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  1. It is indeed, very poor. I wouldn't be surprised if some exhibitors pull out unless something is done quickly.
  2. Plenty of guitarists turned bass players here. Welcome to low end. Check out the for sale section here, you should be able to put a nice little rig together for about £500, Markbass stuff isn’t a bad place to start and there seems to be a bit available at the moment.
  3. ezbass

    Geddy Lee pedal

    Top video, @Dosi Y'Anarchy. I think I might have to get one of those in place of my VTDI.
  4. That sounds like a recipe for rust! 😂
  5. Yeah, this really sucks the big, hairy meatball. Plus, the landlords, etc who are impossible to get hold of outside of the gig itself for more bookings. On the night, they're all, "Yeah, really great, give me a call in week for some more dates," and then tumbleweed. However, I do like playing live, it just needs roadies and an agent.
  6. Fabulous looking beast, especially the fretboard and the signature on the headstock is a nice touch too. I have no doubt that you’ll be enjoying that for many years to come. Out of idle interest, what weight did come in at?
  7. Yes I would believe it, I have 2 chambered basses that fit that description (it's mad what luthiers can do and still maintain balance). Yep, I have a number of basses and guitars that seem to put out the wrong notes, I'm thinking of sending them back to the shop.
  8. This one from Next isn't too bad https://www.next.co.uk/style/st426157#421238
  9. I'd be a bit worried about the weight of that, it's taking three of them to hold it up and the neck dive looks hideous. 🤣
  10. Oi! Pack that porn in right now! A truly lovely thing, I do love surf and sea foam green. GLWTS.
  11. A well played tuba is a marvellous thing (I heard some cracking playing on a recent holiday). Welcome to the land of wood, wire and magnets, oh and Basschat.
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