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  1. Strawbs664

    First gig played, where and when.

    May (?) 1988. Gosport Labour Club. We payed a two hour originals set and I was blown away that people actually applauded at the end of the first song!
  2. Strawbs664

    Hello from Hampshire

    Ta! I'll give that a go next time I'm near a PC.
  3. Strawbs664

    White Bass Porn Thread.

    Here's my much loved Stingray. It was white once - honest!
  4. Strawbs664

    Hello from Hampshire

    Thanks for all the welcomes. Still trying to figure out how to add my location to my profile, so for those interested, I'm from Romsey.
  5. Strawbs664

    Hello from Hampshire

    The usermane is solely fruit based I'm afraid. I have been tempted by the Strawbs in the past, mainly based on the Rick Wakeman involvement, but have never pulled the trigger, so to speak.
  6. Strawbs664

    Hello from Hampshire

    Hello from deepest Hampshire. Been lurking here for ages have finally decided to sign up. First picked up a bass in the mid 80s and went through a few bands before family & mortgages caught up with me & limited me to the occasional bedroom noodle. Had to dust stuff off again in the last couple of years as one of my old bands organised an annual charity reunion, and I couldn't let someone else play my basslines 😂 Gear wise, I've been using a my trusty stingray for the last 25+ years but picked up a cheap EB5 last year which has surprised me somewhat as I'd never rated Gibson basses before. Anyhoo, I'll keep lurking, and may pop in now & then to add my four pennorth 😊