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  1. Sorry man, looking for a sale
  2. I wonder if anyone can answer this question. I have a series III supernatural that has switched for each pickup to select series or parallel. This isn’t the norm as far as I’m aware. Does anyone know what each of the pickups are normally wired as? Series or parallel?
  3. A fantastic Thumb clone made out of bubinga. Brass nut, Grover tuners and active Pickups. A very well made instrument.
  4. Brand new Cort GB74 JH. A fantastic platform for mods. Comes with omega (badass) bridge and hipshot ultra light tuners.
  5. A fabulous Corvette $$ with an on olive top, laminate neck and 3 band EQ. Plays fantastic. Comes with case and all documents and tool kit. A few minor marks on the body but nothing serious.
  6. doc40hz


    Bought a Spector from Gary. Well packaged, as described and great communication. Cheers man, I'm a happy dude
  7. Bought a Spector Q6 from Aarron - exactly as described, great communication and bomb proof packaging. Cheers man!
  8. I took a chance and traded this with another BC member. As Schecter seem to be associated with metal, I thought I'd try it with some heavy tunes. But I don't really know many metal tunes apart from Maiden and some Bruce Dickinson! So, Dickinson it was! The bass is great. Through neck, EMG passive pickups and an 18v 2 band circuit. I dropped the action a lot and its taken it like champ. It plays superb and the bottom end is thunderous!
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. I used this same bass in this video - I think it gives a good example of what the bass can do. I'm quite tempted to buy yours as it really was a great instrument!
  11. That is seriously good price for that bass.
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