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  1. Wow great bass, great colour, great price. If this had one more string I’d be writing a cheque now !!! GLWTS although you shouldn’t need it 👍🏻
  2. Yes of course, the nut is 40mm and the weight is 4.1kg Correction -sloppy measuring - width 41mm maybe 41.5mm (don't have any callipers!) Thanks
  3. ****************PRICE UPDATE******************** NOW £1,000 SHIPPED (UK)***********************European Shipping at cost So this was my first foray into the world of P Bass and I absolutely love it - however, as a solely (up until then!) 5 string player, I have now seen a 5 string PJ I want, so this has to go. Serial number suggests a 2009 build, and is in excellent condition, recently re-strung with Rotosound flats. No marks, chips, scratches, in the gloss black body, just the usual little swirls etc on the pick guard. Small scuff to rear of headstock, which you can just see in the picture. Has active/passive switching and you can pan between the P or J pickups or of course a blend of the two. Sounds just like a "traditional" P bass in passive mode panned to the P pickup, but bring the Jazz pickup in adds that extra tonal qualities. - 3 band EQ and tone control when in passive mode. - 41mm at the nut. - 18/19mm string spacing at bridge (neck through body stringing or top-load, whichever you prefer). - weight around 4.1kg. Balances nicely on the strap. - Has all the original case candy, receipts, documents etc. Case is built like a tank. PM me if interested - I can ship.
  4. Wow - nicest Lakland I’ve seen! GLWTS 👍🏻
  5. Risk101

    MB1 Feedback

    That is a lot of feedback !! Anyway, Martin purchased some strap-locks from me and it was nice dealing with him - an all round great experience. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend him, but with 15 pages of feedback already, I probably don't need to!! Thanks for your purchase Martin. David
  6. NEW PRICE £35. So having downsized my bass collection I have too many straps !! and this one is just too nice to leave in a drawer. It was made by Martin Pryce for me (see link below). I have two others from him that I'm keeping https://www.martinpryceleather.co.uk/collections/leather-guitar-straps/products/replica-gilmour-guitar-strap-custom-made-brown This one he made for me is 115cm from peg hole to peg hole but can go a fair bit shorter if you like. It is a lovely soft leather, and the 3" wide nature of it makes even the heaviest basses feel comfortable. It doesn't "ruck-up" in the annoying way that a lot of the adjustable straps do. Price includes postage within the UK and is less than half what a new one would cost. PM me if you'd like it.
  7. Set of used genuine Warwick strap locks as sadly I no longer have any Warwick basses 🥲. New price is around £20 or a bit less for some dubious eBay ones 😂 or £16.90 (+vat) plus £8 shipping from a big German Store! I’d give them away except the £5 is to cover P&P costs. PM me if you’d like them
  8. Classy bass and very classy playing! GLWTS. 👍🏻
  9. I'm closing this topic and withdrawing the bass - if after the event anyone fancies making me an offer, then just drop me a PM.
  10. Final price drop to £2,600. If it doesn’t sell by Monday 15th then I’m holding on to it 😂😂 So PM me if interested. Cheers
  11. I’d like to see this go to a good home, as part of my thinning of the collection so do feel free to make me an offer via PM. it’s a terrific bass and you won’t be disappointed. The pics don’t do it justice.
  12. Sold my Moog Sub37 to Max, @goffman and all went very smoothly. Good communication and quick payment - Max is a really nice guy. Thanks for your purchase Max, and I hope you have a lot of fun with it Recommended. David @Risk101
  13. New price folks £2,750 for this amazing piece of craftsmanship 😀
  14. Thanks!! Just not getting enough use so thinning the bass collection a bit!! Cheers.
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