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  1. I have been asked for some photos of any dings and a head shot. so a couple of dings, a scratch a cm or so not deep. A bit of thumb wear around the neck pick up, wear to some of the hardware a shot of the first fret and finally, the head (serial number covered for obvious reasons). i wish I faired this well at 30!
  2. Hello, its 4.5kg on the bathrooms scales, I’m in kent.
  3. Forgot to say, the battery box has been changed too a tg clip broke on the original.
  4. Yep, you are right! And thanks all for the compliments on a great bass!
  5. Hello all, Not sure I want to sell this, but once again bills are calling... for me, this bass it ergonomically and aesthetically perfect! It’s had been a long time since a neck like this felt just right for me. However, you may have seen a these where I have found the bass a little to aggressive sounding for my taste. I did not want to pull the guts out of it and ruin and original so kept as is. it has had a new EMG at the bridge as the previous one failed on me. The rest is an original 1987 Warwick streamer stage 2. It will come with the flight case. Slim curvy body, lovely thin neck, a real beaut! if this is to be posted, I will only do it fully insured. that said, I’d be happy if it didn’t sell! thanks, Andrew
  6. Hello all, i have had this bass for a few weeks, it’s not really my string spacing (hence a new purchase of a Cort B5). it is well made, passive and bought from this very parish. There a few sings on the underside, see pic. It’s came with a known faulty pot, so I have replaced all pots and jack just to be sure. price drop to £170 delivered or £160 collected from Kent coast, no offers. see bagiesblue ad previously: looking for what I paid for it, £190 including postage.
  7. Feedback for tobiewharton

    Bought the Cort B5 from Tobie, very nice it is too! good comma would deal with again.
  8. Bartolini NTMB

    Bartolini NTMB wanted to replace my current pre amp. get in touch!
  9. Nordstrand fat stacks wanted for 5 string bart mk1 replacement. please get in contact!
  10. Cort B5 OPM *£200!* SOLD


  12. Not surprised that went so quick, what a beaut!
  13. Where are you based for collection?
  14. Hello all, I have been trying this Tech21 fly rig for a few weeks and cant get on with it. As simple as it is, there are too many variables for me. Therefore this is back on the market. Excellent condition with original box and generic power supply. its a sturdy build, colourful and importantly, sounds great. XLR and line out, pad, etc website blurb below. I paid £210 for it a few weeks back, happy to sell for £190 including postage. Well packed and insured naturally! SANSAMP SansAmp, of course, as its centre point, with their unique Character control that sweeps through the most storied vintage and modern tones. Three-band active EQ provides professional grade tweakability for any situation. For dirt and grind, Drive adds gain and overdrive. You can also add distortion by engaging the Pre-Boost. And then there's Fuzz in the OCTAFILTER section. Each method achieves a different variety of tonal madness. You can even use all three at the same time, but be sure to hold onto your shorts. OCTAFILTER OCTAFILTER brings an entire re-invented palette of expression with a crazy amount of possibilities, from Minimoog®-style synth to funky town. The controls interact so that you can get dynamically-filtered clean, fuzz, and octave, as well as octave and fuzz together. When Q is at minimum, Range becomes a high-cut tone filter for different versions of clean, fuzz, octave, and octave and fuzz together. You can then blend any of these combinations with your direct signal via the Mix control. But wait, there's more. By bringing in some COMP, you can get infinite sustain like a keyboard bass. Whew. CHORUS CHR, derived from Tech 21's Bass Boost Chorus pedal, adds choral voicings of two instruments. With a slight delay between, it adds thickness and space. COMPRESSOR COMP, for compression, utilizes old school, all-analog, FET-based technology, which is inherently warmer, more transparent and musical. BOOST Switchable Pre/Post Boost. Pre-Boost mode interacts with the SansAmp section to beef up drive and distortion. Post-Boost mode increases the overall volume to punch up fills and solos. TUNER The Chromatic Tuner is within the CHR section. You simply hold down the CHR footswitch to engage the Tuner, which simultaneously mutes the signal path.