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  1. This is a great looking bass! Where are you based?
  2. Isn't this just a less extreme version of the 'relicing' (sic) process? Pretending to yourself that your bass is something other than what it is.
  3. It's not that it's not complicated, it's playing a great performance with few notes. Tina here is about as intense as it gets! https://youtu.be/Kxu5dKqEmZM
  4. If we're going down the Sly and Family Stone route, surely Dance the Music. If I could get half that feel on one note!
  5. [quote name='markstuk' timestamp='1490123545' post='3262421'] Reading the manual? What sort of bloke are you? [/quote] No pictures.
  6. From their instruction manual: [i][size=5]4. The Super Midget/Big Baby II/Big Twin 2 have an ‘HF Control’ knob on the back of the cab. Open it up like a tap (anti-clockwise) for increased treble and upper midrange. Experiment and listen to how it changes the tone. Set it however you like. [/size][/i] I have a Big Baby and, if the tweeter works in the same way, it is not a volume control for the tweeter itself. It shifts the threshold on the crossover. The higher the threshold, the less the tweeter will be doing, hence it working in reverse to a volume control. Lower the threshold for more tweeter action! [i][size=5]"[font=ArialMT]With the HF control at max you hear everything upwards of ~2kHz coming from the HF driver, which makes the sound extremely clean, true [/font][font=ArialMT]and accurate - basically like a really good PA loudspeaker.[/font][/size][/i] [i][size=5][font=ArialMT]Turn the HF control down and the crossover point gradually shifts from 2kHz to 10kHz, so [/font][font=ArialMT]more and more of your tone comes from the 12” [/font][font=ArialMT]driver. "[/font][/size][/i]
  7. For any small BF cab you'll need a pretty juicy amp. You will wonder how you lived so long without your BF cab, but, in my experience, power and quality is needed, spend as much as you can! I tried to run a Midget T with a Hartke 500. What could go wrong? Well, the Hartke amp was a bi-amp and so was actually 2 x 250W. And that was into 4 Ohms, my Midget was 8 Ohms and so 'only' 170W was available. I was hearing lots of distortion. I called Alex to tell him his speaker distorted and he told me it was the amp. I took him at his word and spent another fortune on a Streamliner 900 and have never looked back. It's a phenomenal combination, powerful, deep, clear and, if you want it, very loud. To get decent volumes from a small BF you need some power. I also had a Compact and while this was noticeably louder at the same amp settings, still a good size engine was needed for this too. The other thing is that these cabs have little colouring. They simply blast out what you put in. If a poor amp is used they will faithfully reproduce that poor sound in all its glory. I suppose if you were buying a great set of speakers for your hi-fi, you would expect them to perform at their best with a decent amp. BF cabs are very good and you will benefit from a really good amp. You'll hear mazing transients and dynamics. I'm sure many will have their fave amps and manufacturers, but in the end, you get what you pay for. One that has an honest set of specs, I would recommend at least 500W to really get the potential from your cab, and as good quality as you can possibly stretch to. I promise you will not regret it.
  8. [quote name='Churchie' timestamp='1489505967' post='3257513'] Made space and generated cash for your BIG BABY! [/quote] Got home already, hope the journey was ok? Feeling very empty and vulnerable! Picking up the BB2 on Thursday. I hope I've done the right thing!
  9. [quote name='cameltoe' timestamp='1489499316' post='3257426'] GAS. Like death and taxes, it gets everyone eventually. [/quote] Don't talk to me about tax. I'm still very sore from January.
  10. [quote name='Jack' timestamp='1489319141' post='3255947'] I have exactly the same set up (and an extra Midget for, you know, because) and I can vouch that it's an amazing rig. On the off chance anyone is hesitating on buying this because they would prefer a non-tweeter Midget, let me know because I have two. For a bit of variety I'd happily swap one of mine for the tweeter version. I'm just putting it out there in case it helps 4 String sell his rig. [/quote] Thanks Jack, always good to have that extra Midget! To be honest, the tweeter is mostly wasted in mine as I play 90% with the treble on the bass turned right down, but at the end of the set there's a little jammie thing we do which involves some, yes I know, slap, up goes the treble and the tweeter makes it really sparkle.
  11. [quote name='Churchie' timestamp='1489222276' post='3255239'] PM [/quote] Replied
  12. [quote name='Phil C' timestamp='1489157086' post='3254818'] Hi there. Maybe a daft question, but what is the height if you "stack" them, and what is the width of the top cab?? Also, the impedance of each cab - I'm not familiar with them, being all old fashioned and used to lugging around 10 ton cabs! Cheers. Phil [/quote] Hi Phil, thanks for the interest, the Midget details are here: [url="http://barefacedbass.com/product-range/midget.htm"]http://barefacedbass...ange/midget.htm[/url] and the Compact here: [url="http://barefacedbass.com/product-range/compact.htm"]http://barefacedbass...nge/compact.htm[/url] I suppose you can add the heights to get the stack height (45") and the widths are noted . Each cab is conveniently 8Ohms and so you'll get 4Ohms using them both. Here's a pic of the stack in rare use. (Was a large stage area and I thought the little Midget would look a bit daft on it's own!) While it's great to swing a tiny cab along, there's nothing like standing in front of a stack! [url="http://s1341.photobucket.com/user/4Strings1/media/Barefaced/20170218_173717_zpsdwxaiabx.jpg.html"][/url] And here it is being picked up and blessed by the creator himself! [url="http://s1341.photobucket.com/user/4Strings1/media/Scooting%20in%20Spain/Barefaced_zps485c2d00.jpg.html"][/url] I hope this helps
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