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  1. I still have the twin, sounds great, rarely gets an outing though. I have an SWR 6x10 for it
  2. I diddnt like the look of it either terrible, terrible bass 😀
  3. Did the same to a GP7, you could really boost presence through the effects loop. Much better than through the pre.
  4. andytoad

    Pre CBS Restoration

    ooooooooh nice bass! 😀
  5. andytoad

    Sold Iphone 6 16gb

    Iphone 6 with charger and box, 16GB in good condition (not excellent though) Price includes insured delivery
  6. Dod FX25B - has the same old issue of loosing volume when on, good for modding I guess ...sold TC Electronic Tube Pilot - works fine. Hardly used £20 Chord pedal tuner - dodgy 9v input? not sure. work fine on battery Sold Dave Hall VT1 Compressor with generic PSU - Sold price includes delivery
  7. andytoad

    Your Worst Gig Ever

    Interruptions seem common, someone usually walks up to the singer of guitarist mid song to ask them something, not at all considering the band are mid number. We played an outside gig the other week where this happened due to a lost bag. She repeatedly harangued the guitarist for multiple announcements. Turns out the owner was standing next to her (and said bag) all along. ’come on love, we’re trying to close the set’ was overheard...
  8. andytoad

    Life's priorities, at 20 vs whatever age your are now

    20's was a pissup until late 20's when the fear of achievement started to creep in. Now (40), family, happy times, comfortable income and a peaceful place to live. Plus gigs of-course.
  9. andytoad

    Your Worst Gig Ever

    5 hr drive to South Wales, unwelcoming social club for five young lads, told to get off after 5 songs ‘you are the worst band we have ever seen’ make it your last. Packing up the van hurriedly feeling like we are about to be lynched. Never got paid. great gig.
  10. Ah 470 miles from me, little far to try it out! 😀
  11. andytoad

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    Whats the view on UE11 pros or is there better out there for the price point? The web says specifically for bass players..
  12. andytoad

    Decent headphone amp

    Ok, so the P2 is about £40 and the stick about £120. Do you get what you pay for, is there a large noticeable step change in performance?
  13. andytoad

    Decent headphone amp

    We have a digital desk so I’m fine to control my mix, I might try the stick then, although the EQ ability on the shure still sounds tempting.
  14. andytoad

    Decent headphone amp

    You went for the in ear stick @dood?