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  1. I didn't know about it but I have completed it. Thanks Bluejay
  2. Always used fingers, Never could get on with a pick. I failed an audition for a Status Quo Tribute band once because I didn't use a pick!
  3. Looks fabulous Jack. Not sure if you got the comment on the video link but the Stingray sounded awesome on the Sub rooms gig!
  4. Happy birthday sir. I haven't been to sleep yet so it still counts as "today" 🙂
  5. A good mate of mine is a "mutual friend" on Facebook. I sent him Ped's link as a heads up. He said that he had been pestered for months to join one of Mason's "many tribute bands" and expressed gratitude for the heads up. I think Ped is doing sterling work and this thread has stopped at least one good guy possibly being ripped off.👍
  6. A couple more for your consideration. Feel free to tell me to stop..... I might even take notice 😉
  7. Raymondo

    Hey! :)

    Hi Han. Welcome... We're mostly quite nice on here, we won't hold you being from the US against you. 😉 I hope you enjoy the site. 🙂
  8. I'm glad you posted it. I can take or leave all illustration stuff so my opinion of the artwork is not relevant but, i enjoyed listening to the album once again. I went to see them perform it on the promotional tour in Birmingham; I could have done with the illustrator then, we were covered in dry Ice that spilled over the stage and smothered the first few rows of seats....couldn't see a bloody thing for the first 10 mins or so!
  9. I've been to The Admiral Rodney in Stroud (for tis the pub in question) and it is fabulous. The band payment system was ( from what I recall) a flexible one. Many of the bands sell tickets and get to keep ALL the money ( it does get busy for these top bands). Some get a share of the beer take and others play because they want to( the managers have been there for a very long time and the local musos hold them in great regard;they will do the odd gig at reduced rates etc as a favour I believe). They always get free drinks and some food of some kind I believe ( one time I was there there was a Caribbean "street stall" set up out the back selling a really nice Goat curry). I think the most ire was reserved for Punch Pub Co who own the premises and rip off the landlord on the price of the ales he is "Tied" into buying from them . The second episode features Tom visiting The headquarters of Puch to have a go at the MD. Should be interesting as the three pubs Tom runs are Punch Pub Co pubs!
  10. Why thank you kind sir...I'm all embarrassed now.
  11. Crikey I did it! ....have another one ...a bit slower this time:-
  12. Hiya nice peoples... Dum question from a complete novice on Soundcloud... I managed to work out getting a free account and have uploaded some tracks of an old band of mine but I cannot work out how to share them to this site. Do I need to "Go Pro?" Or am I just being thick? Any help would be appreciated, I could then assault your ears with some obscure band's music from twenty years ago!
  13. PM sent this morning..... Looking forward to reading it.
  14. I met Sid @Osiris A couple of days ago to pick up the Ibanez micro bass he had for sale. Throughout the negotiations he was very polite, prompt in his responses, and easy to deal with. We had a cracking afternoon, the bass is even better than described and I would recommend Sid as a seller to anyone ... Five stars as they say in online shopping circles. 🙂
  15. Threads like this remind me of Sir jimmy Young's lunchtime shows on BBC Radio2. A show I was never particularly fond of, but don't take that as an insult to this thread, I have enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts. They would pick a contentious subject.. Should children be hung drawn and quartered for chewing gum in public, for example; then invite one guest on that was in favour and one against. after a hour or so of nothing but shouting each other down, eventually, some member of the public would pipe up with " What about the pensioners? we never get free gum." and the subject would be drawn to a close. My contribution is to say...sod the pensioners , where's my beer ..oh and, To answer the OP's question , Trained or not people can create, or not. The trained musician though may think, "I can't play a flat third there, in this key as it is against the rules" ( point of fact I know bugger all about theory so please ignore the fact that this example may be inaccurate 😉 ) whereas a non trained guy might think ...ooo that sounds cool...and the general public don't care because they are happy to sing along to the chorus of Agadoo, whether it's musically grammatically correct or not. 🙂
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