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  1. sifi2112

    FS - Diamond Bass Compressor BCP-1 ON HOLD

    If you like decide you like it enough to keep, send it back to Thomann within 30 day money back guarantee & buy mine saving £100 lol ...
  2. Diamond Bass Compressor BCP-1 with 18v (centre positive) psu for sale ... £130 posted http://www.ovnilab.com/reviews/diamobass.shtml
  3. sifi2112

    Win A Free Set of NYXL!

    Currently using DR Dragonskins but .... only once tried NYXL & think they will sound perfect on my Warmoth jazz
  4. sifi2112

    Thomann premium gigbag - SOLD

    Pm incoming
  5. sifi2112

    SOLD - Darkglass B3K

    Back up fs .. £110 posted
  6. Markbass bass keeper, never used, tenner posted
  7. sifi2112

    Jazz bass - best bag or case please?

    Warmoth Dinky jazz extra lightweight swamp ash body, wenge quartersawn slim jazz neck, rosewood fb ss 6230 frets, barekuckle ‘60 pe pups (fab!) in 70’s position Sandberg bridge, Schaller bml tuners, vol pot pups wired parallel .. best jazz I’ve ever had .. well you did ask lol
  8. sifi2112

    Jazz bass - best bag or case please?

    SKB hardcase with jazz bass
  9. sifi2112

    Jazz bass - best bag or case please?

    I recently got a SKB hardcase fir my jazz which is pretty nice https://m.thomann.de/gb/skb_fb4_formcase_ebass.htm?o=4&search=1533067179
  10. sifi2112

    Markbass precursor, "Parsek" K1P 1U preamp

    Hi there, I might be interested in this preamp but can’t find info on it or even pics, so I’d appreciate it if you could send some photos. Can it get ‘gritty’ or is it more clean ? Effects loop ? cheers Simon
  11. sifi2112

    So i added a second amp

    Bloody ear bleed Andy lol
  12. sifi2112

    Running a pair of 1x12"s...

    I also thought the same about my 212 .. wire each driver to separate speakon, can’t see a problem with that really even tho they both occupy the same enclosure, maybe wire one speaker in parallel with a separate speakon to link should you only have one speaker out on your amp ?
  13. Thorpyfx Twrex - Wampler Triple Wreck clone, high gain guitr pedal with separate boost knob & footswitch. Treble / mid / bass plus high/low gain switch (subtle) & retains low end really well, great for Muse type fuzz on bass ! True bypass, no space for battery but works on regular centre negative psu
  14. sifi2112

    Running a pair of 1x12"s...

    I’ve looked at the dug but not sure how well it can drive a poweramp & rather not have pedals .. guess I need to try the GED2112 really. Also, last few gigs I used other band’s 115 Combo & couldn’t hear myself very well on stage hence the 3x12 stack idea, pity my GK400RB doesn’t do 2 Ohm lol
  15. sifi2112

    Running a pair of 1x12"s...

    I get what you’re wanting to try & I’m kinda after a similar thing. If I could start from scratch I’d be tempted with 2 x BF Two10’s, bottom one for ‘deep’ & top for ‘drive’, switch to 4 Ohm each to maximize poweramp or switch to 12 Ohm & run parallel to any backup amp ... however, I’m gonna use the two cabs I already have & love (except the weight) which are Bagend 212 & 112 (drive on top of deep), except I don’t have the GED2112 lol (yet), I do have two power amps waiting tho ... I believe you used to run a RBI ? How does it compare to the GED2112 ?