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  1. Me? Grumpy? Never. Unheard of. Sweetness and light, me.
  2. Another one for guitar Pro. I used to use Guitar Rig as that allowed you to load a backing track, alter the pitch, slow it down, etc - but now i just use Guitar Pro.
  3. Brilliant. You must be chuffed as monkeys - I bet there's no one in your street that hasn't heard this news and quite right too! I hope this is just the start for him....
  4. In the broadest possible sense....
  5. Hmmm, steak bake. I could just go a steak bake. Why isn’t there a 24 hour Greggs? They’d make a fortune round here. Mostly from me. Hmmmm. Steak bake.......
  6. Are you suggesting we put them in a vice? Or have i misunderstood yet again?😻
  7. It's surprising how often that little store cupboard standby has come to the rescue of a mundane recipe. Of course, only the larger Waitrose have it in stock although you can get it online from Ocado. We're lucky up here in the rural Wolds - we can get it fresh from the Farmers Market in Louth on a Wednesday (that said, Simian Simon, the local monkey chuckler has been in Magaluf for the last couple of weeks so there's been no fresh while he's been away. No doubt he'll be in a hell of a mood when he gets back till he's caught up again.)
  8. Ya beat me to it! Nice work, Speedy Teebs
  9. This is Basschat. You'll get all four before the morning's out. Probably from the same person. In the same post. 😂 In all seriousness, I like the theory. I think other things may have had an influence (not least recording technology as mentioned above) but at macro level, it's a reasonable hypothesis that if it were made into a four-part documentary series, I would watch with interest.
  10. Whitened? Hahahaha! I've got teeth like Boot Hill Cemetery, me. Or as Mike Harding put it - like the Holy Commandments; ten of 'em, every one broke....
  11. That question is usually asked with the word "why" on the front.....
  12. I wonder where they've all ended up? Where's Young Teebs, by the way?
  13. Grandad rock, actually. 😁 What's this drum and bass thing? Is it like that there hop-hip?
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