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  1. I found out years later it was a butchered Manfred Mann song. They were tasty bars, too.
  2. Knowing the type of tone you're after now, I would say just buy one of those Ibanez. You're going to spend a lot of money hacking up that lovely Streamer and not end up with the sound you're looking for, it's just not that kind of bass. Keep an eye out for a second hand Ibanez and spare the Streamer.
  3. Q-Tuners might be along the lines of what you're looking for, in the sense that they provide a very flat, very clear wide-frequency band tone. I have first generation set in a bass for the last 15 years or so. Mine are big dual coil units but they do make a J sized model. https://www.q-tuner.com/about/
  4. The worst gig I ever attended was Ian Brown, shortly after his first solo album came out. He wouldn't play any Roses material, so this wretched performance was essentially his one album (not a good album) plus a bad cover of Thriller... played twice.
  5. I think the answer to this is probably Smashing Pumpkins who, depending on Billy's mood, might power through a set of music which never even appeared on albums, never mind not playing the hits 😂
  6. Sweet, with the old headstock too. I assume that's a limited thing?
  7. I find it hard to watch. Staley is in a bad way there and knowing how utterly horrific the time he had left would be, it's easier to listen to the CD than look at the video.
  8. One of his other ads is a short-scale headless Squier Jazz?
  9. The Kula Shaker version is being used on an ad at the moment. Couldn't tell you what the ad was for, but it was certainly Crispian and co.
  10. When Hush is used, it's usually Kula Shaker's version.
  11. I would really like to have picked up a SSS model, love that shape.
  12. Lars and James still had to share the same space as Jason, even though they couldn't hear him.
  13. Deen Town is Woody's work, is it not?
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