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  1. Beautiful. Just moved house so unless you are willing to accept 24 months interest free credit I'm scuppered. Good luck with the sale
  2. Walter Becker R.I.P.

    Sad news indeed
  3. SKR 4u flight case

    Sell that one and get one free
  4. SKR 4u flight case

    I have a SKR 4u case sitting in my garage collecting dust. I paid nothing so will not expect anything for it. I live near Kings Lynn Norfolk. Collection preferred
  5. Thank you. Great service

    I posted on here that I was having problems with ordering from bassline publishing. Stuart Clayton contacted me and resolved the problem quickly and I was able to order the book I was after. Brilliant service from Stuart and thanks to BC for providing the website which allows us to talk to each other Jon
  6. Baseline publishing

    Thanks for your replies. Afraid I don't do Facebook
  7. Basschat Wedding

    Very best wishes.
  8. Baseline publishing

    Hi. I have been trying to purchase a book from baseline publishing but have forgotten the password. I have requested (6 times) to reset my password as instructed on website but to no avail. I have tried 're registration but that just tells me I already use the mail address. Has anyone else had problems. I eventually found the contact number but that remains unanswered
  9. Hi, I have just purchased my first acoustic bass, a Fender CB100CE, and wish to put flat wound strings on it, any advice on which ones are best? Cheers Jon
  10. Hi, Are these good guitars? I have been looking for an inexpensive jazz bass and came across these. Any advice/comments welcome Thanks Jono
  11. Wearing gloves whilst playing bass

    Thanks for that. I don't have any medical conditions so no need to explore further. Other than aches + pains (knees, hips) carpal tunnel syndrome, memory loss and flactulence.
  12. Hi I have noted that some bass players like to play wearing gloves. Why is this? What advantages, if any, are there and if so what are they made from, would fibres catch in the strings. Jono
  13. Adele.If you are not depressed before listening to her you will be afterwards.Also ABBA. Every nerve in my body goes into spasm within the first three notes
  14. Are you a bigot?

    Our band at the moment comprises of three 50+ musicians a 30+ musician. I was talking to a 19 year old keyboard player and she said she would love to join us. Age or gender is not always an obstacle. It's how you feel about yourself. We have fun and play music.
  15. To those no longer with us

    2016 has not been such a good year for well known people. But what about those who encouraged, taught or influenced us. Lets give recognition to anyone who is no longer with us but gave us the encouragement to suceed with our musical or other abilities. Whether they are relatives, friends, teachers or poeple you have seen who have inspired you. lets praise them. Famous or not. Mine was my music teacher at school. Although I didn't take up playing the bass untill i was 49 I always hear her voice in my head encouraging all her pupils, regardless of ability, to listen to, play or just enjoy all types of music. Unfortunatly her name escapes me, but thank you