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  1. I stumbled upon a documentary on Prime last night :- Searching for Sugar Man and was astounded by the fact that I had never heard of Rodriguez,the songwriter featured in it before. I am 62 ,the Seventies were "my era" ,I love Nick Drake ( another artiste that didn't get the recognition he deserved then), and I would have lapped up this guys work. Oh I was happy enough listening to all the rock bands of the time but I like a good singer songwriter too. It's a fascinating story, give it a try, there's not much else to do at the moment . 😉
  2. Here's a couple of examples of their songs.
  3. A little something to occupy your minds during confinement. A great band The Achievers ( our very own @Jack_Stroud_Bass is a member, but far too modest to say anything!) are nominated in Three categories. I believe the way to watch it is following this Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/events/997463303956405/ Good luck lads.
  4. I have always liked Dire Straits even though it's not very "in" to be a fan. I bought all the albums (still have them but nothing to play them on!) when they came out, and then most of them again on CD. Funnily enough I haven't played any of them for ages....thanks for this reminder, I'll have to get my CD player working again!
  5. How the hell did I miss this thread in 2011? This is the reason I am salivating over @Bridgehouse 's bass that he's selling. I think Burke's was bought in 1969 ish from a Cardiff music shop called Gamlins
  6. I have no idea who any of the acts are mentioned here ... Actually I do know Captain Beefheart….shudder.... I guess you are all safe from me 😁
  7. I've got no Idea. I have never had need to weigh it.😁
  8. I posted this on the 2nd May in the DOI thread ….it seems appropriate here too...... This date is a troublesome one for me....Seven years ago today my Dad died, leaving me as the eldest in the Sharpe family. This in itself is depressing enough but it makes me remember that 2013 was a bit of an Annus Horribilis for me. One of my best mates, a fantastic drummer, died that year too. It was also the year that the young lady I left my life in Tenerife( some five years earlier) for, and I,went our separate ways. Ammicably it has to be pointed out but sad never the less. The point of inflecting this misery on you all is You lot ….yes YOU, make it impossible to stay down for long! This thread is my comfort zone of crazy ,funny,nay hilarious companionship. The imagination, intelligence and wit displayed on here leaves me astounded at times. I try to keep up but, sometimes I just have to sit back in admiration and laugh myself senseless. No need for sympathy chaps and chapesses….all is good in the Mondo household; I just wanted to share my appreciation of your collective skills. Dr Mondeaux Finks yer awl ggrate annall Thank you bass chatters. BUT …. really the answer is..... Thank you basschat for @skankdelvar… The stories of his past life are just wonderful 😉
  9. Always nice to hear how people on here help each other.
  10. Musicians have been being replaced by machines for decades. To the extent that twenty odd years ago the fabulous "floating building" music studio at the Central TV site, in Nottingham, was dormant. It used to be full of people making music for TV programs, performers doing live shows...composers writing theme tunes; Then along came some bright 16 year old with his/her casio keyboard and it all disappeared. So much so, that after a couple of years of my band using it for band practice/recording ( free because the drummer was a sound engineer there!) it was gturned into …. Gulp.....the set for the remake of Crossroads! The TV studios are now long gone. I am still playing though ...as are all the other members of that band ...as are most of the pro musicians that played in there I'm sure. ( Well Tom Jones doesn't do much these days but hey ...small blessings and all that 😉 ).
  11. If it's called "easy Bass" Why has it got E Zed on the cover?
  12. Some might find this silly but we all thought Wayne was cool with his Frog bass....yes it was Green!
  13. One of the most enjoyable things I have followed on basschat.... See you in two years 😉
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