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  1. Great seller here! have a free bump for one of the best amps out there!
  2. Just received today a GORGEOUS Fbass from Maciej. First of all let me say that this was one of the smoothest transaction ever. Maciej is super comprehensive, communicative and a great guy to deal with. The bass came perfect to my home and the package was something out of this world. Last but not least the guy packed some great polish sweets with the bass. TOP SELLER!
  3. http://www.stevie-g-guitars.fr/BIENVENUE.html ❤️👍🏻
  4. Hello .. thanks for the imput.. I do have some skills and build small wooden things (primarly as a decoration in my home) but I really don't think I'm experinced enough to build myself a bass, even putting bitsa parts and the RELICing them...
  5. http://www.finlandiainstruments.fi/tele-basso.shtml
  6. thanks for the imput... I'm looking at the Squiers too these days.
  7. Another find: https://www.facebook.com/retrovibebass/ https://www.tribeguitars.store/shob-signature-active
  8. Who know if Limelight does those replicas.. hmm
  9. Yes it is... I saw them on Facebook some time ago.. so I don't think it's actually a company .. maybe it's a guy doing handmade basses ... but they look great indeed
  10. I know man.. I can't wait for this 2020 to end because I've already spent all my budget
  11. Triple Six... didn't find any info about the company though https://bassmatters.nl/en/1950/Triple-Six-51-P-bass-relic
  12. Other finds today: https://www.facebook.com/jonnyfongscustomshop/?ref=page_internal https://matb21.wixsite.com/relicageguitars/contact
  13. https://restauracja-gitar.pl/buzz-guitars/ they have a nice 51 replica https://restauracja-gitar.pl/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/b-56-1.jpg
  14. He's fantastic and Pierre at BAssfreaks is a good guy too! ;)
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