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  1. Plainly influenced by Bobby Vega, there's Cody Wright: Can't mention funky without Rocco Prestia (or anyone who depped for him, including Booby V): Some Chuck Rainey perhaps: When not being a full on prog guy, Tony Levin can funk: And, of course, you can't say funk and not include Bernard Edwards:
  2. Nothing Else Matters - Metallica Speed Your Love To Me - Simple Minds Follow You Into The Dark - Death Cab For Cutie None of them really danceable (in a traditional weeding dance style) but interesting sentiments, although the DCFC number is dark as f***.
  3. How did Diana Ross get into the thread?
  4. I think you’re all over reacting. No? I’ll get my coat.
  5. Always like the Rocco Prestia sig model. How sad, he can’t have been old at all. 😢
  6. Well done that man! It takes a lot of inner strength to do what you’ve achieved. When taken by the GAS, it’s all too easy to get carried away and ‘have’ to leave with something, I’m certainly a victim of those feelings. Maybe what you need is something that is massively different, not a tweak on something you already have. I’ve just discovered (well in the last 12 months) short scale basses and their complete difference has affected my perception of what I want from a bass, both in terms of feel, weight and tone, quite a bit. Keep us posted on any developments.
  7. Ain’t it just? A more funky Yammy ‘80s BB.
  8. I can understand your frustration, but it wasn’t wasted time really, as you’ve pointed out yourself. As you know the drummer outside of the band, perhaps you could ask why they decided to go with someone else. If it’s something in your playing, you might want to work on that (or not). No one likes rejection, but it is part of a musician’s lot I’m afraid. Pick yourself up and, now that you’re back up and running, move onto the next project.
  9. If it ain’t broke… Mock it up in a photo editing suite to sate your (and our) curiosity maybe.
  10. I blame a flakey, forum update. Couldn’t be be user error
  11. Tough one from a purist’s perspective. However, from my POV, if a bass has had a refret, that means it has been played a lot and, therefore, should be really good (would you play a bass that wasn’t any good so much that you’d wear the frets out?). When I bought my old ‘63 P, it wasn’t all original, but had been played to within an inch of its life and was a stunning instrument. It had more than enough vintage vibe to give you that old Fender glow and I still made a few £s when I moved it on. YMMV.
  12. Certainly makes you want to find out more, although perhaps from a newly set up, pseudonym, email.
  13. Failure to double post is to post singularly. No, hang on, that’s not the saying. No, it’s something about plans and failing, I’ll get it in a bit. As you were .
  14. Looks great, well done. Don’t worry about the p/g gap, you’ll notice it soon enough. I had a neck pocket gap that size on my old ‘63 P, annoying at first, soon forgotten and had no effect on the sound or playability. I’d love to hear/see a demo of your resurrected bass.
  15. Hey, if that’s what you want, that’s what you should get. There’s nothing to beat actually going to a store and trying different basses. However, I know you have your criteria, which I have just endorsed, but don’t be blinkered into not trying something if it catches your eye or is suggested. You might find that you’re willing to compromise on one of your requirements if a particular bass just ‘speaks to you’ and it’s no skin off your nose if still isn’t right, you can always go back to your requirements. You’ll be in a bass emporium, go mad, take your time, but don’t feel that can’t leave empty handed, you can always go back.* *This was all typed as pretty much a stream of thought, so I hope it makes sense.
  16. They’re often no louder than a completely solid bodied instrument, so I don’t see a problem there.
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