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  1. Who said "who said that"? I've got everybody on ignore. The forum's been very quiet recently
  2. Interesting. The Flying V registration was filed in 1994. Dean started making the V in 1977. Hmmmm
  3. In the case of the Les Paul registration, it's the shape. There's no size or measurements specified on the registration so presumably it would be determined by a judge's subjective opinion of it came to a court case.
  4. Stop saying "The"! I'm losing count.....
  5. Or 14,251,024 depending on whether Skank's original total included the 12 in his post. Plus another one, just there....
  6. Nail. Head. The wonks in question may know c*ck-all about making guitars but they know a lot about making money. Gibson is a heritage brand and the value is in its history. Cleaning up the trademarks and any IP questions may not add a huge amount to the value but it will make everything a lot cleaner and make the brand much more attractive to a new owner. The Epiphone thing is curious - some of their models are fine instruments in their own right. I have a lovely ES-175 and I've tried a few of their jazz boxes and really liked them. On the other hand, some of their output is truly dire.
  7. Er, sorry. I meant 'really good'. I didn't mean to be so parsimonious with my praise for your new pickup surround. I did mean to say that it looks really good. And £18. Bargain. And as easy to play as a Fender? Without having to be a Fender? Double bargain. So, not just nice but really good. Yes, really good. In fact, hang it, it's really, really good. Sorry. Look at me all gushing and over the top. But it really is really good and i really shouldn't hold back in telling you. Niiiicccceeeee 😀🤣🤣🤣
  8. And kept alive for many years by the peerless Leonard Sachs. I have all his albums.... 😀
  9. Wow. After all these years, surely Gibson would struggle to claim the LP shape as uniquely their own. About the only thing they can realistically claim as their own unique trademark is the word Gibson in that type face and the name Les Paul (although they could struggle with even that). I guess they must be hoping that their lawyers are bigger than Dean and Luna's and that they can get a cease-and-desist order until the full case is (eventually and after years of prevarication) heard. That effectively neutralises the competitor for the foreseeable....
  10. Loud'n'proud boy, loud'n'proud! Never had to hang my head about them two - just the prog thing.....
  11. And it takes a big man to come out and say that so thank you. Apart from the Teebs thing, of course. Score as many cheap laughs as you like where that young scamp is concerned.... 😀
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