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  1. Not quite sure if a standard male to female xlr bridges the preamp ..? And regarding the speakon outs, do they need a Y split speaker cable with just the ‘+’ wired on both left & right channel speakon out then going to standard ‘+/-‘ speakon to 8 Ohm cab ..?
  2. How do you ‘bridge’ the two channels ?
  3. sifi2112

    Withdrawn - BAGEND D12-D & S12

    I bumped this by mistake lol .. anyway I’ve decided to withdraw as I really do love this cab & might just use it now & then, also had little interest which is a pity coz I think Bagend maybe get overlooked ... it’s all good
  4. sifi2112

    Withdrawn - BAGEND D12-D & S12

    Bump for fab full range 212 cab (well 52Hz-5kHz) ... love it but just too heavy for my aging body https://bagend.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/D12-D.pdf
  5. sifi2112

    FS - Lehle Little Lehle II

    Bump for one of the best A or B pedals ... isolated channels, psu only needed for red/blue leds, can accept stereo trs jacks, can be used to switch between basses or amps .. I used it to switch from dirty B7K out to clean (effects etc) parallel out from B7K but now only have B3K .. silly me should have kept the B7K
  6. Bump for nice tuners ...
  7. sifi2112

    2 X 12 Thoughts?

    I use a Bagend D12-D, very loud with just my 200w GK 400RB, it’s very efficient but doesn’t put out too much low end tho fine for my 4 string jazz but it’s heavy only downside as I’m getting old lol
  8. sifi2112

    PJB for rock? Cab suggestions please.

    I used to have a PJB Sixpak + 9B combination but power (spl) to weight ratio was not great tho. I play heavy rock / metal. I still read posts re PJB & am interested in what they’re making but unlikely to use again, however I would like to try a C8. I’ve kinda had more luck with more traditional cabs (currently running a Bagend 212 which really rocks but is heavy). So I’d say no unless you get enough of those piranha drivers & enough power & you’re good to go but I don’t think it will be light .. btw I briefly had a Schroeder 410L too, certainly lighter
  9. sifi2112


    Just voted for ya mate .. good luck
  10. sifi2112

    Show us your rig!

    Warmoth Jazz > GK 400RB > Bagend D12-D
  11. sifi2112

    Delay, Tremolo & Chorus

    Diamond Quantum Leap except for tremolo ...
  12. sifi2112

    Eich cabinets

    Just want to bump this tread as I’m considering both the Eich 115XS & Barefaced Two10 ... so any more input / opinions most welcome esp regarding the Eich cabs as I can’t seem to find much on them ..
  13. Final price drop before ebay / commission sale - £1300 posted
  14. sifi2112

    FS - Lehle Little Lehle II