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  1. Wow lovely bass - shame for me not 5 string! 😂 Great seller too - GLWTS
  2. Lovely bass this - surprised it’s still here. Have a bump on me!
  3. That chip will touch in and become almost invisible with some black guitar paint. Lovely bass - if I didn’t have a 5 string P with an MM pickup on the way! GLWTS
  4. Great idea ! So I downloaded Chrome to the iphone and the thumbnail pics appeared, then "signed in" to Basschat and the thumbnails disappeared! "signed out" and they were still gone ! They re-appeared briefly after closing and re-opening Chrome after signing out, but now whether signed in or out the've gone in Chrome 🥵 and nothing seems to get them back Grrrrr!
  5. Thanks guys - still no joy. Tried hiding and unhiding thumbnails and am in “expanded view” but still no joy. I’m loathe to “clear all data” in iPhone settings but might have to try that. this is what my view turned into a couple of days ago; Cheers
  6. Hi - yesterday my phone (iPhone) stopped displaying the pics when browsing “for sale” forums. Any ideas how to get these back and yes I have “restarted” my phone 😂😂 everything’s fine when using other, ahem, bass forums ! thanks
  7. Nothing better than black body with black pickguard imo 😂 👍🏻 GLWTS
  8. Just love black and gold! If I didn’t have a P Bass on the way from Italy I’d be seriously tempted!! GLWTS
  9. Surprised this is still here - an absolute bargain in my opinion!! GLWTS
  10. Ooh very nice - the block inlays are lovely and less common than the dots I think? Shame it has a string missing for me😂 GLWTS
  11. That is a lot of bass for the money and looks awesome! GLWTS 👍🏻
  12. Gorgeous bass - bit out of my price range but good luck with the sale 👍🏻
  13. Love these basses - shame they don’t seem to do them or come up very often as 5 strings! Good luck with the sale.
  14. I'd have to kill you if I told you!! No seriously, they do just turn up from time to time. A US dealer told me that sometimes when a CS bass arrives at the dealership the case has small damage (they aren't that well built TBH), or the buyer doesn't want to pay the extra, and in the former situation Fender send a new one........
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