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  1. It’s a tourism brochure for the host nation, with the opportunity to get hours of access into hundreds of millions of brains across the continent.
  2. Baaaaaaaaaaaaabe, I'm gonna leave you!
  3. This chorus is a banger by any standard. The accent, maybe not so much 😂
  4. Anything where you can say "pre-" something. It doesn't matter whether it's better or worse, people seem to want to pay more for "pre" rather than "post". Add over 30 years to the mix and you can start thinking of buying that speedboat.
  5. A really, truly beautiful J, fortunately/unfortunately there is a sea between us 🙂
  6. Doctor J

    Show us your rig!

    Indeed. The part of me which loves Tetris really appreciates how well everything has fit together there.
  7. I love both eras. I grew up with Muzz but Stain is my favourite LC album. The last two albums have been really strong too. There’s a darker sound with Doug, less funky, even though he is a player capable of great funkiness.
  8. You shouldn’t complain, though, the UK is in a cabal of five or six countries which don’t have to pre-qualify and always get on the main show regardless of how weak the song is. It wasn’t a great song, let’s be fair. There were similar sized shows on Tuesday and Thursday in order for everyone else to attempt to get onto the bill for the main show. Around 40 whittled down to 20? Is coming last on the main show worse than not even making the cut? Imagine spending the time and money and not even getting through to the main show. Then Germany, another who don’t have to pre-qualify didn’t get a single public vote. Ouch. I actually enjoyed the whole thing. The Czech Republic had a genuinely catchy, decent pop song. Iceland, BDSM schtick aside, did something musically different from the usual bland club fare and holding up Palestine scarves took some balls. One thing we can be sure of is that Madonna’s voice is shot and that new song is dreadful. She also had Palestinian flags feature in her performance, though, there’s still some fight in her.
  9. There is a particular site over here in Ireland which is notorious for attracting tyre kickers and lowballers. I dread putting something up because, more often than not, you’ll be bombarded with bizarre trade offers, even if you clearly specify no trades, and derisory sums of money which would make Trump blush. You usually have to price items expecting most offers you receive to be about 60% or less of your asking price. Recent offers I have received include: - trade three crap, cheap guitars for my single, good and expensive guitar - motorcycle parts as trade for a bass (I don’t have a motorcycle, never mind the particular model these were for) - a tattoo for a bass - I was recently offered €325 for a USA G&L L2000 There are great buyers and sellers on there, too, but it’s heartbreaking at times. Such is the fun of trying to sell, regardless of the platform.
  10. I’ve been there more than once. It’s a lot more work to put something together than slotting in the a pre-existing setup but is infinitely more satisfying. What works for me, before starting the search, is to have some music written in the style I’m aiming for. I can then give that to any prospective bandmate so they have a very clear idea of the direction I want to go in. It’s much cleaner than a list of bands or a verbal description of a musical style which is so easy for someone to misinterpret. Even then, you might find people who like the music but struggle to play it, or your personalities don’t quite gel, but that’s all part of the fun. I think it’s important to push towards what it is you want to express, if you feel you have something to say. Don’t sit back and just go along with someone else’s vision. If it’s in you, let it out.
  11. Slapping the bass is a lot like like making love to a beautiful woman. There's a time and a place for it. Get it wrong and you'll never get a second chance. You've got to build the mood and, only when it's absolutely appropriate, do you make your move. You can't just whip it out any time you feel like it and whack it off everything in sight.
  12. Fender announce the new Kitchen-Table-Butchery Tribute Series. In honour of the disastrous home-made relic craze of the early 21st Century, Fender is thrilled to present a new line of instruments crudely attacked with belt sanders, food processors, rusty spoons and mouldy tea by our least skilled artisans in an effort to recreate the blatantly artificial wear of days gone by. You, too, can have an instrument which looks like it has never left the house while trying to look like it has lived a hard life on the road. Order now!
  13. You must have strong elements of taste in your DNA. Thank your parents, I reckon 😉
  14. I started in late 1989 with an Aria Pro II XRB-2 from Goodwins on Capel Street in Dublin and a 10W East German transistor amp whose name I cannot recall. My Dad picked it up somewhere. The Aria was a plywood body but sounded really good, to be fair.
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