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  1. +1. Comfortable good sounding earphones and 3m of cable which is very handy whilst playing standing up
  2. I'm a little confused. Is it the venue who has to have the licence or the band/performer that needs a licence to perform/record other people's songs?
  3. I have decided to withdraw this sale as haven't had much interest. Feel free to contact me via PM in the future when things pick up Jono
  4. Wow, unfortunately this is to heavy for me. I'm looking to go lighter otherwise I would have had this lovely bass
  5. I am now considering trades, must be light weight, or possibly headless bass of equal value
  6. Tried searching Hohner but not much came up in my price range
  7. Hi, I am a young in mind but crumbling in body player and have been looking at headless basses. Apart from Steinberger's there doesn't seem to be much of a choice on the market in my budget range,, up to £500. This being dependent on the sale of my Ibanez multi scale bass. I would like your opinion on Steinberger's 5 string option and whether my investment is a good one Cheers Jono
  8. Times are hard, not much hope of selling at the moment me thinks🤔
  9. Re listing my Ibanez. I am open to sensible offers as I am including a hard case and set of flat wound strings.
  10. Anth, GhostRider, was a great person to deal with. Traded my Barefaced S12T for his markbass 2x10 + some cash. Prompt no quibble. Good communication and very pleasant all round dood.
  11. Welcome. A good teacher can spot faults which you may develop if you self teach or watch videos. Enjoy the ride and start or join a band. I found it helped me improve my confidence and you get a real buzz playing live
  12. Reduced to £600.00. Lovely christmas present for a loved one or a treat for yourself
  13. I've done it, I said to my self I wouldn't drop again but I have to do something to tempt you
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