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  1. andytoad


    Martin bought a pedaltrain from me, great comms and paid promptly. cheers! Andrew
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. I’d still love this bass, but would turn a cool bass into something totally uncool by me wearing it! Have a bump...
  4. Does this have the little green led valve that indicates input gain?
  5. Just up the road from me.... oooh tempting! I once had a v6 and it was top notch. This sounds like it has some nice history with it too! GLWTS
  6. Stuart is one of the original inspirations for me playing bass! Im less than 10 miles away but have no choice to work. ☹️ Gutted.
  7. Oh yeah I remember now, I played that Spector round yours that time! out of interest, do you still have that 4 string Warwick in read, the beaten up one? Did it sell?
  8. Bought this, it’s too small (see related thread by me) i want to keep the power supply so £30 inc shipping no offers. Original thread....
  9. I have just realized there is a skill to a custom pedalboard, this is not how I imagined it to be! the metro is too small, the connectors are too stiff, it’s still s just not neat enough for me!! I’m be always just plugged them in at a gig and set them around the space I have. i might just stay co to plan A instead of this plan B!
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