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  1. PlugIn Alliance sale of selected Brainworx plugins including their Ampeg amp / cab sims. Including B15-N, SVT3-Pro, SVTVR, SVT VR Classic and V4B. $19.99 (plus UK VAT) each, down from (typically) $149.99 Also reductions on lots of channel strips, guitar amp sims, EQ's, reverbs, etc. https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products.html
  2. A very fine selection of end-of-year covers. Best wishes to all participants, espec those kind souls who keep the Composition Challenge on the road.
  3. https://www.voosteq.com/model-n-channel/ New Neve Channel strip by VoosteQ, choice of pre-amp, comp, eq and 1073 console types. Lots of features. Limited-time intro offer $19.99 (£16.60 at current rate of exchange). Works with Apple and Windows. Check for DAW compatibility. (I took a flyer and it works fine so far with Reaper). 14-day free trial, no restrictions. Nice sound, flexible, slightly arty UI.
  4. What ho! It's an old Joe Jackson song that's got nowt to do with Christmas and featuring Mr Gordon Gecko. Edit For Lyrics
  5. You're both right. The double-bound but otherwise normal Tele (1959-1972) was sold as a Custom Telecaster. That's the one for sale here and a lovely example it is too. The one with the so-called 'Wide Range Humbucker' was the Telecaster Custom (1972-1981).
  6. Hi Barrister and welcome to the forum
  7. I was instantly reminded of Mr Robyn Hitchcock's song Brenda's Iron Sledge which contains the immortal lines: The grasshoppers curl up and burst And Brenda shovels on the wurst All aboard, Brenda's iron sledge Please don't call me Reg, it's not my name
  8. Same here. Though I nearly came badly unstuck one time when I briefly considered recording something carried by an acoustic guitar in drop D. After a bit of thought I switched to a solo piano, posted it and then heard someone else's (much better executed) song carried by... er... an acoustic guitar in drop D
  9. Great song and a well-deserved win👍 Nice one, Doc!
  10. Congratulations, Dave; you are the proud owner of a neck with a 'ski jump'. image from https://hazeguitars.com/blog/neck-shimming-and-ski-jumps-the-latest-research Opinion is divided about the cause of ski jumps; some say it's caused by shimming. Others disagree and as one might expect there's a 19-page thread on Talkbass about it. The solutions include (i) progressively reducing the fret height or if it's really bad (ii) pop the frets, plane the board level and put in new frets. Or crank the action skywards and put up with it, ache-y hand and all.
  11. Quick PS: This month I decided not to use MT Power Drum Kit and instead deployed Monster Drums, a freebie by Indonesian developer Agius Hardiman. The nice thing about Monster Drums is that it's a sort of wrapper for a range of 20+ different sampled kits for use with different genres including pop, metal, reggae, East Asian trad and pop. Includes Linn and Cajon kits. Sounds can be routed to individual or grouped channels. The kit packs are fairly small, mostly less than 100mb so no round robins or (afaics) velocity specific samples. Works OK, though and fairly light on CPU. It's just gone up to V2 (64bit only) but I think the 32bit version may still be lurking somewhere. The only annoying thing is that the developers page takes a while to load, otherwise the package is an easy install.
  12. From my soon-to-drop new album Songs For Moaning Bastards Lyrics ↓
  13. I suppose one's visual performance is dependent on genre, context and what the front-man wants: * Hurtling around the stage and jumping off the drum riser would (mostly) be wrong for folk, jazz, acoustic but right for some genres. * What might look good on a big stage might look silly in a pub. And vice-versa. * If one positioned oneself behind James Brown or Adele and proceeded to pull bass faces and whirl like a dervish one would probably be fired on the spot.
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