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  1. doc40hz

    MESA BOOGIE D800+ vs GK MB FUSION - gig review

    I can only speak from experience. The MB800 appears to be louder. It appears to not hit its limit, which I can hear when I play (I dont use a compressor. I can hear when my amp hits its limit). I'm aware that the master out knob is different from amp to amp. The boogie limit light was coming on a lot with a single cab and a large guitarist - it was running flat out. I don't use stupid amounts of EQ either. It was just running out of juice. I think the "800 watt" RMS rating is more than a little optimistic. The sound from the boogie is great. I'm an experienced bassist, and have used a ton of gear. I can only say what I experienced, and that was the MB800 was way louder and also seemed to have power to spare. The Boogie, though sounding great, did not compete. I would say that the bands I was playing the Boogie with were extreme - the guitarist in one is stupidly loud and the drummer in the other is stupidly loud also. I played a funk gig with a tremendous drummer and the Boogie was great; Two cabs, and didnt break a sweat. On a side note, I recently acquired a Trace AH350 SMX which is teeth shakingly loud. Bottom line - I would think think of a D800+ as an 800 watt amp - despite what its advertised as. It is, though, a great sounding amp and would do most people formost situations.
  2. Misread the tape! Appears to be 1.8mm!
  3. 1.7mm according to my measurements
  4. It is indeed a fantastic sounding bass. I have an MTD 535-24 which is my pride and joy and a stingray 5 as my workhorse. This is not getting the use it deserves!
  5. I think so - as far as I'm aware the original USA made SUBS were poplar bodied
  6. doc40hz

    Starry Night Stingray 4

    Immaculate and gorgeous Starry Night Stingray. Barely played. Ebony finger board and toasted neck - it really is a head turner! Price includes delivery to uk.
  7. Unexpected bills mean I’m having to downsize this is a fantastic bass. No issues. Fantastic condition. Comes with status hard case , paperwork and hex keys. Price includes delivery.
  8. doc40hz

    Vester Clipper (thumb copy) preamp advice please!

    Dropping EMGS in? I've recently acquired one of these - very pleasantly surprised. Plays and sounds great and looks gorgeous.
  9. I've got this pre-amp today and on trying to rack mount it have discovered that the rack ears about half a CM to small! How vexing! Anyone know of any remedies to this? Cheers!
  10. doc40hz

    ***SOLD***MXR M87 bass compressor

    Sorry mate, looking for a sale.
  11. Using kitchen scales, so not exact, between 4.1 and 4.2kg.