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  1. The only new stuff I buy without question is anything by.. The Achievers Church of the Cosmic Skull. Anything else is buying stuff I used to own but sold when I was poorer than I am now. If Burke would agree to release the Budgie stuff he hasn't put out I would buy that definitely.
  2. I know it's not "cool" to admit that you like a bit of Dire Straits,but now that someone as cool as you...someone who posts Trojan stuff...has admitted that they like it, I feel safer.... I don't mind a little bit of Dire Straits, they are on Sky Arts today at 18.00!
  3. See my reply to Maude Franky baby ... I'll have a drink, as long as I don't have to watch any of those interminable train videos!
  4. I feel that I should point out that all my comments on here are light-hearted... I apologise if I gave the impression that I was annoyed!.... The twerp thing is a joke we use in the DOI thread ... it is most definitely NOT a slur on your good character sir.
  5. I hardly feel that anyone needs to defend their opinion of the Sleaford Mods (or any other act) on here. Surely we are all musicians and accept that music is subjective? I don't like them ..no biggie...they won't care, and their fans can cast sobriquets my way to their hearts content ( I'm quite proud that I have been labelled a "boring old fart" though 😉 ).It doesn't make me right (or wrong) it's just my opinion. The esteemed Mr Blank ,and their fans have theirs...so be it. This name calling and derision is what is wrong with the world of soshull medja (IMVHO) Twerps!
  6. I fully accept that I am out of line with current day thinking. They did mention that Bowie played there in the 90's and Skin from Skunk Anansie was interviewed so it's not all bad. 😉 I just can't stand the "rapping" to tracks format of The Sleaford Mods, it just winds me up. It's easy though ... I don't go to their gigs or listen to their songs and they don't notice.
  7. It was on Yesterday...I recorded it. I enjoyed it, but it did just skip from one venue to another with a few songs in between. It did make the point that we need these venues. On a personal note I was well miffed at the coverage of Nottingham's Rock City. It's among the top venues in the Country and has a history of showcasing some amazing bands,that went on to become superstars. It's the place that I am most proud of playing at but ...the program featured.... The Sleaford Mods! Sorry fans.... I can't stand them. Two full "songs" from them too .... spot the grumpy old Rock fan comment there.
  8. Good luck with the recording 'shell.
  9. Why do you lot keep feeding this troll? ignore him and he/she/they can go and bother somebody else with inane threads.
  10. I honestly had no idea. Now that you have explained it I'm ..... wiser, but being technologically challenged, not able to converse knowledgably . I plug my Precision (bass) straight into my AmpegB2R which in turn sends the signal to my 2x15" cabs and I'm happy. Does that work? Oh and by way of being on topic with the OP... I have shared my gear before and I have used other peoples. I don't particularly like it but sometimes it's nice to be nice...HOWEVER... I have fallen foul of the "Headline" gig, every other band uses your gear...they all bugger off when it's your turn to play and there is nobody left to play to! You then have to pack it all away without help. Try to avoid that scenario if you can.
  11. I'm sure I would If I only knew what FRFR meant. Unless of course it means ... Frank's Rebarbative Frant! *Ritchings Park ?
  12. I'm scratching my head at FRFR! The great tea pot in the sky knows how I'd react on seeing your rig Frankie boy.
  13. Several people have had E-mails from the Police asking if they still want to support the action...that's movement isn't it?
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