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  1. I'm pretty messy are a part of the main head, but keep practicing, it can only get better.
  2. A couple of the fills are really tricky, they are the two obvious ones. See how I go with those!!
  3. Having a go at some great (but some might say cheesy) tunes! Really enjoying working them out and in a few cases, trying to push my so called bass skills: What a fool believes Maybe I'm amazed Don't let the sun go down on me (EJ) Burlesque (Family) Forget me knotts Sir Duke
  4. I sold the one I'd never sell. See:
  5. Buy my monitor. I found it fab, then went in ear.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. Hiya Chris, yup doing ok down on the coast... hope you are good too! I thought it might be a nice addition for raising a double monitor set up for home working, but it's not wide enough. shame, it's a lovely piece of wood. 😀
  8. Does anyone have some tab they could send over for this? Ta muchly Andrew
  9. Cheers both, I seem to remember it being the BT7, but then chanced upon the 3. I will have a measure up!
  10. Hello all, Can someone tell me if I need a a hipshot bt3 or bt7 for my Sandberg California? Not sure of the difference!
  11. Back on topic.... lovely bass that @walshy I've said it before I say it again, still got my beady little eyes on it. 🙂 GLWTS
  12. I love this, but it's a string short for my fancy.. GLWTS
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