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  1. Cash On The Barrel Head - The Louvin Brothers
  2. I went on the site just to see how much they were and added one to the basket and then went to checkout by mistake! Pulled back from the brink, brought on, not by GAS, but by fat fingers! PHEW! Close one. 😰
  3. Jimmy Haslip of the Yellowjackets and other bands, is another ‘skinny strings up’ IIRC.
  4. What a marvellous addition! Well played, guys. 👏👏👏
  5. I’m not surprised, that’s a beauty. This one slipped under my radar on the original post, just as well too. Someone is going to be very happy methinks.
  6. Ooh, I’m seeing pictures in the unread content list (just the for sale section?), I like that. 👍
  7. 2 day round trip to and from the place I moved to get away from, plus the delights of the M6. Trains? It's cheaper and quicker to fly, but I'm not doing that if I can help it in the current climate. In short - Pass.* *Not on the bass you understand, it's currently stoking my GAS and my local UPS service is quite excellent
  8. Agreed, I much prefer them to the cloverleaf. However, as lollipops they taste awful, although they do last a long time.
  9. This seems to be back again EDIT: But not all the time, this post worked just fine.
  10. Ready and complete with ranks too. However, whilst Ped and the other admins created a potential spawning ground for such a coming together (), I think @Newfoundfreedom must take the plaudits for the formation of this thread, even if it was never potentially, envisaged that it would descend down this, often surreal, path.
  11. ‘Badge-gate’ I just wanted to use the phrase first, I have no other reason for posting.
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