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  1. I had a good feeling about this installation and, for once, it was totally valid.
  2. These look like the doggie’s dangly bits. I really like to try one. Maybe a trip to Anderton’s when normality and stock return is on the cards.
  3. Especially on the B string, it having so much mass. The pickup height might need to be raised on the G, but I reckon that’s going to work fine without over compensating with adjustments.
  4. Final details worked out last night over a band, Zoom meeting. We’re going to play an hour’s, ‘unplugged’ set in the drummer’s garden and stream it on FB a week Saturday.
  5. Looking good. I really hope that these work out.
  6. Get 'em in, get it going! Ooh, I'm as excited as you probably are. Vicarious GAS is often as good as the real thing.
  7. I prefer shorter scale (32/33”), 4 stringers. But, thanks to BC, I had continuous Sadowsky 5 string GAS. Conversely, I also have real short GAS, but this time thanks to a YT video someone shared on FB where the bass player was using a Serek. However, this has led to Wilcock GAS. I ‘need’ none of these things.
  8. I’m not sure what I just watched . Interesting ‘bass’ rigs.
  9. Guy's recent video had me look into the latest version of the Roland Dimension D, the Boss Dimension C Waza. Lovely for guitar players who want to get their Prince on, but this demo also shows, in places, it being used with a bass.
  10. Mwah, ha, ha! One of the harsh mistress that is GAS's many ingenious and seemingly innocuous ploys. It is too late for you I fear. 😂
  11. What a pocket! That had me bobbing my head from the get go and those simple, yet perfectly placed fills made me grin from ear to ear. Quality.
  12. I like my external preamp (Sadowsky) as it offers frequencies my amp doesn't and, as a side benefit, it buffers my signal. By not having it in my bass, I only need one preamp, not one for each bass. The downside is having to have my pedalboard available, but as I also use a compressor, chorus, octave and pedal tuner, I'd probably be taking it anyway. If I only had one bass, I'd probably fit an Aguilar OPB1 as that does the same job as the pedal and free up some room on the board. EDIT: Holy thread resurrection, Batman!
  13. Burn the witch! 🧙‍♂️🔥😂 To be honest, I'm sure I could managed with just one (maybe two) but I'm afraid of the mob with burning torches and pitchforks.
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