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  1. Fingers crossed, it's not too long. It can't come soon enough, it's a great pub too and we love it!
  2. It was our pleasure, we had a great time and you guys were superb! Hahaha, we kept on getting told off for trying to stand and boogie so had to perfect chair dancing 😂😂 Hopefully it won't be too long before pubs can open (wishful thinking maybe!!?!) and we can see you again!!
  3. Ahh, amazing! I saw you at the Wonder in Enfield a few months ago when you guys played outside. We were the table making all the noise!! Really enjoyed it man!!
  4. That's lovely, the burst looks fantastic
  5. This! Always go for the 24hr option and avoid weekends, that way your bass won't be getting stepped on or stored upside down in a warehouse for a few days. I've just sent a couple of basses out and couldn't find anyone who would insure for damage, they'd only insure for loss. I was a bit worried at first, having heard all of the horror stories, but I chose Parcelforce in the end and the basses turned up next day, in good condition, from what I heard (IE - the box wasn't smashed with footprints all over it). I looked at a few other couriers, but DPD wouldn't take it due to a size restriction and all others seemed expensive in comparison. I recently used DPD to ship an amp as well though and that went ahead OK too.
  6. I used DHL to send my pedal to Ireland, so they could be worth a look?
  7. Yeah, it is! It's hard finding a shop that has both available to buy anywhere near me anyway, so even if places were open I'd be hard push to A/B them. There is an SG for sale not a million miles away though so I may go pick it up try it out over the weekend 😁
  8. I guess it comes down to looks and if I want the warm round mush of the SG, or the option of added bite in the DC..... I may have an update for you over the weekend 😏
  9. True - and a setup is so personal that it doesn't make sense to spend too much time/money on it, seeing as tastes differ so much. I love shops that offer a setup after you've bought a bass, it's just a nice touch. I would have thought someone would have checked it over just to make sure it was at least in some way playable before it was shipped out though. I've never been in a shop and picked up a bass with saddles all over the place that buzzed loads though 😵
  10. I saw the 2014 & 15 came with the Babicz as standard and wondered why they stopped doing that. It seems the bridge is one of the first things people change, so you would have thought the upgrade would've stuck around. Thanks for that clip, lovely playing and the bass sounds great! Is there any reason you both went for the hipshot bridge over the babicz? The neck measurements on both look pretty similar, but I can find anything that mentions the depth. Are either of them chunky in the hand?
  11. Looks lovely next to that Lakland! I'm a bit surprised it turned up like that and would have hoped someone at the factory or Andertons would have picked it up. Stil, glad you're happy with it after the wait and hope you enjoy playing it!!
  12. I have a G&L JB Tribute that is worth a look. I picked it up for £320 last year and it's a fantastic bass. G&L's have been creeping up in price since though and they're about £450 now. The Sire's Mudpup suggested are def worth a look too.
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