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  1. skankdelvar

    Hello from Utah, USA

    Hi Tim and welcome! Enjoy the forum
  2. skankdelvar

    Not everything about the bass is great .....

    We'll be avin' a party for yer dahna Queen Vic when yer gets aht. Big cake, stripper n'orl.
  3. skankdelvar

    Not everything about the bass is great .....

    People who disparage plodding bass lines should be sentenced to ten years of root / 5 in a Country band fronted by a malodorous, moustachioed pervert who hails from Shepherds' Bush but peppers his everyday conversation with 'Y'all this' and Y'all that'.
  4. skankdelvar


    Vivaldi, Verdi, Puccini, Corelli, Paganini, Respighi, Pavarotti, Bartoli, Morricone and - er - Zucchero are all good musical reasons to be proud of being (half) Italian
  5. skankdelvar

    First gig played, where and when.

    A hired room just off the Hull Uni Students Union Bar in 1978.
  6. skankdelvar

    No Prices On New Guitars in PMT

    To paraphrase the novelist Mr LP Hartley: 'The past France is a foreign country; they do things differently there'.
  7. skankdelvar

    What is it with BC and hostility??!

    Still got them. They're looking considerably more wrinkled now and so am I.
  8. skankdelvar

    What is it with BC and hostility??!

    "A guitard is a man who knows the solo of everything and the chords of nothing" Oscar Wilde - Lady Windermere's Fan
  9. skankdelvar

    What is it with BC and hostility??!

    "It is never difficult to distinguish between a banjo player with a grievance, and a ray of sunshine." P.G. Wodehouse
  10. skankdelvar

    What is it with BC and hostility??!

    BassChat is a considerably less fractious environment than it was when I joined and it's been even more matey than ever during its most recent evolutionary cycle. There's a natural churn to the forum (beyond which we also lost a clutch of regulars during that period which some have dubbed 'The Weird Times') but an influx of fun, witty and informed people have added much lustre to our common enterprise during the last couple of years. Yes, there are localised outbreaks of snark; contextually inappropriate political pronouncements continue to make themselves unwelcome. But there's a generally more relaxed feel to the place; mad rants tend to be greeted with a quizzically raised eyebrow or gentle mockery rather than feverish declarations of war; most importantly, people are no longer completely losing their sh*t over the issue of mixing driver sizes in a multi-cab rig (afaik).
  11. skankdelvar

    What is it with BC and hostility??!

    Something which often gets forgotten when we talk about moderation on the forum is just how incredibly handsome @ped is. I'm completely heterosexual but he's so lush I'd go down on him, no question
  12. skankdelvar

    Bass Repairs in Warwickshire Area

    He's on holiday. From the About Us section on their web site: Planned Holiday Dates, 2018-19 (Days when the shop will be closed) Dates: Closing at 5.00pm Saturday 22nd December 2018 for 2 weeks Open next 10.00am Saturday 5th January 2019
  13. Very sorry to hear about this development, chum. Hope you're feeling a bit better now. If you're sufficiently doubtful as to be asking BC / your cardiologists whether you should take your DB out then don't, particularly as: "On electric, I can play for hours without a problem but, on double bass, I struggle by the end of two sets". Onward and (cautiously) upward