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  1. Indeed so. Back in the day we used various DJ's who worked on other stations. The rule was, if they were in a neighbouring transmission area they used a different name.
  2. I am unfamiliar with Planet Rock's output but outwith any obviously 'live' shows I'd imagine that most of the DJ links are pre-recorded in advance and in one session and in the comfort of their own homes, then sent digitally to the station to be inserted into the play-out computer along with the songs, the station idents and the ads. Most radio you hear isn't 'live' and many DJ's no longer even go into the station except for meetings. So, in answer to the question, they're not doing anything between the links because they're not there.
  3. Shrug it off, would be my advice. The minute you hit the post button the topic's out there and belongs to everybody. Permit me to expand. When one starts a topic on an internet forum it's like making love to a beautiful woman who gets pregnant, gives birth, the child grows up and leaves home. You can't wrap it in cotton wool and you shouldn't have any preconceived expectations; all you can do is hope that the topic will be happy and will build a life for itself on its own terms. Tip: If you want to share a vid on BC just stick up a link, say you found it interesting then walk away. Sometimes people engage, sometimes they don't. That's just how it is
  4. Depends how old your daughters are. By the time they're dating we may be up to Rock Generation 6 (Alt-Baroque in kilts with lots of Hare Krishna-type smiling) or rock may be dead altogether and the sole focus of interest will be the new Samsung neural implant phone with Bluetooth access straight into someone else's mind. If you abhor this prospect you need to get yourself and your family off the grid, focus on acoustic guitar and buy a riot shotgun. Don't say you weren't warned.
  5. It's not so much smugness as an air of 'Look at me. I'm in control not only of my instrument but also of my life and everything going on in it. That's because - at my core - I'm a stable, well-adjusted person to whom integrity and authenticity are more important than financial gain or transient popularity'. So, basically, the mating signal of the (current) younger generation and one which musos integrate into their recordings and performances the better to engage with their audience. It's the old 'dress and act like your punters only 10% more'. Permit me to expand. Crudely speaking, I am of the second 'rock muso' generation where both musos and male consumers (sometimes) attracted sexual partners through displays of an unbridled, nay, rampant masculinity reminiscent of Vikings on a North Sea cruise. Fast cars, random destruction of property, indiscriminate porking, heavy consumption of recreational narcotics including but not limited to Heineken lager, cheap bourbon, red leb and pills. Girlies liked that sort of (falsified) image or so we thought. Bands sold their records off the back of it. The third generation was all about 'Oh, I'm so sad, I'm crying, everything's all too much, it's all black sheets of rain. I might sometimes play loud, discordant guitar but underneath I'm just a little boy who's grazed his knee and wants mummy to kiss it better then, if possible, work upwards'. That's everyone from Cobain through to the afore-mentioned Sheeran*. The current Gen 4 is all about character and identity and moderation and dressing down and having the latest app, and looking all buttoned-up and extremely unlikely to make a sudden lunge for the jubblies, this on the basis that to do so would be a shameful loss of control and antithetical to the ethical framework of their lives. Basically, it's a way of looking un-threatening and a bit superior to the norm, and those who practice this modus operandi undoubtedly do so in the hope of enhancing their chance of playing 'sink the brisket' with whomsoever may be the object of their interest. Punters do it to get shagged; musos do it to build an audience. It's not a bad tactic though no more likely to succeed than those which preceded it.. One awaits Gen 5 with interest. Will those musos go further down the route of restraint? Will they dress like 1950's Dads, embrace temperance and write letters to The Church Times expressing their disquiet at mounting evidence of moral degradation? Or will they throw caution to the wind, don buttock-less leather trousers, neck meths and sing songs about dining at the Y? I do not know but I think we should be told. * I instance Cobain and Sheeran because they both sit (sat) on the cusp between eras. Cobain started as the wigged-out junkie and ended as the poor little dead boy. Sheeran started as a whiner but has transitioned to self-obsessed, socially-conscious 'entrepreneur'.
  6. It's better than Ed Sheeran so I'm not complaining even though I'm not particularly excited either but then it's just one of those things that happens from time to time, y'know, someone puts out a YT vid of themself playing some 1970's lift music in a dimly lit studio while looking all thoughtful and musicianly, and people say 'Oh, wow, you've got to hear this' and some other musos think 'Well, me and Ben and Torq could do that' so they go off and do it and put out a YT vid and soon pretty much everyone's doing it then someone else gets dressed up as a Bay of Biscay trawlerman and plays sea shanties to an EDM beat while looking all thoughtful and musicianly and the cycle kicks off again.
  7. TLRT's spaffed so you'll have to make do with an in-line reaction.
  8. Because the whole point of being a musician is mastering the creative ability to comply when punters come up to you at a gig and say 'Can you play the theme from Les Parapluies De Cherbourg? Not the original, I mean, the Metallica version. It's the wife's favourite and it's her birthday'. As for reading music, that's just cheating. When I was tympanist with the CBSO we all got creative enough that Simon Rattle could suddenly jump up on his podium and shout 'Mozart 38, D Major, GO!' and we'd nail it every time.
  9. Shame to hear this. My second gig ever was at the Wellington Club about 40 years ago. Used to drink in the Polar Bear, too. Ah, well
  10. Funnily enough, when I was living in BoA I nearly went to one of your gigs (without knowing you were in the band), then something came up and I missed it.
  11. For me, 5 and 6 string basses are useful as a lead indicator when attending gigs. It works like this: Arrive at pub Observe 5 or 6-er on instrument stand Observe man standing apart from others, a grave expression on his face and a pork-pie hat on his head Access memory banks, recall slot: 'immobile player, excessively busy bass lines' Leave pub, go to off-license, buy pack of 8 Ace, sit on park bench
  12. To make a fair comparison, 11% of France's €7bn is going towards supporting the mime artist community.
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