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  1. Traded a bass for a variax from Paul. Extremely easy. Buy with confidence as Paul is a top basschatter!
  2. Sorry, I meant how much silk is left. I want to make sure they are still long enough to fit a slot head Gibson EB-3. Cheers.
  3. Bassman72

    obbm's feedback

    Just bought a cable from Dave. Pleasure to deal with and excellent item. Credit to BC! Thanks Dave.
  4. Bought a Trace Elliot V4 from Tom. Excellent to deal with. Very easy purchase and definitely worth the almost 400 mile round trip! Buy with confidence! THANKS!!
  5. Picked up a '68 EB-3 slot head with a badly repaired crack for £450. £120 for a professional repair and it now looks and plays amazingly....but I still wouldn't pay any where near £4K for it.
  6. Bought some cables from John. Excellent items and great guy to deal with. Buy with confidence! Cheers John!
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