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  1. ezbass

    Solo artists who outshone their original band

    Sting; Eric Clapton; Peter Gabriel; Ozzy (at a pinch); Richard Thompson.
  2. ezbass

    Recommend me a mid-priced 5 string fretless

    I’m a bit of a Maruszczyk fan boy (love my Elwood L fretless) so I’m always going to give them the thumbs up. Here’s a selection from the shop, but with the custom options via the configurator, the World’s your oyster. https://www.public-peace.de/bass-guitars/fretless-basses
  3. ezbass

    How was your gig last night?

    Cracking gig last night. We set up at the opposite end of the bar than we have previously and it was an entirely different vibe. Thanks to some small partitions, the audience were far back enough (most didn't think to venture beyond the low partitions, although some did) to get a good view, the best sound and have unhindered access to the bar itself (which I'm sure the landlord and lady loved; kerching!). I received some really nice comments from a drummer in the audience about my fretless tone (be still my beating heart) and it was an enjoyable and civilised evening (no drunken dancing over pedalboards or wading through spilt beer). Looking forward to playing there again just before NYE.
  4. ezbass

    Eude throws down the gauntlet

    I suspect @eude is fairly wetting himself with excitement with these latest developments and photos. Top work here, as ever, and another entertaining thread. 👏
  5. ezbass

    Excellent Joe Walsh

    JW is also the king of guitar gurning.
  6. ezbass

    Excellent Joe Walsh

    I love a bit of Joe. He’s as mad as a fish, but everyday is made a little better for hearing one of his songs. Turn To Stone is probably my favourite. Daryl’s show is always a treat too.
  7. ezbass

    The greatest bass lines to learn ?

    Rio by Duran Duran is good fun. Kate Bush’s Babooshka, although not fast, has some interesting note choices.
  8. ezbass

    Does anyone knows who makes this bass?

    My guess would be: vol, blend, bass, mid, treble and the two switches for series/parallel/single modes.
  9. That looks great in that finish 😍. Congrats.
  10. Looks like the Suhr logo.
  11. ezbass

    'Reincarnate' 4 string bass build

    Oh that’s looking really good now. It’s amazing how much pickups complete a look. That headstock is a massive improvement IMO; top work, sir.
  12. ezbass

    I really love salsa music

    I have a jazz dep coming up and it will be my first (I’m primarily a rock/pop/funk player). I’m enjoying the challenge of the set list and working through the charts (iReal is a big help; recommended), but the Latin numbers are just such a joy to play, so I understand where you’re coming from.
  13. ezbass

    NBD - Completing my Unholy Trinity.

    I had my own trinity some years ago...
  14. ezbass

    Anyone tested Darkglass vs GK?

    The Darkglass was recently part of the ‘Heft Test’ at the SE bass bash. Here’s a video of all the amps (class 4 vs valve) in action.