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  1. Guys and girls, I've been happily using KZ AS12's for the past few years, I really like them. However, they are now falling apart, I noticed there are AS15's that still have 2xbass apertures like the 12's, anyone have experience with a comparison or experience of the 15's? They are 50 quid dearer, are they worth the extra? Thanks Andrew
  2. I'm aways interested in different ways to spuff my money, so feel free!
  3. Worth a nose on the site then, just perusing! 😁
  4. Love the look and idea of these, would love one, but miles away and also have other amps I don't use!!! GLWTS
  5. Bump. Come on people, help me out! 🙂
  6. I've got ZS10's after trying various. Had them over a year and stick with them. Two or three gigs a week, so far still good. Very pleased.
  7. Being a moronic plum, I moronically plumed for the wrong scale labella flexible flats. Naturally I opened the packet and tried the E-string only to notice my moronic plum like error. Therefore, played short scale strings including delivery. Packet opened, E-string tried.
  8. @walshyand why prey tell me have you not told me about this? https://www.thebassmonkey.co.uk/basses-1/p/1970-fender-precision-bass-sunburst
  9. Mart bought my barefaced, great comms top chap, will deffo deal with again! 😁
  10. Ah ok, I'm a loooooooong way away! GLWTS
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