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  1. Literally just down the road from Ez Towers. However, I’m going on holiday. Thanks for the tag.
  2. The artist doesn't see the knock on financial benefits of them touring, but has to pick up the additional costs. Hopefully, and I'm not holding my breath here, those in control of these things, will see this and come up with an easy and inexpensive way to overcome this potential hurdle. Again, not holding my breath.
  3. Isn’t it just. I love playing it, much more than Peg. Haitian Divorce is another favourite bass line to play (when I’ve not forgotten it that is 😂).
  4. I’ve always thought that there is a more energetic live scene on the continent than here, certainly at smaller venues. The more niche acts that I like and have liked in the past, always seem to do quite a bit on the continent. For those type of acts that are UK based, I imagine that this will certainly impact their income. For those acts outside the EU, principally the US (Robben Ford, The Aristocrats, etc for instance), having to obtain 2 sets of visas will probably have them bypass the UK altogether as they barely play here on their European tours in the first place. It’s a shoddy state of affairs. Oh yeah, IBTL!
  5. When it comes to folk type music, I’m a Richard Thompson fan (have been for years - Rumour & Sigh, fabulous album, IMO of course 😂). Great song writing and a really different approach to guitar soloing when playing the electric beast.
  6. Likewise. I wanted to enjoy his work so I could listen to some Danny Thompson, but beyond a few tracks, it isn’t really for me.
  7. I'm not sure it's a British or Basschat thing, I think it's a first world thing, or even, perhaps, a human thing. I like SD, always have, if you don't, that's OK, there's plenty of other stuff for you to like and I promise I won't berate you for having different tastes, or say your tastes are flawed - it's art. I'm no fan of The Beatles or The Rolling Stones, never have been. However, I often get folks telling me I'm wrong, merely because of the size of the artist's celebrity and their impact. Get a grip, I don't like them particularly, it's fine, no one died because of my opinion and I'm OK with being in the minority for my age group.
  8. If you're an SD fan, then Aja is a great album, if you aren't, then that's always going to be an uphill battle. I like Aja, but my favourite SD album is The Royal Scam (except for the greatest hits of course).
  9. They can and I do (I consider myself fortunate).
  10. I’ll say. Fortunately, far enough away to not cause any rash actions on my part. Phew! 😅
  11. When first coming up with songs, I think we all chucked about 10 into the hat each and then voted on what we liked the best and went from there. However, the ultimate decisions were made when working the songs up (if they worked for us or not; often quite surprising). As an ongoing process, if anyone really fancies doing something, then we’ll try it out and see what occurs. As the band’s organiser of running orders for gigs, I’ll always check for approval before a gig, which sometimes spurs folks into suggestion mode and we’ll sometimes try something new out as a sound check (everyone is very good with their homework). In short, everyone has a voice and is encouraged to speak up.
  12. Good thinking. Make sure (I'm sure you are, teaching grandma to suck eggs and all that, but just want to cover everything) that there's enough downward pressure on the nut, it could be that the headstock isn't creating as much break angle as it could/should.
  13. Something wrong with the nut perhaps?
  14. Definitely ^ as a starting point. If that doesn’t locate a fault, try adding some mass to the headstock like a guitar capo if you have one, or any small clamp. If that makes a difference you could buy one of these https://www.thomann.de/gb/fat_finger_guitar_chrome.htm for a more specific solution.
  15. You’re going to fit right in.
  16. Welcome, handsome man.
  17. I’ve never met him, but from the small amount I’ve seen in print and on the tv, this comes as no surprise. One of those situations where it would be ok to meet your hero.
  18. Being creative and generating new music is great, long may this continue. However, I don’t understand why some folks are so sniffy about covers in popular music. In classical and jazz this is the norm. No one gets snotty about musicians playing Bach or Motzart, etc (as mentioned above by @Richard R) or playing stuff from the Real Book. Why is pop/rock any different? I play in an 80s covers band because I love the music and because a lot of what we play is particularly challenging/fun for the bass player i.e. me. Yes, there are some poor examples of pop covers bands out there, but I bet if I went to jazz jams, etc (is there a classical equivalent?) there’d be some some stuff that would make me wince too. It’s music and should be enjoyed for its own sake, whether original or cover. BTW I heard Bob Dylan’s original of ‘Watchtower’ on the radio the other day, I didn’t know it was so good (I’m not a Dylan fan) but it’s the Hendrix cover most people know and revere.
  19. Music changed dramatically in my teens, but here are 3 from those 6 six years: Cum on feel the noize - Slade Sultans of swing - Dire Straits Trampled Underfoot - Led Zep
  20. Quality purchase, you must be completely made up.
  21. This is great news. You do my favourite online reviews, Dan.
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