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  1. It’s what Mike Pedulla has done and you have to respect that. Their companies, their reputations, their rules.
  2. As has been mentioned above, it's a Bacci. To be precise, it's a Bacci Amrita LTD Animal Tonal, with a heavily reliced, alder body. Just listened to the Snarky Puppy set on iPlayer. Not really my thing and ML's tone seemed to all fundamental and not much else. However, for the type of thing SP do, it worked, it certainly stayed out of the way of all the other instruments.
  3. Peter Gabriel’s original So tour. Playing with Manu Katche alone would be awesome, never mind PG, Richard Tee and David Rhodes. @TrypF’s Pretenders gig is a great shout. My old covers band did 3 of their songs and were always enjoyable (if a local Pretenders tribute band needed a bass player, I’d be all over it like a tramp on chips).
  4. Nice. Beware, the wee buggers are addictive.
  5. We’ll have to put it to a vote.
  6. It's the symmetry and the smaller body size, to my eyes at least. The standard J is quite a big beast.
  7. I'm probably going to just bring my pedal board and DI via my VTDI, I probably wouldn't be able to hear my rig over the holdback anyway (been there, wished I'd left the rig at home). Thus, more room in the van for comfort/ease of load out/in. Glad to see Cardinal Black doing so well @SamPlaysBass.
  8. Top detective work @Fishfacefour. They are ugly, for sure, but then so is the Mustang to some (at least I used to think so). However, they do have a certain something.
  9. You could always add a ramp, Tim Commerford style.
  10. I used to get this LaBellas (it’s not a problem for me with EBs) and I used to carry a little zip lock bag of talc, which I dipped into as required.
  11. I watched one song, but the awful, wishy-washy, outdoor sound had me turning it off.
  12. That’s good to hear as it confirms what I suspected when I first saw the pics and specs of the Embassy.
  13. T'Bird in disguise.
  14. I am possibly looking at getting another Mustang, probably the P/J. However, the Sandberg Lionel nails the P aesthetic too, but it's twice the money at least.
  15. The aesthetic of, what is now, the classic P design, just ticks all my boxes. I don’t own a P at the moment and I’m really down the short scale rabbit hole, but can’t stop looking at them, even though my JMJ Mustang nails that P tone.
  16. I’ve been using passive basses exclusively for quite some time now. However, having tried out a few Sadowskys, I added one of their preamp pedals to my board, it just adds the right magic to lift the sound, without colouring it, which isn’t available in the amp’s eq. It is just 2 band and boost only, but I find that there’s already enough mid range in my basses, so I just need tweaks in the other ranges to achieve what I’m after. YMMV.
  17. Careful with that Axe Eugene - Floyd
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