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  1. As promised, some pictures of the bass sitting in the garden earlier today. A little overcast and the pictures don't really show how the metallic paint really sparkles under light....
  2. Now that I've actually read the instructions and translated from the original Chenglish, it's 8.5lbs (about 3.9kg)
  3. I just weighed it and it's 4.15kg (that's 8.72 of our olde English pounds) on my super whizzy new digital scales..... More pics to follow soon
  4. I’d prefer not to sell this but I have some major outgoings about to hit my bank account so I’m putting this out there to gauge interest and see if i can sell it reasonably quickly. If there’s no immediate interest then it can stay with me and I’ll sell a kidney instead 😁 Up for sale is an immaculate Dingwall Super P/J 5 (passive) in a gorgeous Candy Dark Cherry gloss finish (like a wine-coloured version of a Candy Apple Red). This has a number of optional extras including the Wenge Neck, metallic gloss paint, J pickup and pearloid block inlays. It has the fanned fret system but is 2” shorter than the usual Dingwall scale length. This makes it (in my opinion) a lot more “normal” to play as there’s no extra reach to the lower frets. Electronics are Dingwall’s own passive pickups and consist of the standard P pickup plus an additional J pickup at the bridge. The pickup control is a four-way switch between neck only, neck and bridge (serial), neck and bridge (parallel) and bridge only. This gives a massive range of tonal options to choose from. Condition is immaculate. I can’t find a mark anywhere on the bass. It comes with the Dingwall-branded Levy’s gigbag, paperwork and tools - all of which are also in immaculate condition. I’ve shown the pictures that Bass Direct used when they advertised the bass - these are of the actual bass - but I’ll post some more that I took earlier today as soon as I’ve had chance to shrink them down to an acceptable size. Given the condition and scarcity of these, I think I’m asking for a fair price but I am open to (sensible) offers. I’d prefer cash but I’ll consider trades especially if you have a nice, light P-bass or a Barefaced One10 (silver cloth) or Two10. I’m based in Cleethorpes and, given recent experiences with couriers, I won’t ship this so you’re welcome to come and try or I am happy to meet part way so PM me to discuss options. (This obviously means that I won’t ship overseas. I realise that I’m reducing my potential market but I’ve had too many bad experiences with scammers in the past so, sorry, but it’s UK only and collection or delivery in person) Thanks for looking - more pictures to follow later.....
  5. Hissing Sid is the villain of the poem “Captain Beaky and His Band” which came to my attention back in the late seventies/early eighties when it featured heavily on the Noel Edmonds Sunday morning radio show.
  6. Who, Teebs? Are we still allowed to call him that?
  7. Surely they'd be stacked on a stage with his body laid on top, his band's drummer would launch a burning drumstick onto the pyre and off they go with him to that Great Gig In The Sky..... I can see the venue owners being a bit miffed afterwards but that's the way I'd want to go.....
  8. What are you on about? It’s a cat, you numpty.....
  9. I think it came down to the new software applying a “tastefulness” filter. Although the fact that Teebs’ selfie got through suggests that it was inverted by accident......
  10. Handy that you both take the same size and that she was prepared to part with them.... 😁
  11. Wait...what’s happened to my avat..... aaaaaaaaaaaaaarghhhhhhhh! Phew, sorted......
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