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  1. WD Music do three-ply plates in BWB and WBW for the Jap RI and likewise for the American vintage, cost £26.95. Also tons of other colours for more money.
  2. Quite so. A single cut and a double cut with the softer radius edges to the body. An option of a proper TV yellow rather than the mustardy colour they used in the mid-2000's. Gloss rather than satin finish. A fix for the age-old problem where the wraparound bridge leans slightly forward in the studs and which doesn't involve shelling out £35 for Tone-Pros locking replacements. A basic hard shell case. For £800 rather than £1500. The late Mr Johnny Thunders with his DC LPJ
  3. Les Paul Standard: Eric Clapton / Mike Bloomfield Les Paul Junior: Leslie West / Johnny Thunders / Mick Jones Mosrite Ventures II: Johnny Ramone Ibanez Tubescreamer: Stevie Ray Vaughan Schaffer-Vega Diversity Wireless: Angus Young Marshall Lead 12: Billy Gibbons
  4. There's nothing wrong with purloining the occasional sartorial cue from those musicians who have played a formative role in our personal development just as long as we don't overdo it. For myself, I specifically wear the same brand of socks as did the late Mr John Entwistle during the period 1973 -1998 (M&S towelling socks / Black) but I don't make a song and dance about it; it's a discreet homage between me and my shoes. But dressing up as Hendrix in a tie-dyed tee-shirt and a bandana would be de trop unless, perhaps, one were performing in a Hendrix tribute act like the gentleman pictured below. Crikey! You'd swear it was Jimi come back from the grave.
  5. You won't be thanking us when the GAS kicks in, your house fills up with basses and rigs and your partner starts giving you the hairy eyeball
  6. Oh, Jack! You're such a cutie, there. Your life ahead of you and a full head of wavy hair. Anyway, the sideburns. Were they an homage to Mike Nesmith or a pre-cognitive stab at the Wolverine look as latterly popularised by Mr Hugh Jackman? Joshing aside, that's a lovely picture
  7. Hi Chris and welcome to the forum. If you decide to check out gear for sale here on BassChat be aware that there's a Feedback sub-forum where members review other members with whom they've transacted. Not everyone is on there but it's a useful indicator. There are also helpful threads on Avoiding Rip-Offs, Couriers and Packing and PayPal Gift Payments Have a great time here
  8. It's a bit like the Gibson Hendrix Strat package over in the current Gibson thread which included a (printed) tie-dye tee shirt and a bandana. It's all a bit [email protected], as if we're really going to dress up like our heroes and go 'Look, Mum, I'm Hendrix'. If manufacturers are going to be doing retro classic rock case candy then they should strive for greater authenticity and include a handwritten set list, an empty miniature of Jack Daniels, a cling film wrap of red Leb and an opened packet of Benson & Hedges.
  9. Absent any further details this looks quite interesting. In short, it reads like Gibson are (i) granting certain independent boutique luthiers and peripherals makers a license to use Gibson-trademarked shapes and (ii) promoting those individuals / companies through Gibson's marketing channels. It's not clear how the new licensees are expected to reciprocate. Must they pay a license fee? Promote the fact they're now licensed? Say nice things about Gibson? On the face of it, this development is in line with Gibson's stated preference for collaboration rather than confrontation but begs the question as to why they released the - er - confrontational 'Play Authentic' video. Perhaps this was what they meant all along but Agnesi either got the tone wrong or was poorly briefed. Either way, it seems to be a step in the right direction but only time will tell.
  10. One's first reaction is 'Oh, do fück off, Fender'. The second is 'For how much less than £12k could I knock one of those up?' And - as I never cease to mention - Lynott's back-up P-bass went for meagre £800 at auction a couple of years after he died, mainly because he'd thoroughly p1ssed his reputation up the wall after he left Lizzy Don't get me wrong, I think he was a great man but there was a period of about five years either side of his death when he was regarded by many as a sad joke, hence the paltry auction price. How times change.
  11. I would defy any man to advance a more concise or accurate summary of the loon trouser. It simply can't be done. Nice work, Sir
  12. Who could forget The Captain and Chenille?
  13. Flying Vee The Gibson Custom shop knocked out lovingly handcrafted a limited run of 300 Hendrix V's in 2007 for sale at a mere $12k apiece (rolls eyes). But you're right. Anyone would think they'd have something out there for a couple of grand. That Gib-Strat Returning to the Gibson Hendrix Str*t, let us never forget that the guitar was only part of a complete entry-level guitar package that also included " a Hendrix signature Voodoo Child amplifier, and a Foxey Fuzz pedal ... an instructional DVD and a USB drive containing exclusive Hendrix media content and a “Hendrix inspired tie-dyed tee-shirt and bandana.” ' Who among us aspiring to Mr Hendrix's spirituality and technical prowess might not eagerly don the included apparel and headwear. After all, tone isn't in your fingers; it's all in the bandana. Above: Not remotely exploitative marketing exercise by Juskiewiecz-era Gibson
  14. I last saw a pair of loons in public in 1979. Any sightings later than this date? (Ironic, costume or fancy-dress purposes excluded).
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