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  1. Thanks very much! It's nice to know our hard work is appreciated
  2. A true beast of an amp! Comes with carry case, foot switch and rack ears.
  3. Thanks! Different guitarist (Ralph Teviotadale), but everyone else is the same.
  4. That's fine mate, not a problem. I bought it with it already installed. However, I have installed John Easts on jazz basses and it was painless! No soldering required.
  5. It's a very nice preamp indeed. The mid sweep is a very useful feature. I like beefing up the low mids with it.
  6. Thanks man. Aye, very good bass indeed. Not a huge deal of difference between this and my USA Stingray 5!
  7. Great condition Ray35. Plays great, no issues. Weighs 4.35Kg. Need funds for car work
  8. Upgraded Sterling by Musicman SB14. -Schaller machine heads - Seymour Duncan pickup - John East preamp (with variable mid sweep) switch to go from series, parallel to single coil. Plays great and only a few small marks. Work on car forces sale! Price includes UK delivery in gig bag.
  9. Just pulled the trigger on the Steve Harris Sans Amp, so something has to go!> Fantastic preamp pedal. Four band EQ, compression, tuner, overdrive. No box or power supply. These are a little bit fussy with power supplies, but I’ve been using a Roland PSB-230UK with no problems. Price includes UK delivery. Possibly would trade for a lined fret less.
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