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  1. Hi Ped amd the guys Two things (apologies if they’re already mentioned); 1) If one clicks on a username one either gets taken to their profile page or, for some, you get a “this content not found” message. I guess this could be the indexes refreshing but thought it worth mentioning. 2) I don’t know whether it’s the font (very “thin” and faint) or the sheer amount of white space but the site is painful to use on a mobile device. Is there any way of customising this per user or do I just have to learn to live with the headache? cheers
  2. Ale just bought my Vox AV60 amp. A pleasure to deal with and he has the patience of a saint, putting up with the fact that it took me literally months to arrange to drop it off for him!
  3. That’s a lovely looking guitar. I had a Faith for a good while and have had seller’s regret ever since I sold it on last year. They’re excellent guitars and incredible value - I don’t know how they do it either! However they manage it, be glad that they do and enjoy playing 😁
  4. Edit: Forgot to say that I’m open to offers/trades on this as I need to clear the space so, whatchagot? I bought this from @herman back in 2016 as my first foray into keys. As keys aren’t my first instrument (as anyone who’s heard me will testify), it’s not been used much so it’s in excellent condition. Recently I’ve used it mainly as a 61 key MIDI controller but that wastes a lot of its capabilities. The onboard patches are excellent with modifiers to allow you to, er, modify the sound, plus onboard effects. In addition to things like chord mode, there’s a decent arpeggiator and nicely weighted, velocity sensitive keys. A review which gives more detail on the full specs; https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/roland-juno-d The keyboard comes with the original Roland PSU and a Swan keyboard flight case which shows a few scuffs but is still strong and sturdy. Given the size and weight, I don’t think it would be economical to post this but I travel up to York a fair bit and down to London every now and then so PM to discuss options. Pictures to follow…
  5. I’m an over-playing beginner. Worst of both worlds really
  6. I’m even more tempted now. Typical - just after I’d decided to get the Wavestate! In reality, I know I’ll end up with them both so the only real debate is “which first”. I need to go try an Argon for myself….
  7. Nice. I’ve been looking at these and the Korg Wavestate (two different animals I know). How are you finding the Argon?
  8. I thought it was proper to do the introduction to the band at the start of the set, a la…..
  9. Not so much pub gigs but with “name” bands in theatres and the like, I’ve always taken it that while the house lights are down and there’s no music being played over the house PA, the band are going to come back on as soon as they’ve had a drink/done a line/yelled at each other*. Once the house lights go on and somebody starts playing Tina Turner or some other wildly inappropriate track from a Now That’s What I Call Music compilation then it’s over. *or whatever it is that they do
  10. Dangerous ground there. By that standard we’d never do the second set….
  11. Can’t help thinking that there are more important things to take a stand against. Do them, don’t do them. Does it matter?
  12. Great idea for a thread but I’m confused. Why buy chrome tuners and colour them black with a felt pen? Is it cheaper than buying black ones to start with?
  13. @Moldsight just bought a Nikon lens from me. Prompt payment, prompt responses to PMs; all in all a simple, easy and straightforward transaction, just the way they should be. Deal with confidence folks!
  14. Hi Rob, PM replied to - and yes, I used to gig with DS* (although never with this amp as I was still using the Genz Benz at the time). BTW, the cabs are now both sold so I’ve taken that option off the advert. *For the avoidance of doubt, this refers to Dakota Smile, a popular beat combo based in the Hertfordshire area and not, as some have supposed and despite all available evidence to the contrary, the well-known Geordie-centric rock outfit, Dire Straits.
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