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  1. Name the Bassist by the Bass

    86% I’m not sure if I need to get out or stay in more.
  2. RIP Malcolm Young

    The poor man hadn’t been at all well and I fancy that not being able to play with AC/DC any more took an additional toll
  3. Awww, the spaniel has gone
  4. Fat face and deformed avatar

    This prompted me to change my profile picture back to a version of my original one (I don't really play the Ric that was in my last pic much these days). It's nice to have froggy back.
  5. I use my pinky a lot. It sits naturally right on the high octave if my index finger is on the root on the 4th or 3rd string.
  6. NBD: Wal fretless goodness

    [quote name='leroydiamond' timestamp='1510311593' post='3405471'] ?. Not sure what you mean. Can you elaborate? [/quote]If you look at the picture of the control plate, it seems that the brass insert has come out with the screw (bottom left as we look at it). If this is the case, it's just a case of removing the insert and glueing it back into the hole.
  7. "Non-Cheesy" wedding band

    [quote name='lojo' timestamp='1510229290' post='3404755'] I would class myself and many of the functions Bands I've played with as Cheese Specialists There are many types of cheese and people do love it [/quote] http://youtu.be/B3KBuQHHKx0
  8. "Non-Cheesy" wedding band

    [quote name='blue' timestamp='1509912195' post='3402581'] Do their guests want to hear a live band? We've played a few weddings because the couples were fans of the band. In all cases their guests were not thrilled and would have been perfect happy with a DJ only. Blue [/quote]This is pretty much what I was going to say. We’ve played weddings on the understanding that we do what we do. Surprise, surprise when a good number the audience do not share the couple’s musical taste.
  9. The only bass that I regret moving on was my Roscoe Beck. It was perfect tone-wise, but I never really got on with the jazz with neck. My very first bass, a Yammy BB300 would be nice to still have, but that’s just sentimentality. The only instrument I should never have sold was my Yammy SA2000. I sold it because I was on a country music kick and wanted a Telecaster. Only thing was I ended up swapping it for an Ibanez Roadstar Strat-alike. Stupid! Stupid GAS! Backline-wise, my bass rigs have all been a move towards what I have now, so no regrets there. Again, it is the guitar world that has the backline regret, I had a Fender Studio 70 (I think), transistor combo, that sounded absolutely great and I can’t even remember why I moved it on; valve GAS probably.
  10. First proper paid gig....lessons learnt

    Private parties (wedding or otherwise) are mostly a pain in the butt as you are technically the hired help and are treated as such. Often, the people hiring you really like your band but a good chunk of the audience may not and you are seen as a distraction/being in the way (unless it’s a themed party, a particular decade or genre, for instance). On the other hand, pub/club gigs are where people have come to see the band, at least in the main, and the venue is tailored to live music, whereas parties may be spread over several rooms and you might find yourselves playing to just a few folk, or even no one. Fights break out in both instances, although weddings seem to have a higher proportion. Kids and adults need to be told to stay away from the gear no matter what type of gig, usually a mention of, ‘you break it, you buy it,’ and the sums involved puts it into perspective for them. Our singer once told a pub with some rowdy drunks that, if they didn’t keep away from the stage and our gear, we’d stop playing and pack up. Her school ma’am tone set them right. In short, I’d rather play a pub/club than a party, even though party money is better.
  11. Fretless bass - what would you recommend?

    [quote name='pete.young' timestamp='1509875610' post='3402192'] I'd recommend you take a good look at this: [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/314131-ibanez-srf700-portamento/"]http://basschat.co.u...700-portamento/[/url] [/quote]Beat me to it. I'd also throw this into the mix. I had my US SUB defretted and a fine fretless it was too http://basschat.co.uk/topic/313037-musicman-sub-american-fretless/page__hl__sub__fromsearch__1
  12. I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down

    Great bass line that I love to play. The outro riff is often something of a challenge though.
  13. Your Dream Bass.?

    [quote name='TrevorR' timestamp='1509867438' post='3402118'] Paul’s making some great lower weight basses at the mo... just specify on ordering. He had a wonderful featherlight Mk3 at the SE Bass Bash last year... hint, hint... [/quote]Get thee behind me (sticks fingers in ears and goes lah, lah, very loudly)
  14. SE Bass Bash 2017 - with Steve Lawson and Davey Rimmer

    [quote name='ped' timestamp='1509830918' post='3402024'] Two week half term! Any jobs available at this place?! [/quote]Our local school does this, it has all its INSETs together in one week after normal half term.
  15. Gig bags - worth it???

    [quote name='Steve Browning' timestamp='1509790914' post='3401642'] https://shop.warwick.de/en/Cases+and+Bags/Bass+Bags/E+-+Bass++Bags/RockBag+Deluxe+Line+-+Electric+Bass+Gig+Bag Had one of these for years and it is excellent, even secures the neck too. almost 10% of the price. [/quote]I’ve always liked these, especially the handle above the pocket. If I had to replace any of mine, I’d get one of these.