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  1. I really like MKs voice too - it's quite unique sounding and really laid back!
  2. Thanks man. My singing has improved over the last year or so since I put the rehearsal videos up. Live we won't be using it. For the sake of getting quick takes done for the promo video, we decided to use it. I'm funding this project out of my own pocket and time in the studio is expensive! I just wanted something pretty polished out there and autotune helps with that. It's so overused these days, even on people who are capable singers!
  3. Was that her on the Live at Wembley gig from the 80s? Good singer!
  4. I have no defence. I'll have to remedy that at some point
  5. Thanks for the heads up! I've sent them a message. Looks like a Dundee gig is in the pipeline for June from a local promoter
  6. I can be a bit pessimistic, true enough! There have been a few famous bands out of Dundee, but there are very few venues to play these days. And those venues are hard to get into unless you are part of the "in crowd" it seems. Same the world over I guess! I'm very encouraged by the interest and support here and over on the Mr Pink facebook page. It's only been up a few days and comments are flooding in asking when we are playing - it seems there are quite a few Level 42 fans out there! I'm contacting as many people as possible, hopefully an agent/promoter will see the potential!
  7. Thanks for all the kind words! We recorded the full tunes for the video clips, so I'll probably upload them to the website at some point (www.mrpink42.com) - it's very rudimentary at the moment. Any leads for gigs would be greatly appreciated! Of note, I'm trying to get a MIDI controlled light show on the go. A light display programmed to coincide with key drum and bass fills.
  8. Good advice tbh, I'm very much self taught. I think though the thing that's preventing gigs is not knowing the right people (I am far from a socialite. Despite being a very capable bass player in my home town I have zero social currency with the very cliquey music scene ) and also hailing from Dundee - the town really has no serious music scene and ambition/chop flaunting is looked upon with suspicion/derision.
  9. This has been a lot of work, but this is our promo video. This kinda started semi seriously to have fun playing hard music with my friends but I've decided to try and get out doing shows. I'm Scottish, so my accent is wrong for singing like Mark King so I just tried to sing in my voice. I am also not a singer! There's obviously some autotune at work, but we probably only spent about 10 hours in the studio recording the audio for this! My singing is...passable live. My sister (who is filling the role of Mike Lindup) is an outstanding singer, who fronts my other band called Danger Zone (wedding/events band). Level 42 splits people. Some people hate slap bass out of principle for some reason. For me, it's hugely enjoyable and highly expressive. So I'm aware I'm going to take flack for even attempting something like this! So be it. I'm well aware of the failings of this band (my vocals!). However, the guys in the band are top notch and I want to show off our hard work. This has been a very challenging project from start to finish. In truth, we don't sound much different live - thought obviously the singing is not a good. I can sing and play the parts no problem, the drummer is super humanly tight and our keyboard player is also a masterful sound engineer. We use a Soundcraft UI24 which is awesome. The bass was my JayDee through a Trace Elliot GP12 with what I think is the correct EQ setting. The only track with the Status was "Heathrow" I'm trying to get this band out doing shows, but my home town of Dundee is dismal for live music. I guess I need a promoter or an agent. Any help or advice would be very much appreciated!
  10. Already have done - let's see if the reply?
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