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  1. PM sent this morning..... Looking forward to reading it.
  2. I met Sid @Osiris A couple of days ago to pick up the Ibanez micro bass he had for sale. Throughout the negotiations he was very polite, prompt in his responses, and easy to deal with. We had a cracking afternoon, the bass is even better than described and I would recommend Sid as a seller to anyone ... Five stars as they say in online shopping circles. πŸ™‚
  3. Threads like this remind me of Sir jimmy Young's lunchtime shows on BBC Radio2. A show I was never particularly fond of, but don't take that as an insult to this thread, I have enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts. They would pick a contentious subject.. Should children be hung drawn and quartered for chewing gum in public, for example; then invite one guest on that was in favour and one against. after a hour or so of nothing but shouting each other down, eventually, some member of the public would pipe up with " What about the pensioners? we never get free gum." and the subject would be drawn to a close. My contribution is to say...sod the pensioners , where's my beer ..oh and, To answer the OP's question , Trained or not people can create, or not. The trained musician though may think, "I can't play a flat third there, in this key as it is against the rules" ( point of fact I know bugger all about theory so please ignore the fact that this example may be inaccurate πŸ˜‰ ) whereas a non trained guy might think ...ooo that sounds cool...and the general public don't care because they are happy to sing along to the chorus of Agadoo, whether it's musically grammatically correct or not. πŸ™‚
  4. It's kind of related πŸ˜‰ My mate worked for the local council for a couple of years after leaving school. He decided that he wanted to be a PE teacher and went to Richmond to qualify. He had been working in the grant department at the council before he left to go to Uni... Funnily enough he always seemed to have enough grant money for beers!
  5. I knew nothing of the Dave Edmunds/Rockfield connection until I read posts on here. It does seem strange that they highlighted the fact that The Stone Roses saved them financially (Who also sounded like ar*holes to me and wouldn't take part in the film!) but didn't really give the credit for launching them to Mr Edmunds. Overall i enjoyed the film but it was a little "Rockfield lite" hardly any real revelations about the antics of all the bands.
  6. He was featured briefly. They did show a little bit about recording I hear you knocking. Budgie didn't feature,but I guess that's for the same reason that Man weren't mentioned.
  7. I am hoping Budgie are featured. Most people first heard of Rockfield via Black Sabbath I presume but for me it was Budgie. I was obsessed with them in the early Seventies.....I still love the Seventies albums actually.
  8. As I don't like "dance" music I will not spoil your thread with un-necessary remarks but please allow me to vent just this once, if I may? I loath and detest this tune way beyond reason. In truth it is a fine example of it's genre and does not deserve my loathing. Unfortunately it is the victim of a traumatic experience of mine, from back in 1989 when it was released. I went on a "works do" to York ,from Nottingham, along with my erstwhile colleagues from our Vauxhall dealership. Whilst on the over two hour charabanc trip, an upto then unassuming office girl ( she's actually a lovely lady and we are still friends), decided that this song was "THE BEST EVER!" She then proceeded (and I kid you not here...non of this next statement is of the "poetic licence" type) to play it back to back for the whole trip there and the whole trip back ...I still break out in a sweat and shiver when ever I hear it to this day..... As a consequence I will not be clicking on your provided link ...I am off now to lie down in a darkened room for a while . Please go back to enjoying your thread kind sir.
  9. Done ...I waffled a bit as usual ,...but I think I got away with it. πŸ˜‰
  10. I could at first but now it comes back even if I stay on the same page ..for example it has triggered twice whilst typing this reply. Don't worry though , we know it's not causing any real problem. πŸ™‚
  11. Mmmm just happened when I changed pages too.
  12. Just happened to me as I logged in. I'll check to see if it happens again.
  13. Yep ….definitely the fingers😁
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