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  1. Go really old school, get a Fuzz Face, that’d be different.
  2. I've had another listen and 1- 4 certainly have a pickup in the P(ish) position, but I think 5 is more toward the 'Ray position. 1 might be a Mustang as it has so much low end and 3 might be a neck position J bass, 5 a 'Ray type and 2 & 4 being Ps. I'm quite happy to be miles out and for them all to be P basses with different pickups.
  3. I shall be keeping out a sharp eye in case you decide to move that one along, you're just down the road from me . In the meantime, enjoy.
  4. Mistra Know It All - Stevie Wonder
  5. I feel that there a Proclaimers comment to be made here, but I’ll resist
  6. If you like the bass as a design, leave it as is and acquire a new one as an addition, to counter the need to potentially wipe many £s off of the value.
  7. You're Moving Out Today - Carol Bayer Sager
  8. Why would a non bass player buy a bass at all? Oh, hang on, I think I see what you mean, someone new to bass? The Roscoe Beck sig was a fab instrument in its own right, if the neck hadn’t been so narrow on the 4 string, I’d probably still have mine. Strange really, as the 5 string was particularly wide, compared to something like a ‘Ray5. Still probably the best bass Fender no longer make (although there is a strong case for the Stu Hamm too).
  9. I wonder if that body could be salvaged with some judicious sanding, filling and respraying? It certainly couldn’t be any worse.
  10. That is quite the looker. I would always look at Epi first for any Gibbo type instrument, especially LPs, I know that there are those who turn their noses up at them (I have guitar friends like this) but it’s their loss.
  11. I once played a Gibson, semi acoustic guitar that had a paint job like that on the neck.
  12. Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes - Edison Lighthouse
  13. Yep, they sound like P basses. The Tribe seems to have a shade more mid range, but you probably wouldn’t notice in a mix.
  14. Wouldn’t it be Rice - The Beach Boys (BTW there was a break in the river sequence, by me, but no one saw it [page flip] or it was ignored)
  15. A bit? Looks hand painted!
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