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  1. Oooh! How about Martin Turner & Steve Upton?
  2. Mark Evans, Phil Rudd & Malcolm Young on early AC/DC stuff always blow me away with how solid they are.
  3. Jethro Tull cracked the States too, and you don't get many bands sounding more British than them!
  4. According to Gene Simmons & one of his books - he loved Slade but they were never going to make it in the US as no one could understand their singer ……..
  5. I've seen the West End show with my family and we loved it. I was disappointed with the film initially, but have come round to the cheesiness of it and will now quite happily sit through it & sing along. And I still love how they mashed up We Built This City & We're Not Gonna Take it! My daughter, who knows what she's talking about when it comes to films, summed it up as being terrible and brilliant at the same time which is why it works. Sounds about right! P.S. The ITV2 version had a quite a few cuts compared to the full version, and they jarred somewhat.
  6. This ^^ Totally agree. The Who live are a beast but their studio albums seem a tad tame for me. Has anyone mentioned Kiss yet?
  7. Phil Mogg is one of the best frontmen (as opposed to singers) I've ever seen, and UFO are the loudest band I've ever seen by quite some way. I've always thought it was the songwriting that lifted them above other 70s rock bands - so many fantastic, catchy tunes that should have been massive radio hits. No idea why they are so underated. P.S. Pete Way's biography is a cracking read (but I can't recall what it's called just now).
  8. Oh that is rather nice! I only wish I had the wherewithal to look further.
  9. Another vote for Hypnotic straps. Loads of choice & reasonably priced.
  10. May (?) 1988. Gosport Labour Club. We payed a two hour originals set and I was blown away that people actually applauded at the end of the first song!
  11. Ta! I'll give that a go next time I'm near a PC.
  12. Here's my much loved Stingray. It was white once - honest!
  13. Thanks for all the welcomes. Still trying to figure out how to add my location to my profile, so for those interested, I'm from Romsey.
  14. The usermane is solely fruit based I'm afraid. I have been tempted by the Strawbs in the past, mainly based on the Rick Wakeman involvement, but have never pulled the trigger, so to speak.
  15. Hello from deepest Hampshire. Been lurking here for ages have finally decided to sign up. First picked up a bass in the mid 80s and went through a few bands before family & mortgages caught up with me & limited me to the occasional bedroom noodle. Had to dust stuff off again in the last couple of years as one of my old bands organised an annual charity reunion, and I couldn't let someone else play my basslines 😂 Gear wise, I've been using a my trusty stingray for the last 25+ years but picked up a cheap EB5 last year which has surprised me somewhat as I'd never rated Gibson basses before. Anyhoo, I'll keep lurking, and may pop in now & then to add my four pennorth 😊
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