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  1. And why is that? I have a 1025 (I love it) and I was looking to buy a 4 string (for another band I have). Maybe a 1024. But it’s very difficult to find one, specially in my country. So, can the 424 be a good alternative?
  2. The puzzle is done 😅 in a Pedaltrain Junior Tuner > Cali > HX > ADAM H9 in the fx loop HX Mongoose midi > HX Decibel Eleven Deluxe powers all pedals except the HX
  3. too expensive, no? https://www.mercatinomusicale.com/mm/a_yamaha-bb2024x_id6958579.html?stkn=3K96wkF1IH9q5oO7
  4. New song/video clip. The album will come out soon
  5. Yesterday was the first gig of the year. The BB1025 was fantastic 😆 Here is a phone video from the gig. The bass sound was DI from the Bergantino to front of house. Use 🎧 IMG_1548.MP4
  6. I play in 2 bands. Very different styles. One punk/hardcore band (3 px). The other is a blues/folk/rock/burlesque band (4 px). This rig does everything. I do have some pedals too. The BB1025 it’s fantastic. My StingRay5 stays at home now.
  7. Unfortunately for me this bass is in UK. GLWTS
  8. For sale in Portugal https://www.olx.pt/anuncio/yamaha-bb1200s-vendo-IDGi4LR.html
  9. Thanks Luke Any alternatives to the power supply that comes with the Stomp?
  10. I bought a HX Stomp 😁 I would like to know if can power it with my Decibel Eleven Hot Stone Deluxe Any experience with this power supply? Thanks
  11. New song from my band - Damn Sessions “Super Raga” Enjoy 😉
  12. I will remember that 😅 Thanks Cuzzie
  13. From the Darkglass website: ”The ADAM has a current draw of 500mA. Only use a regulated 9V DC adapter with a center-negative plug. ” Do we need a power supply capable of 500mA to run the ADAM? I have a Decibel Deluxe on my board to power my pedals but it doesn’t have a isolated 500mA.
  14. Yamaha BB Man United https://www.instagram.com/p/CH6D_MVpscf/?igshid=1sw5ngnfesbnh
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