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  1. I'm not entirely convinced that you are giving the subject the gravitas it deserves old bean.
  2. How can you hear "Darker"? Shirley that describes a visual effect? Crumbs you Egyptian Gods are something else obvz!
  3. So very true Skinny old chap...so very true! 👍
  4. Well you wouldn't have to have many sections coz I don't buy stuff often, about once every ten years or so 😉 But on a serious note an all encompassing "bass" section takes some scrolling through when you are looking for something in particular. We have a section for left-handed basses..why? ....because it makes it easier to find what you are looking for if you are left handed. an acoustic section and indeed a Fretless section as mentioned up thread, would make the shopping experience easier. Obviously it only needs doing if there are enough advertisers selling these things. I only bought it up because I had been Go ogling various shop sites ( all of whom had different sections for acoustic basses), and when I looked on here it was a bit confusing at first. it's no big ting. 🙂
  5. Would it be possible to have a separate section for acoustic/electro acoustic basses? I am interested in upgrading from my Fender and had a quick look through the basses for sale section and could only see pages of electric basses. I used the search facility and two did show and perhaps that answers my question....there's not enough of them about to warrant a separate section? I still think it could be useful members might be a bit more invested in advertising them if they weren't destined to be lost in the plethora of electric basses. Just a thought .😃
  6. I am going to see The Achievers, in Leek on the 23rd... I love going to their gigs...they are so much fun and the music is fabulous.
  7. Raymondo


    Just after Low Wycombe obvz 🙄
  8. Raymondo


    I'd pay 500 quid for High Wycombe... there must be something good there Shirley?
  9. I'd imagine Barefaced are quaking in their boots!
  10. Some of the comments on this thread are just silly. If only there was a thread on Basschat where all this guff could go... 'twood make the place much tidier.
  11. I borrowed it for a song at the opening jam at last weekends Blues festival in Wotton under Edge. I can attest to the fact that it plays beautifully! I had assumed that it was some really expensive Fender when I first put it on, and whilst attempting to not look stupid in front of an audience for the first time in four years,but when I handed it back I noticed the head stock..... If I ever need a replacement for my 30 year old MIJ Pbass I would definitely buy one!
  12. Word of warning... I have an insignia ,quite an old one ..59 plate... I cannot fit my Precision in a gator case into the boot area without folding down a seat. Maybe the newer models are bigger? You can get cabs and amps and all sorts of smaller things in ,but not the bass in a case, disappointingly.
  13. I prefer Rufus' Dave Horn set up I think. I'll let you know after the Sub rooms gig 😉
  14. Yeah but that was only Mike Rutherford's opinion. As someone who suffers from an "invisible" ailment , I can assure you that "friends" often have opinions on how one can handle ones illness!
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