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  1. Frank speaks the truth here. I have a Rob Allen 35” scale and intonation on that is very forgiving, which breeds confidence when playing my 33” scale fretless. I also had good experiences with the Ibanez GWB35. String choice can also make a difference.
  2. Steven Stills immediately springs to mind and John Mayer has a very Pino vibe to his playing (unsurprisingly).
  3. Persevere, no question. When I listen to videos of name players on fretless, I am often surprised at their sometimes dodgy intonation and famous double bass players are very often even worse, which means that it’s difficult and us mere mortals shouldn’t beat ourselves up too much. This is not an excuse for letting your technique slide (pun unintended, but I’m quite amused by it), we should strive to be better. However, it’s certainly not a case of thinking maybe fretless isn’t for you and jacking it in. I’m on a bit of a fretted binge at the moment but, up until now, fretless has always been my preferred modus operandi. As you say, it’s a point of difference, which is another reason to keep at it.
  4. Check out the gig bag and cases for a Mustang threads, they might be the very things.
  5. Hope that wrist mends quickly, in the meantime you can post here one handed.
  6. Ah, whilst I was typing, my esteemed colleague above appears to have made much the same point. He obviously can type faster than I can.
  7. And then there’s the actual performance of the song. Yes, it might be a well worn, even clichéd chord sequence, but that doesn’t take into consideration note placement or dynamics, for example. There was/is an SBL video of Michael League playing the same 3 or 4 note riff over and over, but it starts on different 8th notes, giving it a totally different feel. Then there’s altered chords (the pointing out of which is much beloved by Mr Beato) where the bass doesn’t necessarily follow the root progression, but it isn’t always obvious that it is different. We’ve gone a fair bit OT and I think it needed doing, so to drag the thread back kicking and screaming to its origin… playing cover songs you don’t like is almost an occupational hazard for those who play covers. However, one shouldn’t dismiss these tunes, or just knock out something passable. If time allows, have a good listen and give it your best, especially if playing for an audience (they might not necessarily be paying you, but they’re giving you their time, even if they might be inebriated/not care about the complexities of the song you’re playing, or lack thereof), you might just learn something and if you don’t, it’s just good, musical discipline. Finally, if you have any say in the song choice and absolutely hate something in particular, for whatever reason, see if the band wouldn’t mind dropping it, you can only ask.
  8. I’ll watch him, but I’m fully aware that he promotes his channel with plenty of clickbait titles. One week it’s the ruination of music, the next it’s what makes the same song great. Plus his ‘reactions’ are pantomime at its worst.* *On no it isn’t!
  9. I see what you’re saying and normally I’d just roll my eyes and move on. However, I’m afraid, on this occasion, I couldn’t and I’m OK with that.
  10. Back in the mid ‘70s I was always in the Hammersmith Odeon, normally a fantastic sound (something that is still the case going on latter days gigs I’ve been to there. However, when I saw Rory Gallagher, despite being a fantastic performance by the three piece, the above was my physical experience, something was very wrong that night 🤢.
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