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  1. I’m probably gonna regret this....... A pretty rare sterling SUB. This is one of the original USA made SUBs. 38mm profile. Fantastic condition. Plays great. Currently strung with status flat wounds. The price is a steal for this instrument ( I bought it for this price on this forum). Price includes delivery.
  2. doc40hz

    G&L tribute L2500

    Fantastic condition L2500. No issues at all. Price includes delivery. Based on Fife.
  3. I bought this fantastic bass last year on this forum (cant remember who from!). I'm looking to get what I paid. Its been nicely modified with a Seymour Duncan MM in the bridge position and an SBP1 at the front. I still have the original pickup. There's a few battle scars, but it plays and sounds great. Price includes delivery in a soft case. I'm in Fife and could deliver locally if needed. Here's it (and me in action):
  4. doc40hz


    A great Ray34. In fantastic condition. Strap studs are not music man, not sure what I've done with them. Apart from that in almost new condition. No issues at all. Comes with soft case. Price includes delivery.
  5. doc40hz

    Trace Elliot BLX combo

    I had one of these! It was my first gigging amp and I bought it new for the princely sum of 400 pounds in 1995. It was heavy but really loud! More than capable of holding its own in pub gigs on its own or combined with an ashdown 1x15 compact! I wish I'd never got rid of it. 130 watts old school = 500 watts class D. Easily. As an aside, I was playing a charity gig the other week and the backline was some old school 150 watt peavey head. It was ferociously loud using my big baby II and it was only on about 3 on the master out. I've tried loads of class D heads and they just don't have the slam of these old amps!
  6. doc40hz

    Barefaced Rainbow ONE 10

    "Percy. It's green." lol
  7. Potentially sold, I'll get back to you if it falls through.
  8. Seriously hot rodded 5 string jaguar. Upgrades: - hipshot ultralight tuners - John east delux preamp (with variable mid sweep) - hipshot kickass bridge (I've got the original bridge too) - locking strap studs. A lot of bass for the money! Strip it for parts and sell it on if you like. I need to make room! Can deliver.
  9. Anyone have a Series I they would be willing to sell? Must be able to courier
  10. doc40hz

    Feedback for GisserD (Darren)

    Bought an Eden WT800 from Darren. A pleasure to deal with. Cheers man!
  11. Anyone have one they fancy shifting and are able to courier? Cash waiting. Cheers
  12. doc40hz

    G&L tribute L2000