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  1. Like everyone has said, there's not much between the basses you're considering and you can't really go wrong with any of them. The Sire's are a little more fiddly with the controls, but after 5 minutes of playing with them you'll get what they do so I wouldn't worry about that. Our of the Squier and Sire, I'd say the Sire is probably slightly better made in terms of quality (plus, depending on the model you go for, you either get a free or discount on a gig bag), there's not loads in it though. However, personally I'd go for the Squier as it has a gloss neck which I prefer. It really is horses for courses though and there's no wrong answer here 😂 What sort of bands do you like or songs do you want to learn? If we knew that it might make a difference in the bass people recommend. Amp & cables wise.......both of your choices are safe bets (again!). Orange make good amps, I have a 15w Fender Rumble for home use and would recommend that too. The orange has a built in tuner which is handy, but you can get an app for that. The Fender is 50 odd quid cheaper and looks to be in stock next week whereas the orange isn't in stock until the end of the month....... Which will probably be a deciding factor by the sounds of things! Fender cables are good too. I can't speak for the one you've chosen but should imagine they're good as I've had 3 of these for 5 or so years now and they've never let me down... https://www.andertons.co.uk/fender-deluxe-series-instrument-cable-straight-straight-10-black-tweed Welcome to the forum!!
  2. Zz top - nasty dogs and funky Kings, most of it is a bit boring to play on bass, but it's still one of the baddest riffs of all time! Johnny Lang - matchbox, is a fun little run SRV - the only annoying thing is tuning half a step down, but lovestruck baby is a great boogie tune and leave my girl alone is an interesting one to play. Son seals - mother in law blues is a nice boogie. The whole son seals band album is fantastic and your love is like a cancer is a good menacing bass line
  3. Does anyone know why the Subs have different neck profiles? The burst and maple seems to have a jazz like neck and the others are chunkier?
  4. Jonesy

    Your Go To Bass

    It's the first time I've ever tried it to be honest and I'm not 100% sure I've cut it straight, but it seems to do the job 😊 I also want to give one of those moppets a go, the ones that look a bit like a sponge Swiss cheese.
  5. Don't forget the difference the colour of your pick makes!! Thanks for the video, it's great and just what I was after! I'm still not 100% sold that half a cm can't be dialled in with eq'ing though...... 😕 It's not like we're comparing neck v bridge pup........ (ducks for cover) Having said that, the 70s pup spacing does it for me 😊
  6. Love the shape of a thunderbird headstock with its gorgeous trim.... And I've heard them get some stick on here, but I'm also a fan of the g&l headstock......
  7. Jonesy

    Your Go To Bass

    Recently it's been my Japanese P, its rekindled my love of precisions and I've been playing a lot of blues on it for the past 4ish months
  8. I think I'm with you guys here and surely the difference that small amount of space makes can be eq'd in? I was reading the multiple threads on TB about it and couldn't really believe it'd be that important, especially if your tone isn't exactly clean in the first place or by the time the band kick in?
  9. So, there's a few topics about this over on TB but I couldn't find anything over here so I thought I'd ask the question... 60s v 70s Jazz pickup spacing - which do you prefer? Are you a fan of the smoother 60s sound, the more aggressive 70s tone or does that couple of cms not really make much of a difference to you and you think the the difference can be recreated with a quick play of the eq settings?? I've never owned a Jazz, so bonus points for examples of songs or players that you think epitomise that 60s or 70s jazz tone!
  10. That fret board 😍 https://guitarvillage.co.uk/products/fender-player-jazz-bass-buttercream-maple-2
  11. You're not helping! I think once things get back to normal a purchase will be made.........maybe before if I go crazy I think it'll be jazz shaped, but those Ps do look mighty tempting
  12. All of these lovely G&Ls are not helping with GAS 😂
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