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  1. I'd certainly be up for a Hexavalve service from them!
  2. +1 for the AS12's, which I purchased because of this thread recommendation. I also have UE6 and some custom molded. The AS12 are now my favourite, sound great, seal well (for me) and appear a well built quality product. The Only two qualms I have are they feel a bit bulky compared to the others and the cable could be longer But is replacable). Neither of these would prevent me from recommending them, they are well worth a try for under 100 quid.
  3. I've already shoehorned in my comment, I think you are too lace to the party.
  4. I have a cort B5(?), it's by far my easiest playing bass, the one I feel most at home with. Just right on the neck spec, string spacing and body design/weight. Sadly, I'm not getting on with the electronics, I swapped out the pickups and preamp to change the sound, but still not right for me. If I were to have a bass custom made, it would be with the neck and string specs of this bass.
  5. No need to be insole-ting.
  6. It does not come with 15w practice amp though which is a sheerness-ity when starting out
  7. Looks like someone could have the seller Dover a barrel with that bargain.
  8. The three I'm going for at the mo are songs I know I will struggle with, but hey, plenty of time indoors to practice at the moment! 1. Forget me knotts (I'm terrible at slap) 2. Wayward son (tricky changes) 3. Sir Duke (the fast horn section is tough for me) I will probably fail miserably on 1 & 3 see how we go!
  9. This one, really pleased with it, modern sounding compared to my usual tastes...
  10. I scratched the itch in the end btw by purchasing @TorVic lovely Sandberg. Very happy with it too, the neck feels super comfy and really responsive.
  11. Bought the glorious Sandberg (the gas eventually got me!) off Vic, great comm's a little hickup with GB boarder force, but all good in the end! Would deal with again, cheers Victor!
  12. .....and sold. Anyone on BC?
  13. So this is a budget version?
  14. I did wonder where the battery went!
  15. Right up my street.... there a beautiful p Sandberg on our for sale section too. Highly tempted by both! https://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Sandberg_TT4_HCA.html
  16. Yeah, but I can usually do a half bodge job, not in this case.
  17. I know what you mean, I never get it good enough, i always struggle with the stretch when the line goes up the neck.
  18. Hello all, Does anyone have or know the whereabouts of my old Fender Precision? It's a long shot (I sold it about 13 years ago), but have missed it ever since. Its got pretty distinctive markings and I have the serial number too. More photos available if needed Any info would be much appreciated!
  19. +1 Brings back some great memories of my 20's. It's an album everyone should own as one of the standards of your collection.
  20. I don't remember a signature on mine either. Maybe it had already been swiped by then
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