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  1. I have been around the block trying to make a decision on what bass to buy with my small budget. started with acoustic then semi hollow, Jack casady Allen woody and others. Fretless or fretted?? My head aches🥴 now I have found an old Ibanez Roadstar rb760 looks great. Anybody got any info on this model all the reviews I've read are favourable.
  2. Seen a good deal on this Aria FEB-FL/F STBK Still struggling to make my mind up🥴 the aria (do fancy a fretless) Fender kingman, Ibanez agb200 or pos. Jack casady. ????
  3. Well, been looking at semi hollows, some great bits of kit out there. The two I have gravitated to are the Ibanez agb200 or the jack casady, if I can find one for around 400😬 Wish me luck.
  4. Really getting ahead of myself, looking at hollow bodies now, love the Jack Casady and the Ibanez AGB200. Better start saving😬
  5. Thanks everyone, some serious food for thought😬 I will be doing some acoustic and recording stuff, no giging really. I play with a local community Ceilidh band but try to play the fiddle with them. Like the the look of the epiphone jack casady, be lucky to find one in my price range😂 Anyway early days yet lots to learn first. Luvin it👍
  6. Thanks for your replies👍 some nice bits of kit there although Some well out of my price range. surprised to see a 5 string from gear4music, I get most of my stuff from them. Whats the thoughts on that, is it a good buy? New to bass but want to something future proof got 300🥴
  7. Has anyone got acoustic bass experience? What makes are recommended. Been looking at the Fender cd60sce Thanks John.
  8. Johnnyguru


    Hi, name is John, I played guitar (very badly) when I was much younger. Then foolishly stopped playing for over 25 years. I took up playing the fiddle 12 months ago and started reading music. That prompted me a couple of months ago to get my guitar out again. My friend has now loaned me a fender precision bass😊. so to date I have acoustic fiddle, electric fiddle, ovation elite guitar, fender bass. I have a drive cd-500 combo amp (that needs seeing to) and some studio stuff🥴 so better get a shift on, lots to learn. loving the bass 👍👍
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