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    Bingley, W.Yorkshire
  1. FS/FT - BAGEND D12-D & S12

    Gigging again soon so need something lighter hence reluctantly back up for sale
  2. FS - Vigier Excess Stealth - £1400 posted

    Price drop ... £1400 posted
  3. Feedback for James

    Nice easy deal with James great comms & quick delivery, deal with confidence guys !
  4. Misery Remains - Remember Me

    Any one like the song lol ?
  5. FS - Vigier Excess Stealth - £1400 posted

    Just restrung with week old EB slinky nickels (45-100) taken off my jazz bass .. still interested in a lightweight cab (4 Ohm ideally) &/or offers
  6. FS - Vigier Excess Stealth - £1400 posted

    Afraid I’ve no scales but reasonably lightweight, probably around 4kg ? I could get it weighed if you really want to know ...
  7. FS - Lehle Little Lehle II

    Little Lehle II A or B instrument / amp switcher bought new last year but never gigged £55
  8. Got a barely used low F# .175 & div used Dingwall strings .. tenner posted
  9. FS - Vigier Excess Stealth - £1400 posted

    Still interested in a lightweight 4 Ohm cab as a p/x (with cash my way)
  10. Moog mf delay problem

    Sorry to hear about that .. MF delay is my fav delay I’ve tried & the only pedal I haven’t sold. Can’t really help you but if you plug a stereo trs jack into the expression input it increase the feedback repeats, see if feedback has more effect, also ‘time’ up to 12 o’clock is more slapback / reverb so test past 1 with the ‘mix’ past 11, however I’m guessing you’ve tried this already. Hopefully you’ll get it sorted, it’s a great pedal, I’ve got it linked to a trails looper & added a ‘ramp’ button (Zander Circuitry Little Monster) rather than an expression pedal.
  11. Gigbag for bass & amp (DG M900)

    Afraid I don’t have it any longer ..
  12. Recommended Amp Techs

    Contact Jas (Leeds) for valve / ss amp repair & custom designs etc big thumbs up from me http://www.astralsonictech.co.uk/
  13. Valve preamp custom builders?

    OP, contact Jas at http://www.astralsonictech.co.uk/ He knows his stuff & could probably build anything you want as he specialises in custom / bespoke amps / gear etc