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  1. Cracking pub Kev. I saw The Achievers there earlier in the summer...in fact if it wasn't for the fact that I am travelling to Cheshire tomorrow to see them in the UK Blues Challenge, I would get a BnB in Newark and come to see you . Have a blast Ray
  2. Are The Terrortones no more? I enjoyed a gig of yours at the Jam café many moons ago!
  3. I would do all of them. If the question was ...which would you prefer then c ...I enjoyed the few that I have done over the years.
  4. I finally decide to ask the question ...what's this "guest posting all the time?" that I can't see, and I find you lot were enjoying yourselves tremendously ages ago ...Selfish Bastards!😡 I mean it's ok for me to join in with the boring Political crap but have fun at Teebs using up emojis...NO ...that's a secret....Raymondo isn't fit to have such pleasure..well... I found it ...HA!
  5. Jack ! I'm surprised he had a '63 P left intact after their shenanigans during that decade! I loved seeing The Who live in the seventies...awesome gigs.
  6. And Me!!! I have the stink bombs ,flares and police sirens ready to set off at strategic points,during the performance of the ,clearly, inferior acts cluttering up the stage after The Achievers have finished their brilliant set. It's up to you @Teebs to set off the sprinklers if any of the judges show signs of weakness. Should be a good night..
  7. Whey hey Nice one Jack! Come on people …..buy this album.....you won't regret it!
  8. Ah I see you have fallen for my bumbling old man persona...Teebs certainly has. I have a few days to source untraceable forceps and a new scalpel ( the old one is very worn) and then I'll be ready. Oh don't let Teebs know will you? ...he thinks he is going on a non organ donating night out and I'd like him to keep that illusion for a little while longer🤐
  9. OI YOU TWO! Stop winding that nice young mr Teebs up. I am going up that there north soon to the same gig as him and I was hopping to blag a beer off him! I need him to be nice and calm.
  10. My first bass was from Woolworths,branded Audition and cost me £29.00 in 1973. I played through a New Laney 100w Klipp guitar amp bought from Mum's catalogue on the never never! Plonked on top of a Second Hand Carlsbro 2x15" cab that cost me a fortune...£80.00! I don't remember my bass having the split scratch plate ,but that is probably because I immediately took it off and spray painted the bass Black..as you do! With a cheap can obviously! I couldn't find a pic of my old Carlsbro cab , Mine had a fully covered front and there wasn't the side vents but it was old ...and VERY heavy. I had to keep my gear in my bedroom ,that eventually led to many drunken nights stumbling upstairs with it after a gig ,trying, and failing , to not wake my Mum and Dad or my two sisters.
  11. I only know what I hear on Planet Rock Radio ...and I am a heavy Rock fan. Sorry but I cannot get "into" Rammstein. I'll pass thanks ….. .. .but I will look out for the Rammstein influence on the next Achievers gig!
  12. I don't play in a band any more ….though would really like to get back into it, it's just my Fibromyalgia restricts me somewhat....you could always like these instead😍😜…….https://www.facebook.com/theachieversuk/
  13. As I was just reading what @ricksterphil had posted, my neighbour knocked on my door and delivered my bass! Unfortunately I can't get to the Latch Lifter as I will be in Spain ( I am pulling in a couple of Achievers gigs as part of my week away....have I mentioned that I quite like them?) but have liked your Facebook page and will look out for any gigs I can get to. I followed Bluesparky's fight ...I went down to Ipswich for his final gig...met him and his dad and a few others...lovely people. It was such a shock when he passed so shortly afterwards.
  14. It is very kind of you to thank me in public Robbie, much appreciated. I actually had a brilliant night out in Bath ( it was convenient for Robbie to get to then) when I gave you the bass and loved that old guitar shop you showed me. There was an amazing coincidence when arranging to get my bass back...….. I live in Ilkeston in Derbyshire and with Robbie being near Bournemouth ,finding a mutually convenient meeting place was a problem ( short of me having a night out in Bournemouth but I've been there before 😉 ). I went to Stroud on Friday to see The Achievers (AGAIN @Jack_Stroud_Bass ) and arranged to meet Robbie at the station to get my bass....on Thursday I was chatting to my neighbour and he mentioned that he was going to Bournemouth On Saturday for a holiday...he met Robbie and got my bass saving him a 7 hour round trip...how cool is that? !
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