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  1. I recognise the work immediately and am most envious.
  2. REPLAY! (Don’t do it) Orwell’s Vision
  3. Re-rhythmics The Rewind Power Dressers Day-Glo Dreaming Mullets A Go-Go Fade to Grey
  4. Never fails to make me smile; absolute, comedic genius.
  5. Not being a fan of the size or positioning of Fender thumb rest or tug bar, especially on a Mustang, I knocked up a quick, reversible mod, thumb rest. I was so pleased with it, I even stained and sealed it.
  6. Plenty of folk here who dabble (or have done on the past) on the skinny stringed beast.
  7. The bar of 'on the settee' expense has been raised considerably in the last few posts.
  8. Oh oh! Too dangerous 😬
  9. If The Bass Gallery don’t have what you want, there is a branch of Guitar Guitar not far from The Gallery that might be better for you.
  10. Attack of the 50ft Woman - The Tubes
  11. And judicious use of a spoke shave on the headstock.
  12. I can see the potential allure of that, but the button legs are just stupid. Unfortunately, the headstock shaping looks like an afterthought and looks like a lazy effort. Definitely potential for a little customising to make it aesthetically better.
  13. Cor! That stain really makes the quilting pop. I like it.
  14. Is this still a thing? Another thread chasing its own tail. Yes, it is! No, it isn’t!
  15. I have had nothing but good service from UPS since moving to Scotland. I have had quite a few deliveries from the company I bought blinds for the new house from and UPS have been the carrier each time. Tracking has been good, updates the same and the driver for our area is a very pleasant chap. Having delivered to us and others in our close, several times, we have got to know him and always get a friendly wave when we see him delivering around town. It’s good to know the communications centre is equally good. However, Hermes are the same, if not worse than at my previous address.
  16. Nah, sounds like an unwell octopus.
  17. Seashell2, the sequel - she’s back and ready for untold silliness. Excellent!
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