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  1. @prowla - yeah man! It's an ace track, and why I called my Pseudobach as it really isn't anything as harmonically complex as Jeff Berlin!
  2. Can any JayDee owners answer me this? I have three JayDees. Two Series IIs and one Series III. All from the mid/late 80s I think. I always assumed the treble circuits noise was just a quirk of the preamp. It's really hissy when boosted, but this hiss disappears when the mids are cut. I recently bought my second Series II from another basschatter. It had a defective bass circuit so was sent back to the JayDee workshop and it had a new preamp fitted. The treble circuit on the new preamp is dead quite, and doesn't sound so dramatic in its treble boost. So.....are my other preamps defective or is that just what they sounded like and the new preamp is quieter?
  3. @Al Krow It's a BB3000A - fantastic bass. For that tune the bridge pickup was solod , bass and treble maxed out then through a Aguilar Tone Hammer with bass and treble almost fully boosted and 1Khz cut about 3/4.
  4. Great condition Ray35. Was going to upgrade it but need the funds for something else. Weighs 4.5kg. Plays great, no issues.
  5. @EJWW I had one and it was a very decent bass indeed. It had a pan pot instead of individual volumes pots, and I always max out my volume so not sure about how the output is affected. From memory, it was not too heavy. Probably around 4Kg, but as you say there is some considerable variation. Very well put together instrument, excellent pickups. and it played great! Wish I hadn't sold it now.....
  6. Traded bass with Wayne - couldn't be happier. Fantastic to deal with. Cheers man!
  7. Traded my BB1024x with Jonny - fantastic guy to deal with! Cheers man.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Bought some Aguilar pickups from Paul. Great comms and packaging. Cheers Paul!
  10. I bought a GK MB800 from Mike. Great comms, well packaged and as described. Thanks Mike!
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