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  1. Ah I see... pick player. Answers alot of questions. **runs for cover**
  2. Same here, been on the site a long time and only good buy/sell experiences. I once recieved a cab sold not as advertised, but the buyer took it back and refunded. That's the worst I have had. So not complaints here! Good ol' BC, long may it rein as the best bass forum EVER! P.S ......I had my beady eye on your OW 69P the other day too @walshy 😁.
  3. I saw the add too, always wanted a klystron head. But just don't need one, in the past I would have been on that ad like a fly on ****, I must have turned the GAS corner at last for amps! If only it were true for basses.
  4. Hello Al, Yes that's right, it was the first model out of the stables. Truly rubbish..
  5. I had the boss synth briefly too, but found the tracking to be awful.
  6. I have the old EH microsynth. About 20 years old now. I found it to be really sensitive to the touch of strings, it also has a input pot underneath to help. Great array of sounds, pretty versatile for synth sounds I thought and a natty wooden box too! Bad points, 18v and no batteries. Also really poorly built internally. Each slider has a could of really thin wires that attach to separate circuit board. These also seemed to be detatching. Final straw was a gig 'ooop north' a solo act lady on before us with a heavy cold managed to kick a drink on it and then step on it breaking some sliders. Too much night nurse apparently. It was never the same after that. Still got it though!
  7. I'd happily recommend a Trace Elliott valve head, I've had a twin, couple of quatra's, v4 & v6. I sold a Hexa, regretted it and found it again in France. Its sporting a revalve via the good folks at Ashdown. The Twin, Hexa and Quatra do valve sound, deep and articulate (very versatile due to the graphic etc..) and dont really break up too much, certainly not dirty. Not very heavy either.
  8. I think Mick's view from his work experience is just as valid as yours (accepting Mick prefers Spectors over Warwicks) From a wider general public view (ie in my view not having any first hand experience) I see alot of 'local rag' reports of court proceedings from so called professionals that use these conditions as a defence. Whether that is right or wrong (as a defence), the link to crime as a reason for a soft sentence galvanise's public opinion to rubbish it as valid. IMV. Please don't get me wrong, I am in no way suggesting your family are in any way linked to crime. I'm just trying to highlight negative publicity that may contribute to views that I see on the ***southeast county containing Dover*** online webpage that exacerbates pre held views when debates like this occur.
  9. Best bass related purchase of 2020? £500 on my divorce.
  10. Now that, I like! Not on stock tho.. http://www.bachmusik.com/en/bbp-60-ma-mjbs-hb_p2434
  11. I'm not cool enough, but I'm tempted!
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