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  1. Semi hollow body bass - suggestions please!

    Gibson quality has taken a dive in many areas, however, Epiphone quality has remained top notch and punches well above the price point. I think the Casady looks awesome in black.
  2. T-Cut on a lacquer finish?

    I’ve always had good results with T-Cut on nitro. Enjoy your new acquisition; will chez Jack be rocking to some Journey tunes in the near future?
  3. What are you listening to right now?

    Snarky Puppy might float your boat.
  4. Would you go to see your band ?

    I’d go and see my band. It’s music I enjoy, played by quality musicians (we’re assuming I wouldn’t be playing 😂).
  5. Worst bass you've ever played that you did not own.

    That’s where I tried my first Wal, which I liked (as per my post above). Different strokes for different folks.
  6. What are you listening to right now?

    You are not wrong.
  7. What are you listening to right now?

    Steven Wilson - To The Bone. It's a bit good (if you like this sort of thing of course).
  8. Best bass I have tried, but never owned? Probably my friend’s Alembic Omega or a Wal I tried in a shop back in the 80s (anyone remember Allbang & Strumit?). To be honest, I don’t remember much about them as it was so long ago, although the hankering for a Wal has never left me.
  9. Worst bass you've ever played that you did not own.

    Full disclosure here. Many, many years later, I tried a 4003s to check if my initial Ric experience still held true, it did not and I bought that one I tried and liked. It is heavy, to be sure, but it was well set up (even better now) and sounded great. It’s weird, had that first one not been so awful, I would have probably never tried one again.
  10. Worst bass you've ever played that you did not own.

    Outside of the nasty, cheap instruments we started out with in the 70s, I'd say the worst bass I've ever tried is a Rickenbacker, many years ago at a guitar show. The action and relief were so high, you could've got your hand, or even arm, underneath without causing any pain to yourself. I didn't even bother to plug it in.
  11. Bass suggestions?

    Now, that really is the business, I really like the Classic shape with that Ric-alike top horn. So many basses, so little time.
  12. Bass suggestions?

    The natural one for me, although the black one isn’t horrible and I wouldn’t return it if someone gave it to me.
  13. Bass suggestions?

    That Basic Ken Taylor is very nice! 😍
  14. seymour duncan trouble

    +1 I often have to 'ease' pick guards when I've new P/ups. Two sided nail files (coarse and fine) work well, aren't too aggressive and leave a good finish.
  15. Bass suggestions?

    Given that you could get down to ACG with not too long a drive and talk face to face with Alan, I’d probably go that way. I’ve had an off the peg Sandberg Basic and I currently have 2 custom Maruszczyk Elwood Ls, all three are very fine instruments and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. However, being able to be more ‘hands on’ (or at least eyes on) with a build would swing it for me. The instruments that Alan had at LBGS were stunning, I was there another BCer who has an off the peg Elwood L and a custom headless Maruszczyk Frog and he very nearly bought one of Alan’s creations as he was blown away by the build quality, feel, etc.