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  1. I was a bit disappointed with these and don't think the differences in spec are worth the price hike. The fades aren't my thing, but the silver burst HSS strat is nice and it'd be cool if they released a bass in that finish. A mate recently picked up a strat from GuitarGuitar that I think was one of their exclusives. It's essentially a player series, but with a roasted maple neck, custom shop pups and it came in just under 800 quid. If there was a bass equivalent released then I'd be very tempted.
  2. Here's my family, and the bonus inclusion of Betty on the couch asleep!
  3. M guessing you have this sorted already, but GAK have a next day delivery service too and are worth a go
  4. Ronnie Wood played on a few Stones tracks I think, I'm pretty sure it's him on Emotional Rescue.. And I also prefer Keith Richards bass line on Yer Blues too (ducks for cover)
  5. I don't know if anyone has seen this on FB, but Wayne from Limehouse Lizzy has had his Stingray Stealth nicked after a gig in Wokingham. There's more info from their post below and I've copied it from FB incase people don't have FB profiles. Hopefully we can get it back to him! https://www.facebook.com/100044179129040/posts/405464200936214/ Pls SHARE/RT! On July 17th we played the Marvellous Festival in Wokingham. A week after returning we opened up our van to find that Wayne’s bass guitar - a #MusicMan ‘Stealth’ - was missing. 🎸 The bass is both very distinctive looking and also very rare in the UK. Everything on it is black - the chromework, neck, even the mirror scratch plate is smoked black. It also has been retro-fitted with an Aguilar bridge pickup, which bears the name in white script on the pickup cover. 🎸 There’s also substantial wear on the front lower body where stage jewellery has battered into into it, leaving big dents. 🎸 The serial number is E93826. 🎸 We’ve waited this long in the hope that goodwill amongst the music community would yield a positive result. Sadly however, we’ve now had to conclude that the matter has gone beyond this. 🎸 Anything at all that could lead to its recovery would be so enormously appreciated, especially as MusicMan have stopped making them. Feel free to contact us by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even leave a message on limehouselizzy.com (click each for links or email us at [email protected]). 🎸 Wayne has also said he's happy to provide a reward for the return of or information leading to the return of the bass. 🎸 Many thanks.
  6. There's an aux in on the zoom, so I just use a 3.5mm jack to connect it to my laptop and we're away 😊
  7. Well, you've got a suped up, aggressive, P.........I guess that means you need a fat sounding one with flats too? 😜
  8. I just picked up some Ernie Ball Everlasts and I like em. They're a bit like the Dunlop tortex, but more matt in their texture, so I prefer the grip. I also really like the Clayton Metallics copper and Dunlop Teckpick brass picks too, they sound really aggy.......but unfortunately leave your bass covered in bits of metal 😂
  9. Very nice, I bet it has a lovely thump to it
  10. There's something cool about Guild basses, I really like the Jet Star too. Kinda looks like a thunderbird has been left out in the sun all day, or is drunk.
  11. I love the guitar version of this, maybe because of the Kim Thayl/Soundgarden connection, and have never seen its 4 string brother turn up......until now. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/294279908292?hash=item4484730bc4:g:TnIAAOSwJuBg8quB It just ooozes cool!
  12. Yet another happy customer! Bought a loom off John for my Jazz - VVT with series/parallel and tone bypass, it's transformed my bass into a monster! Top notch workmanship, super quick delivery and John was super helpful with all my questions. Thanks again for everything!
  13. I thought we were an anarcho syndicalist commune?
  14. I think it only happens if I haven't been on the site for a while, I've tried to recreate it a few times since posting and its working OK for me. Let me know if you want any deets on operating system etc
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