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  1. ezbass

    Favrite bass solo?

    Oh, good call. 👏👍
  2. A nice result all round. That’ll be a great looking bass for not a huge amount of money.
  3. ezbass

    your favorite fretless bass albums!

    Just listening to the radio and I was reminded of this one: Bad Company - Bad Company. Not an obvious ‘fretless’ album, but it is Boz playing sans speed bumps.
  4. ezbass

    I just sold my soul for YOB Jazz Bass

    How very true. Pre CBS baby = ££££££ Cracking bass BTW, enjoy.
  5. Go for 3, that’ll allow you to knock it back a little and get a nicer finish.
  6. It’s good stuff for sure. I used some water based artist’s paint as a stain on my Telecaster and then applied coats of Danish Oil over it. I let it dry and then lightly waxed - all good.
  7. ezbass

    your favorite fretless bass albums!

    No Parlez - Paul Young Oil on Canvas - Japan
  8. ezbass


    Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder, but in this case 🤮🤮🤮
  9. ezbass

    A build for our own Len_derby

    😲 just wowsers!
  10. ezbass

    Favrite bass solo?

    Andy Fraser’s solo on Mr Big from the Free Live album; not technically difficult, but superb build and note choice.
  11. ezbass

    What are you listening to right now?

    This is what persuaded me to buy mine. Of course I had to learn it too. I'm kinda OK up to the solo (for a value of OK), but my harmonic knowledge isn't up to improving over it authentically. Fun to do though, a genuine solo piece. Good luck.
  12. ezbass

    De-fretting a fretted bass?

    I have both defretted a bass and had on3 done professionally. My attempt was actually quite fair, although there was a little bit of chipping here and there. The one I had done professionally was by The Gallery in Camden. Top quality job, absolutely no complaints, just praise. IIRC it cost £110 including a set LaBella flats (this was a while back though). If you like and get on with the bass you’re considering moving on, I’d definitely have that converted, rather than buy new.
  13. +1 for Dave Marks. His masterclass at one of the early LBGS with Darby Todd still remains one of the best things I’ve seen there. Add to to that, he’s a very nice chap into the bargain.
  14. ezbass

    Show us your rig!

    Fast and nasty snap taken just before tonight’s gig
  15. ezbass

    Show us your set up.

    @discreet on the money, as ever. But he is not wrong; time to buy some Tena for men at Ez Towers .