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  1. But it could be argued that he ruined the romance in a beautiful momentπŸ˜‹ I am not against theory in music ...I just never bothered to learn it. I can see @ambient's point about cutting down the time to learn songs by eartoo. Thanks for all the replies and different perspectives, all of which are valid....it's just good to know that I am not the only one bumbling along on here.😁
  2. Prompted by the "Bass ramp" thread I have been a member on here for years. I have played bass since 1972, and you know what? I've never heard of these. I don't ever think about how I play. I never analyse anything.... I was once asked if" I meant to play all those ghost notes"?....I had and still have no idea what ghost notes are. I learned ,from here, that I must use the "floating thumb" technique whilst playing, but have no idea how...I just play that way. I don't understand what "left hand muting" means, I don't have any interest in using effects pedals. I just plug in and play ….learning to play covers by ear and making up my own lines by feel. I have enjoyed myself, played loads of gigs and just let things wash over me. Am I the only one?
  3. Barnard…...Simon Barnard....Porn star extraordinaire. At your service.
  4. I haven't bought one for over four years and I don't even have that at home at the moment ….I loaned it to @Brook_fan whilst he gets back on his feet. I still have my other bass though...purchased some 28 years ago.
  5. Another vote for the Bikers festivals here. Back in the Seventies and early Eighties I went to loads of festivals...all the big ones that you can think of (except Glastonbury for some reason). The worst for rain being two consecutive years at Buxton....shudder!. I don't go now as I cannot stand camping; I go to the odd smaller day festival but even that is getting a chore...The best I can do now is Wotton -under- Edge festival ,where I stay in a lovely hotel and the bands all play in the different pubs around the village for three days.😁 Late nineties to mid Noughties I worked selling Jacket potatoes on my ex-Father in law's trailer at all the Bikers festivals of the season. Every "big" HA ,Outlaws etc one and a few smaller "independents" ones. Never any trouble , polite ,patient customers, some cracking bands to see and over all a great place to work. Extremely long hours and very tiring but well worth it.
  6. This is my fave novelty single of all time. I know it's more of a comedy "song" but any excuse...
  7. I have a bass. I bought it in 1992 (ish) I have changed the strings a few times and I took it for a "set up" once ,a long time ago. occasionally I clean it. That's it really.
  8. I am one of those that fell for his comedy charms in the Seventies. I didn't like his later, shouty, persona and,agreed, Magic Roundabout was very cheesy;However I loved his stand up stuff. I paid the princely sum of 50p to watch him live at the Nottingham Theatre Royal when he was at the height of his early stand up success and I thought he was brilliant. I'm sure it's not just you though that didn't find him funny!😊
  9. Ah but they did ban that, hence the bemused look on the babyfaced audience members on Top of The Pops, when Mr Carrot appeared on stage "singing" Funky Moped.😁
  10. Now come on @Jack_Stroud_Bass you know very well that we all have to stand around talking about Arron's unusual drum kit!πŸ™„
  11. I have just booked a night in a small cottage, on air bnb for the Saturday night.....busy month of music and travel for me ...the following week I am going ( again) to the Wotton-under Edge Blues festival.😎
  12. No I live in Ilkeston , Derbyshire. Hence the travelling the country to see The Achievers.... any excuse to get out of town.πŸ˜‚
  13. Oh I'll be there....I'm the official stalker of the Achievers.
  14. Hey that's fine ...but don't go down to Georgia ….The Devil will get ya! πŸ˜‰
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