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  1. I can see the potential allure of that, but the button legs are just stupid. Unfortunately, the headstock shaping looks like an afterthought and looks like a lazy effort. Definitely potential for a little customising to make it aesthetically better.
  2. Cor! That stain really makes the quilting pop. I like it.
  3. Is this still a thing? Another thread chasing its own tail. Yes, it is! No, it isn’t!
  4. I have had nothing but good service from UPS since moving to Scotland. I have had quite a few deliveries from the company I bought blinds for the new house from and UPS have been the carrier each time. Tracking has been good, updates the same and the driver for our area is a very pleasant chap. Having delivered to us and others in our close, several times, we have got to know him and always get a friendly wave when we see him delivering around town. It’s good to know the communications centre is equally good. However, Hermes are the same, if not worse than at my previous address.
  5. Nah, sounds like an unwell octopus.
  6. Seashell2, the sequel - she’s back and ready for untold silliness. Excellent!
  7. Great sound and playing in that video, kudos 👏👏👏. How much does it weigh and what is the nut width?
  8. OK, maybe not quite so drastic. If the song calls for a pick or if I’ve made my fingers sore, I’ll use this one (recommended courtesy of Bobby Vega). If I’m not feeling my slap tone, I’ll also use a pick with a more upward motion, it’s a pretty good facsimile.
  9. When I’m struggling with my tone using finger style, I use this pick and everything behaves.
  10. I have some weird things going with my stomach/throat/ears. Lots of discomfort, mostly burning sensations. The stomach is well on the mend, but the throat and ears are a bit miserable to be honest. Outside of the discomfort, my tinnitus has definitely gone up a few notches and I’ve lost more top end. Seeing the audiologist on Thursday and have an MRI booked in 2 weeks time to rule out any nasties in the ENT department. It’s not been great .
  11. Bass Direct have 2 at the moment: https://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Fender_Mustang.html https://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Fender_Mustang_2.html
  12. Plenty of us who live north of the border here.
  13. Happy BC birthday to me. I’m 13 years old today. Cue grumpy teenager.

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    2. ezbass


      Doh! Just can’t count today. 🥱😴

    3. SpondonBassed


      Now we have to put up with you taking very long showers and using up all the tissues.


      Happy Birthday!

    4. Taylor Bitch-blues

      Taylor Bitch-blues

      I've given up on birthdays,   I still do grumpy though,   happy birthday fella. 

  14. With just the beat and bass, the J is the most aurally pleasing. However, in a full mix, I reckon the ‘Ray would take the day.
  15. You’re Gonna Get What’s Coming - Robert Palmer
  16. Back on the Chaingang - The Pretenders
  17. Found it. It’s seems dated (it is old) but I still love the vibe both the video and the song bring to each other.
  18. Fender finally came out with something new and totally viable and the bass playing public in the main probably thought, “Why isn’t that a P or J?” and then moaned about no new innovations. Should’ve been way more successful IMO, but I suppose the majority of punters that wanted something like the Dimension, bought something from Ernie Ball. I wonder if the reverse applied to EB’s P type, Cutlass? Nice basses you chaps have there, well done for being different.
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