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  1. sifi2112

    FS - Vigier Excess Stealth

    still FS ... possible trades but not much I need
  2. sifi2112

    STOLEN: Unique Dingwall Super J5

    Bummer .. hope somebody finds it coz it ain’t gonna be easy flogging as it’s pretty unique ..
  3. sifi2112

    Palmer Pocket Amp Review

    I’ve used their guitar pocket amp the same way for a few years for bass & it is really good for practice & play along with iPhone etc .. bet the bass version is better .. only thing I’d say regarding your review is that you could actually show how it sounds .. I do realise it was just a ‘quick ‘ review tho
  4. sifi2112

    Recommend me a cab!

    Having your own 8 Ohm cab isn’t a bad idea however I’ve read many times that mixing different speakers, even the same size, is a bit of a gamble .. I had a similar dilemma as I (my amp) also likes a 4 Ohm load so I built my own. Not sure where you are but you’re welcome to trial my 8 Ohm 112 cab I have to see if it gives you the added heft ... If I had the cash I’d probably just get a Barefaced TWO10 (4 Ohm) or something similar & hope the sound guy doesn’t mind you using your own cab lol
  5. sifi2112

    FS - BAGEND D12-D & S12

    Back up for sale or possible trade .. I’ve also added some decent castors which really help moving this cab will also consider delivering personally ...
  6. sifi2112

    Darkglass X7

    Ordered one today
  7. sifi2112

    Favourite passive jazz pickups

    Tried some of the above (Wizard nice, dimarzio less so) plus a few others incl fender cs 60’s nice & fender stacked not so, sd quarter pounders loud but less character than wizards I had a time .. read up loads on talkbass & was gonna get aero 1’s as they get best recommendations for ‘growl’ that I’m after however I opted for some bare knuckle 60’s pe as I really like their guitar pups & got a good deal off eBay on some used ones .. so glad I did coz they are fab ! Even my luthier commented on them when he put them in my bass & he sees tons of basses just my 2c
  8. I’m still wanting to try a GED2112 so maybe first dibs on it should you decide to sell lol ..
  9. sifi2112

    SOLD - Diamond Bass Compressor BCP-1 ON HOLD

    If you like decide you like it enough to keep, send it back to Thomann within 30 day money back guarantee & buy mine saving £100 lol ...
  10. Diamond Bass Compressor BCP-1 with 18v (centre positive) psu for sale ... £130 posted http://www.ovnilab.com/reviews/diamobass.shtml
  11. sifi2112

    Win A Free Set of NYXL!

    Currently using DR Dragonskins but .... only once tried NYXL & think they will sound perfect on my Warmoth jazz
  12. sifi2112

    Thomann premium gigbag - SOLD

    Pm incoming
  13. sifi2112

    SOLD - Darkglass B3K

    Back up fs .. £110 posted
  14. Markbass bass keeper, never used, tenner posted