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  1. I used to have a Dingwall ABZ5 but now use a Vigier Excess 4 (passive) .. both great, well made basses ... I prefer the Vigier .. I play heavy rock / metal
  2. I’m awaiting delivery of a new poweramp to serve as both bass & home hifi setup (I do use different preamps) .. so yeah I’m all for amps, never used iem so can’t comment on that but prefer amp / cabs over headphones even at home
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  5. SOLD - Alpinestars J-6 WP .. eu size 45 (us 11.5) .. I take a uk size 10 & these are just a tad too tight round the ball of my foot (actually only my right foot possibly due to bunion operation), otherwise the most comfortable motorbike boots I’ve tried .. plenty of life in these & just a bit of wear/fading by gear lever area ... £60 delivered (listed on eBay btw)
  6. Spring clean means making space so back up FS lol
  7. How about my Trex board / flight case I’m selling (shameless bump)
  8. Traded - Box standard SV650X 69 plate. Just 550 miles on the clock (1st service booked this Friday at local Suzuki dealer) ... Want a larger twin (Buell or BMW boxer) .. no scuffs/marks or scratches .. will post pics later this week & advertise on eBay. Here’s the model btw ... bottom ‘white’ one with clip-ons https://bikes.suzuki.co.uk/news/new-colours-for-sv650-and-sv650x/
  9. I don’t have a Helix but I’d be very surprised if it didn’t have a dedicated (XLR) DI out for FOH etc & a separate (un)balanced line out for driving a power amp or just going direct into a bass or guitar amp probably in the form of either a TS (unbalanced) or TRS (balanced) jack socket out .. probably with separate volume controls, I haven’t read the manual though lol As far as power amps .. as long as your Helix sends a strong enough signal (line level) most power amps will work but how much dya wanna spend ? I’m actually selling a very powerful, high quality power amp that I think will really make your super twin shine .. it’s worth a look as it’s a Lab Gruppen but there are loads of power amps out there (cheap to really expensive) ... time to do some research lol ... you can also use most bass amps that have a ‘return’ or ‘power amp in’ socket which will bypass the amp’s preamp (as long as it’s a serial effects loop) ...
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