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  1. skankdelvar

    Am I too opinionated to be in a band?

    It's not opinionated to ask a drummer to rein himself in nor to suggest a reduction in room volume. It's entirely normal. Given that many of us here are middle-aged, life is too short to stand in the corner and smile weakly. Get it out. Give it to 'em straight, though always politely. If they can't handle it, that's their problem, though one may find oneself hooshed out of the band. Well, what's the alternative? Stand there and put up with a drummer who plays too fast, and / or lose one's hearing? Fact is 90% of bands are utter numpties. We just have to work our way through them until we find the right combination of people then stick to them like glue.
  2. skankdelvar

    Grand Funk Railroad.

    Homer: "Grand Funk? The wild shirtless lyrics of Mark Farner? The bong-rattling bass of Mel Schacher? The competent drumwork of Don Brewer? Oh, man!"
  3. skankdelvar

    Just out of curiosity......

    I think I've got one of those up in the attic. I'll have check. Edit for: No laser but I found my old command Zeppelin. Any use? Ah, dear, lovable, conceited Ernst: never an employee of mine, more of a supplier of peripherals. It all went tïts-up for Ernst when he developed a cat allergy. Sitting in his high-backed, leather chair stroking a goldfish didn't really inspire his minions to put on a hard hat, pick up a Schmeisser and do battle with Tiger Tanaka's ninja commandos as they abseiled into the dormant volcano. So they all came to work for me, apart from the excitable little Chinese scientist feller who went off to Camber Sands and bought an ice-cream van.
  4. skankdelvar

    Just out of curiosity......

    In the interests of accuracy I am prepared to disclose certain pertinent facts: * I am not Dr No. In point of fact my former associate Julius No worked for me between 1957-1961 but we parted on difficult terms, mainly because he complained that I 'expected him to be a Yes-man'. Nothing could have been further from the truth; I always welcome constructive discussion. Nevertheless, Julius became far too wedded to the whole Caribbean Island thing at a time when super-villainry was trending more towards space stations and / or lairs in dormant volcanoes. I was all about the volcano. Julius wanted an island. We parted ways. C'est tout. * My affinity with the game Cluedo dates from 1944 when I lent my chum the pianist Tony Pratt the not inconsiderable sum of fifty guineas towards the development costs of his idea for a board game. I'd known Tony from his days playing the piano on cruise ships; he tickled the ivories while I plied my trade as a gigolo / lounge lizard among the ladies of a certain age travelling first class. (That Barbara Cartland? Had her). So when Tony needed some cash for a working presentation to Messrs Waddington it was I to whom he turned. * I do not live on the South Coast, rather in South Central Wiltshire. My bungalow (decorated in a tasteful, un-ostentatious Louis XIV stylee) forms part of a more extensive compound including a small airstrip, weapons testing bunkers, a communications centre and a compact but efficient miniature nuclear reactor. I've given up on shark tanks. IMO, they're both passé and de trop.
  5. skankdelvar

    Just out of curiosity......

    I have a Cluedo board game and I am currently living in a bungalow. My 18 year-old self would never have envisaged such an outcome.
  6. skankdelvar

    Just out of curiosity......

    Colonel Mustard with the revolver in the library. True story.
  7. skankdelvar

    Richard Dale ... Surf's Gone

    An interesting approach to decoupling the tank from stage vibration...
  8. skankdelvar

    Richard Dale ... Surf's Gone

    Note the low E string wound the 'wrong' way round the tuner, all other strings as normal. WTAF?
  9. skankdelvar

    Richard Dale ... Surf's Gone

    FWIW, some pix and descriptions here of Dale's rig at a club gig in 2016. Outboard reverb into two original Showman amps into a 2x15 and a 1x15 loaded with JBL's Ferocious.
  10. skankdelvar

    Michael Jackson covers- Yes or No?

    On the one hand we have the scary FBLDFM and on the other we have a demonstrable weirdo who lives with a chimpanzee in an amusement park but his name's Michael Jackson and he's special so according to some parents that was alright.
  11. skankdelvar

    Wireless unit on pedal board....wise??

    Well, its an approach that might work. Easier, though, you could hang the transmitter off your bass (as it was designed to be used), stick the receiver unit at the start of your pedal chain and run a cable from the last pedal on the board to your amp. Or you could run two wireless units, one into the board and one off the board but that might be considered by some to be a tad excessive. Good luck with your project
  12. skankdelvar

    Michael Jackson covers- Yes or No?

    Even before these most recent allegations I would have demanded a handsome slab of cash to perform any of Mr Jackson's choons. Not because he may have been 'evil' but because I didn't much enjoy his oeuvre. Too perfectly patinated, don'cherknow. In any event, it was - for decades - as plain as the nose on his face that Wacko Jacko was off the map at 90mph. It was all very sad but when rumours about his 'play dates' began to circulate it was no great leap of the imagination to conclude there was something nasty in the woodshed. Nevertheless the crazier elements of his fan base were keen to look the other way while the rest of us (and the radio stations) said a perfunctory 'Ho hum' and went about our business unburdened by any great concern. Now someone has made a film about unsavoury events the nature of which almost everyone was tangentially aware at least ten years ago and some are saying 'OMFG! I must immediately retrieve my Jacko albums from the attic and throw them in the cleansing flames lest by osmosis I contract paedophilia or - worse - my impeccable credentials be laid open to question'. Frankly, it's a bit late to be beating one's breast about Michael Jackson and in the event that someone were to be offended by a live, cover performance of Bad (and on purely aesthetic grounds who wouldn't be?) I'd have to ask them if they'd been living under a rock during the 25 years since Jackson paid off the Chandler family to the extent of - er - $23 million and the Los Angeles cops unaccountably closed their investigation. The victim's father, Evan Chandler, committed suicide in 2009 some months after Jackson himself crossed over but nobody gave a sh*t then so I'm not quite sure why they're bothered ten years later.
  13. skankdelvar

    Relic-ing: is it still a thing?

    The volume of response to this thread suggests that relic-ing is still very much a thing for generating opinions about whether relic-ing is a good thing. It is a matter of conjecture whether the actual practice of relic-ing is still a thing.
  14. skankdelvar

    Relic-ing: is it still a thing?

    My old poly-coated 3TSB '71 P (which reappeared in the Marketplace recently) had some very rough flaking around the upper bout. So your Maya is technically correct. Smoothing the cracked lacquer would technically make it less 'authentic' and more 'improved'. Anyway, nice Maya
  15. skankdelvar

    Relic-ing: is it still a thing?

    I must have missed some of the more recent relic threads. Just idly wondering if the phenomenon might be waning in popularity. Perhaps not...