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  1. RIP Malcolm Young

    Songwriter, guitarist and a band-leader in both the sense of dynamics and musical direction. Though overlooked by critics and record-buyers, Malcolm Young exerted a force upon rock music that cannot be underestimated. How cruel that his life ended so early and under such sad circumstances. Let us remember him in happier times - a bit more of him in this vid than usual.
  2. Migration date announced (Fri night!)

    Thank you Your Grace, but we haven't had too much humility so far... You're very welcome, your Eminence. BTW, I just up-voted you to see what happens. No cause for alarm
  3. 20 Greatest British Rock Bands

    3 US Billboard Top Ten, 3 UK Top Ten. Not exactly a ton but still respectable.
  4. 20 Greatest British Rock Bands

    No Macc Lads. Inconceivable.
  5. Migration date announced (Fri night!)

    A Message From The Archbishop of Salisbury, Touching Upon The Imminent Relaunch My brothers and sisters: It is at times of great change that we ask ourselves: 'What does it mean to be human? Are we alone in the universe? What lies beyond mortality's misty veil?'. In these questions we descry an expression of expectation; of unvoiced hope; of the ambivalence we each find within ourselves when all that stands between us and the cold, unknowable-ness of the future is prognostication, speculation and - at best - the distorted perspective of the fortune teller's crystal ball. So it is with forum platform re-launches: When the figurative button is pressed and our old, comfortable home of the last few years is shredded and is - as it were - cast loose upon the digital winds, who among us will not admit to a quantum of trepidation; of suspicion; perhaps of naked terror extending to a small emission of wee? Let us be of good heart: the fundamentals remain. Which (or as some might say 'What' ) is the best bass for metal? Can one boil strings? Why is it wrong to openly slag off a seller if he puts something up at a frankly ludicrously high price? These are questions which go to the very heart of our being. Does it matter, therefore, if the answers we seek are presented against a background of black and orange or - as has been vouchsafed to me - an attractive, vibrant colour pallette of cerise, lime and peridot? Or that enhanced functionality may bring each of us in our own way face to face with the True Mystery? I extend my benediction to all of you. Go in grace, omnis in pace and may humility prevail. Del Var Diocese of Salisbury
  6. A Little History Lesson

    [quote name='stingrayPete1977' timestamp='1509896289' post='3402386'] You can't give yourself kudos or credibility that has to come from other people. [/quote] Very good point. So: Kudos to Blue; he has credibility. Sorted
  7. JMB ad - What's this all about, then?

    [quote name='Chris2112' timestamp='1509382082' post='3398475'] Hey groove-hacker! I will show you two notes that will completely overhaul how you play! Plz send PayPal... [/quote] Troublingly accurate parody
  8. [quote name='Cato' timestamp='1509387692' post='3398547'] Did you see what happened to the German Autobahn thread? [/quote] I did. A credit to Off Topic. I even searched for a clip from the Brothers McGregor (ITV) where they explain Einstein's theory of relativity by using the example of a bag of chips thrown from a moving car while overtaking a cyclist. To the occupants of the car the chips appear to be going backwards yet they hit the cyclist in the rear of his head, thus proving the chips are moving forwards.
  9. This is a thread which begs for a Hamster intervention.
  10. [quote name='skankdelvar' timestamp='1509320166' post='3398113'] Just to cancel out the appalling patriarchal misogyny of the thread title, may I observe that I [i]don't[/i] find the performer at all physically attractive. That's the [i]opposite[/i] of sexism, y'see [/quote] [quote name='dyerseve' timestamp='1509361846' post='3398261'] excuse me? WTF is wrong with me saying that I find a girl attractive? How dare you accuse me of being sexist and mysoginistic simply for paying the girl a compliment on her physical appearance as well as her musical talent! You guys should buy yourselves a dictionary before you go slinging insults at people you have never met! [/quote] I knew [i]someone[/i] would fall into my punji trap of irony. Just didn't think it would be the OP. [quote name='stingrayPete1977' timestamp='1509382465' post='3398484'] I think the politically correct term you are searching for is, "in my opinion she's a three pinter"? [/quote] Not at all. I don't find the performer at all physically attractive yet neither do I find her physically [i]unattractive[/i]. I am position neutral on the visual scrumptiousness or otherwise of the individual Indeed the young lady's 'stunningness' is entirely subordinate to the far more entertaining narrative of a member failing to appreciate that in the wake of Weinstein and amidst a blazing public debate about institutionalised harassment (including but not limited to bodies such as the UK Parliament, Holyrood and the European Commision) it is the case that any comment which bears however lightly upon feminine pulchritudinousness is likely to excite disapprobation among those whose abhorrence of non-21st Century attitudes is so lively that they will apply their sledgehammer of justice to a peanut of offence. In other words, they're all as bad as each other afaic. Apart from Douglas, of course.
  11. Just to cancel out the appalling patriarchal misogyny of the thread title, may I observe that I [i]don't[/i] find the performer at all physically attractive. That's the [i]opposite[/i] of sexism, y'see
  12. Faith guitars

    IIRC Faith are the in-house brand of distributor Barnes & Mullins. Most people seem to rate the guitars highly. Enjoy
  13. Am I in the wrong band

    It's mission creep. I joined a blues band. Within 2 months the drummer was insisting we 'do some Beatles songs'. Same thing.

    Welcome to BassChat You may find that you'll move your bass on a bit more quickly if you put up some images, indicate whether you'll ship (inc charges) and - if collection only - identify your location i.e town / city. Good luck with your sale.
  15. IMO, Taylor guitars fitted with [url="https://www.taylorguitars.com/guitars/acoustic/features/electronics/expression-system%C2%AE"]the Expression System[/url] are the nicest sounding off-the-peg, factory fitted system.