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  1. Hi Dawn and welcome. There aren’t many positives about the current situation but having some extra time to practice is one of them. Except that you’ve just blown that by joining this site! Time that you could have spent practising will now be spent browsing the For Sale section. Well, that’s what happened to me, anyway.... 😁
  2. Which happens to be exactly what I have. Although I am thinking of swapping them round. But that’s only because I’ll get bored stuck in the house.
  3. Of course. That’s the way I (try to) play it. Perfectly in rehearsal. Badly at gigs. It’s even worse when I know there’s another bass player watching me.
  4. Lol! In all fairness it was that band plus the one before. So I think I played my part in screwing it up. But yeah, maybe I had some help 😁
  5. D’Addario NYXL for me. I use flats on most of my basses but NYXL’s on one of the Ricks. NYXLs seem less “zingy” than a lot of others so I like them as rounds that are a bit closer to flats. Have you tried half-rounds? (reading this thread, I’m tempted to try the Warwicks)
  6. I used to have the same issue with All Bloody Right Bloody Now by Bloody Free. The part under the solo. Nailed it every time in rehearsal ( and properly too) but either fluffed yet it completely or ended up bottling it and playing the simplified version at gigs. Problem is that there’s nowhere to hide so if you get it wrong at the start everyone in the place knows. I seem to have got past it now but for years it was my bete noir.
  7. They must have a lot of customers in Norfolk.
  8. I was there too. Devo were the recipients of a lot of urine-filled bottles.
  9. I think that was one of his early films wasn’t it? I think I have it on VHS somewhere.
  10. Interesting wording along with the picture of Eric - “so good that even Eric Clapton owned several”. They’re not - in a very legal sense - actually saying that EC owned this one. But there is a clear implication that he might just have and the one in the picture might actually be this one (or probably not). Are old basses now becoming what so many vintage cars have become? Overpriced old tat? 😁
  11. Not quite 😁 Peak power is at 2.67. You get more power for each 8ohm cab you add so 150w for one cab, 300w for two and 450w for three (2.67 ohm). Add a fourth and drop the impedance to 2ohm and the wattage drops back to 300w so I’m guessing they handle the low impedance by throttling the power back. The 800 amp is a lot simpler - 400w at 8ohms and the full 800w at 4, 2.67 and 2. But this is exactly why I chose the 500. The power climbs as I add cabinets so I can take one to rehearsal, use two if I need it for regular gigs and have the option of adding a third if I need it for bigger venues. The 2 ohm capability is nice and allows me to safely mix 110 and 210 cabs as I need to.
  12. Ooh, harsh. True, sadly - but still harsh. (*sniff* fort you was my friend an’ then you come out wiv somefink hurtful like that.....*sniff*)
  13. PS Forgot to say - haven’t heard a peep from the fans yet.
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