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  1. As said yesterday was a nice evening. Had the possibility to try some wonderful bass heads. At the end it was a tough choice. Let's say I didn't have any "personal favs". Every amp sounded great that's a thing that has to be said. I've tried them with the Mesa powerhouse 410 box, then (not pictured) with my Schroeder Mini 12+ boxes and then recorded them directly through the Focusrite in the DAW. To cut short I'll put it this way: The GK is a great all rounder ('been my main amp for 4 years) and a covers all the tones of those other amps (so I'll keep it as a backup). The Aguilar lets the instrument come out, has a great warm tone, scoped a little in the mids so if I had to chose just one amp (fortunately not) that would be the Aguilar for shure. Speaking of the Darkglass it just sounds somehow organic and full, the MIDs selection is super useful at least for my playing plus the feature of their overdrives incorporated is fantastic. Not to speak about the power which is massive. The Mesa is a great amp but at my taste too scooped, everything just sound huge, "amplified", the mids just booms out, lots of headroom... reminds me somehow of the Ampeg heads with more clarity. The basses sounded HUGGGE through the Mesa head, but if you tweak a bit the Darkglass and the Mesa sounded similar. So ... said that I do own the Gk and the Darkglass which I'll keep. Since I'm planning to switch, at least for some situations, to the IEM system I will buy myself a Tonehammer pedal DI and then basically this will cover everything I need. For now. Basses used: Fender Precision Custom Shop '64 reissue relic, Sadowsky Rv5 metro Soundcloud link (please don't be picky on my playing... I've had a superstressfull week and just the hype of trying this amps kept me awake
  2. Hello, usually when I do ship abroad is something like 40-50 euros
  3. Selling this beautiful MusicMan Stingray Classic. The bass is mint and comes with MusicMan Hardcase. Beautiful color, great player. 2 band EQ Tades possible with basses of similar value. The price is negotiable, shipping at buyer's cost. Price: 1500 eur
  4. I can't believe this thing is still here. Have a bump for a great P bass.
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