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  1. Could do you a swapsie? I've got a stash of Polly Pockets too, if you're interested? And it's not even 10am. How can you use up all of your TLRTs so soon? Have you found a way of giving them out by the handful? Are you leaving a trail of them through the woods in the hope of luring travellers to your cottage?
  2. Yeah? Whatcha want? My Little Ponies - got 'em all, mate. How many you need?
  3. So long as the splitter is wired in parallel, not series then you'll be fine - two 8ohm speakers connected in parallel will present a 4 ohm load to the amp. If there aren't two outputs on the amp or two sockets on one of the speakers then you'll need a splitter as you say - just make sure it's wired in parallel. Edit: i just read your post again and it seems like the 2x10 has two sockets so you can use them quite happily - one in from the amp, one to feed the other cabinet. Oh, and so long as it's not a valve output (which it isn't) you can run the amp without speakers and just headphones
  4. Felt Fuzzy Dunlop. The new winter tyre that won't let you down......
  5. I have one of these and it’s excellent. Really well made. I also have an unbranded one that I got from either GAK or Gear4music. It had the issue where the foam reacted with the finish on one of my guitars - I got some sticky-backed felt and wrapped a length of that around the foam. Sorted. That said, the stand’s nowhere near as good as the Quiklok one....
  6. This....... Last band were definitely mates. This band? Colleagues for sure
  7. Beat me to it with that one 😁 I think that makes us one-all doesn't it?
  8. The White Hart in Hemel is another one where theres every chance of a drunken punter taking out a monitor or worse. If not during the dancing then during the fight at 11:40 or thereabouts. It's a great gig but you can guarantee that some drunken tosspot will try to dance with his pint slopping everywhere before face planting a monitor. We ended up moving the PA speakers well back onto the stage area as i was always terrified that someone would end up underneath a 15" EV speaker. And why is it that the girl who wants to request her favourite track always singles out the bass player to ask? Is it because we're so incredibly cool that we look like we have all the time in the world to chat? No, i didn't think so either - but there must be a reason and it's not my boyish good looks....
  9. Yeah, sorry. Just a right one, though...
  10. Wow. The Irwell's looking nicer than I remember......
  11. I think she wanted your body......
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