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  1. They're not. They were hand made in Japan in the early 00's.
  2. Nothing new to add, really, other than every time I pick up my Orion I think I could probably do without my other basses.
  3. Here's the Venus with an 04 Standard 5. I think it was from 2003. Great bass, but I couldn't live without a forearm contour.
  4. Looks like it took 21 minutes to come to that conclusion?
  5. Yeah, that natural Venus used to be mine. Slab top, binding, no inlays.
  6. I took up drumming about 7 years after I started playing bass. I saw bass and drums as musical bedfellows and definitely felt I get a better understanding of what I should be doing on a bass by playing drums. I ended up playing drums for a few bands in the late 90's. After about 10 years of not drumming, I took up sticks again a few years ago. It's great fun, helps me musically and is also a real challenge to get good at. I'd recommend it to everyone.
  7. Indeed 😂 Please excuse me, I'm off to let everyone know where Chelsea United went wrong on Saturday in the FA World Championship Final
  8. It's gas to see so many who dismiss it as a joke, avoid it, don't like it and haven't listened to the music, still weighing in with their insightful interpretation of the event they didn't watch, simmering with outrage at how unfair it all is 😂 The voting, Ukraine aside, was, if anything, less geographically motivated than usual and certainly anything but political. The UK won the jury voting, Ukraine came fourth, behind Spain and Sweden. The juries consist of music industry types and musicians. If there was a grand political vote at play, surely it would be seen in the public voting? However, the UK came 5th in the public vote, even behind Serbia, whose stance on the Ukraine invasion is, at best, lamentable. Boris and Truss have made a lot of noise recent weeks but the UK's reluctance to take in refugees has not been forgotten. Still, surely the UK would at least be ahead of Serbia in public opinion if there was a political slant to the public voting? What has Spain done, politically, to get public votes other than send an attractive, scantily clad lady with a very well choreographed and performed song (whether it is to your tastes or not, it's the kind of thing the young people seem to like) for three minutes of well executed light entertainment? Moldova's bar-room punk polka didn't go anywhere with the juries but the crowd on both Tuesday and Saturday absolutley loved it, so it's no surprise the public voted for it. Serbia's quirky effort was very memorable and well done, for what it was. It's worth mentioning that, even if you didn't like Ukraine's song (if you even heard it), the mixing of traditional and modern music styles, including hip-hop and electronic music, is quite popular in the East. Quite a few former Soviet states are reasserting their cultural history, after years of oppression, and mixing it with modern music. It's a big thing, just listen to Shum by Go_A from last year. Ukraine's song was not without merit. This year, the UK sent a very likeable guy with a great voice and a massive social media following, along with a song which people seemed to enjoy listening to. I mean, it's possible people voted for him because Boris visited Kyiv long after the Premiers of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia had done the same thing but, let's be honest, it's very, very unlikely. It's a Saturday night light-entertainment show. Occasionally, one must trust Occam's Razor. This is one of them 😉
  9. Got to have some Jim Glennie from James 🙂
  10. Don't worry, young people, there'll be a thread for bands "featuring..." coming along any day now.
  11. Speaking of political voting, I thought it was great to see Spain's post-Franco progression into a vibrant democracy finally being recognised by the teenagers of Europe.
  12. Therefore applying blanket statements to the tonal properties of different species of wood is, at best, misleading? Aaahhhhhh! How did we get back here again?!?!?!?
  13. "My tech had a look at the crack and says it's not serious"
  14. Let is bow our heads in admiration of the sanctity and holiness of the "DAN SMITH ERA!!!" which, yea, must be shouted verily in ads for all manner of decent to utterly dire output. This most sacred phrase which, lest we forget, covers the time he arrived when, as he said himself, there was practically no quality control in place, up to the time they shut down the factory so they could move and start all over again is surely all the histrionics one needs to make a blind purchase in confidence, no?
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