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  1. Hey Stef and welcome to the forum.
  2. "If one looks at an audio amplifier one will usually observe a rotary potentiometer marked 'bass'. This potentiometer is designed to increase or decrease the amount of bass. If bass has an amount and this amount can be adjusted then it follows that bass is a thing and therefore etymologically a noun". Sir Roy Strong told me this when we met fleetingly at a drinks reception at the National Portrait Gallery in 1971. Nothing since has given me cause to differ from his opinion.
  3. Thanks for putting that up. TBPH, neither version does it for me. Digging into this, it seems the Townshend version appeared as a sort of 'bonus new track' on a solo Greatest Hits comp about four years ago alongside such earlier career highlights as - er - Rough Boys and Let My Love Open The Door. To be fair, the sour-faced old prune has always demo'd his songs, thereafter laying them before the rest of the band. Indeed, I prefer his solo version of Pure And Easy off Who Came First over that which derived from the band sessions. One nevertheless suspects that the genesis of the song Guantanamo / Ball and Chain pre-dates its 2019 release by up to a decade. I mean, Guantanamo (the institution) fell off most people's radars around the late 2000's.
  4. Available now: George Formby Sings Lou Reed's Greatest Hits When I put a spike into my vein And I tell you Ee! It's turned out nice again
  5. Put them together and you (almost) get: Standin' on a corner, Suitcase in my hand. Jack's in his car, says to Jane, who's in her vest, Me, babe, I'm in a rock n' roll band. But you have to say the second line very, very quickly.
  6. Is it the one that goes: I'm leaning on a lamp-post at the corner of the street, In case a certain little lady comes by. Oh me, oh my, I hope the little lady comes by Funnily enough, the lyrics which precede the hook in Mr Formby's chef d'doeuvre would not sound out of place in a modern day rap number: I'm leaning on a lamp, maybe you think, I look a tramp, Or you may think I'm hanging 'round to steal a motor-car. But no I'm not a crook, And if you think, that's what I look, I'll tell you why I'm here, And what my motives are.
  7. IIRC, Kenny was a long-time friend of the band from the old days. Moon died in September 1978 and they hired Mr Jones in November, his tenure lasting (notionally) 10 years. In truth one suspects they acted in haste and repented at leisure, or at least Daltrey did, allegedly deprecating Jones' style as 'too straight'. Realistically, no one could have 'replaced' Moon without sounding like a copyist which wasn't the done thing back then. Simon Philips occupied the role for a while though no one seems to have noticed. Zak Starkey did a good job, though.
  8. I'd not seen that before. Thanks!
  9. I'm tempted to agree with you. The 80's and 90's were not kind to The Who. Townshend's brief though disastrous embrace of New Romantic fashion (and eyeliner) will likely never be forgotten. Likewise his stint at a publishing house where he self-importantly edited collections of poetry or something. Nevertheless, at some point in the 2000's the band seemed to reconcile themselves to being a Greatest Hits act and their live performances became audibly and visibly more punchy, their set at The Olympics being a good example. Clear-eyed fans viewed the occasional release of new Who albums as theoretically desirable but unlikely to deliver uniform satisfaction. Anyway, all the good stuff is still out there to be enjoyed and - who knows - there may be a corker of a track lurking somewhere on the new album. I'm glad they're still going even if Pete is even more of a miserable bastard than ever. His autobio was such a narcissistic downer I read it and - against normal procedure - threw it in the bin. PS: FWIW, when Moon died in 1978 Townshend was only 33 and already publicly agonising about the relevance of 'old men' playing rock music. When the news broke that Moon was dead I was in a bar in Athens. The whole place went silent for a minute then everyone got blind drunk and fell over.
  10. Shortly before Mr Entwistle popped his clogs I dragged a much younger and slightly sceptical work colleague along to see The Who. He was literally a changed man afterwards, asking for a list of the best albums and generally carrying on. I left the company not long after but ran into him a few years later. 'You know what I did after that gig?' he said. 'I went out and bought a guitar and learned to play it'.
  11. Can we please keep the Brexit stuff out of this thread? It's got nothing to do with the new single or the band's musical trajectory, it causes trouble and no one's got anything new to say. "Leavers" and "Remainers" alike: if you want to bang on about politics, please: either go somewhere else and do it or wrap your heads round the sentiment below:
  12. FWIW their last (imo) fully realised and wholly listenable album Quadrophenia was released 46 years ago
  13. ... and it's a plodding, aimless stinker with lyrics which were vaguely relevant 15 years ago. I love(d) The Who. Why do they do this to me? Now I'm going to have to go off and listen to Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy on repeat for 36 hours.
  14. You make an excellent point, Mr W. I am sure that various bass players have disrobed before an audience. It's just that advancing years have taken their toll and I can't remember much before last Tuesday.
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