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  1. Panic in Park Royal are good. Mill Hill music is a bit dingy, but I like it. Bally in Tottenham Hale are Ok. Pirate in Camden is really good and not too dear, I think they have one in Wembley too?
  2. Happy birthday!! Sounds like you've had the best weekend ever. Congrats on ACM, the new bass and for having the best boyf in the world! I'm now off to show this thread to my missus and will start dropping hints 😂
  3. I'm not so fussed about the neck profile (as long as it isn't a baseball bat), have never noticed different radiuses and I don't even know the string spacing of any of my basses either. The only thing I have a preference on is the finish on the neck and I prefer gloss or painted over satin. Maybe I should pay more attention!
  4. Got to put the SG and new pedal board through its paces last night at a band level and am happy as Larry with them! Have to have a bit of a shout out for pirate Studios too. I've only been to their Camden branch, but the gear is all pretty decent (the fender amp and cab is theirs) and it's nice to practice somewhere that's not grotty and doesn't smell of arm pits!!
  5. I'm into slower heavy stuff with a bit of a groove like eyehategod, crowbar and high on fire. I guess anything that's doom/sludge with a bit of swing that is a progression from Sabbath I'd be a fan of. I don't think it has to be fast with screaming vocals to be heavy for me, a couple of the heaviest tunes I've heard live were from Soundgarden and Melvin's, but I wouldn't call them heavy bands. 4th of July by Soundgarden is one of my all time favourites...
  6. The JC I had had had the strap button moved, the guy I bought if off then had it filled and just used the original button. I can't imagine he'd have done that if just moving the button cured the dive. I used a suede backed strap on mine and never found neck dive to be an issue, maybe a thin one of those solves your problem?
  7. Ha! I always think a P is like a Volvo estate too, trusty and like a bit of a boat but always gets the job done.
  8. I did the very same (but not with a new amp) and have decided to keep the trusty P bass. Turns out every bass player should own one after all!! 😂
  9. Creedance all the way. The Eagles are one of those bands that I just can't stand
  10. There needs to be a drooling reaction for posts containing a bass like that 😍
  11. I really like the Low End Lobster vids and spent quite a while watching this and his original review. Both pups sound good to me, I think I prefer the stock Gibsons as they're a bit darker/woodier sounding and suit what I'm using it for though. I just need to pick up that chrome cover as the Serek looks amazing!
  12. Hahahaha, it's a viscous circle isn't it?!? I'm sort of the same with a Jazz too tbh. One minute they're too nasal, the next I love them. Maybe a P with a J neck is the answer? I'm sure the classifieds will help you out with a Steinberger in the not too distant! 😂
  13. I'm fairly new to the world of flats, but so far..... I thought I'd experiment with a relatively cheap (for flats) fender set for my first pair and whacked them on a Precision. I'm not a fan really, the tension is too high for me personally and it feels like I'm playing with cables. Over the past few years I've become predominantly a pick player (I've been playing in heavier/louder bands), but after playing with fingers (in a blues band) in a 3hr rehearsal I found my fingers were hurting with the fender flats. I still have calluses, so don't think it's a case of having wussy fingers, but I am quite heavy handed. A few months ago I out some TI flats on an SG and they're a dream to play. Really easy to fret, really easy to bend and they sound great too. Although they're a bit more expensive, they'd be my first choice.
  14. I tend to fall in and out of love with P basses, I can't decide whether they're 'meh' and boring, or exactly what you need. Part of me thinks you're not a bass player unless you own a P, then I pick one up and within a couple of years year I find myself playing it less and less and thinking about selling it. I'm currently in 'meh' mode and thinking of selling my MIJ PB70US. It's easily one of the best basses I've played and I know if I sell it that I'll be looking to buy a P in the next couple of years. Ah well, it's a good job the classifieds are here 😂
  15. Brill, thanks very much. I generally don't use pup covers as rests, so could get away with it. Or I'm thinking of looking into how much it'd cost to chrome the current cover.
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