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  1. Lol - I don’t think so. I can’t double thumb, and I think that would be needed but would give a totally different tone. Maybe if I play octave pops though.....
  2. Yeah, they are roundwounds. Steves one of my favourite players, so i spent years copying that "clank" so I guess my thumb knows how to do it too! I haven't figured out a way to convincingly slap the "gallop" though! There's a few other tunes that might work well as slap though. Something to work on I guess!
  3. Haha! Cheers man. To be honest, Steve's technique is more like finger slapping than plucking I'd say to the tone is similar.
  4. It is - the preamp has been swapped out for an 18v EMG BTC system.
  5. A bit of fun, I thought this would transcribe into a nice slap bass line!
  6. Thanks! Yeah, no problems and I’m hardly the most skilled with a soldering iron. I’m thinking of putting the MECs back in and flogging the aguilars - if you’re interested, send me message.
  7. This is a seriously good bass, but I’m after a Spector Euro LX5 or LT5. A few battle scars, but nothing serious. Tuners have been replaced with Schallers and the bridge has been changed to an omega. Delano pickups. Low action, buzz free. Its a heavy beast though!
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. MEC pickups and a 2 band EQ. Plays and sounds great. Price includes UK delivery.
  10. Lovely wood, plays great! Wilkinson pickups and hardware. Can courier. Would trade for an electric guitar of sorts (160 quids worth I guess) VINTAGE V950 5 STRING FEATURES: Body: Bubinga Neck: Maple / Bolt On Fingerboard: Rosewood Scale: 34"/864mm Frets: 24 Neck Inlays: Pearloid Dot Tuners: Wilkinson� WJB150 Bridge: Adjustable /Raised Tail Pickups: Wilkinson� Split Coil x 1/ JZ x 1 (M)WPBE500 (B)WPBE900 Hardware: Black Controls: 1 x Volume/ 1 x Balance/ Active EQ/ Bass/ Treble
  11. Quite. Gibson are not currently renowned for their quality control!
  12. The bass was not playable with a moderate/highish action. I checked all the frets with a rocker and it was like a roller coaster. It's a cheap bass, good ones are good but the bad ones are bad. I am convinced that cheap instruments when set up and fret levelled play as good as expensive ones This one now does. But out the box, it was not good!
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