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  1. I had a socially distanced jam with a guitarist the other day (was great to play loud again!!) and the studio I use for my band has been open for a while, but only for solo use. I'm itching to play with a full band again and the studios are opening up properly on July 4th, but I think we're going to see what's happening with infection rates etc before we jump back in.
  2. I thought exactly the same as you and that maybe I had a dud tone control when I first picked it up. Good to hear that it's just a 'feature' and nothing to worry about. I'll be completely honest and say that I normally play with the tone maxed out anyway, so it's no bother to me. The kiloton looks pretty tasty too! The 3 way switch must give you a range of tones to play with. It's a shame they don't make a tribute SB1, I'd quite fancy an aggressive p with a slimmer neck.
  3. What a lovely G&L family you have there! I really like the figuring on both of yours and you've captured the burst a lot truer than I have, my phone camera just seems to make up its own colour tones I think. How do you find the tone switch, is there much range to yours? Really dig the LB 100 too. What's the neck like on it? I was thinking about getting one once upon a time but thought it might be a bit too chunky for me. Admittedly though, I haven't played one. Snap! On the choice of P finishes, here's mine.....
  4. Ace, looking forward to it! The Sire's are really nice and I almost got one before the world went to poo so wanna hear all about it. Moving a pool or black jack table around in your den.............? Hmm, its pretty hard to make that story remotely rock n roll!! Looking forward to the Gene Simmons part of the next Yellowhouse show!! Yeah, you're right. I think that's why it's so hard to explain. It adds depth, punch, definition and pretty much all the other adjectives we use when it comes to describing tone. I think the scientific term is......... It just makes it sound betterer? 😂
  5. Hahahaha, yeah - it's been a long time coming and a few things coming together 'forced' me to get it. Guitarguitar dropped their price and then guitarists in both the bands I'm playing with both got 2 new guitars each in the course of about 2 weeks. With GAS, jealousy and boredom all against me I stood no chance!!! Ah, how are you getting on with the Sire? Would have thought the neck is too skinny for you? The pre-amps on them are lovely though and you can get a huge range of sounds out of them. How are you getting on with it (in that 10mins!)? And how'd you bust your finger? Having too much fun on the bike??
  6. It's hard to put words to (kinda makes it fuller sounding I guess), whack some headphones on and give this a listen.....
  7. Was one of the first things I did! Have to admit that I was a bit skeptical when I first heard about it, but after watch the bass whispers vid on it and hearing it for myself, it contributes a lot more to the sound than I would have thought. Normally I find a j bridge pup solo'd to be a bit weedy, but this one sounds fantastic. Maybe the bridge tightening gives it a bit more depth?
  8. It's tough to call on the weight side of things. I normally play a Ric or and Ash bodied MIJ P, both of which are pretty heavy so I'm kinda used to lumbering around a heavy bass. Having said that, it's not a feather and maybe not one for the light brigade. I've just tried to weigh it on the bathroom scales and it comes in at 4.9kg (you've sparked an interest now and I have 4.6kg for the P and 4.2kg for the Ric). So it's def a chunky monkey!!
  9. Well, it's not quite a NBD as I've had it over a week now and wanted to get to grips with it before saying anything. Anyway, I saw this on guitarguitar at a decent price a couple of weeks ago and pulled the trigger. I'd been eyeing up a jazz for a few months and was thinking of either the G&L or a classic vibe Squire and have to say that I'm really glad I went with G&L. It's a lot of bass for not a lot of money. I managed a socially distanced jam on Friday so got to crank it up to decent volumes and loved hearing that jazz honk! My only gripe sound wise is that the tone knob is a bit on/off, but I'll live with it for a while and if it's a bother I'll give ki0gon a shout. The neck is erm....... a jazz neck, so you know where you are with it. I had played the blue version with a Brazilian Cherry board in Andertons and thought it may be a bit chunkier than the maple? I could well be remembering that wrong, but either way it's a joy to move around. I really like lacquered/finished necks and there's a nice grain to the maple too. I've never owned a sunburst bass before and really like the 70s look with the black guard and blocks. The grain in the body is well matched and its not as red as the pics show. If I was to be really picky there's a few blemishes in the binding and a couple of dot markers that look to be cut in half (tried to show them in the pics below), but nothing to worry about and nothing you'd notice unless you were looking for it. All in all I'm over the moon with it and wouldn't hesitate to buy it again.
  10. Jonesy

    Fender options

    @la bam may have solved your problem in the bass centre thread. They have models with a blue jazz body and a maple neck with blocks. A quick switcharoo could get your dream bass! http://www.basscentre.com/bass-collection-jive-bass.html
  11. Reese Wynans plays on the last 2 Stevie Ray Vaughan albums and all the live stuff from '85.
  12. Ah, amazing! Had no idea that you could mix and match and add multiple outputs to make up the 30v. Do they have to be equal voltage, or could I get away with using a 12v & 18v to make up the 30v? Its def a pain to have on a board, but I do love the Rusty Box!
  13. Heya, Wasn't sure if this belonged here or in accessories & misc - apologies if it's in the wrong place! Does anyone know of a power brick that will put out the standard 9v as well as having a 30v option? I've had a look and can only find bricks with 9v, 12v, 15v etc, but no 30v option. I went to plug in my rusty box yesterday and got nothing back, thankfully it's only the power supply that's gone and I was just wondering if i could get some sort of a brick option rather than using 2 pu's........mostly because plugging in 1 thing is half the amount of work as plugging 2 things in 😂 Thanks!
  14. I'm betting you could hear them from 3 miles away, so the sound they were putting out was probably having some sort of an effect on your strings..........It's almost like he was actually playing your bass that night! 😂
  15. He did amass quite the collection. They had open days before the auction too so I made sure I got down there and played pretty much every bass he owned. That was a good day! 😁 He had loads of fishing stuff there too, all sorts of weird stuff like catches he had made into a lamp. Kinda gutted I didn't come away with one of those too!! 😂
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