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  1. Can anyone help with this? On an active bass, there appears to be a problem with the EQ pots (rather than the EQ itself, I think). Bass EQ; has centre detente. When turned past the detente there is a bass boost but the last 1/4 of the turn it becomes a cut. To my ears it sounds about the same cut as when the bass pot is turned all the way down. It's almost as if the calibration of the pot has gone wrong! Middle EQ; boost and cut fine. Treble: Centre detente. Cut works as it should but I can't really here any marked difference past the centre detente when boosted. Curious. I had a Warwick where the volume did what I think the Bass pot is doing; Pot turned to 10 was about 1/3 volume, Pot turned to 0 was about a third volume too. Pot 6 = Max volume, and Pot 7-8 was no volume! Any ideas?
  2. Ideally looking to trade this for: - A Sadowsky MV4 - A headless and 5 string status - A series one JayDee Supernatural or a 5 string JayDee of some variety. 38mm nut width. Wenge neck. Plays beautifully. An outstanding instrument, but not for me. Luminescent dot markers! Very cool rkets
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  4. Help! I have a Yamaha 2025x. I’ve just noticed that there is a weird, intermittent distortion happening. It’s not me clipping the input stage of the various pre amps I’ve tried or through a combo; the noise is there even with minimal gain. Presumably a wiring issue, but I don’t know where to begin!
  5. Howdy, it would be about 20 quid; I use UPS via interparcle
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