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  1. Weeeell….I MIGHT be! Ya see the problem is there's not much call for Kidney these days. Besides it's the wrong colour....Now if it wor orange then maybe I could go a bit higher but as it is pall yud ave ta pay me tu tek it off yer ands.
  2. Going to see Squeeze on Thursday 9th Nov... really looking forward to it!
  3. It was Dave Cousins, Chas Cronk and Dave Lambert. Playing acoustically and chatting about the bands history. It was fabulous. I was in awe of Chas Cronks' dexterity, playing twelve string and/or bass, whilst playing foot controlled bass and strings. Singing too ! A very intimate gig, They were happy to chat afterwards with us mere mortals.
  4. I am off to York tonight to see The Strawbs. I only know "Part of the Union" ,from the seventies and I think I had the album that was out when it was a hit. Since then I have not listened to anything of theirs. When My friend told me about the gig I thought about listening to some of their output over the years but I decided to go with "open ears" and listen to them as if they were a new band. I am assuming that after 50 years in the business they may well be able to bash out a tune or two!😀
  5. Did Mr Van Day encase it in a roll? ( cob where I'm from but that opens up too many cans of worms!)
  6. Oh I say old chap that was all rather confusing; finding that my post had appeared at the top of the page;Dashed if I know how this internet thingamajig works!
  7. Hey you lot.....Picking on @Teebs again? It's just cuz you is well jel of his emoji factory innit!
  8. Cracking pub Kev. I saw The Achievers there earlier in the summer...in fact if it wasn't for the fact that I am travelling to Cheshire tomorrow to see them in the UK Blues Challenge, I would get a BnB in Newark and come to see you . Have a blast Ray
  9. Are The Terrortones no more? I enjoyed a gig of yours at the Jam café many moons ago!
  10. I would do all of them. If the question was ...which would you prefer then c ...I enjoyed the few that I have done over the years.
  11. I finally decide to ask the question ...what's this "guest posting all the time?" that I can't see, and I find you lot were enjoying yourselves tremendously ages ago ...Selfish Bastards!😡 I mean it's ok for me to join in with the boring Political crap but have fun at Teebs using up emojis...NO ...that's a secret....Raymondo isn't fit to have such pleasure..well... I found it ...HA!
  12. Jack ! I'm surprised he had a '63 P left intact after their shenanigans during that decade! I loved seeing The Who live in the seventies...awesome gigs.
  13. And Me!!! I have the stink bombs ,flares and police sirens ready to set off at strategic points,during the performance of the ,clearly, inferior acts cluttering up the stage after The Achievers have finished their brilliant set. It's up to you @Teebs to set off the sprinklers if any of the judges show signs of weakness. Should be a good night..
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