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  1. Oh my, what a lovely pair! I'm not usually a fan of relic'd finishes, but have been coming around to them recently and those 2 are rather lovely. Great stuff! Really pleased that you're happy with it and that you've completed the set. If I ever see a roadworn looking sunburst stingray, I'll give you a shout! ๐Ÿ˜‚
  2. Ah, apologies for getting your hopes up and giving Hermes false credit - I've just checked my emails and it was UPS who sorted the collection.
  3. Yup, after about 2 weeks I notified them about the extended return and ended up sending it back after living with it for about 2 months. I got my refund, without any chasing, about a week after the bass left my possession. So I appear to have been in luck ๐Ÿ˜ƒ If anything, the hardest bit was dealing with the shops for the drop off point. I tried 3 of the local Hermes (I think it was them anyway) drop off points, each shop refused to take the bass because of the size of the package (fnarr, fnarr). A quick call to Hermes customer service though and they arranged for a courier to come to my house the next day, so pretty decent in the end.
  4. I bought and returned a bass from Bax without any issue last year. If anything, I really think their return policy is great and they give you 90 days to decide whether you really like your purchase or not. However, from what I read on here, I seem to be in the minority and sounds like I got pretty lucky to have no problems!
  5. You're a braver man than me! I can just about play the bass, the idea of chucking in BV's as well is pretty hellish.......mostly for the listeners ๐Ÿ˜‚ Pump it up is a really great song to play and essentially just 3 riffs, so not so much to remember. There's a bit of variation in the choruses, but it's pretty much the same for each one. There's some pretty decent tutorials and play alongs on YouTube for it.
  6. Snap! I was the same as you and liked what I had heard from Bowie (a greatest hits cd), but have only just started listening to his back catalogue. I've been listening to nothing else but him for the past few weeks and Stay is one of my favourites, I've just started learning it to. I've just finished Pump It Up by Elvis Costello, thought it'd be a gentler introduction than Watching the Detectives!
  7. I've never played one, so can't say how good they are, but being Fujigen they can't be that bad? I think pre lockdown they were going for around the ยฃ200 mark, but I've seen them around the ยฃ350 mark recently
  8. Ohhh, is there a NBD thread on the way then ? ๐Ÿ˜
  9. I use Fender cables too. I've had this set (my first set) for about 7 years now and they're still going strong. What series is everybody using? I've gone for the deluxe series, b/c o fancy the black tweed outer..... I'm also pretty tempted by the Ernie Ball leads, mostly because they come in a bright neon pink!
  10. Ohhh, they've dropped the price of the SB2 and Fallout as well. That's mighty tempting.....
  11. Or, if you wanted to go outside of Fender then the Sandberg Electra VS 4 is a P with a J neck I think
  12. I think the Nate Mendel is slightly bigger than a jazz at the nut? I haven't played one so can't say for sure, but I think I read that it was modelled on his original 70s P, so would come in at about 41mm. If that's ok then I'd also recommended a Japanese PB 70/70us. The necks on those are sublime.
  13. Or maybe comment on the post saying they're interested? ๐Ÿ˜
  14. If it was an originals band I wouldn't go anywhere near it. I don't really think 'following instructions' should be a big part of expressing creativity and don't want a singer telling me to play 5 minutes of root notes. If it was covers I probably wouldn't go anywhere near it tbh. If it was session work or where I'd just be playing along for someone else's show then I might check it out. But it's probably approach it thinking the person is a knob. (I'd also have to be a professional bassist, which I am not ๐Ÿ˜)
  15. It's weird that they list the neck as 38mm though seeing as they've gone to the length of weighing an individual item. You can see in the pics that it's mahoosive and bigger than that! I love that the necks have a vintage gloss on them too, I really like the feel of the neck on my Tribby JB. My wallet is grateful that the neck is so big though, otherwise I'd be very tempted!
  16. Yeeessssssssss, goooooood. Give in to the GAS side Although I am pretty jealous and having been drooling over some of the new Tribby colours. Like you, I'd snap up a Tribby SB 1 too
  17. I'm generally max volume and tone, although since installing one of Ki0gon's gnarley looms, I go tone bypass for extra aggyness. Although in my blues band I roll the tone to about 80% to just take the edge off.
  18. If it were the black version I'd be very tempted and probably wouldn't have shared the link ๐Ÿ˜‰
  19. For some reason Andertons have it in that blue, with a white plate and dot markers
  20. I've got a few favourite brands that I'd look to first if I was in the market for something, but I wouldn't disregard other brands for a bass/amp/pedal. The only time I stick to a particular brand is when it comes to strings. Rotosound for round wound and TI for flats.
  21. After going through loads of live albums on Spotify and YouTube I think i've nailed my favourite Bowie era/band. Like others have said in this thread, it's the late 70's around the Berlin trilogy for me. Outstanding stuff and a massive thank you to everyone for their suggestions. Although it's not up there with Stage or Welcome to the blackout, there is this live performance on YT that is worth a watch....
  22. Just had a look and Andertons have the new Kiloton's in stock if you wanted to check them out. They also have this B Stock SB2 for chirpy cheap https://www.andertons.co.uk/bass-dept/bass-guitars/b-stock-%3A-g-l-tribute-sb-2-bass-in-sonic-blue-3-ply-white-guard-scratches-on-bridge-was-112377
  23. The tributes are great, you get so much bass for the dosh. They've released a few new colours too, there's more on the G&L site, but here's my favourites..... I haven't seen them in stock anywhere though ๐Ÿ˜” If it were me, I'd go for the SB2. It's got a slimmer neck than the LB100, a bit more versatility with the PJ setup and the MFD pups. What's not to love?!?
  24. Jonesy


    They're so nice that I almost considered selling my other basses and buying another one, just so I could have a P with flats and P with rounds. I soon came to my senses, but I do always keep an eye out for another one, just in case.......
  25. Jonesy


    Is it just the tone you don't like about your current bass'? And what's been wrong with the P's you've played that made them not 'the one'? If you know the answer to those then you'll be closer to finding what series P that might fit the bill, it even if it's def a new bass you need. I've had a few Precision's and always ended up thinking they're a bit boring (mostly just because everyone has one) and moved them on, I've also always hated natural finishes. Anyway, now one of my favourite basses is a natural Japanese P with a maple board ๐Ÿคจ It just sounds so good with the rest of the band and always gets compliments. It's a 70s reissue, so also has a neck a lot closer to a jazz, which is a big plus for me too.
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