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  1. A great result, congrats on finally being united with that fine looking instrument. What a debacle though! However, it may be that all that angst will actually add to your enjoyment of it. Thanks for sharing the experience, I think we all felt somewhat invested in the outcome.
  2. More raffle goodies 1. EHX Mini QTron - Walman 2. Set of strings - Silverfoxnik 3. Couple of Bass tuition books - Silverfoxnik 4. Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler with power supply but no box - Frank Blank 5. Behringer BD121 Amp Modeller (boxed) - TheGreek 6. A big bundle of roots, blues, Americana ex-review CDs - TrevorR 7. Alesis SR18 drum machine, no box or power supply - Frank Blank 8. Boss BF3 Flanger, boxed, no power supply - Frank Blank 9. Korg Pandora PX4D, boxed, with instructions - OutSpoon 10. 3D guitar puzzle. - TheGreek 11. A couple of sets of 5 String Dean Markley Helix strings, never opened - NickD 12. Hard Rock Cafe suede clutch bag - TheGreek. 13. A combo/cab steel backline stand - bassace 14. Standing in the Shadows of Mowtown book and CDs - ezbass
  3. Gear For Sale List: 01. Mesa Boogie Big Block 750 Amp, Footswitch & Rack Case, £550 o.n.o. - Silverfoxnik 02. Schecter Diamond P5, 5 String Bass & Gig Bag, £350 o.n.o. - Silverfoxnik 03. Behringer 5 Band parametric 19" Rack Unit, £25 - Silverfoxnik 04. Fender Nate Mendel Precision, £575 - obbm 05. USA built 4 string in a 'glo' finish, £1300 - ezbass 06. EBS Compressor, Chorus & Octave, Dr Green Bass reverb & Joyo D-Seed echo and a small Pedaltrain board & bag (Mini I think), £TBA - WalMan 07. Fretless Fender Modern Player ?, £TBA - Frank Black 08. Mesa MPulse 600 (flight-cased) and a Mesa Powerhouse 1x15 cab (+ authentic Mesa cover) - £750 the pair - TheGreek 09. 3 Pin (female) DI plugs - The Greek 10. Hipshot Bridge, £30 - obbm 11. New Chinese Rosewood/Maple Jazz neck, £35 - obbm 
  4. ezbass

    Ear meow meow? Really?

    One minute it’s 420%, then it’s 110%. Obviously not a math rock band.
  5. ezbass

    NBD! Smith BT5

    Sybil says, “That’s a nice looking bass you have there, manbeast,” and I’d be inclined to agree. Enjoy your non-Vigier adventure.
  6. ezbass

    New Bass Day

    He was young and foolish, plus he tends to play over the neck pickup of his various basses. Those bezels are good, with a selection of thumbrest options, but they’re not cheap. If you’re coming to the Bass Bash you can check out the one on my 4003s (I’ll be the bloke in the Rush T shirt, or maybe my TMIAC one!).
  7. ezbass

    NBD soon.. after paypal delay!

    I’ve just come over from FB to read this very thing, I feel cheated
  8. ezbass

    New Bass Day

    I’m surprised it took you this long to get a Ric, given your Rush addiction. Yes they can be a pain to play, but adding a bezel to the bridge pickup and removing the mute screws make it whole lot more comfy. As to the lack of contouring for ribs and forearm, you just have to get used to it I’m afraid. Congrats on the new beast, enjoy.
  9. Fabulous sounding amps, I’ve had 2 of them over the years. Have you thought of advertising it on GuitarChat? GLWTS.
  10. ezbass

    Your *favourite* bassline?

    Just too many to chose from to pick just one (or ten honestly), but here's a few that float my boat: More Pino
  11. The ‘net gives a measurement of 41.3mm, but that was the only reference I could find with a quick perusal.
  12. Had the same problem and fitted one of those bezels - all fixed.
  13. ezbass

    Revelation day

    Double Ps for the win.
  14. I’ll throw my Elwood L into the mix.
  15. ezbass

    What bass is being played in this video?

    Given that I think the guitarist is using a double cut Washburn (I seem to remember wanting one of those back in the day), I think the bass might be a Washburn too.