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  1. That’s not a pile of house bricks. You’ve been naughty boy - again.
  2. I’m digging my shorty ‘Ray more and more. When I need something a bit more P like, I can just select the single coil and it’s pretty close (it selects the neck coil). Is it pure P tone? Nah, but it’s not bad at all. Now that the EBMM Sterling seems to be rarer these days, I wonder why they don’t stick a series/parallel/single selector on long scale ‘Ray4s. It’s a great option to have.
  3. Doesn’t say it the same way on the mobile version, it looks like this…
  4. On the mobile version, hit the drop down on your avatar, hit profile and the top item allows you to add a public message to your feed. On the desktop version, there should be a status update with everyone else’s (not on a desktop right now, so can’t check).
  5. The Borders eh? Dangerously close to ACG!
  6. They’ll be performing such hits as: C'est une fille cosmique; Trop jeune pour mourir; Folie virtuelle. Featuring Nicolas Turzender on la guitare basse.
  7. Could be a mashup of Jamiroquai and quoi - Jamiro-what? Which possibly sums up a fair few folk’s thoughts on the band (well, at least Jay K).
  8. I tried to replicate the settings a FOH engineer (he is also a top guitarist and song writer) suggested to me for a recording I had made that made a real difference. I think I managed it with my M87.
  9. Every reason to join in if you ask me
  10. Point one - your Mrs doesn’t glaze over when you talk about basses or the forum? Cool! Point two - your Mrs bought you that? Cool! You might want to see if one of your legs is longer than the other, as I was pulling one of them earlier .
  11. I'm very fond of this particular Mitchell/Klein track.
  12. Hmm, I detect potential shenanigans. Oh yeah,
  13. It must be remembered that Joni married a bass player of some renown, the wonderful Larry Klein.
  14. The band I was in at the time did Pump It Up, suffice to say it sounded just right tone wise (the notes may have been another thing).
  15. I'm currently into a bit of sparkle and that P/J looks yummy.
  16. I've mentioned this before in the forum, but this seems an appropriate place to repeat it. When Bruce had his salmon pink P bass stolen, he asked Barry Moorhouse of The Bass Centre to source him another vintage P, which he did. However, BT never gelled with it and sold it back to Barry. I bought that bass (a white, '63 P that was road worn within an inch of its life; sounded great though) and had it for a number of years.
  17. I remember a Roscoe Beck V for sale in The Gallery that used to belong to JG. It had had the frets ripped out and looked a bit bodged. Might have been the one above, I can't remember the colour.
  18. You’ll probably like Big Generator too.
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