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  1. Last I heard Harry is on the North Kent coast - super nice guy and reliable seller. Have a bump on me Harry and hope all is well soon.
  2. This used to be mine and is an excellent bass with fantastic tonal variety, and is one of the later ones with active/passive switching. In top notch condition too - if I hadn't just bought another bass I'd have it back in a flash! GLWTS Marshall.
  3. Marshall just bought my Fender Jazz. Super talented bassist and lovely guy. A pleasure dealing with you!
  4. Sold to the hugely talented Marshall. Please close the thread.
  5. For sale is my beautiful 2014 Fender Jazz Deluxe with the 18v active pre-amp, with toggle switch to change to passive. Controls are: volume, pick-up pan, stacked bass/treble and stacked mid-range/passive tone. Excellent range of tones available, and can do a good job of mimicking a Fender P Bass. String spacing can be varied a little via the "notching" on the bridges, and is currently c18mm. Nice low action and even tone across the fretboard. In really, really, good condition, no dings or scratches. Some light marking on the pick-guard as you'd expect, and very, very light marking to the rear that won't come out in photos. Overall condition-wise I'd give it 9/10. Although not pictured I have the original plush hard case which is included in the sale. Its in good condition - the locks all work and I have the key. There is a slight crack to one corner which does not affect function. Collection preferred due to value and damage risks. I work in London so could meet up there, but otherwise I'm near Chelmsford in Essex. PM me if you are interested in this lovely instrument.
  6. Lovely - string space too wide for me though. Good luck with the sale it’s gonna make someone very happy! Have a free bump 👍
  7. Lovely. What would the weight and string spacing be on this beauty?
  8. Beautiful bass, lovely tone and super playing. If I could justify the cost I’d be all over this!! GLWTS Roger 👍
  9. Did you look at the back of the bass?? Very strange!! Also it weighs just over 12lbs - ouch ! Yes, Grangur, would love to see your refinishing skills applied to the blue corvette - get in the shed !! 😜
  10. In my (humble!) opinion if it was in absolutely top condition, with the brass “JAN” I would say about £1,300/1,400. As it is, I would think more like £1,000/1,100 or so. All very subjective of course because some people aren’t too bothered about the cosmetics! 🤔
  11. Ooh thanks, tempting - as you say, quite significantly overpriced imo too, especially given the condition of the back, still got the original (rubbish) tedur nut etc. I’m only half an hour from Colchester!!!
  12. What a classic! Like the strap button position to help with the balance!
  13. Wow - that video is simply amazing!!! Nice job!!
  14. Great playing mate, and yes, it sounds exactly as I remember 😥although I've never been into that type of music (but can still appreciate it !!). Hmmm wonder if I can get some inlays on the Infinity !!! ?!
  15. Ha! Yes seated the Infinity is fine, although the side dots are almost invisible so with no fret inlays either, a bit of a nightmare in a darkened auditorium!! Marcoelwray - the Thumb "Dirty Blonde" Ltd Edition is 2006. I've seen them pop up very occasionally on Ebay Kleinanzeigen (which is actually where I got mine from!)..........before I sold it two years later!
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