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  1. If only there was some kind of board you could clap, in some way, to sync the audio and video 😉
  2. I have never, ever had an issue with Gotoh hardware, it's consistently excellent.
  3. Yeah, guitars and drums for me too. I wouldn't get more than one kit but I recently upgraded from a trusty Pearl Export to a Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute. The Oak Custom X snare is an even more recent acquisition. I reached a point where I had the guitars I wanted a few years ago, to cover the kind of stuff I play on them.
  4. I've been playing bass since 1989. My tastes have changed a lot in that time. If all goes well, I'll live for another 30 years, perhaps more. I think that's plenty of time for tastes and preferences to change again and, hopefully, everything will get a go as the favoured child 😂 Bass is a lifetime journey, see it in the long term 🙂
  5. Lakland and Dingwall use small frets. If you've ever played one of them you'll have a good idea what it feels like. I prefer small frets on a bass, definitely.
  6. I'm sure there is a lot more to it than that.
  7. Bob can be hard to take but this is a phenomenal interview.
  8. Because it wasn't diagnosed until much later and they had already watched one member die from drug abuse?
  9. You don't need to replace the PCB, you can desolder the old pot off and solder a new pot on. Just get a solder sucker and it should only take a few minutes. The lugs will be different to a standard pot where you'd solder wire into the hole. This kind of thing - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/264273433131?hash=item3d87ec922b:g:b-8AAOSwlBZbbajy I'd echo what @TheGreeksaid about the preamp. I thought the one in mine sounded just fine. Stock SGC Nanyo's are a great bass without any modding.
  10. They did it last year 😉
  11. Could you imagine trying to roadie for Atheist back in the day? They had a right handed bass, strung normally, but two lefty guitarists, Schaeffer on the left strung his guitar in the standard fashion with the bass strings on top but Burkey, with the V, had the bass strings on the treble side.
  12. Have you considered a cable with a right-angled plug? Get some electrical contact cleaner spray and spray into the pot which is scratchy. You just need to clean the contacts by spraying a little cleaner into the hole on the pot shell and run the knob through the full range of motion. Whoever told you active pickups are thin doesn't have a clue what they're talking about, take anything they tell you with a pinch of salt. I had the same bass as you and it was one of the naturally fattest tones I've had on any bass with the EQ set flat. Those pickups are anything but thin. They don't understand what being an active pickup means.
  13. Also, flats aren't going to get you a modern sound. They're a one-way ticket to old school.
  14. If you can't get a sound you like by adjusting EQ via the pre-amp and your amp, you're unlikely to get what you want from a third EQ, which is all a different pre-amp will be. I had a similar dilemma with my old SR3006 which had custom Barts in it too. I had a set of pickups custom made for it which got me the sound I was after. I think this is what you need to consider. I had Christoph at Bassculture make mine but there are so many custom pickup makers out there now, you are spoiled for choice. A set of flamed maple shells with the pickup of your choice inside would look just fine in that bass 🙂
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