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  1. Thanks for all the quality gear you've made for us BassChatters over the years, OBBM. I think we've always regarded you as the industry standard. Enjoy your retirement and the best of times in your new home
  2. Two options: * Put the guitarist and his rig in the car park. Set the stage up like normal people do. * Sack off the tech-nerd guitarist and get in an old skool playa with a Peavey Bandit No need to thank me
  3. Mate, I'm deeply sorry to hear this but you've given your all and now it's time to rest and re-group. Kudos to you. It'll be a wrench but with your profile and connections you can put something together that gigs a bit less frequently and nearer to home.
  4. While we're at it ... Jailbreak - Thin Lizzy A very fine verse riff.
  5. Walking Dancing In the Moonlight - Thin Lizzy
  6. So not really a plug in and play, fire and forget amp, then? The Rivera was bit like that. Needed endless tweaking. A load of different sounds but none of them 'the sound'
  7. That all sounds jolly exciting! I hope the amp you have in mind turns out to do the biz. As far as power soaks go, I went from the Marshall to a THD and then gave up before I fell into the vortex of madness. So then I bought a smaller amp - a Rivera R55 - which was still too loud so I put a less efficient speaker in it and it was still too loud so I sold the amp and now I wish I hadn't
  8. Here be dragons. So you go off and spend £500 on a nice but too loud amp and a miserable £65 on a power soak. You get it home and play it and think 'H'mm. Does this sound as good as it could?' So you research mid-range power soaks and go off and spend £300 on a better power soak. You get it home and play it and think 'H'mm. Does this sound as good as it could?' So you research high end power soaks and go off and spend £1100 on a UA OX Amp Top box because that's apparently the best power soak around at the moment. You get it home and play it and think 'H'mm. Does this sound as good as it does when I don't use a power soak?' You have now spent £1965.00 on a rig that you're not sure about. So you sell it for a grand and spend £1500 on a small DrZ combo so now you've spent about £2500 and you think 'Blimey, I could have imported a real vintage Princeton Reverb for that money' so you sell off everything you own and enter a monastery. Here's yet another approach: Buy a 70's Silverface Champ and a quality reverb pedal. Ask a tech to put in one switch which takes the tone stack out of the circuit (dirt) and another which switches out the negative feedback ("sparkle").
  9. I've seen that big, ignorant fat f*cker before with his long hair, bald at the front and looking about sixty if he's a day. Watching his channel is like having your car towed away by a 'Private Contractor' and going to their yard to get it back and you go in the Portakabin to pay some fat moron the fine and then you have to find your car and when you do you notice there's a big scratch on your driver's door so you go back to the Portakabin and the fat moron says 'It was like that when we towed it, pal. Prove it wasn't'. Just saying.
  10. Welcome BSB Enjoy the forum
  11. So am I, though burying burglars in the back garden is more of a long-term thing. Legal tip: don't forget to bring them with you when you move house.
  12. At this time of year - not too hot, not too cold - it would probably be safe to tape them up in a couple of sturdy bin bags and bury them in the back garden. If that approach doesn't appeal then it's probably safe to put them up in the loft as long as it's just for a few days. I left my first electric guitar in the attic for 18 years then 12 years in a warehouse then two years in a garage. It was fine. YMMV.
  13. I've got an ART MP studio V3. It's good in the sense that using it doesn't sound worse than going straight into the interface but there's no startling improvement in what you hear, IMO, YMMV, etc. The biggest audible differences occur as one scrolls through the various pre-sets and that's as much down to EQ variations. Before you lash out on a valve pre-amp, just for fun it might be worth checking out some VST saturators get a sense of what sounds are available. There are scads of freebies out there including the Ferric TDS a tape simulator which doubles as very flexible saturator / compressor, also the Shattered Glass 1566 and the Klanghelm IVGI. I've used all three, they sound nice and they have their uses.
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