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  1. Couple weeks ago I'm cooking the dinner with Classic FM on in the background. WTAF, is that the Thunderbirds theme? Nah, it can't be. Presenter: '... and before that you heard the theme from Thunderbirds played by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and conducted by Derek Wadsworth'. Which struck me as slightly odd, amidst all the Schubert and Dvorak. But nice.
  2. One of my hundreds of happy songs and posted here because I was listening to the album earlier tonight.
  3. Manual, pre-sets and sysex here: https://uk.line6.com/support/manuals/basspod/
  4. "And somewhere in the darkness The gambler he broke even"
  5. I deeply regret that anyone will be affected by this development and very much hope that the mitigating measures announced in the last couple of days will support those individuals presented with financial difficulties. That said, between protecting either the leisure / ents industry or the insurance companies there's just no choice. If the insurance sector were to collapse (and let's face it, the banks nearly did) we'd all be royally f*cked, private individuals, companies and institutions alike. There are no happy outcomes in a situation like this; we have to hope the shutdown is brief in duration and the bounceback is sustained. Again, commiserations to those affected
  6. That's because Billy has reached that age when a little help is required:
  7. Following various iterations I am now pleased to present a simplified version of my graphic:
  8. For the avoidance of confusion I would like to make my position clear by means of the graphic appended below
  9. "I was wondering who'd be the first to spot that"
  10. More legal shenanigans. Guitar.com reports that Heritage Guitars of Kalamazoo, Michigan are counter-suing Gibson after the latter accused Heritage of trademark infringement. This is despite the existence of an existing 30 year-old legal agreement between the two companies that allowed Heritage to make guitars that looked pretty much like Gibsons (apart from the headstock). Guitar.com story here. The irony is that Heritage only came into being when Gibson shut down their Kalamazoo plant leaving behind the workers and the machinery that had produced the classic old Gibson electrics. In a sort of local MBO the workers kept the plant going, turning out guitars that many believed were equal to or better than modern Gibsons. This is the latest in a round of litigations initiated by Gibson's new team. Yet, in December 2019 Gibson exec Cesar Gueikian claimed: '“We inherited, from the previous owners, a legacy of confrontation and litigation, which we have essentially now been putting to bed. There are literally just one or two situations that we haven’t been able to resolve amicably, and not because of a lack of intention on our side. But everything else, why not collaborate with those who are doing really cool things?” Some people might suggest that aggressive litigation is very much at the centre of Gibson's 'collaborative' ethos and that despite their many emollient pronouncements to the contrary Mr Gueikian and his hirsute boss Mr James Curleigh are in fact lying f**kface rat bastards, spawned from the sphincter of a satanic 'luxury brand' hedge fund that's more interested in shutting down competitors prior to selling the company on at a profit. These accusers would - of course - be completely wrong. It is plain to the meanest intelligence that Gibson merely wants to be everybody's friend and just concentrate on channelling their passion for really, really great guitars.
  11. 'Here's our set list. Choose any of them you like for the audition because we all know them really well'. 'We're really committed'. 'We rehearse every week and start at 7 o'clock prompt' 'We've got lots of gigs booked in' 'I'll go away and learn these new songs for next week' 'I can't come this week because the wife / kiddie / mother-in-law feels ill'. 'This is the only band I'm in'. 'You won't mind if Carl watches the rehearsal. He's just a friend of the band'.
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