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  1. So with some hesitance that I'm listing my lovely Spector NS5H2 to raise funds for other projects. Hand built by Spector in the USA and signed by the man himself. It has a gorgeous unmarked buckeye burl top, and a lightweight mahogany body. Its completely original and comes with the original hardshell case. String spacing looks to be no more than 17mm at the bridge (hard to be precise without calipers). Scale length is 35". Not sure what more to say really. If you're looking seriously at this you will know all the details. The bottom end on this thing is huge, but easily controllable via the 3 band OBP 3 EQ. I believe the pickups are the EMG 40s. Strung with Elixir Nanoweb Nickel strings with plenty of life in them. I'll weigh it later, but it is well under 9lbs. Points to note; the case has had the lock replaced (I have the key) at some point and has a few scuffs on top, and there is one small mark on the underside of the bottom edge of the body (pictured). Electronics all noiseless as you would expect. Contact me via PM if you need more details or have any queries. I'd prefer collection (Essex or London) but wouldn't rule out posting at your expense. Cheers David
  2. Also a great bit of kit for home recording your bass - I used one through lockdown to record bass parts 👍🏻👍🏻 This is great value for money.
  3. This is an absolute bargain for a Shuker. Love my series 2. GLWTS.
  4. Lovely - I had the same bass some years back and like and idiot sold it! As said already, it sounds nothing like a thumb but has a unique but still Warwick like tone. I see like mine this one has had the nut upgraded to the brass version which gives more zing! The other nice thing about these is that they are usually quite light. if you decide to sell in future, give me a shout 😂😂
  5. That is the most beautiful single cut I have ever seen - gorgeous!! GLWTS
  6. Agree with @hooky_lowdown - Yamaha make really decent basses and incredible price points. The think I've found (having owned a few over the years) is that they seem to have nailed down the quality control really well, so the general build fit & finish is usually good. I have found them sometimes to be a bit on the heavy side. One of my very early basses was a Yamaha TRB5 (first series) and I thought the bridge on that was brass (I may be wrong) and the sustain was excellent. The only thing often found on them was not so great jack inputs, easily fixed by switching to a better quality component. So have you swapped rhythm guitar for good and come over to the dark side? If you have, just be aware that you will never appear in any music videos !!!! 😂😂 We are invisible !!
  7. Oh, and I forgot to mention that for a Fender 5 string, it weighs a very sensible 9.0 lbs !!!
  8. Just got this - used to have one in natural a few years but sold it for some reason !! Have always liked the black ones as it makes the large pickguard less obvious. i Just love the tinted neck and gold coloured block inlays. Looks mint in the pictures, but in fact its nicely "road-worn" for its 10 years, with little dings, chips, scratches here and there which will make me less worried about putting the first mark on it! Set up was poor when I got it, so have adjusted the truss, all the saddles, intonation etc and it plays really nicely. Swapped out the completely dead strings for a partially used set I had to give a bit more brightness - plan to put Elixirs on when I can get some at a sensible price! I know there are mixed thoughts on the pre-am/pickups (I'm assuming these are stock for now) but it sounds good, and there is no discernible single coil hum and no apparent earth/grounding issues - might be a different matter when recording or on a fully lit stage etc. Tone controls as most of you will know are treble/bass and boost/boost only. The bass boost is ridiculous, but set at about a 1/3rd it gives a nice tone. Pondering whether to replace the chrome knobs with fender-style black ones (the original would have been the unusual half and half which I'm not keen on).
  9. Ooh very nice indeed 👍🏻👍🏻 I love that owners can properly look after the oiled/waxed finishes unlike the gloss stuff!
  10. Phew - only got 4 strings!!! Absolutely gorgeous. GLWTS 👍🏻
  11. Great playing - had never heard of Jordan Mackampa, but having listened to his stuff on YouTube (with your cool bass playing) I'll definitely be checking out a gig!! GLWTS
  12. Someone is going to be very happy - an absolute peach of a bass!!
  13. You’re teasing us with the gig bag pic !!!
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  15. Lozz bought my Fender P bass and was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Lovely to chat about favourite bands and stuff like that. Top bloke - would recommend to others whether buying or selling Thanks for your purchase Dave
  16. Love the finish on it - unusual and stunning!
  17. Shuker makes seriously good basses. My Series 2 is my “go to” bass for reliability, ease of playing, and recording quality. This one looks fab and I reckon would cost more than twice this price to spec new. GLWTS
  18. Great story and I can imagine the horror of finding the recorder was not connected !!! a wonderful insight into the inner workings of a huge business 👍🏻
  19. Wow great bass, great colour, great price. If this had one more string I’d be writing a cheque now !!! GLWTS although you shouldn’t need it 👍🏻
  20. Yes of course, the nut is 40mm and the weight is 4.1kg Correction -sloppy measuring - width 41mm maybe 41.5mm (don't have any callipers!) Thanks
  21. ****************PRICE UPDATE******************** NOW £1,000 SHIPPED (UK)***********************European Shipping at cost So this was my first foray into the world of P Bass and I absolutely love it - however, as a solely (up until then!) 5 string player, I have now seen a 5 string PJ I want, so this has to go. Serial number suggests a 2009 build, and is in excellent condition, recently re-strung with Rotosound flats. No marks, chips, scratches, in the gloss black body, just the usual little swirls etc on the pick guard. Small scuff to rear of headstock, which you can just see in the picture. Has active/passive switching and you can pan between the P or J pickups or of course a blend of the two. Sounds just like a "traditional" P bass in passive mode panned to the P pickup, but bring the Jazz pickup in adds that extra tonal qualities. - 3 band EQ and tone control when in passive mode. - 41mm at the nut. - 18/19mm string spacing at bridge (neck through body stringing or top-load, whichever you prefer). - weight around 4.1kg. Balances nicely on the strap. - Has all the original case candy, receipts, documents etc. Case is built like a tank. PM me if interested - I can ship.
  22. Wow - nicest Lakland I’ve seen! GLWTS 👍🏻
  23. Risk101

    MB1 Feedback

    That is a lot of feedback !! Anyway, Martin purchased some strap-locks from me and it was nice dealing with him - an all round great experience. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend him, but with 15 pages of feedback already, I probably don't need to!! Thanks for your purchase Martin. David
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