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  1. With just the beat and bass, the J is the most aurally pleasing. However, in a full mix, I reckon the ‘Ray would take the day.
  2. You’re Gonna Get What’s Coming - Robert Palmer
  3. Back on the Chaingang - The Pretenders
  4. Found it. It’s seems dated (it is old) but I still love the vibe both the video and the song bring to each other.
  5. Fender finally came out with something new and totally viable and the bass playing public in the main probably thought, “Why isn’t that a P or J?” and then moaned about no new innovations. Should’ve been way more successful IMO, but I suppose the majority of punters that wanted something like the Dimension, bought something from Ernie Ball. I wonder if the reverse applied to EB’s P type, Cutlass? Nice basses you chaps have there, well done for being different.
  6. It appears that I am now a Grand Wazoo or something similar. Do I get a prize?
  7. I remember first hearing this on a skiing movie (Greg Stump’s Maltese Flamingo) where it played over a sequence of a guy skiing with his husky. It was a great sequence and perfectly matched to this tune.
  8. Ah, the old over the page ‘why isn’t this working?’ angry finger, bug. A modern BC classic.
  9. Alone Again, Naturally - Gilbert O’Sullivan
  10. That’s a cracker, I’m just glad I’m not localish anymore or I’d be in serious trouble 🤣. GLWTS.
  11. Including by Mayer himself. It seems he has picked up on what makes a great bass line sit right in the pocket without the need for flash (often the pitfall of guitarist turned bassist). His version of Crossroads is sublime and he plays both guitar & bass on that one and there others, including a couple of tracks on Sob Rock IIRC, which seems to get better the more you listen to it. Continuum remains my favourite, followed by Battle Studies.
  12. The Ballard of Danny Bailey - Elton John
  13. Baby Got Back - Sir Mix A Lot (I apologise in advance).
  14. The thing with this new ‘cheap’ line, is that it comes to the market with a huge amount of expectation based on the name alone. Yes, it should solely be judged on its price point, but that’s often hard to do due to its aforementioned pedigree. The other thing is that some of the first ones to be reviewed were woeful, with poor fitting and corroded electronics (they should never have been released merely to meet some possible agreed deadline, as they did a lot of marketing, harm). So, like it or not, these factors have lead to a wary and, perhaps, overly critical approach from the bass community. However, following @BassAgent’s review and subsequent double purchase, followed by @lonestar’s acquisition, I’d definitely be up for trying one now, but that logo has got to go 🤮.
  15. Thanks for that. Not a name I’m familiar with and, now that I’ve left the Big Smoke, not one I’ll be considering (certainly not now). I’m just glad that it wasn’t a more well know London name, as that would be even more disappointing somehow.
  16. I recognise this scenario, it’s happened to me twice. Once, was post the wife receiving a bonus from work, the words, “You can buy a new guitar,” were uttered and I was out shopping the same day. Another time, I was looking at a Stingray (coincidentally) and the words, “If you like it, get it,” were uttered and I pressed the buy it now button not long after (I had to check in case it was a trap 🤣). I no longer have either of the purchases.
  17. All Day and All of the Night - The Kinks
  18. Gah! Annoyingly, the short scale version doesn’t feature the same construction.
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