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  1. WoT certainly has an eye for the fine details. I’m rather liking the look of lollipop tuners since trying a JMJ Mustang recently and they really work on sshorepunk’s potential build.
  2. Just a couple I remembered seeing previously. I’ve owned a GWB35 myself, fab basses that punch above their price point.
  3. Deke was a great writer, Rhino Winos & Lunatics is one of my top ten reads: proper laugh out loud memories from his time in The Man Band.
  4. Given the custom nature of Maruszczyks it would be hard to point out the differences (pickups, preamp, scale length, hardware, etc) without more info. All we can say is that the Elwood L would very probably be much lighter because it is chambered and the balance probably better because of the usual 3 over 2 headstock with lightweight tuners.
  5. Try adjusting the truss rod to put some more relief in the neck and then, if required, raise the action.
  6. Double Trouble are one of my favourite rhythm sections. Tommy and Chris’ work with Storyville is often overlooked, which is a travesty.
  7. 😍 I thought we were meant to be staying calm, my pulse rate and blood pressure just went up! I played this a while back https://thebassgallery.com/collections/bass/products/sadowsky-metroline-ms5 and had hoped it would be, "Meh!" suffice to say it was not. Extended lockdown may lead to uncontrollable GAS, which will lead to domestic discomfort I would imagine and I can't get out to escape. 😬😂
  8. I don't know which one the Sadowsky was, but I like the grey one best (I think).
  9. That headstock logo really does spoil it. I know it’s been talked about before, but it bears repeating. 😖
  10. Personally, I like your style. Enjoy.
  11. 2 Sadowskys this month! You are a bad (and lucky) man.
  12. ezbass


    Another vote for the water and soldering iron method. I’ve done this a few times, always works for me.
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