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  1. They were hand made by Deviser (Bacchus, STR, Momose, Seventy-Seven, etc) to a really high standard. I've had this one for over 10 years, it came with stock US Bartolini pickups paired with the Godlyke preamp. I've had a few US Stingrays come and go but the Godlyke stays. The neck is really, really nice. Jazz width nut with an almost flat fretboard and one of the finest fret jobs you'll ever see. I used to have a 5er twin but sold it on a few years ago after I realised 5 strings were not for me Whoever buys Andy's one will be onto a winner.
  2. Great bass by any standard and a steal at that price
  3. Ondt Blod from the very far North of Norway. They take hardcore, metal and melodies which would make Brian Wilson blush and somehow make it all fit together seamlessly. Natur is my favourite album from last year by some distance. https://ondtblod.bandcamp.com/ KXM, which consists of Doug Pinnick from King’s X, George Lynch from Lynch Mob/Dokken and Ray Luzier from Korn, have just released their third album, Circle of Dolls, and it’s another top quality slab of modern rock. A great band which only exists for a few weeks every couple of years but has released three superb albums. https://kxmmusic.bandcamp.com/releases
  4. If you can play the stuff on Unquestionable Presence or Control And Resistance, you’re alright in my book.
  5. That’s not a Geddy neck, they don’t have black plastic inserts at the truss rod. Definitely a bogus neck plate, Corona font is all wrong. Look at the scratchplate on the lower horn. Not a Fender body. It’s junk. Walk away. Also, a three inch strap is useless, it needs to be at least a couple of feet long.
  6. I've also become aware of these guys. If you like the idea of old Scorpions gone super heavy with Klaus Meine mixed with Lenny Wolff on vocals, then give this a few minutes of your time.
  7. Heading to Dublin on Wednesday to see Killing Joke so working through the setlist from last night. One of the great bands, always a pleasure to listen to them.
  8. Global server admin for a US multinational, have worked in IT since the mid-90's. Is that ok? I didn't dismiss the usage of RAM. RAM is only useful when it's used. There is no point in loading up with RAM if you don't use it. If his system doesn't use all the RAM it has then adding more won't make a difference. This is why I suggested he analyse what resources his system is using and base his decision on that, given he has a tight budget.
  9. Adding RAM will only speed things up if the system is keeping more data in memory than it physically has and has to use the swap file with any kind of frequency. I use Sony Vegas for video editing and when rendering, it's all about processing, not RAM. @EJWW, next time you're working on a video, have task manager open on the Performance tab with More Details selected. It'll show you where your laptop is getting hit hardest. It'll be that Pentium for sure, but you'll see what kind of disk and memory usage is going on too, which is what should guide you on the spec of your new machine. Understand what it is you need first before spending cash on the wrong thing.
  10. Who’s playing?
  11. Half the accounts are Fender shills. No matter what the question is, thirty lads are lined up to tell you Fender is the answer. A depressing turn of events as it used to be a decent resource.
  12. Until your singer quits the band midway through a song, that song being about halfway through your first ever headlining set, walks straight through the crowd and out of the venue without even stopping to pick up his jacket, to the sound of one scallywag singing "One of these kids is doing his own thing!", while the guitarist (who was so stoned he came up to you before the gig to say he couldn't feel his hands and was slumped over throughout his "performance" on a bar stool on stage, because it turned out he couldn't really feel his legs either) continues to fumble his way through something loosely resembling your music because he hasn't noticed the singer is not only not singing, but isn't even in the venue any more, you haven't really had a bad gig. There's a worse one out there waiting for you. These will make you appreciate the good ones more, so chin up. 😃
  13. Perhaps this will help? https://www.deanguitars.com/
  14. It was carried out under the new management regime. However many of those guitars were made -the third video speculated less than 800 - Gibson intentionally destroyed almost half the number of these guitars in existence as a financial write-off. They had to destroy all the parts and cases too as a result. That’s why they’re strung up, with the tuners, pickups and electronics in place. The whole instrument needed to be destroyed in order to write off the full value. It’s a financial move, pure and simple. They weren’t defective, other than the actual design, and they weren’t unsafe, other than to their tax liability. The cost of this kind of nonsense is absorbed into the price tag of every other Gibson out there, just bear that in mind next time you’re looking at one in a shop. A final point and one which is being overlooked - Gibson finally made a guitar where it seemed to take effort to remove the headstock and they destroyed them. It’s a crazy, crazy world.
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