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  1. Number of The Beast album that RTTH was taken from went straight in at No1. Maybe that's what Bruce was on about?
  2. There have been a few over the years that made me realise I was never going to be as good as they were. Nowadays, any pro bass player will be better than me, simply because that's their job and for me it's only a hobby. I'll get disheartened occasionally, and think oh crap! What's the point if I'm never going to be as good or inventive as "so and so". Then I pick up a bass, it feels right in my hands and I realise that I enjoy playing and can make a decent enough fist of it to play along with others, either on record or live, and I'm happy again 😊
  3. Saxon started out with 2 bass players. Biff & Dobby Dawson both being bassists in their previous bands & neither wanting to give it up. Dobby, apparently, was determined to be the better, so practised endlessly and eventually, of course, Biff dropped bass & concentrated on the frontman role.
  4. Well Frank Bello popped up in Calendar Girls with a couple of his Anthrax buddies. Still not sure what their appearance was all about...
  5. Was just about to say that! Saxon - nothing grabbed me. Wheels of Steel = 747 Strangers in the Night, Motorcycle Man, Wheels Of Steel, See the Light Shining, Machine Gun!
  6. Has anyone mentioned UFO yet? Southampton Gaumont 1985. I was 14, had seen Maiden & Kiss in the last year or two, so knew what to expect, but UFO took things to a new level. Still remember it as being fairly clear though with little distortion just mind numbingly loud. At 14, I loved it!
  7. The Wurzels definitely don't have any original members left. They started as Adge Cutlers backing band, and the longest serving current member, Tommy Banner, didn't join until about the 3rd album I think. Pete Budd is the only other member that was in an incarnation with Adge Cutler - think he joined in 1970 or thereabouts. Also worth mentioning that they never had a "proper" bass player for years, with Gaffer Baylis playing mainly sousaphone.
  8. Not YouTube but I found the following really useful when I'm looking to brush up on my 6 string skills. Easy to follow & a song to learn & play along with at the end of each lesson. I have a terrible memory for anything above the number 4 so anything that takes me back to basics is perfect. https://www.liveabout.com/guitar-lessons-for-beginners-1711865
  9. That's too bad. I'm willing to persevere with mine but it certainly is a different feel.
  10. I don't blame you. As @Cat Burrito said, it is cool as! Just wish I was close to being so cool as there is a definite mismatch when I strap it on 😂
  11. Having suffered with Semi gas for some years now, I've been keeping my eye out for one of these for a while, and when one popped up "in stock" in the UK, I grabbed it before it could get away! And I'm smitten! Lovely thump & surprising range of tones available by twiddling the volumes to blend each pick up. Lovely high quality finish all round - can't fault anything. Only thing to get used to is that it's huge!😊 At least 3" longer from head to toe than my Fender P, and obviously a good deal fatter. It needs a completely different playing position compared to my "normal" basses, but it's something I'm looking forward to working on 🤗.
  12. Lovely! I've had my eye on that Gretsch for a while but never quite got around to pulling the trigger! Would love to know how it works out. Time to source a new one now to drool over!
  13. That's just showing off!
  14. Anthrax spring to mind. Scott Ian (rhythm guitar) writes the lyrics while Charlie Benante (drums) writes riffs & music I think.
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