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  1. Welkom/ bienvenue Kevin
  2. Alan! Then you'll have lots in common with the BC members who are drummers
  3. Great piece. Hats off to you, Sir
  4. Might I very politely suggest that for the sake of future relations you delete the guitarist's full name from your post. Were he (or one of his pupils) to google his name, your observations in respect of his competence might come to his attention and who knows where it could all end?
  5. This is awful. The poor man Statement from Lee and Lifeson:
  6. Burnwell Bluntë: the forgotten Bluntë sibling
  7. Acksherly, genuine prediction, I was thinking about Marshall today and I thought 'Sooner or later someone's going to come along and buy them, probably some Godawful hedge fund / venture capital mob like the one that bought Gibson and installed a slew of "Luxury Brand" experts'. Just saying.
  8. Predictions for 2020 * RIC Corp outsource production of new entry level 4000-series basses to Indonesia; mooted street price $600 inc gig-bag * Fender to rationalise guitar and bass range down to a mere 350 variations on each of the classic models * Gibson to improve their QC while dialling back on litigation, corporate bullsh*t and PR flim-flam * Marshall will introduce range of 'desirable' bass amplification * Millions of people claim that a tiny, £15 Chinese pedal 'toadally delivers the SVT roar' without ever actually hearing one * BC members will rush to declare Marketplace turnover is surging while time-wasters and low-ballers at all-time low Just kidding
  9. Hi syl2b and welcome
  10. skankdelvar


    to the forum CPK.
  11. * £7.00 for a one-off ad or... * £20.00 subscription for unlimited ads for a year. Set up and pay via the 'Shop' tab under the BassChat logo at the top of the page. Any probs, buzz a mod and someone will sort you out
  12. Indeed, one might argue that in some instances the seeming collision between presentation and expectations are transactional in nature. Let us imagine a faraway planet where androgyny is the norm. Mr David Bowie, struggling to launch his career, might have adopted a basso-profundo singing style, glued on a chest-wig and drawn further attention to himself by wrestling a tiger onstage while smoking a briar pipe stuffed with Capstan Navy Cut shag tobacco. Older inhabitants of Planet Androgyne might have pointed a scornful finger and said "Look at that! You can tell whether it's a boy or a girl!". The planet's youth might have risen in reaction against this simply appalling prejudice and in consequence purchased Mr Bowie's records by the barrow-load. Sales of Norfolk jackets and riggers' gloves might have gone through the roof until - horror - Mr Bowie might have ditched his 'genderised' look at the peak of its popularity and gone back to wearing shorty kimonos and mascara. All of which is to say that there's money to be made in looking different and provoking a response, though not so different as The Elephant Man, obvs.
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