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  1. Bass Di with EQ and distortion, works great, no issues aside from flaky paint on the underside. further blurb can be found on tinternet. Such as... https://m.thomann.de/gb/mxr_m80_bass_di_plus.htm?gclid=CjwKCAjw7IbaBRBqEiwA6AyZgtLfdnC7pJPIMJlBCgxzoqP5sVdf152nZbkTK7Readwk2C9Ci9VI2BoCfkAQAvD_BwE other websites are available! No box, power supply or instructions, however, I will package it up nicely for safe postage. priced to sell at £70 inc delivery.
  2. Nice! My y.o.b bass!
  3. andytoad

    If Chris Squire Played in U2

    Come on people, I’m sure Bonio is helping all those in the 3rd world with his tax haven. He’s using the system against itself.
  4. andytoad

    Sold - ‘87 Warwick streamer SII

    Yes still up for selling, it’s just in its case at the moment not being played...
  5. Headless bass is part of what status is all about right Mick? Quite agree, I can’t get on with headless basses, so if I had a status, I’d go with a neck like this...
  6. andytoad

    The classic 'band and a wall' photo

    Ahh yes, fond memories of the guys making baklava swearing and threatening us for blocking the road while we unload! 😀
  7. andytoad

    Sold - ‘87 Warwick streamer SII

    Back up for sale bump...
  8. andytoad

    Green Onions done wrong.

    I played a few ‘beauties’ tonight which lead to a number of I heard that looks from the guitarist and keyboard player.
  9. andytoad

    Rack Case V-Amp

    Hello Stew, thanks for first offer! 😀 I will pass on it as it’s not a localish pickup... cheers.
  10. andytoad

    Sold - Valeton dapper fx

    Forgot to mention a few marks on the back...
  11. andytoad

    Sold - Valeton dapper fx

    Up for sale is a effects DI on a budget, works fine, only has the Europe adaptor, so you will need your own or a converter. price includes shipping in uk. web blurb below: TUNER: First in line is a big, bright, fast and accurate tuner so you can play confidently in tune. BOOST COMP: BOOST COMP is a booster and compressor combo. Set-to-forget knobs make it simply diabolical. DIRTY Q: The DIRTY Q module is an envelope filter with some interesting tricks. Tweak the knobs onboard until you find the vocal tone that suits your playing style. BASS AMP: This BASS AMP module will give your bass the life it needs for every musical genre. The EQ is golden with cleans and highly responsive even with the gain up. OCTAVE: Use the all-analog monophonic OCTAVE module to beef up your low end, create synthy leads, or make everything crash off the walls. Individual octave and dry control ensure maximum inspiration. CHORUS: Plunge into the lush CHORUS module to take your sound to a brave new world. No patience for annoying parameters – the single depth knob will let you decide how deep into analog chorus dimensions you want to go. And Dapper Bass is expandable for everything else you might need too: FX LOOP: Hook up your other effects— as many as you want!— and make Dapper Bass the core of your rig. THRU and XLR out: Use the THRU output jack to run through some parallel effects (rack processors, interfaces, etc.) or do some re-amping. The XLR OUT feeds a balanced signal to audio interfaces or mixers. FEATURES ● TUNER module with fast, accurate tuning ● Powerful BOOST COMP module for kicking your sound up ● Sensitive, vocal-like DIRTY Q module with some interesting tricks ● BASS AMP module with wide tonal flexibility ● All-analog monophonic OCTAVE module with individual octave/dry signal control ● Warm, lush CHORUS module for expanding your sound dimensions ● FX LOOP for extending the effects chain ● Different outputs to run through bass amps, audio interfaces, mixers and other gear
  12. andytoad

    Rack Case V-Amp

  13. andytoad

    Rack Case V-Amp

    Shame I’m not closer!