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  1. I started with a Roland Gaia. They’re a bit over-priced new but used ones are better value. Nice and simple to operate, I found it a great tool for learning how to program a synth. It’s been out forever so loads of used ones. Some look down their noses at it but as a simple but powerful first synth I think it’s hard to beat. I’ve now moved mine on and got a Korg Krome because I wanted a decent arpeggiator and loads of presets (the Roland Juno DS and Korg Kross do a similar job) but I often wish I’d kept hold of the little Gaia for its flexibility and ease of use.
  2. Paul sold me his RCF Digital mixer. Promptly shipped, well packaged and just as advertised! A pleasure to deal with!
  3. £45 posted within the UK I bought this last year for a specific song that we’ve now dropped from the set list. As a result, it’s had very little use and is in immaculate condition. A really nice, old-school wah pedal that runs on mains or battery. Complete with EHX power supply and, if I can find them, the box and instructions.
  4. Humour can also convey a message
  5. I’ve bought a lot of stuff from Absolute over the years and they’ve always been excellent If you like the DS61, keep your eyes open for a Korg Kross or Kross 2 as well. Very similar in many respects
  6. Hmmmm. The D looks to be listed on EBay for about £250. Maybe I let mine go too cheap! Prices of “vintage” synths seem to have rocketed….
  7. You’ll always be my George, George. 😍
  8. I bought a Juno D from someone on BC years ago and sold it on last year to another BCer. Not much over £100 and the sounds are plenty good enough for covers band work. The newer DS has more features but costs a lot more…. If you go for used, just check all the buttons work as they can get a bit erratic after a lot of use….
  9. For me, definitely. I don’t use a lot of overdrive or distortion and I’m not a big fan of slap. I like a big, fat, old school kind of thud with, sometimes, just a little grit and sometimes a bit more treble or high mids to cut through. I’ve had amps over the years with drive channels and I’ve not used them because they’ve sounded too harsh (to my ears). The Digbeth can do distortion if needed (I don’t) but, dialled back, it’s quite a usable sound. It reminds me a lot of my old Genz Benz Shuttle - and that’s a good thing in my book
  10. Do you want a workstation-type thing that has loads of sound patches? In which case, a used Roland Juno-D or similar. Do you want a “proper” programmable synth? In which case, a used Roland Gaia. If you’re in a covers band, I’d go for the workstation as that gives you a lot of patches ready made that will be usable with minimal tweaking….
  11. Ah, you got me! In fairness, I only got it from GAK because they were £25 cheaper than everywhere else and I figured it was worth letting everyone know 😁 I’m impressed with the little preamp though. I haven’t had anything from Laney since a little PA amp back in the 80s and I’d assumed they’d gone out of business years ago
  12. After I moved seats and stopped playing bass in the band, I sold my bass amps and cabs to free up some room in the house. I do want the option of playing live now and again so I just got a Laney Digbeth bass preamp. I’ve not had chance to use it in anger but so far it seems to be perfect for what I want. I’ve been able to dial in a really nice, fat sound that suits my Jazz nicely and the Ric sounds glorious when you hit the Tube switch with a small amount of drive dialled in. The pedal seems really well put together and at £125 from GAK, was a bargain
  13. Listening to the new album, Liberty, from Chas Cronk. Excellent.
  14. The way I play I have very little choice in the matter….. Anyway, welcome to BassChat. You’ll find a diverse bunch of people here talking about a wide range of interesting topics* *Or not.
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