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  1. Now that, I like! Not on stock tho.. http://www.bachmusik.com/en/bbp-60-ma-mjbs-hb_p2434
  2. I'm not cool enough, but I'm tempted!
  3. Damn, just read through this thinking 'oooh I think I will pick up no.3 from @Beedster before anyone nabs it' then saw it sold. I'M TOO SLOW!!!
  4. Bugger, just bought a squire Jag in black, this would have done a treat! Where are you based?
  5. Argh!!!!! I will no doubt be passing your way in a week or so. I really don't need of have room for this!
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. Truly the dirtiest thing I have seen in a long while. Looked effortless. That short clip demonstrates the energy bursting out of his playing. No wonder he inspired so many people.
  8. Dont, dont, please dont tell me that. I'm still envisioning the stack in my small semi.
  9. I threw a pork pie at the drummers head once. I got a headbutt for the troubles. Great days... great days!
  10. Was it not you that I purchased a SWR 15t and 4x8t from?
  11. @vintage_ben I will have it, as longs as I can store it at yours! 😃
  12. I've got a Henry 6x10, I wonder if they are the same shell? I'm thinking my cab horizontally the bottom, with this on the top, powered by the Hexavalve. 😁
  13. Its certainly a lovely looking bass and fairly priced IMO.
  14. Double curses!!!!!! I missed my BM 70 so much I bought a blackface '69, but wanted one of these (none about at the time)!!
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