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  1. Gear details (and lyrics because I mention Douglas) in spoiler box:
  2. PM me. I may have a job for you. (Taps side of nose)
  3. FWIW, the Born to Lose, etc lettering is probably Letraset. Around 1981 I did a headstock up in Letraset with the word BASTARD on it in the same font and about the same type size.
  4. In fairness and to play the game: Jimmy Page frequently losing his way during solos
  5. Ritchie Blackmore's tendency to always eat the last jaffa cake. Does that count?
  6. Oh, mate, I'm clueless at that stuff. I assumed the lead guitarist was Waddy Wachtel but only because he co-wrote the song.
  7. Or it could be the brand. Every set of Ernie Ball's (guitar strings) I ever bought lasted about ten minutes and it was either the B or the G that went. Same with D'Addarios.
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