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  1. Aguilar DB 751, three years old, very little used (I have been working on IEM for a long time). The amp head comes in the original packaging. Built-in white silent fans (I also have the original ones). Original images. Delivery - by arrangement (I can ship from EU). Partial trade: Jazz Bass (Fender, Lakland...) 4 of 5 strings or AG700, TH700, Trickfish Bullhead 1.0k PRICE: 1600EUR Greetings!
  2. It is sold year ago in Rusia to mister Oleg.
  3. It is not same bass on your link for photos...
  4. Superb bass and a great guy to deal with! GLWTS
  5. Great seller and very nice Mendel! GLWTS
  6. Maybe you should buy a case for that beauty!
  7. + for great seller and beautiful bass GLWTS !
  8. great guy, and confidential salesman! GLWTS bro!
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