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  1. Gorgeous - I had one in 5 string. Should never have let it go !!
  2. Ermm - you will - you will just have to pay 3.7% duty on "Musical instruments, the sound of which is produced, or must be amplified, electrically (for example, organs, guitars, accordions)" So Thomann may still be cheaper than some other suppliers................. On the other hand you could import a "rocket launcher or grenade launcher" at a 0% duty !!!! πŸ˜‰ https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/762822/UKs_Goods_Schedule_at_the_WTO.pdf
  3. Well they definitely do - if you're still looking to do this I could give you the contact point. They were excellent throughout the process, keeping me up to date right up to shipment followed by tracked delivery. That said the actual bass has only just been released from Stansted customs so I haven't seen what shape its in yet !!! Its coming on Monday........
  4. Just imported a "Sweetwater Exclusive" bass guitar and had reckoned on total import taxes being 20% VAT + 3.7% Duty for a guitar. However the Duty came to nearly 38%. when I queried it FEDEX said that if the shipment costs are not known, then they can be estimated based on the package's weight. Even allowing for this it seemed dear so I challenged it and it was duly reduced to just 27.5% inc handling fees. The helpful E Mail I got from FEDEX (although no apology for their vast over-estimation) said In order to clarify the amount of duties and taxes calculated, here is how the customs procedure for calculation looks like. In order to clarify the amount of duties and taxes calculated, here is how the customs procedure for calculation looks like. - First, value for duty is calculated: - Value for Duty = Invoice value+ freight charges (non EU share). Secondly, we calculate duty: - Duty = Customs value for Duty x Duty Rate % Third step is VAT calculation: - VAT = (Invoice Value + Freight Charges + Duty Payable + VAT Adjustment) x VAT rate (20%) Freight charge is used in duty and tax calculation (value for duty and Value Added Tax) and it may raise duty and tax required. Additionally on top of payment of duties and taxes you must add direct processing fee, which is ancillary charge of 2.5% of total duties and taxes but no less than 12 GBP. Which all seemed pretty reasonable - so all I had forgotten was that the 20% VAT is the last calculation so you pay VAT on the Duty !!! Pretty pleased overall for a cheap-ish Squier 5 string bass that you can't get in Europe !
  5. Charlie is one of the best bass players on planet right now - who knows, maybe some of the magic will rub off on whoever buys this bass! GLWTS πŸ‘
  6. Nice playing buddy, especially those tricky harmonics. Classic Warwick punchy tone too. Someone is going to be very happy! GLWTS πŸ‘
  7. Last I heard Harry is on the North Kent coast - super nice guy and reliable seller. Have a bump on me Harry and hope all is well soon.
  8. This used to be mine and is an excellent bass with fantastic tonal variety, and is one of the later ones with active/passive switching. In top notch condition too - if I hadn't just bought another bass I'd have it back in a flash! GLWTS Marshall.
  9. Marshall just bought my Fender Jazz. Super talented bassist and lovely guy. A pleasure dealing with you!
  10. Sold to the hugely talented Marshall. Please close the thread.
  11. For sale is my beautiful 2014 Fender Jazz Deluxe with the 18v active pre-amp, with toggle switch to change to passive. Controls are: volume, pick-up pan, stacked bass/treble and stacked mid-range/passive tone. Excellent range of tones available, and can do a good job of mimicking a Fender P Bass. String spacing can be varied a little via the "notching" on the bridges, and is currently c18mm. Nice low action and even tone across the fretboard. In really, really, good condition, no dings or scratches. Some light marking on the pick-guard as you'd expect, and very, very light marking to the rear that won't come out in photos. Overall condition-wise I'd give it 9/10. Although not pictured I have the original plush hard case which is included in the sale. Its in good condition - the locks all work and I have the key. There is a slight crack to one corner which does not affect function. Collection preferred due to value and damage risks. I work in London so could meet up there, but otherwise I'm near Chelmsford in Essex. PM me if you are interested in this lovely instrument.
  12. Lovely - string space too wide for me though. Good luck with the sale it’s gonna make someone very happy! Have a free bump πŸ‘
  13. Lovely. What would the weight and string spacing be on this beauty?
  14. Beautiful bass, lovely tone and super playing. If I could justify the cost I’d be all over this!! GLWTS Roger πŸ‘
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