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  1. Superb bass and a great guy to deal with! GLWTS
  2. Great seller and very nice Mendel! GLWTS
  3. Maybe you should buy a case for that beauty!
  4. + for great seller and beautiful bass GLWTS !
  5. great guy, and confidential salesman! GLWTS bro!
  6. Thank you for your offer, but sadly I do not have any use for this really wonderful instrument!
  7. Price: 3600€ or £3200 + shipping The main price for bass is in the Euro. The UK pound price is of informative character and varies from the daily exchange rate. Sadowsky Modern 5, Bora blue. 24/5 Serial #5786, year 2011. Sadowsky preamp with VTC, Sadowsky PU-s Birds eye maple fingerboard, quilted maple top on ash. chambered body, weight: 3,6 kg Trade: Alleva Coppolo LM 5, Fender USA Deluxe 5 or Elite 5 + cash... Thank you for watching!
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