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  1. Tried using Zoom last night for an online practice but it was a miserable failure. Are there any platforms which can be used for this purpose?
  2. I'm lucky in that I have a job I cannot do from home but how are you spending your day? Have you been a list of jobs? Are you driving each other crazy? The kids sending you insane? Share you experiences or just rant and rave and get it off your chest. Share it with fellow BCers , some one might just have an idea or solution
  3. I discovered flats after many years of round wound. I only have one bass and by the time I had needed to change strings and tried different makes, some £50 per set, it took some time and cost. Trialling them at an earlier stage may have allowed me to discover my prefered type
  4. Sad news, hope he make a full recovery
  5. With such a wide selection of strings now available, flat wound, round wound, half round, nylon coated. Wouldn't it be helpful if maybe some of the bigger stores (cost implications for smaller outlets) had a few basses strung with different types of strings so comparisons could be made
  6. Friday bump. Please give me a new home🤗
  7. Lovely bass for beginners or those wanting to move up to 5 strings.
  8. Have decided to go for a less weighty bass so my muched loved G & L is looking for a new home G & L come from the Leo Fender stable and as you would expect they are well built and wonderful to play. I have it strung with LaBella round wound strings and the action is set low. Weight is a smidge over 9lb on bathroom scales Condition is very good but there are a few scratches which I hope show in the pictures. I would prefer collection but can meet within reasonable distance or arrange courier at buyers expense Please feel free to contact me with any questions and give this lovely bass a new home
  9. Love it but no money spare, GLWTS
  10. I would be happy to try again. East Anglia is such a big area. Any suggestions as to where and when?
  11. Hi. I am very grateful to those of you who have shown interest but I feel that this has become a non starter. I have a 140 mile round trip and with only 9 interested I cannot justify in my mind carrying on. Sorry but I'm going to cancel this event
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