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  1. I’m really tempted to get the DVD now - I’m not sure if this was the gig I was at or one of the other nights but it was certainly a great night. That said, watching the excerpt posted originally I kept being distracted by Rabin’s over-generous application of Just For Men. It’s either that or a really bad syrup.
  2. A friend of mine works for the company that owns and runs Manchester Arena. They have proposals for significant redevelopment around the site and they want as much public feedback as possible on the proposals. One of the questions they are asking is what local initiatives they should support and local live music venues is one of these. So if you live or work in Manchester (or not), if you visit the arena, if you think such mega-venues are the work of the Devil or even if you just want to find out what’s happening, this is a chance to express a view and have a say in the development. The information pack is here along with a button to click if you want to leave feedback... http://planningconsultation.avisonyoung.co.uk/ManchesterArenaPhase1.aspx
  3. Jon bought an Aguilar Tone Hammer from me and proved to be a real gent to do business with. Lightning fast payment, prompt comms and just an all-round gent. A pleasure to deal with and highly recommended! Thanks Jon - enjoy the little Aggie
  4. It sounds like there’s nothing to choose between them musically so they’ve both “passed” that part of the audition. It’s now a question of who fits best Into the “band”. You’re a group of individuals who have to work together as a cohesive unit so you need someone who can support and help build that. Maybe ask them both back for a full rehearsal (each) and try to get a sense of how they fit in. Assuming you do covers, ask them to suggest a song that they know and that you can all work on together and see how they approach the arrangement and being in the driving seat? If it’s that close to call then I think you owe it to both of them and yourselves to take the time to get this right. As already suggested, is there space for them both? Plenty of bands with twin lead guitarists.... Having said all that, if it was me, I’d go with whichever was the quietest. Good luck - it’s a nice problem to have 😁
  5. Just ordered a copy of the GW book. Arrives tomorrow. Past experience suggests I will probably open it in 2025. Unless we get locked down again. Then I'll be all over it like a tramp on chips.
  6. Last time I saw them I thought they sounded like a tribute band. Steve Howe still has it but he’s carrying them now. I saw ARW in London (must get the DVD) and thought they were superb - and I agree with the comments here, Mr Pomeroy was a joy to watch
  7. Another one for Ruby Baby. Gorgeous bass line. I also love the flow of the bass line in Don’t Stop Believing. It’s not hard but really nice to play along with. Like you, I used to busk a lot of lines but this year I finally got round to learning Living On A Prayer properly. Great fun
  8. I think it looks nicer in the flesh than in the pictures.... and I’m always willing to negotiate 😁
  9. I’m loving it, thanks! 😁 I think the previous attempts and the BEAD exercise all allowed me to get my head round the extra string so getting a nice, slim comfy neck has just brought everything together nicely. Rehearsal last week was really good and I’ve been practising every day just to make sure my head and my fingers get used to the new layout. I will keep swapping back to a four so that I can play either (I don’t want to play fives exclusively) but I’ve taken to this so well that I can see a few fours going up for sale and another five (or two) being added.... I’m really glad that you responded to my original post and opened my eyes to the ease and comfort of the narrow spacing* *(IMHO, obvs, YMMV. Other opinions are available and are equally valid)
  10. We recently got a local removal firm (with piano-moving experience) to collect a piano which we’d just bought. It was a 50 mile move and because we were flexible on dates and able to tie it in to a trip they were already making, it cost us £75. If you can find such a firm locally, maybe advertise the piano as “free local delivery” and build the cost into your price?
  11. Sophie Lloyd - guitarist, plays with Marissa and the Moths but also has loads of metal/shred covers on her YT channel. She also did a spot in Yolanda’s Band Jam which might be more age appropriate.
  12. At @Al Krow’s suggestion I thought I’d share a few pics of my first (probably not the last) Ibanez. In this case, an SR1345B... I took it to rehearsal tonight and it’s by far the easiest five string I’ve ever played. I got a little lost on a couple of songs but that was mainly because I was thinking about alternative hand positioning and just lost my place in the song. I think it’ll take a week or so before I’m fully fluent and confident with the extra string but this is just so much easier than any other fiver I’ve tried before. I haven’t played around with the EQ very much - that’s the next thing to try. Tonight was all about getting used to the extra string and to the feel of a different bass. Very pleased indeed....
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