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  1. Yeah, I know...I can sense defeat.
  2. The trouble for me is not so much the GAS as the refusal to let go of what I've got to make room for/justify the new acquisition. I thought I had everything I need before lockdown but now I've got real gas for a spector Euro 4LX. That would put me at 4 basses - which I know is at least 1 too many. But I can't get rid of: My Stingray cos I've had it for 30-odd years and its still my favourite My Corvette $$ cos it's a five string and there are 2 or 3 songs with the current band where I use it My Jazz cos at some point I'll need something passive and old school! - and it's a flamed maple top thing of beauty Thing is I do have 4 wall hangers, one of which is occupied by an 80's ibanez studio geetar... which I could get rid of.....🤔
  3. Dazm66

    Your Go To Bass

    This one. Bought new in '88, been with me ever since.
  4. Hab vent seen a mullet like that since the first Baywatch! Thank the lord its not the bass player.
  5. I go to a really good jam night at the salutation in Ipswich and they have bands on every weekend.
  6. You’re the first, the last, my everything by Barry White. Usually I try to put my own slant on a cover (cheat a bit) but I’m trying to keep to the original and it’s a bugger!
  7. Ipswich. Pub called the salutation. Great jam night every Thursday.
  8. Good luck with the gig. Enjoyed a jam last night with your drummer. Very tidy indeed.
  9. So as I said in my earlier post, I missed this last time as it’s an area of the forum that I don’t visit a lot so if this thread ends up on page 2 I’d probably not see it. Maybe the specific local bashes could all be stickies. I know there would be a lot, but at least they’d be visible?
  10. I completely missed this one. If there is to be another then I’ll be there (date permitting). Ipswich seems to be a sensible place but not sure of venues there. I used to rehearse in the back room of the Kingfisher pub. It’s huge and if I remember correctly was dirt cheap to hire.
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