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  1. A penetrating observation by the Stubmeister.
  2. Outstanding work, Inspector Skinnyman. I'd not thought of the golf connection.
  3. It's really very simple. Eurovision is not about the music. Basically it's the epicentre of over-the-top, glitzy campness and we just haven't been building our entries to spec. Want to win Eurovision? Here's how: * The performer is more important than the song so choose someone with an intriguing back story, a willingness to wear heavily perforated bondage gear and the ability to weep like Niagara Falls without the aid of a freshly peeled onion * Come up with a dance routine that would scare your mum, possibly involving near-naked people juggling blazing chainsaws * Select 'basic EDM 4/4' on your drum software. Turn down the snare, turn up the kick. Switch off cymbals. * Choose two chords. Any two chords will do. * Write lyrics which detail the performer's urgent desire to 'be themselves' and not 'anyone else'. Ker-ching!
  4. Disappointing, isn't it? I hope that's not a euphemism.
  5. Was he crafty? Was he cockney? Do tell.
  6. Sounds like a plan I would imagine so, yes. The question of who made the first approach is an interesting one. I suppose it might also depend on whether Mr Hall was already coming over here on other business or whether this is a trip designed especially to promote those new Rics with the Toblerone-shaped pickups to the bass-playing population of West Lancashire.
  7. Or because the UK retailers drew straws for who would host the event and Sound Affects of Ormskirk lost? Or because the venue is Hurlston Hall Golf Club and includes the word 'Hall' in its name? Or because it's easier to put a security perimeter round the club house for when the BassChat Massive turn up, swearing vengeance? The possibilities are literally endless
  8. We should all buy a ticket, show up and ask him why he doesn't launch a range of Chinese Rics seeing as they'd be cheaper and better made. Then ask him to sign the Rickenfakers we've brought along. Just saying.
  9. Jimmy Fallon and The Who play Won't Get Fooled Again on toy instruments
  10. Howler Monkeys Are Suing Shakespear's Sister And You Won't Believe Why AP Reporter: 05/17/2019 Updated 01:15 CAT - Guatemala Shakespear's Sister are in hot water. After the re-booted pop stars faced a tsunami of backlash for their 'buttock-clenching TV performance' the tuneless duo have now come under fire from a troop of Guatemalan Howler Monkeys. Lawyers for the monkeys today called a press conference in Guatemala City, accusing Shakespear's Sister of cultural appropriation. Said chief lawyer Inigo Montoya: "Our blameless simian clients are shocked, hurt and appalled at the way Shakespear's Sister have offensively appropriated traditional Howler Monkey howling noises. If it wasn't privilege-driven cultural theft it was mocking monkey-ist bigotry. They can't have it both ways but we can." The Guatemalan lawyer added: "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die". Ends.
  11. The Jazz Centre UK might know someone who's interested: http://thejazzcentreuk.co.uk/ 01702 215169 Email: [email protected] The Jazz Centre (UK) Victoria Avenue Southend-on-Sea Essex SS2 6EX
  12. That's a good one and marks a pivot away from warrior fantasy to just plain weird while still keeping one foot in the multiverse, e.g. Una Persson cropping up in alternate form as Countess Una of Scaith. Anyway, people, it's not ackshually a derail John Paul Jones performed alongside Ian Paice at the Sunflower Jam in 2012. Paice played on the Nektar album Spoonful of Time with Nik Turner who as a member of Hawkwind recorded Warrior On The Edge of Time, a 1974 album specifically about The Eternal Champion with Moorcock providing the overall concept and vocals on two tracks. Ta-dah! Four degrees of John Paul Jones.
  13. Worked my way through the Hawkmoon books just a couple of months ago. First time in about 20 years. I always preferred Hawkmoon to Elric, Corum and Erekose
  14. When I first listened to the second Led Zep album, I accidentally played side 2 before I played side 1. The first song I heard was Heartbreaker. Around that time (early 70's) I'd been reading a Michael Moorcock book entitled The Land Leviathan a sci-fi fantasy about an alternate history where warlords with gigantic armoured vehicles dominated the Earth. Jones' sound immediately made me think of a huge, city-sized tank and the impression has always stayed with me.
  15. I PM'd @discreet about this a few weeks back. Seems he's knee deep in a new, all-consuming musical project. Well, that's what he said. It's probably because he just hates us all with a savage passion.
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