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  1. That.....is a thing of beauty! I want it.... I NEEEEEDS IT ...well I need the dosh first I suppose*. As an aside from the drooling ... My first "proper" bass was an Arbiter Ric copy that I purchased new in 1974 ( I think) it was ace! GLWTS * If it's still hanging around at the end of July, when I get my pension lump sum, I might well be winging my way to Cleethorpes!
  2. Power leads arrived as promised. Excellent communication ...I was given an hour slot for delivery, via text, and they arrived bang on time.
  3. I ordered an EV PA "bundle" on Friday last week. It promised Monday6th delivery in the ad but when I had my order confirmation e-mail the date had changed to Tuesday 7th. That wasn't convenient for me so I changed it to Wednesday ( today)between 09.00 and 13.00hrs. It arrived at 11.30 am..... complete with Euro power leads! I telephoned them and a nice Guy, calling himself Matt ( I have no reason to doubt him), immediately apologised and promised to send two UK ones ,by courier, to arrive tomorrow. I offered to post the others back to them but he said not to bother. Excellent service, excellent communication and, a happy Raymondo so far.
  4. That's weird....I didn't post what you quoted yet it has my name on it!... I posted this :- .....
  5. I recently went to see Danny Baker and Bob Harris on their tour. Mr Baker, whom lived through the Punk movement, touring with the bands, and generally "having a good time" on NME expenses, said pretty much the same thing.
  6. Only for a very brief period of time ( three years) have I earned enough from gigging to make my living. This was only achievable ( for me) because I was living in Tenerife at the time and had a lodger to help with the rent. The five piece band I was in made very little money; by far the largest percentage of my income came from selling my soul to the Devil,ie:- I was in two duos and a trio ,all of whom used backing tracks. I had a great time though because I never was precious about such things. I have even been a Karaoke compare in the past!
  7. If you are not in Ricky's ....you are in mine!
  8. Ok, ok, you've dragged it out of me... I bought this... And NOT because I was a pathetic teenager who fancid Thereza Bazar, I actually quite liked some of their songs. Happy now? I've tried to keep that a secret you know? 😉
  9. I found some recordings of me playing with my good friend Steve McGill. Back in 2004 (I think) recorded at a gig at The Miners Arms, Huthwaite.
  10. Yeah for some reason we got lot's of gigs playing to the Soldiers and Airmen! 😉
  11. Back to the Nineties when I was in a band playing the "military" circuit. I'm not sure which is worse...the hair or the shirt!
  12. A +1 here for Ashdown's customer service. They are excellent. Good luck with the search for gear and good luck to your son for the gig.
  13. I can get a train Direct to Cardiff from Nottingham so I would be tempted!
  14. Erm ....nah! I'll go to the pub thanks. 😉
  15. OMG.... I didn't think I did GAS! * Thinks * Which kidney can I spare?
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