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  1. The entire Phil Spector album with the Crystals/Ronettes etc gets played a lot in my house this time of year, but Marshmallow World is my top pick... And I really love this by Jeff Hershey & The Heartbeats too.....
  2. Ahh, good spot - I hadn't seen that on the Thomann site, so it looks like it'd be a more drab PB. Good news for my bank account 😂
  3. True, I guess the only way we can really tell is if someone goes and buys one! Who will buckle first?!? The levels in the more turquoisey looking pic are all wrong though, so I'm guessing the thomann pic is likely the truer reflection. Hopefully it'll be a bit of a deeper shade in real life though.
  4. Looks like someone over on TB has beaten Epiphone to it and had theirs resprayed PB. The good news is the shade in the pic is a lot more accurate to what PB looks like in the flesh. The bad news is that it's gorgeous and may lead to some holes in wallets!
  5. Wow - very nice. In the words of another BC'er...... "Very very nice. Not my usual sort of thing - or so I thought - but a beautiful colour and striking shape." 😁 GLWTS
  6. Gorgeous and nice to hear that the one that got away ended up coming back!
  7. This is why my bank account hates this forum...... The 'narrower 45mm nut' is the reason I'm not getting it. Far too chunky for me. ..... My bank account loves a typo.
  8. Maybe it's all a ploy and I want someone to buy it, I can then pick it up a bit cheaper when they decide to sell it on here 😂 I'm really digging that blue and tort combo though......
  9. Can somebody buy this please, just so I stop looking at it... https://guitarvillage.co.uk/products/music-man-sterling-stingray-classic-ray25ca-toluca-lake-blue-ex-demo-rrp-629
  10. That Pelham Blue one is gorgeous, one of my fave Gibson colours
  11. I wouldn't have thought retailers would be taking part in Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales unless it made them a profit. Q4 is naturally busy for them with all of the holidays, but this weekend is def one of the busiest in the year for them - with lockdowns and the general publics feeling of unease about visiting busy shopping centres/districts then this year even more so. I guess you can bucket the sales into something like people that will buy the product anyway and are just looking for a discount; people that are on the fence and the discount pushes them over the line and then people that didn't really start the day wanting the product and just saw a good 'deal'. I would have thought the second 2 categories more than make up for the buyers who would have bought anyway. Plus, there's other costs associated to the seller that you can think about. These sales help to clear stock, so they have less warehouse space to pay for when next years lines are released and stock bought in. When that new years stock is bought in they'd probably see the old lines not selling, so would have to offer a discount anyway, and that discount would likely be more than the BF sale.
  12. I think over the course of the year I'd end up in the red by quite a margin if it became a regular occurrence. I'm sure my inability to read an eBay listing was a lucky fluke!! 😂
  13. Turns out I am a clairvoyant drunk! At £310 that's a steal. Thought it may go a bit cheap with a combo of innacurate title, condition, end time and no delivery. I don't suppose anyone here picked it up?
  14. I might revisit the thread after a few cocktails next Friday. Who knows - it's taken a few knocks so maybe it will go cheap and I'll turn out to be a clairvoyant drunk!!
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