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  1. Love those Camilo videos.
  2. Most of my regrets are guitar based TBH, as the basses I have sold, have been moved on for solid reasons. My custom Elwoods are probably forever basses, the Jake, erm, probably not so much, but I need to not make a snap decision on that just yet. My only other bass is a Rob Allen MB2 5 string, which, unless I can source a 4 string version, is also another forever bass (Lady Ez has instructed me that that bass is not sale, but...).
  3. Ah, the musician’s lament. Been there, regretted that. Yet I still think, “Hmm, not really playing that, it needs to go.”
  4. I fancied a bit of a change scratchplate wise and rather than splash out £40 or so on a custom p/g, I thought I'd give 'making' one myself by placing a thin tort one behind the existing clear one. I'm very pleased with the result and it only cost me £12.50. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B06XPP9ZJ3/ref=pe_3187911_189395841_TE_3p_dp_1 It's sticky backed so could also fit over the top of an opaque one.
  5. More evidence, if any more was needed, that BC is just an awesome place with quality folks. 👏👏👏
  6. Our house is the first we’ve had with a garage, I always put the car away (I know we are an exception to the usual), my smugness on a frosty morning when others are scraping away and having their fans on full blast, is off the scale. In warmer months, if I have a gig or rehearsal following one of the same, I’ll leave the rig in the boot. Still not the most secure storage, but a real PITA for any scallies as getting the boot open without moving the car is impossible (it’s a tight fit). Basses always come in.
  7. ezbass


    We don’t need no stinking frets. 😂 Enjoy; take it to rehearsals ASAP, it’s the best way to make it your best bud.
  8. I would have thought that the potential for condensation was the biggest issue. I always bring mine in in the winter, just in case.
  9. Yes, I was going to suggest the PJ Flightcase, but it’s not what I would affordable. Great gear, but at a price: love mine.
  10. Is that a Roadworn? If so, I had one of these and the necks are quite substantial and you’re not wrong about the growly pickup, definitely takes no prisoners. Cool purchase; enjoy.
  11. Mine was more in jest (thus the emoji) but you make some good and recognisable points, sadly. Sorry @AndyTravis we seemed to have derailed the thread a little.
  12. The problem is, unless you're a gifted salesperson who loves the cut and thrust of negotiation, it's just not artistically rewarding and isn't sexy (I hate trying to get gigs, it's soul destroying and I used to be in direct sales). However, it is required and probably why folks have managers/agents.
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