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  1. Yes, the 5 was from Peach. That makes 4 of them now, I probably should stop.
  2. At last I have a matching pair.
  3. Hi, I read that the Irish/EU import tax for a bass manufactured in USA is 3.2% but it does seem very hard to get a straight answer so I could be completely wrong. Appears it’s the country of manufacture that matters, not where you buy it from! Totally understand if this is a bit off-putting but thanks for looking.
  4. Yes, in principle, subject to checking out courier costs and any post-Brexit stuff and nonsense. I’ll look into it. So, DPD will ship UK to Ireland for £26.85 standard delivery but that's with no insurance! They will only insure for loss, not damage and that would cost £57.50 extra, making £84.35. While the bass is in a fitted hard case and I would thoroughly pack around the outside, this would have to be entirely at your risk. I think you might also be liable for import tax but I can't seem to find anything definitive.
  5. 2008 Musicman Stingray 5 H in Honeyburst. A1 condition in Musicman hard case including original case candy. I have owned this bass from new. Case is also in excellent condition and is hardly used. Weight of bass is 4.25kg/9.4lbs. It has 3 very minor marks shown in the photos, any other apparent marks are dust/light reflections. This bass is in near-immaculate condition and a stunning example. Now withdrawn as I’d never get another one this good at the discount I was offering. Decided to keep it!
  6. Basically wrote and recorded this with friends during lockdown as a result of trying to learn modes and scales with SBL. Feedback welcomed!
  7. Gorgeous bass. And you're right, looks so much nicer without a huge scratchplate.
  8. I'm a convert. That B string is (was) a life saver when the singer says, "can we drop this a semi-tone?" Still great to pick up a 4 if the band sticks in sensible keys.
  9. Burnt Ends please! (Would love to see that as a Sterling 5 HH)
  10. Thanks all for some really good advice, the build your own is an attractive proposition, but probably for the future. My main driver is for recording work (precious little live work at the mo) and to see what I'm missing! I'm currently using Musicmans and a Jazz but want to dip into the fabled P-bass tone, not necessarily as my primary, go-to bass but to add the sound to my armoury. Who knows, I may get the bug but will take something to knock my USA Sterling off it's perch. Budget not really an issue providing I don't lumber myself with a dud so in this climate (buying blind), I agree with the advice that vintage is probs not the right option. @Lozz196 I saw the MIJs on Bass Direct and they might just fit the bill. Hmm, choices!
  11. Doing some more digging, it does sound like vintage US examples can be variable so would agree to try first. MIJ models seem to be more consistent (and cheaper) so this might be the way to go.
  12. So I’ve decided I probably need a p-bass in my life but do I go for new or vintage? If vintage, is there any truth to the horrors of the CBS years or is that a myth? Maybe the build quality of MIJ is the way to go or do I just get something brand new(ish)? In the depths of lockdown, getting about to try stuff is not really an option so I’m looking for opinions. Yes, I know there’s a ton of stuff on here already but it’s bewildering so at the risk of getting shot down in sunburst, thought I’d put the question out there again.
  13. I can highly recommend the Musicman Sterling 5 which I think has the same neck but a slightly lighter and smaller body than the Stingray 5 (and looks nicer). Both have the same nut width of 44.5mm so are relatively compact 5 strings. I am lucky enough to have both but tend to always go for the Sterling, it's just so silky and playable. I also have a Jazz 5, which with a nut width of nearly 48mm and while having a tone to die for, feels like playing a gate post compared to the Musicman 5s. I hear the Ray basses are excellent too if the USA made MMs are over budget. That Cort bass looks great value, but I think the specs are wrong for a 5 string, quoting a nut width of 39mm, which sounds more like a 4 string, but happy to be corrected if anyone knows for sure.
  14. Set of LongEvo nickel plated 5s arrived today and fitted to Jazz 5 and FULL MARKS (bad pun) to Mark Bass for making the B & E string windings long enough to allow them to be roved through the body and sit correctly at the nut. I posted about Elixirs being too short about a year ago and have not found a suitable coated string since, until now. (And no, the Jazz bass is not 35" scale!). First pic shows Elixirs and the taper of the B & E sitting in the nut slot (causing intonation issues) and the second pic shows Mark Bass LongEvo B & E string taper starting past the nut. Only a few mm different but a world of difference in sound quality. Please don't change the spec! Initial impressions are that the LongEvo's feel and sound great, time (and the return of gigs) will tell if they are durable.
  15. Has anyone tried out the Humboldt Simplifier Bass Station yet? Thinks it's fairly new, looks and sounds great but wonder how it compares to preamp/DI competition e.g Tech21, Aguilar, Darkglass etc. https://youtu.be/EFXydwEkIgM
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