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  1. Yeah .. nice one .. I don’t need another bass but am tempted lol
  2. I’ve boxed it back up for now but can get it out to measure if this link doesn’t give you what you need ... at bottom of page is a download with all measurements https://www.t-rex-effects.com/tonetrunk-road-case
  3. I’ve got one of these .. my favorite delay & I’ve tried a few
  4. Thanks guys .. think I’ll just keep it as I’m losing out at this price, was just wanting to make some space but it sounds too good lol
  5. Trades added .. basically after another quality power amp but without a fan lol .. I stupidly blew my other amp (I use for home hifi). I don’t consider this amp’s fan as noisy, certainly don’t notice it when playing at reasonable to loudish volumes (not gig volume btw) but do notice listening to music at home hence the trade ... or a Glockenklang BAC head or Steamhammer / HRII
  6. Good question Kirky .. yes I have to unplug them Unfortunately my Darkglass X7 doesn’t like to be daisy chained (hisses) so this way they are all isolated (well weelushfx ABY gets tiny bit of juice from sfx mD3 out) .. if the X7 or mD3 battery dies I can just use Moog Flange one as that pedal is true bypass & still lets signal through unpowered I have 4 of these Poover 700mA rechargeable batteries so will maybe keep a spare velcro’d under the board or any 9v battery. I tried a Harley Benton (Volto) type psu last year but sent it back due to noise added .. Volto or Palmer battpack might be better but don’t think the two outputs are isolated so back to original problem lol Any other solutions/options welcome btw Ps. Darkglass X7 parallel (dry) out > Moog Flange > ABY > mD3 Darkglass X7 wet out > ABY > mD3 Basically I have a dirty (main) bass tone & a clean (modulated) tone for more subtle passages etc .. just switch via ABY pedal
  7. sfxsound mD3 has 2 balanced outputs that drive both my power amps easily (red/white preamp in photo) I believe the Mesa Subway preamp outputs line level .. most pedals don’t .. it’s taken me awhile to find the right setup lol
  8. Last time I’m doing a board lol ! All (rechargeable) battery powered
  9. Brand new / unopened Elixir stainless steel coated bass string 45-105 .. £35 posted
  10. My Super 12 (maybe this actual cab) is wired (speakon) 1+ 1- to both woofers in parallel & 2+ 2- to tweeter so no internal crossover. GK 700RB-II has its own crossover.
  11. Not sure how many of these ‘bi-amp’ custom super 12’s Alex made but that certainly looks like my old cab ! I only sold it (to Luke) when band split .. I powered this with a GK700RB-II (hence the bi-amp / lack of crossover) .. it pushed so much air it actually moved backwards on laminate floor ! Reason I think it was mine is the black hardware (chrome corners / handle) which I had powder coated black lol ... should’ve kept it.
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