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  1. Reluctant sale, 2020 Musicman stingray special 4 string, roasted maple neck, Dropped Copper finish, excellent as new condition, with hard case, comes with 2 scratch plates,black and white. collection preferred, based in Berks, sale only than you. ON HOLD
  2. Immaculate 2020 Stingray Special 5 string, with roasted maple neck and board, Burnt Apple finish. 18v 3 band circuit Just have to come to terms I'm not a 5 String Player! now traded
  3. NOW SOLD Bogart Kosmo Quick Change neck attachment Body: Bogart Blackstone Composite with wood core made of spruce Finish: Deep Sea Metallic Blue Structure Neck: SKC carbon neck, 34 "long scale, 24 nickel silver frets medium, rosewood fingerboard Finish: Satin Blackburst Pickups: 1 x Bartolini 9J-1S split coil J-Bass neck pickup, 1 x Bartolini MMC dual coil humbucker EQ: Noll TCM-3 3-band EQ with passive tone screen Hardware: ETS belt pins: Schaller S-Locks including luxury soft case and tools Very reluctant sale. SOLD
  4. How odd, I was thinking only the other day I wonder where the bass was, after listening to a few old recordings of it, if we were in better times I would have bought her back …glwts
  5. 2020 Musicman Stingray Special, 2 humguckers and 5 way coil toggle switch, roasted maple neck and board, Charcoal Sparkle finish, 9.5lbs, comes with case, immaculate condition, sale only, no trades please, NOW SOLD
  6. Just lighting, I'm getting the bass back from the shop I was selling it at next week, and post a clearer better lit pic. It's on The Gallery website, you can see its just a lighting glitch
  7. Musicman Old Smoothie 40th Anniversary bass, excellent condition, Chocolate Burst finish maple board, 10lbs comes with case etc, SOLD
  8. USA CLF. L2000 excellent condition, CAR finish, maple board 9.6lbs comes with hardcase. Sale only cheers WITHDRAWN
  9. WITHDRAWN US built CLF L1000, reissue of the early 80's model excellent condition, with case and paperwork. 8.7lbs Rally Red maple gloss board. Sale only thanks
  10. [quote name='Pow_22' timestamp='1339483943' post='1688972'] Ive seen a used bass on the bass gallery website that im very interested in, I have emailed them to see if they offer shipping within UK and had no response. Ive tried several phone calls but cant seem to get an answer. I assume they are still trading? Anyone else had any dealings with Bass Gallery? [/quote] Hi i would check your spam filter, I did reply to your emails, one on Monday, and one yesterday, congrats on a great bass, belongs to Ben Sergeant from The Script Cheers Alex
  11. [quote name='Bass Culture' post='817121' date='Apr 24 2010, 12:01 PM']Loved her voice but her bassist's playing on her second track was wonderful, I thought. Loved the way he changed seamlessly between plucking and bowing, the solo was really tasteful and he had a great sound too. Anyone know who he is?[/quote] no idea who he was, but that was a cello not a bass
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