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  1. Another positive from me, I currently use as a DI into our desk, I find the harmonics most useful.
  2. I don’t really do it for the music. i love the loading, lifting, sweating, unloading, driving and small stages. oh, and give me some uneven stairs too, lots of them! 😀
  3. I thought that, it’s where I’d like my ‘68 to be.
  4. Loved mine, it went to Europe... 😟 should not have sold it!
  5. Standard sting spacing @Hamster ?
  6. I’ve always had a soft spot for flying V’s GLWTS
  7. Neaby there is the cricketers too that usually has music. although not the best decor, poppy’s Italian is usually good food and also a Lebanese (?) next door which has nice food. Both just off the high st near westgate
  8. No idea, he is sitting in the bass pocket a treat though.
  9. Who’s here then??? I’m super excited! 3rd time seeing them!
  10. I was thinking this, but wanted to be sure
  11. Hello all, could anyone advise on a period correct 1968 fender p bass pickup? Most authentic as possible. thanks!
  12. A public thank you to Pete who supplied said knob, great fella!
  13. Well, I’ve got it. It’s an active one, SB320 according to the back plate. Year 95, again, according to the backplate
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