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  1. Will do a deal with GK 400RB .. classic combination
  2. Will do a deal with Bagend D12-D .. classic combination
  3. Just won another Moog MF Flange on eBay lol ... mini board soon complete !
  4. Yeah I stupidly sold my Moog MF Flange but am bidding on another so fingers crossed :)
  5. Congrats Andy ... was just now listening to your Moog Clusterflux video (again) .. watched it few years ago plus many of your other vids .. nice one mate .. btw new vids don’t play (sound) well on my iPhone, not sure what’s going on, old ones sound fine ......
  6. Weight around 19kg h = 71cm w = 53cm d = 27 cm
  7. Here are the stings lengths btw .. G = 119cm D = 115cm A = 112cm E = 106cm
  8. I’ve got a Keith McMillan 12 Step & Moog Minitaur, paired up straight away & easy to tune the Moog, basically low C to high C & you can choose different octaves from sub to higher .. sounds awesome btw .. also running through a Moog MF Delay & basic reverb pedal .. haven’t gigged it yet but judging by the sound I get at home it should sound massive through a pa !
  9. FS - Ernie Ball Cobalt flatwound 4 string set 95-40, been on my jazz bass for a while but in good condition & will probably last someone (who likes flats) a long time .. nice tension these ones, I’m a ss rounds player 105-45 or 100 & these have similar tension to me £20 posted .. can’t find original box btw
  10. SOLD - Korg Pitchblack Custom pedal tuner in great condition (have taken Velcro off bottom & missing rubber feet) .. will post without 9v battery as Royal Mail don’t like packages with batteries lol .. £40 posted LED are fine but camera phone pic makes it look blurred
  11. Thanks guys but Dave (obbm) sorted it for me
  12. Wouldn’t have thought it would be worth it .. I posted a 112 cab recently (just shy of 19kg) & cost £29 ...
  13. Hi all, Does anyone know where I can get an angled extension ? Diago ps07 do a straight one but needs to be angled https://www.andertons.co.uk/diago-ps07-black-converter-300mm-power-extenstion-cable-diagops07?lgw_code=16284-DIAGOPS07&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIn8Gw35DP5gIVQrDtCh2BbgmwEAUYBCABEgLoP_D_BwE Dave (obbm) has done a couple for me in the past but he’s now retired. Anyone else make them ? cheers Simon ps. Merry Christmas :)
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