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  1. vantagepointrocks

    World Cup vs bass time

    I’ve been noodling about on the bass and guitar while watching Wimbledon on the TV, not watched a match in the World Cup.
  2. vantagepointrocks

    Rush - 'Time Stand Still' Doc DVD

    Just ordered myself a copy, looking forward to seeing it, loved, Beyond the Lighted Stage.
  3. vantagepointrocks

    Rock music peaked in 1971

    Money made from sales and streams has been negligible. I've always made more money from selling CDs that what we've been paid for in streams and downloads. But unfortunately we have never sold enough CDs to cover the cost of getting them printed up. When we play gigs I still have enough of our previous albums to go round the punters afterwards with something to sell. If I ever get rid of them, then I might consider getting the new one printed up.
  4. vantagepointrocks

    Rock music peaked in 1971

    You can purchase them from, https://vantagepointrocks.bandcamp.com/merch getting the price of CDs is fine, I don’t add on anything for shipping, just means I get a bit more money from a local sale than a foreign one. But that is fine, just happy to get rid of any at the moment – didn’t do a physical release of our latest album due to still having lots of previous in boxes.
  5. vantagepointrocks

    Rock music peaked in 1971

    I do mean hundreds of copies of the same album that remain, unfortunately, very unsold – but I always hope they will be bought ;-)
  6. vantagepointrocks

    Rock music peaked in 1971

    Well I've certainly got hundreds of albums in my garage that were released by my band, unfortunately they all look and sound very similar ...
  7. vantagepointrocks

    Rock music peaked in 1971

    It maybe peaked for him in 1971, but certainly not for me, I only have two or three albums released up to and including 1971, but have hundreds released after in my collection.
  8. vantagepointrocks

    Vantage Point - Recording Footage & Promo Videos

    Decided to add a different bass line to, On the Road, that we recorded bass and drums for back in November. Will use the newly recorded version as the bassist for a new instrumental track, Collision Course. Means we'll end up with two tracks with the same drum track by the time we have ended recording. https://www.youtube.com/user/VantagePointrocks/videos
  9. vantagepointrocks

    Jeff Beck doc BBC4 2100 and 0125

    I need to watch this, I’m aware of Jeff Beck but know very little of his work outside his contribution to the Jon Bon Jovi solo album, Young Guns, and playing Johnny B Goode in the film, The Pope Must Die. I assume there is more to his career than all that, though I do think the guitar solos on the Young Guns album are brilliant.
  10. vantagepointrocks

    Spawny gets..lucky fifth wheels in music

    But when Alec John Such was in the band they released great albums, Slippery, New Jersey, Keep the Faith, when he left they put out a few average ones, These Days, Crush & Bounce, before releasing absolute tosh in The Circle, Lost Highway, Have a Nice Day etc ... Are you telling me this is just pure co-incidence? I always assumed it was the change in bass player that resulted in the drop in quality of their output ...
  11. vantagepointrocks

    Huey Lewis tours cancelled

    Well I hope he gets better and is able to sing again. I had been hoping that they would release some new material this year, though my hopes weren’t high that it would be anywhere near as good as their mid-80s stuff.
  12. vantagepointrocks

    Pros, Semi-Pros, Hobbyists / Weekend warriors etc.

    Currently, as far as live gigs are concerned, I fall between hobbyist and weekend warrior, as the band has only played 8 gigs in the last three years. So not really enough to be calling myself a weekend warrior, particularly when a few of those gigs didn’t even take place at the weekend! The band still takes up a lot of time due to writing, recording and editing videos. The later being the most time consuming, as I take a lot of live and studio footage, and do Lego stop motion clips to promote our songs. Obviously the dream is to progress straight from part-time weekend warrior to Pro player, but in reality progressing to one gig every two months would be a success!
  13. vantagepointrocks

    Favourite Movie Music

    The Back to the Future soundtrack was a big thing for me as a teenager, pretty much got me addicted to music. In the main it was the two Huey Lewis tracks that turned music into my everyday passion. But the Alan Silvestri theme was good and I quite like the Lindsay Buckingham & Eric Clapton tracks that are on there. The soundtrack though that I can listen to from start to finish over and over is the original Star Wars, favourite piece from that is, The Battle of Yavin, find it exciting and moving even without the pictures, though I suppose I can pretty much see them in my head now.
  14. Two I know of are, Bombskare and the Amorettes,
  15. vantagepointrocks

    Vantage Point (vantagepointrocks)

    Played our first gig of the year to practically no-one on a cold snowy night in Glasgow in one of these battle of the band competitions. If nothing else I got some, I think, good footage out of it.