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  1. I have them on my Rob Allen MB2 and they sound fantastic. Based on this, I fitted some to my other fretless (MM pickup), I didn't like them as much and went back to the EB Cobalts.
  2. Twas On The Good Ship Venus - Smutty trad song
  3. Another Girl Another Planet - The Only Ones
  4. Hmm, not good. Fingers crossed for you. Christmas has certainly come early to chez Trav in the last couple of weeks or so.
  5. Isn’t it down to the venue to do the business regarding PRS? Not being confrontational, it’s a genuine question based on what little I’ve gleaned on the subject over the years.
  6. To think, that was just a pile of wooden planks not so long ago. As ever, amazing!
  7. Classy Tele that. Reminds me of some of the instruments built by Wormwood.
  8. I have long scale Cobalts on my Mustang. It’s only the E string that wraps beyond the silk (doesn’t seem to be a problem). They feel and sound great (I have them on all but 1 of my basses).
  9. He's nothing if not consistent. In my teens, I was a massive Clapton fan, but in the last couple of decades (at least) I’ve felt he’s needed a slap (more likely several). I know he’s had personal tragedy and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, but to read his autobiography or listen to him speak, you’d never think he’s one of the most famous and successful guitar players ever.
  10. All of this talk of trombones and rolled pizzas are blatantly euphemisms for the Camberwell Carrot (other terms are available). Substances of a questionable nature are squarely in the remit of the DoI, having already set up the necessary import/export avenues to facilitate the flow of the required product.
  11. Has anybody got hold of one of these yet? If so, any chance of letting us know the weight, please?
  12. Protection Racket cases have moveable (and customisable if you want to unzip and reshape) pads that Velcro to the interior. EDIT: Not actually a hard case, but very, very well padded and solid.
  13. Lollipop tuners - nice. Opting for the 34" scale I see. Very pretty that. The only thing I find visually challenging about the Jake C is the rounded off end of the pickguard by the jack socket; my eye expects to see a point there.
  14. No love for the James Tyler design? Can’t say I’m surprised.
  15. The Ric and P are very pleasing to my eye.
  16. Of course you did, it’s part of the post gig, decompression ritual.
  17. Ooh, quite teal, I approve. The covers and knobs look very nice in situ, the finish makes the difference in cream tone much less obvious.
  18. Looks like it’s contoured front and back (forearm & belly).
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