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  1. And picking up by the bridge from the look of things
  2. My father went to school with Geoff Love so his albums also featured regularly on Sunday mornings.
  3. Great detective work, thank you! I’m digging out the Jazz bass and you know where I’ll be for the rest of the day 😁
  4. As a child, Sunday mornings were full of the sound of my father playing selections from his album collection while lunch was being prepared. One of his favourites was this gem by the mighty Bert Kaempfert; https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=X6bsoyT86LE I have never quite managed to emulate that bass tone. It was consistent across all of his records and is probably one of the things that got me into playing bass in the first place. To me it seems like foam mute, flat wounds, P bass and a touch of reverb? And technique, of course. Or am I way off the mark and it’s just a big fat P bass sitting well up in the mix? Any ideas?
  5. Well, they know where we are now and the kettle’s always on so there’s no excuse not to come and visit form time to time. Mind you, according to my Nan, last time they was here they brought nylons and chocolates. Not so free with the giveaways this time, was they?
  6. Class. Assuming this was after the first broadcast of Hitch-hikers, a dressing gown and towel would have been appropriate accompaniments. Provided the budget covered it, of course...
  7. The great thing is that our Talkbass friends now get chance to enjoy the Special Relationship that exists between the two fora - and, for a limited time only, at a specially discounted membership price! PM me for details of how to pay.... 😁
  8. Amazing how many organisations take backups and have all sorts of business continuity plans in place and never test them to see if they can actually recover/continue to operate after or throughout a failure. We used to run across three data centres and every six months would “kill” one of them to make sure that the live systems would seamlessly continue to work. What impressed me most was that we never lost a transaction in flight. It cost a lot of money to have that level of resilience. Probably justifiable when you’re handling billions of pounds through the systems every day, not so easy to justify when you’re running a bass forum, vital public service though it undoubtedly is...😁
  9. Edit: Reduced to just £95 because this really has to go! That’s less than a ton for both the amp and foot switch. What a bargain! I bought this off a fellow bass chatter and it's (been) my favourite guitar amp. Regrettably, we're now moving and I've had to quit the band. That means I no longer have a need for this, so... Up for sale is my Vox AV60 (Analogue Valve) Combo Amp. It's in excellent condition overall with a couple of minor scuffs and some faint marks on the Tolex that were there when I bought it. It works perfectly and I've been really impressed with the versatility of the amp. I've not had chance to gig it and so, although I bought it with the intention of gigging with it, it's just been used as practice amp (thankfully, there's a headphone socket). Price of these new is £300 plus £50 for the foot switch - I'm looking for £95 all in. The only caveat is that it needs to be collected from me in sunny Cleethorpes (or a socially-distanced) meet arranged within an hour or so of me). PM me if you're interested and we can discuss what's practical. What isn't practical, unfortunately, is me posting it, Sorry. Edit; Forgot to say that I am up for trades. I’m well sorted for basses but if you have something interesting at around the same sort of price - mics, effects pedals, that sort of thing... Here are some pictures Loads of reviews on the Web plus these specs... Full Description Variable Analog Preamp Circuits The innovative new AV series features a completely analog preamp circuit with a variety of resistors and capacitors which allow you to select between 8 unique preamp circuits. This impressive design effectively allows you to switch between the sound of 8 classic valve amplifiers. Each preamp circuit is based on an iconic Vox amplifier model such as the AC30 top boost sound and AC15 with EF86 tubes making the AV60 Combo a versatile and powerful valve amplifier. 12AX7 Preamp and Power Amp The AV60 uses two 12AX7 tubes, one for the preamp and one for the power amp, delivering an even more dynamic sound. The internally supplied voltage is 60V; this high voltage allows the potential of the vacuum tubes to be fully utilized, and lets you obtain natural and powerful distortion reminiscent of some of the most iconic tube amplifiers. Preamp and Power Amp Mode Switches Four slide switches allow you to modify the response of the vacuum tube peripheral circuitry. For the preamp tubes, there are two switches: ‘Bright’ boosts the high frequencies, and ‘Fat’ boosts the low end. For the power tubes, you can change the operating point of the vacuum tubes by using the ‘BIAS’ switch to select either a clear and modern sound or an easily distorting vintage sound, and the ‘Reactor’ switch lets you vary the amount of feedback to the power amp, changing the damping factor to obtain a more dynamic, wide-ranging, and crisp sound. 8 Selectable Amp Models Combined with the tonal versatility of the selectable power amp circuit, the Vox AV60 also features 8 selectable amp models which range from clean to crunch and even high gain. Each amp model has its own distinct tonal flavour and can be further modified with the 3 band EQ and switchable power amp circuit. On Board Effects & Cabinet Emulation Vox are no stranger to providing high quality digital effects on their amplifiers and the AV60 is no expectation. Including modulation, delay and reverb effects the Vox AV60 packs in all the essentials whilst allowing you to control each effect independently for impressive tonal shaping versatility. Additionally, the headphone output incorporates impressive cabinet emulation which offers realistic presence and cabinet warmth perfect for silent practise. Innovative Cabinet Design The Vox AV60 features a superior baffle cabinet design to provide efficient sound projection whilst the front mounted speaker offers a loud and spacious sound. Combined with a proprietary bass-reflex design the Vox AV60 offers a natural sound balance with rounded lows and dynamic response. Features Eight analog preamp circuits to reproduce the sounds of eight tube amps Clean to high-gain tones, with careful attention paid to circuit design Pre and power amp sections use the 12AX7 dual triode tube, delivering real tube sound Four modes modify the response of the vacuum tube peripheral circuitry Two channels each with independent amp models and EQ controls High-quality modulation, delay, and reverb effects Send/Return FX loop connections Integrated baffle cabinet design for efficient sound projection Front mounted speaker provides loud, clear, and spacious sound Proprietary bass-reflex structure delivers natural sound balance Power level control allows the volume to be adjusted while maintaining the tonal character Headphone output is equipped with a cabinet simulator for realistic sound & presence Hi-Fi spec AUX input allows an audio input source to be faithfully reproduced Specifications Inputs: 1 x 1/4" Instrument, 1 x 1/8" Aux Outputs: 1 x 1/8" Headphones, 1 x 1/4" Speaker Output Other Connections: 2 x 1/4" FX Loop (Send/Return), 1 x 1/4" Footswitch Channels: 2 Power Output: 60 Watts Amp Models: Clean 1 Clean 2 Crunch 1 Crunch 2 OD 1 OD 2 H.Gain 1 H.Gain 2 Power Level Effects Controls: Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass, Volume Valve Controls (Pre Amp): 2-Way Bright Switch, 2-Way Fat Switch Valve Controls (Power Amp): 2-Way BIAS Switch, 2 Way Reactor Switch Effects: MOD, Delay, Reverb
  10. I have a man from the village comes in twice a week to do mine....
  11. If you have the heads angled backwards to any degree (i.e. second or third pictures), the angle is emphasised when you stand to play it. The "Warwick slant" might look okay in that scenario as it is pointing the heads at you more and thus making it (a bit) easier to adjust the tuning. The "perpendicular to the nut/frets" angle looks (IMHO) odd when you're stood up with the bass at an angle. So I'd go trad or Warwick from the choices there - and probably trad if I had to pick one. If you feel rebellious, you could angle them the other way so that they're vertical when you're standing up. I can see that being quite disquieting....
  12. Oh. Am I the only one getting adverts for pile cream and surgical supports then? I assumed it was everyone. Hmmm.
  13. Found Telecaster in cupboard also implies: large cupboard.
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