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  1. Who leads? We both do. At different times in different songs. Sometimes I’ll add a little run down to a chord change, other times he’ll add a fill. Sometimes I’m pushing or dragging the beat and other times he’s doing it. At least, that’s what I tell myself. The reality probably sounds like a one-man band falling down a flight of stairs. If I’m brutally honest, neither of us really gets the concept of “four”...
  2. I view it like this; my car will do over 100 mph even though I don’t need that amount of power. But having it there is useful for reasons other than outright speed. Same with the sustain on my bass. I can choose when to damp or mute a note that would otherwise ring out. I can’t force a note to ring out when the bass itself isn’t capable of doing it. Now “heft” on the other hand..... 😁
  3. In answer to the OP..... Twerps
  4. Still available and willing to sell the p/guard loaded with the Kinman pickups separately
  5. Other than some bloke who spent a term trying to get us all to sing “Jonah and the Whale” and who, apparently, failed to show up the following term because of a nervous breakdown, I didn’t have any sort of musical education at school. We did a ton of Latin though so that made up for it* *No it didn’t.
  6. I'm confused (or stupid. Stupid is the most likely if I'm honest). The Ibanez website shows the Talman as 34" scale. It isn't, is it?
  7. Whatever you do and however you do it, remember that there’s a TikTok video in this at the very least.
  8. I’ve got a Q2n and am very impressed with the audio and it’s ability to handle high SPLs. The video isn’t bad - certainly good enough for FB and YT. I’d echo the fact that it eats batteries so I also use it with an external power pack. I hadn’t noticed the new battery/random stop issue that Silvia describes but then I never put new batteries in it anyway because of using it with the power pack.
  9. I think you’re confusing me with Young Teebs. 😁 It’s a great piece of music. I’m surprised it hasn’t been used as a film soundtrack
  10. I don’t mind a bit of fan noise. Not that we have many fans if I’m honest, but a ripple of warm applause is quite encouraging.
  11. Now just £450 plus postage which is, as I’m sure many will agree, a ridiculously low price for such a superb amp. Up for sale is a Mesa Subway D-800 in superb condition, complete with Mesa gig bag. I took this in a trade recently and, brilliant as it is, I don’t need another amp. It’s way too good to just be a backup for the rare occasions when I don’t go through the PA and my main amp has packed up. So I’m moving it on to someone who will use it. I’ve checked it out and it all works as it should (sounds very nice through my little Barefaced One10). Condition is excellent - the only mark I can see is on the very top of the amp. It’s a surface mark on the paintwork, not a scratch through it, and is only visible in certain lights/from certain angles. I’ve circled it in the picture. Price is for collection. I’m happy to post within the UK for an extra tenner or to meet within an hour’s drive of the teeming metropolis that is sunny Cleethorpes - PM me to discuss options.
  12. What are the chances that while you were off buying a new bass to sneak in, Mrs CtP was smuggling in a couple of pairs of shoes and a new handbag?* Nice looking bass 😁 *I know, gender stereotyping, sorry. Make it things related to a hobby of hers. Like... a MiG welder. Or... A couple of pairs of fins and a wetsuit. Or.... A couple of lenses and a new DSLR....
  13. Nope. I love it. OK, it’s not difficult but I love the way it drives the song. It’s only boring if you’re bored.
  14. As I understand it... If you’re playing in the key of C and C is the harmonic centre then E is a major third (you’re playing C major) and Eb is a minor third (you’re playing C minor). If you’re playing the E below C (or the Eb) you’re still playing a C major (or minor) but now it’s the first inversion. It only becomes an Em with a minor 6th if the harmonic focus has shifted and E has become the focus (or tonic). Otherwise it’s C major (first inversion) or C/E. I’m paraphrasing (badly) from David Mead’s excellent and very readable Chords and Scales for Guitarists https://www.amazon.co.uk/Chords-Scales-Guitarists-David-Mead/dp/186074432X Highly recommended
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