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  1. I just picked up the “City of Love” by Deacon Blue. I’m enjoying it - it’s a good DB album - and Lewis Gordon’s bass is superb, especially on Hit Me Where It Hurts.
  2. Mmmm, Jaffa cakes.... *wanders through to kitchen, returns chewing with chocolate stains around mouth* Truth time. I don’t really have a behringer pedal. I do want one though. I want a Hell Babe but they can’t be had at the moment until the next bot arrives from China.
  3. Really? I’ve read nothing but bad things about them*. That’s why I sold mine. That and it was crap and made everything sound mushy, especially at open mic nights. *they voted for Brexit and trump. They’re COVID deniers, anti-maskers and they’re scousers.
  4. As I understand it (and I could well be talking out of my fundament)... If you’re going up to the fifth you’ll be playing the major 3rd, 4th, flat 5th (the “blue note”) and 5th which will work nicely in a rock blues setting so long as the flat fifth is just a passing tone. If you’re going to the root you’re playing the 6th, flat 7, major 7 and root. Again, that flat 7/major 7 in a rock/blues context works nicely as passing tones before resolving to the root. In both cases, you’re introducing a note that clashes slightly before resolving it on the fifth or the root. Theres probably a better explanation but that’s how I’ve explained it to myself....
  5. You were a busy boy in 1972 then 😁
  6. Many happy returns! Let’s hope you’re gigging again before you get to the next one!
  7. Obviously, they couldn’t find anyone with similar writing talent which is, of course, why Macca’s stuff has got worse over the years as the unpublished material from the real one has been used up.
  8. That’s because it’s not really him. We all know that he’s been dead* for years..... Its the ear lobes that give it away, apparently * I don’t actually subscribe to this theory but I do know several, otherwise rational, people who are convinced that the real Macca died in the sixties
  9. I expect this sort of nonsense from Teebs. I thought you were better than this.
  10. Graham bought my Epiphone ES175. A pleasure to deal with and an easy sale. The ideal BassChat transaction and someone I would happily deal with again. Enjoy the Epi Graham!
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