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  1. A dab behind the ears with some eau de Canvey. Lyrics ↓
  2. His bass playing is just so wonderful but what we hear is the studio version with all sorts of EQ and compression on the channels and the master buss that fattens and levels the whole band sound.
  3. Alright Now: Section-by-Section Guide To Easiness Verse: Easiest Chorus: Next easiest section if you do the solo like Andy Fraser but most difficult if you don't do the solo like Andy Fraser Solo: Most difficult section if you do it like Andy Fraser but second easiest if you don't do it like Andy Fraser
  4. I'm cursed with this thing where I'm watching the telly and a bit of music catches my ear and I think 'Ooh, that's nice' and I start trying to work out the chords and the melody. Then I lose track of what's happening in the show and I have to wind it back a minute or two which annoys the missus something rotten.
  5. Gig Goer: "The phrasing on the solo wasn't the same as the recording"
  6. I shouldn't have mentioned The Thing. Forget I spoke. It's all for the best.
  7. There's an answer to people like that. String 'em up. It's the only language they understand.
  8. Anyway, yeah, if you can't learn a song in one pass there's something wrong with you. Acquired motor skills, willpower, posture, tin ear, inner monologue, could be one of a hundred things. Some solutions: have lessons / sack off tab and learn to read music / wear loose trousers.
  9. Would you believe I've had real life, post-gig conversations like that? Well, I have. Drummers get the same sort of thing except it's along the lines of 'Bonham definitely does four on the kick coming out of the fill' but most drummers are saps and just stand there and take it, not me, no siree.
  10. Is he still on here? I thought he slung his hook after... well, you know, The Thing.
  11. Horses for courses,YMMV, one man's roof is another man's floor, etc. Me, I'll practice just enough to do a sub-standard job that nobody notices. Anyone who comes up afterwards and says that I didn't play the bass line like it is on the record I tell them 'Well, f__k off home and listen to it there, then'.
  12. Yeah, well if you want to obsess about girly swot stuff like 'subtlety'. Real men just hammer it out, collect the money and give the landlady a seeing to on the way out the door. I bet you that half the pop hits you know, the session bass player was sat there playing along and thinking 'So, dinner tonight. Burger? Pizza? Something healthy? No, f__k it, I'll have a burger'.
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