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  1. Ive just logged onto the Apple icloud for the first time ever its full, theres loads of shite on there that I don't even want, so I need to look at my settings for a number of Iphone Apps etc..
  2. The bookyard are doing a new 2.5" 1TB Electra 3G SSD for £135 which seems reasonable, I presume its not just a case of remove, install and restore from a backup @hooky_lowdown ?
  3. @BrunoBass its OSX El Capitan Well, @ped @ezbass I've taken the dive and and bought a years worth of CleanmyMAC, £22, worth a try! It does seem to be behaving better, not making dodgy constant HDD noises! It cleared 40.5GB of Junk, 35 threats and 3 performance issues. Ive just bought 8GB of Apple RAM too (its only capable of accepting 16GB).
  4. Only half full, so ok I reckon..
  5. I will take a look at the clean my macX, SSD - Solid State drive?
  6. I know, its a right ol' banger, but bits good enough for me..
  7. Hello all, Does anyone have a recommendation for a system cleaner for my Imac? Its quite old (2011) and running OSX El Capitan. cheap or free ideally thanks, Andrew
  8. Never seen one of those before. Quite odd, but understandable.
  9. Just purchased Dan’s Zoom B3, really impressed by it btw. Great comm’s, well packaged a highly recommended BC’er! Cheers Dan 😀
  10. Look at those glowing beasts!! The front end looks aesthetically cool with lots of options for sound versatility! GLWTS
  11. Is a diesel generator being run behind that backdrop?!??! 😀
  12. Oooh this could be a good thread for AWB tab! Anyone got info on ‘When will you be mine’?
  13. He’s currently living in Belgium as i understand it, but From Lille. 😀
  14. Alright all, hot off of getting my amp back, i want to get it serviced along with a Fender Bassman.. so, are the any Valve amp tech recommendations in the Kent area? cheers all!
  15. I was so pleased to see my old amp and olivier is such a nice chap too. He brought me some local beer!
  16. Well, since i sold my TE Hexavalve, i have been on the nose for a replacement (or a aQuatravalve) as i missed it so much. A couple of weeks ago a Hexa turned up in Lille France. It turns out its my old amp! Im close to Dover so Ive skipped on a ferry to pick it up. Its the same nice fellow i sold it to who is meeting me in Calais. He was on the lookout for a Twinvalve which I have so we are trading with some €’s his way. I SWEAR i will never sell the Hexa again! Cheers! 😁
  17. I Should never have sold mine !!!!
  18. andytoad


    Martin bought a pedaltrain from me, great comms and paid promptly. cheers! Andrew
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