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  1. Me neither. Makes the place look like a Cash Converters.
  2. Nice work, Ped. This thumbnails thing is dead handy
  3. Welcome to the forum. Heres a YT vid about electrifying a washtub bass. Basically, don't attach a disc piezo to the body of the washtub; stick an guitar undersaddle piezo to the bolt.
  4. 'F__k you, BassChat' says Spokesperson for Badger Community in Epic Misunderstanding Fail
  5. You put that argument so well, my dear Pseudonym. Your acuity reminds me of my mentor Prof. A J P Taylor at his intellectual peak. (Like given)
  6. Hi Gazza and to the forum.
  7. Bug report posted elsewhere by Loz
  8. Aargh! I'm now trapped in the 2.1 theme which means I can't see the price of stuff in the marketplace. Good spot, @fleabag
  9. Agreed. Easier to read, IMO.
  10. Out of TLRT's and the 'TLRT meter' image won't work. I am at my wits' end. Someone pass the smelling salts.
  11. Good spot. That's already happened to me. Repeated jabs at the save button when quoting someone else = multiple posts = necessity to edit and delete content = profound embarrassment = withdrawal from public life.
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