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  1. I prefer the neck of a J, but the sound of a P. J's are a bit too thin sounding for me, but a series/parallel switch sorts that out.
  2. I always used to think P's we're really boring. Everyone had one and they were just a bit big standard, so I generally stayed away from them. My first bass was a Squier affinity P bass, complete with machine heads that rattled, a crackly jack, scratchy pots and strap buttons that didn't like being attached to the body. So that was probably why I wasn't too keen on them. Then I picked up a really nice one (MIJ PB70US) and came to my senses. They just fit perfectly and there's a reason why they're a standard.
  3. That's what works for me, so hopefully it does the trick for you too. If it does and you're ever caught short then you can pick up solpadeine or boots own version of it over the counter too. Anything that is a mix of paracetamol and codeine will do the trick, I find the effervescent ones most effective as they act quicker. I was just scrolling through FB and found a for sale post where some bloke was selling a snakepick and said it's the only type of plectrum he can use since getting arthritis. I've never used one, but it might be worth a look if it works for him? And if you play with a pick?
  4. 100%, it comes with its own health warnings but, if you follow your doctor's advice when taking it then you should be fine
  5. Ibuprofen is a non steroidal anti inflammatory drug, so is good for reducing swelling and pain relief. At least that's my understanding. I'm not a doctor, but have been using it to help with gout for nearly 20 years (along with a few other meds). Gout is a different type of arthritis, so I'm not sure how sage this advice is, but......diclofenac is the most effective nsaid for me and I find soluble pain killer like solpadeine is good for pain relief when it's bad. The boots own version is good too, essentially anything with codeine in it is what I look for. I've tried a few natural remedies like turmeric and cherry and they don't work for me, but I do know people who swear by them, so they could be worth a go for you. When I have a flare up I generally try to rest, elevate and ice the joint as much as possible.
  6. Ah, didn't even know such a thing existed.......... probably better to get them rather than bodge some tape around a case 😂
  7. I've got a couple over the summer. Skunk Anansie at the Southbank Centre. I've never seen a band there, so am pretty interested in what it'll be like Pearl Jam in Hyde Park, supported by The Pixies and a few others. I've had tix for about 2 and a half years and OJ are one of my favourite bands, so I'm very excited!!
  8. Thought I'd share a bit of bodging in case anyone else finds it useful...... Carrying around a hard case with a plastic handle isn't the comfiest thing in the world. Top tip - pick up some tennis racket handle tape and, hey presto, you now have a case you can carry without without having to change hands every 2 minutes 😊
  9. I have a short pair for home use and a long pair for gigging. The long pair I've had for about 8 years or so and they're still going strong. 2 guitarists in my bands use them too and they really rate them too. The only thing I'd change about them is the colour choice. Fender have that vinyl covered line in their pastel colours (she'll pink, seafoam, Daphne blue etc) and it'd be nice to have those in tweed!
  10. Lovely stuff, that finish is great. I have the maple board version and the neck on these is one of my favourites, feels slightly chunkier back to front than my Fender. The gloss feels really nice too. Enjoy it!!
  11. I've said it before and I'll say it again - Koko Taylor, what a voice! I love the bass line for 'Trying to make a living' and there's a handy little vid on YT with someone playing it..... The original line was played by Cornelius Boyson, which I think we can all agree is a cool name and the dude looked even cooler......
  12. That finish looks lovely. Someone is going to end up with a gorgeous bass!
  13. For practice at home I usually pick up my SG. It's super light, short scale and easy to get around. When gigging/jamming with the band then I rotate between 3 different basses.
  14. I like the shape, but reckon they look better as guitars. There's something about this that doesn't quite sit right.......maybe it's the pups? Would it be better looking with a pair of humbuckers? I wish they made a St Vincent bass, that's probably my favourite MM shape
  15. A lovely bit of blues for a Friday morning.....The Hoax - Groove Breaker
  16. Another JB75 would probably be your cheapest bet? Although I think I remember seeing someone say that Squier necks also fit HBs.
  17. Pretty much all of them. I haven't got a bass in any of the below finishes, but I've got a hankering for.....Shell pink, Daphne blue, sea foam green, lake placid blue and Pelham blue recently. Oh, and gold. Buttercream is nice too.
  18. Can't beat a bit of Buddy Guy...... https://youtu.be/6xG3OCIsMrs
  19. Or, for something that's a bit more modern, but still traditional.....Kirk Fletcher. This is a nice little vid and he has tone for days.
  20. Koko Taylor's voice does it for me every time, it's just so powerful and really has some oomph behind it. Here's Koko with Willie Dixon.......
  21. I've always had them on my radar, but never really listened loads until i came across 'Heavy load blues', which came out last year. It's a really good album and has a nice cover of 'Snatch it back and hold it' that's worth a listen.
  22. Some great tracks so far! I've been listening to loads of Son Seals today (and always tbh) he's criminally under rated imo and lived a tragic life. His whole back catalogue is something special and his debut is a cracker, with Jon Riley laying down a nice little groove on the below.......
  23. Nice! Haven't really heard any of his stuff, I really dig these and now have him on Spotify 😃
  24. There's a few different threads for different genres and I had a quick search for the blues, but couldn't find any specific thread, so thought I'd create one! Thought this would be a cool place to chuck a load of tunes with good basslines, share any decent blues content or generally chat about the blues. Just to kick things off, here's Jerry Jemmott laying down a nice groove with BB King from 'Live and Well' If you're interested then there's also a handy lesson on YouTube:
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