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  1. OMG, what can I sell............stunning and I imagine it sounds "the dogs"
  2. Price Drop Bump before withdrawing...............happy to keep if no one interested😎
  3. It’s a matt/sparkle tangerine looks genuinely different and bizarrely attractive 😉
  4. Easter Price Drop/Offers £1500 ovno Decided 4 strings is enough for me so here goes: Now added P/X with cash option, More pics available A professionally reliced 5 string USA Marcus Miller Jazz, (refinish by Relic Arts guitars in France with matching headstock) and upgraded with the fabulous Sadowsky preamp with VTC and Aguilar 70’s Jazz pickups. Will come with original case and original boxed Fender pick ups if you want to put them back in. Widely considered to be best 5 string neck ever made by Fender and the Sadowsky massively improves on the Fender preamp, string spacing is a dream to play, sadly discontinued now rumoured to be due to production cost. Very nice weight and only issue is a missing grub screw on battery cover at rear, strung with Marcus Miller Stainless. Available to try or collect from near York , only interested in Sadowsky or Fender Custom Shop P Basses as a trade and cash from me possible but only 4 strings and no baseball bat necks. More daylight photographs can be taken weather permitting just ask me to email them 😎 Happy to answer any questions
  5. Does the sale include a Fender Hard Case (Tweed or Tolex)?
  6. Bought a Novation Bass Station 2 from Ben, great honest guy and quick delivery
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