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  1. And Rickenbacker. Don't forget Rickenbacker. Imagine if John Hall called in on one of the Royal Progresses.....
  2. This. The full subtext of the letter is ; ”Hi Chris, Our legal bods have told us that, what with discrimination and employment laws being the way they are, and our managers being a bit careless with their phrasing now and then, it’s better if we send everyone the same rejection letter. Rather than us say ‘we looked at your application and decided you’re not for us because you’re too old/young/male/female/white/non-white/gay/straight/disabled/tattooed/chavvy/posh/whatever’ (delete as appropriate) and leave ourselves open to all sorts of moaning and whining about discrimination and sexism, racism or some other -ism, we figure it’s just easier to send you a letter that says ‘Aw, Chris, mate, what a bummer. You’re probably awesome but wouldn’t ya know, we just took someone on’. This way, we can safely junk your application because you’re waaaaay over qualified and old when really we just want a young school leaver - preferably a pretty one with nice legs (not that you can say that these days, see my point above, God, what is this world coming to? It’s political whotsit it gone mad) - and you’ve got no comeback. So, like, thanks and all that, but, hey, vacancy filled So, y’know..... Good to hear from you though. You have a great day.....”
  3. I know the Yam well as that's what we used in the last band. I'd happily get another but i just want to check first to see what digital options there are these days and whether they'll be easier to use. Thanks - that's really useful. I'll check the Mackie out. Ive used Beringer before and they're excellent for the price - they also have a digital mixer which could be worth a look. I have a couple of BF One10s but I'm not sure they have the full range for PA (no tweeters). Certainly light though and worth a try
  4. Thanks - sounds similar to the setup we used to use in my previous band. Which Yam powered mixer do you use?
  5. Thanks for this - I’ll look into the Mackie digital desk. I haven’t looked yet but I’m guessing that there is more than one type of Mackie Thump - if so, which do you use for monitoring?
  6. Why? Oh, sorry. I misread. Thought you said....
  7. In previous bands I’ve always had the dual role of bass player and sound guy. Being an old git. I’ve always gone old school and used a decent powered mixer with passive speakers. The current band is just about to start gigging and we’re going to need some PA kit and before I start looking at what’s available, I thought I’d check out the BC collective wisdom to see what other options are now open to me (digital mixers and the like) and whether I should be looking at some of the newer technology. The band is a four/five piece. Acoustic drum kit, lead and backing vocals, guitar, bass and occasional second guitar/keys. We’ll be playing pubs mainly, maybe the occasional social club. The primary guitarist has a Headrush board and would want to go from that straight into the PA. The keyboard player (when he’s with us) would also go through the PA. I play through a Zoom B3 so could put the bass through the PA - but probably wouldn’t. Ditto drums - there doesn’t seem much point miking up drums for a small pub. I generally prefer passive speakers for FOH (lighter and don’t require a power supply). I’ve used EV 15’s before - they’re very good and robust but weigh a fair bit so any recommendations for something lighter? We’ll need monitors - I’m thinking of one of those Mackie Stand mounted monitors for the singer and a couple of side fill monitors for the rest of us. We could look at IEMs but I’m not sure I can convince everyone to use them. I know that there are a range of digital mixer solutions out there so I’m interested in people’s experience compared to the usual analogue approach - what are the pros and cons? And power amps? I’ve always run a powered mixer before but if I go the digital route, what power amp(s) should I look at? The budget isn’t unlimited and I’d be prepared to buy used - but I also believe in getting the best you can afford as it will pay for itself in the long run. I should also mention that at my advanced age I’m looking for the lightest, easiest load-in, load-out possible so that kind of rules out 18” subs and the like.... 😁 So - PA system for a small pub band? What would you go for?
  8. No, seriously. I used to drive daily from Nottingham to Stockport over the peaks via Chesterfield and New Mills. As you come over the tops you get a great view of Manchester and in the summer after catalytic converters became mandatory it was noticeable that the air over Manchester on a sunny day turned a lovely shade of browny yellow. Just the colour of that bass next to the pickguard....
  9. Ooh, that sounds like the voice of experience 😁 Mind you, we've all been there.....
  10. Reminds me of the ochre smudge of pollution that sits over Manchester on a bright day. So marketing probably called it Squitburst. Or Honeyturd.
  11. Another one for the Gretsch here..... Or a Chowny. Don't think you could go wrong with either
  12. I just did a trade with Cameron - quite a protracted affair as it turned out. Throughout the whole thing Cameron was completely clear about everything. He replied to messages promptly and was an all round gentleman to deal with. Come the day of the trade and he came all the way up to Peterborough to meet me halfway. There was a slight problem with the Faster Payment arriving in my bank (nobody's fault, just the vagaries of FPS) but Cameron was happy to come to the bank with me while we confirmed that the payment was on its way. All in all, and as everyone else has said, he's a diamond chap and a pleasure to do business with. Enjoy the Super P, Cameron, I hope I get to see it on stage sometime!
  13. I think it's because this is a question and individual posts can be voted up or down, moving them up and down the order. You can order by date. And you've probably worked this out already - sorry, I'm so used to having to explain everything to Young Teebs 😁
  14. Er, that's "wej jej" acsherlly. And no, we is not - we is annoyed that he uses up all de emojicon-fings so dere is none left for no-one else, innit (hey, you started with the urban patois) That and he's a plonker, obvs. That's why we're picking on him..... 😁
  15. Or even the greatest frontman in Oasis.....
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