    Mourning the passing of GAS

    OK, so you have the bass sorted. But now you get to put all that GAS energy into amps, cabs, lighting, PA, set list software, clothes, shades, hairstyle, image consultants, a new laptop..... You may have won a battle, but the war ain't over by a long way.....
  13. Skinnyman

    P bass with a difference!?! 😳

    It's got fleas....
  14. Skinnyman

    Favourite bass colour

    Thank goodness for that - back on topic! Thank you, sir PS you're wrong, you know. If it's red, it has to be a nice, heavily-flaked candy apple red.....