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  1. The Ric and P are very pleasing to my eye.
  2. Of course you did, it’s part of the post gig, decompression ritual.
  3. Ooh, quite teal, I approve. The covers and knobs look very nice in situ, the finish makes the difference in cream tone much less obvious.
  4. Looks like it’s contoured front and back (forearm & belly).
  5. Or who’s not playing/practising. I don’t feel guilty, I feel unemployed.
  6. I dunno enough about them, I’m afraid. I owned and sold a well used, refinished ‘63, but that’s as far as my expertise goes. All I really know is that prices for vintage gear seems to have gone up quite a bit since I sold mine (typical! 😂).
  7. Ooh, that’s a nice one. Shame about the geographical problem.
  8. Those of us quoting our old build times (mine were 10 & 12 weeks I think) are pre the B word, Suez and Covid. Sadly, it’s a different world now.
  9. Just found the thread at the end of my new posts stream.
  10. Is the Aerodyne new too?
  11. That’s weird, when I first saw the additional stains it started at the “got bored” selection.
  12. Oooffftt! 😍 Quality.
  13. And we thank you for your impending activities. Obviously we’ll need some creamy plastic additions to make a valued judgement.
  14. To be clear, I’m looking forward to seeing the results and I’m making myself suitably comfortable for the incoming posts. I’m not here to píss on anyone’s fireworks, which seems to be quite de rigueur amongst some folk recently. I love a build thread.
  15. I SAY! 😱 To be fair I didn’t see the word varnish first time. Still…
  16. Nah, same hue as the body. However, on reflection, that could look a bit Fisher Price depending on which colour you go for. Hmm, can’t go wrong with black. Oh well, nothing to see here, move along.
  17. One of my favourite finishes ever was a PRS with teal over black; yummy.
  18. Purple, blue and green work well with cream (not at the same time).
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