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  1. Howdy, it would be about 20 quid; I use UPS via interparcle
  2. Hi Ross, I'm in Fife. I can courier this to you no problem
  3. I bought it eBay a few years ago and as such I can't find it as purchases only go back a year or so. I think I searched fro Royal Blue sparkle or some such. Sorry!
  4. I have a set but they ended up in my old faithful precision They sound good!
  5. I had the body made/finished from a Italian ebayer. Cost £280 and the finish is outstanding! All parts meaty neck. Has a brass shim. hipshot tuners. Omega bridge. Seymour Duncan quarter pounders. Scratch plate is acrylic - finding a real chrome one is difficult! Plays great! Drilled through the headstock when mounting the tuners! Oops!
  6. Possibly.....probably! I've bought and sold so many basses over the years I've lost track!
  7. This is too nice a bass not to be used. 35 inch and Through neck, EMG 18v circuit with bass and treble, EMG-hz pickups. Amazing attention to detail. It sounds a massive when the bass is boosted. The emg-he pickups get slagged a bit, but I don’t see the problem. On their own they sound quite middly but in a mix that gives a lot of character. I think it sounds great! The action is low and is buzz free. It’s in fantastic condition. The strings are new Ernie Ball super long scale. I have too many basses. I need to make room!.
  8. Gigged and never driven hard. A fantastic cab which never let me down. Surplus to requirement now. Small crack on one the ports (see picture). No issues with driver at all. A fantastic piece of kit!
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