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  1. I used Dean Markley SR2000 strings on my old sixer. I loved them an experienced no strange overtone or intonation problems.
  2. I heartily support the OP's right to a negative opinion and the freedom to express it. This is a discussion forum, all opinions are valid. Some perspective required, indeed.
  3. Masked Jackal by Coroner. It made a big impression on me as a young lad and I still love seeing Ron's fingers flying around the fretboard while he sings at the same time.
  4. I voted yesterday and it was ok. It's showing me the current scores now just fine.
  5. A while ago, I realised I was fed up with drum machines, so bought a kit again and re-started learning drums. Of course, after selling my old kit a few years ago I sold all my old mics and outboard gear too. This is my first go at anything with my cheapest-of-the-cheap T-Bone and Behringer replacement gear 😁 When I first looked at the picture, I zoomed in and saw the drummer was called Illegal Al and, well... it stuck. I reckon Illegal Al plays some kind of obnoxious space jazz, of course and you'll be excused for screaming, not that anyone will hear you.
  6. I had a knot in a fingerboard before, it didn't bother me either. In fact, I thought it made the aesthetics more interesting. It had no effect on the functionality so, no problemo.
  7. We were talking about Thomann, no? Thomann charge you the UK VAT rate if you're in the UK, not the German VAT rate. That is all.
  8. Trust me. They apply the local VAT rate depending on the location of the buyer, in line with EU law.
  9. You are definitely, 100%, charged your local tax rate.
  10. Thomann charge you, as a private UK individual, the UK VAT rate. EU law states that VAT is charged at the rate of the country the customer is resident in.
  11. Since they're mentioned in the short gigs thread... albums by Nails don't hang around Abandon All Life - 10 songs - 17 minute Unsilent Death - 10 songs - 13 minutes You Will Never Be One Of Us -10 songs - 21 minutes
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