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  1. If it wasn't for the J width neck, I might've gone for one of these over my last purchase (P type).
  2. I have a massive soft spot for New England. Unfortunately WA, in whatever guise, will always live in the shadow of Argus. The curse of the great 3rd album.
  3. I think that is a wise decision, especially given that Mike Pedulla is ceasing production. Stick with it and stop me looking at stuff of my own that I would need to sell (and then regret selling) in order to afford a Ped.
  4. Well that sucks! However, you have achieved more than most and are making this hard decision for the right reasons, this can only lead to increased well being and, by association, better things. All credit to you on a tough call.
  5. The best purchases I have made have both been guitar related (sacrilege, I know). One was a Bigsby for my Epi Casino Coupe and the other was a new body for Squier Tele. They are the best purchases because they stopped me spending far more on 2 new guitars. Actually, my Sadowsky SBP2 pedal stopped me from buying (or at least investigating at a very deep level) a Sad bass, so that’s a good one too.
  6. A bit of walking bass I recorded some time back (I had to learn the song for a wedding gig). And a live video of my ‘80s band doing some Kate Bush
  7. Yep, Este Haim is the Queen of bass face. Not only are her gurns amazing, she does it continuously when playing.
  8. Ronnie Wood - really badly. Timing was off and no dynamics. Jools playing piano 😒
  9. Since I bought the Maruszczyk Jake (or was it free with strings? 😉) I’ve bought a Sadowsky pre amp pedal and new body for my 6 string Tele, so I’m well out.
  10. It was ok, I guess. Lewis Capaldi plainly has some chops and has good comic timing when interviewed too. However, the mix still seems poor for the most part and do we really need yet another terrible version of Johnny B Goode? I can get that down at the local pub.
  11. I love that @Tech21NYC reads and contributes to BassChat. 👏👏👏
  12. To paraphrase messrs Townshend & Daltrey, meet the new bass, same as the old bass. Mind you, is anyone really surprised?
  13. You have to like the style and musical genre. JP was incredibly adept, as is, for instance, Jeff Berlin. However, neither float my boat particularly. I imagine that there are guitarists that aren’t keen on Hendrix, but that doesn’t lessen his ability or influence. It’s OK for folks not to like certain icons, in my mind, and those who say otherwise don’t understand art.
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