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  1. Where did you source the mute from @Ander87? I’d love to fit one to my JMJ. I’m using a Nordymute at the moment and the Mustang is the best sounding of my basses with it, but it’s a bit of a faff to use compared to a simple rocker affair.
  2. Just what you want in a pandemic, some random, drunken person screaming into your microphone. In normal times I find this unacceptable, now… the mind boggles .
  3. Rare as rocking horse poop and in the, IMO, best colour for this bass.
  4. One of the few places that will go and weigh an instrument for you. Always a great company to deal with, yes their videos can often be cringy and annoying (especially the bass ones) but it’s a small price to pay for good customer service.
  5. What's the benefit of playing fretless? It's a slightly different beast and you can get different tones and effects on it that you can't totally replicate on a fretted bass (the reverse is true too). It may improve your ear, you may find it easier to play. I love the tone and like the feel of it. Plus, I get to try and emulate Pino, John Giblin, Mick Karn, Tony Levin, Larry Klein, etc (not necessarily with any great success, but I try).
  6. Fortunately, the BC collective seems to have sorted the OP’s desires.
  7. Si Tu Dois Partir - Fairport Convention
  8. One of, if not the nicest sounding amp I’ve ever played through and that sleeve/rack is genius. GLWTS.
  9. Yamaha Sessioncake. Plug your bass, headphones and audio source into it (iPad or whatever) and you’re good to go, no effects though.
  10. Just single action AFAIK, but I could be wrong. My 2 never seem to need any more than an eighth turn to compensate for any fluctuations.
  11. My biggest improvements always seem to come from having to learn a new bunch of songs, either for a dep or when joining a new band. It’s not the playing with new folk, although that helps too, it’s the sitting there with a new set list, learning the tunes and then getting them up to a standard I’m happy with. Ultimately, just time spent with my hands on the instrument helps, but the new songs prevent me just going through the motions with stuff I already know (although I still like to play along with my fave tunes).
  12. I’ve had a full fat US Stingray, a US SUB and a Ray34 in the past (plus a Ray5 but I’ll leave that out of this post, for the most part). My favourite, both tonally and playability wise, was the SUB, it was a doddle to play and had a warm tone, although definitely a Ray (2 band EQ). The full on, US Ray, was beautifully made, although I found the all maple neck quite chunky, the 3 band EQ was a bit more aggressive and not as, let’s say vintage, as the SUB. Again, quite definitely a Ray. The Ray34 was reasonably well put together, but had a raised fret that needed reseating. It felt OK, played fine, but it wasn’t quite the real deal, although most definitely a Ray and I found the EQ quite brittle, I didn’t keep it for long. In short, there was definitely a difference between the offshore and US models, but given the price difference, I’d expect there to be. Things may have changed, but assuming they haven’t, a Ray34 will give that Ray experience, right down to the considerable weight they all seem to have, but it will probably lack that attention to detail sheen that more expensive models have. This could all probably be addressed with electronic upgrades and set up fettling as and when you feel it is required. In conclusion, the nicest Ray I owned was the 5 string. It was an old one that wasn’t too heavy, was easy to play and had an old warm, worn pickup (alnico I think) and preamp that wasn’t too in your face. It is one of the very few instruments that I wish I still had.
  13. Bought a Blu-ray player from Brian. Super smooth transaction and lightning fast delivery. Highly recommended.
  14. There’s one for sale on these very hallowed pages
  15. It might be just a singer whose looking for people to form a band of course, although the normal giveaway there is that they’re looking for every type of musician that the site lists.
  16. I emailed Sire direct, this was their response: Please be advised the new P5 bass has a smaller body and is generally about a 1lb lighter than the V7 basses. The V9 basses however have the maple top which adds about 1lb to the V7 models. For our V10 models the weight is approximately the same as our V9 models. M2 M2 4st: 8 lbs M2 5st: 9 lbs V3 V3 4st: 4kg = 8.8lbs V3 5st 4.5kg = 10lbs V7 (V7 Vintage) V7 Alder 4st : 9 lbs V7 Ash 4st : 9 lbs V7 Alder 5st : 10 lbs V7 Ash 5st : 10 lbs M7 M7 4 Alder bass 8-9 lbs M7 4 Ash bass 8-9 lbs M7 5 Alder bass 8-9 lbs M7 5 Ash bass 9-10 lbs V9 V9 Alder 4st : 10 lbs V9 Ash 4st : 10 lbs V9 Alder 5st : 10-11 lbs V9 Ash 5st : 10-11 lbs
  17. They want to eat your brains? 🧟‍♂️
  18. It rather appears that you are right here.
  19. I know Antigua has its fair share of haters, but I’ve always like it and it looks amazing on that Mustang.
  20. Me too. CME seem to be able to arrange for limited colour products from the big manufacturers. Anderton’s sometimes get in on this action too, so we might see those here.
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