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  1. In the event of a BC server failure the agreed procedure is that we all go round to @ped's house.
  2. He is indeed so awesome. Anyway, my tone. How would I describe it? Round, hefty, punchy, reminiscent of pear drops, liquorice and monkey spunk.
  3. Hi Michael.Guitarman and to the forum.
  4. Hi furym and to the forum.
  5. Oh, nicely put, Studiodawg! Welcome to the forum
  6. skankdelvar


    Hi boomslang and to the forum.
  7. When an Englishman greets you with a cheery 'Hello, you fat bastard' you know you've a friend for life. I tested this theory (almost) to destruction when one Christmas our office did the 'Secret Santa' thing. I drew a colleague who had recently discovered his house was under threat of compulsory purchase for a road-widening scheme so I bought him a small Corgi toy bulldozer.
  8. Good to see you back here, Darryl. Nice work in that video. Enjoy your summer and let us know how you get on.
  9. Welcome to our TalkBass Pals I for one am desolated to hear of TalkBass's travails. Were the same to happen to BC (perish the thought) I would be so entirely mortified that I would literally shed body weight until service was resumed. To which end I echo our glorious leader @ped in extending a welcome to those orphans of the storm, where ere they hail, who wash ashore upon our modest strand, blameless victims of a catastrophic failure beyond their control. In a very real sense, their plight is BassChat's to assuage, however fleeting may be the acquaintance. Practical Assistance for Visitors Feel free to interact with the locals; only a vanishingly small number of them will be comprehensible; just nod and smile. Suffering from GAS? Why not take something home as a souvenir of your stay? Equipment sales are in the BC Marketplace. Those who find themselves in a state of tempest-related undress may source clean, pre-loved clothing from the BassChat Quartermaster in the basement, no chit required. Fancy a slice of local culture? Get thee to Off Topic (some adjustment may be required) Those wishing to sample our local cuisine should hie themselves to the Food Court in the west atrium where succulent, traditional delicacies abound. Enjoy! Today's Special: Mr Skinnyman's Lincolnshire Delight (£5.99 / $8.23) Enjoy your visit. Stick around, even. There's usually someone here until quite late.
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