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  1. Up until last week I only ever played my own acoustic DB, a mid-1990's german plywood job. My tutor thought it was fine, and the luthier that set it up after I got it said he was relieved it wasn't a cheap and crap starter bass. So i was pretty content with its sound and playability, as I had nothing to compare it with. Until last week. I happened to be at a work social event that included a jam session, which I signed up for. Turned to be a jazz jam session, and, mediocre as I am, I gave it a go. The pro bass player that was running it kindly let me use his bass, and the instrument was _incredible_ Under the fingers it felt as playable as my Aria EUB, which feels like a toy in my hands after using my regular bass, yet it retained the response you expect from an acoustic bass. Moreover, its clarity was much better than mine, and the notes came through much more defined than i'm used to, and through a worse amp than mine as well. Since it was me playing both, I can't blame the difference in sound on my technique. The body size was small, but the fingerboard was regular 3/4 scale. So the question is, what can I do to improve the playability nd clarity of my bass without spending £10k on a custom job like he did? I currently have some Spiro Weich strings on mine, about 6 months old. Any idea is welcome!
  2. My deal on my current car expires soon, and i'm shopping around for a new one thinking mainly of whether the bass and amp and cab will fit...
  3. SOLD Extremely good condition Sterling by MusicMan SUB Ray4, walnut body, rosewood fingerboard, maple neck (i think). Original pickup and preamp have been replaced with a retro sounding AlNico pickup, and with a Stinger preamp. The sound is now much mellower and more controlled than before. I know you can never get back the money you put in in upgrades, but someone might like what i've done. Original parts will be included in the sale. The only other mod is the addition of a thumbrest (see picture), simply screwed in the pickguard. I prefer to play fingerstyle close to the neck, but that can be easily removed. No scratches, dings, or any other blemishes. The bass is located in Newhaven, Edinburgh. Happy to ship at cost.
  4. Fair enough, they are significantly smaller
  5. Very interesting, I shall research more, thanks.
  6. My normal setup is that amp with a cab47. The c4 lites are significantly lighter than the cab47, but not much smaller. Love the rig though.
  7. Acoustic image european website lists them at about £500 each. Prices as of late 2017, mind. And eu prices are lower than uk
  8. I already have a CAB47 from PJB, which is a little bigger and a little heavier than the C4. Nice as that is, I would like something significantly smaller and lighter. So far the Crazy8 stays as the best option, but i admit i'm intrigued by the trickfish TF110. Quite a different in cost though! The idea of a small PA speaker is also interesting, i shall investigate! Perhaps a single 1x10 passive speaker to be powered by my amp?
  9. After selling my PJB briefcase because of lack of use, it looks like I might start needing a small amp for DB/EUB again. Since I now own a PJB D400 amp head, what options do I have for a very small cab (and I mean small)? I am mightily intrigued by the Crazy8, yet i'd like to ask the opinion of the BC hive mind before I pull the trigger. I'm not interested in combos, just very small cabs that could go well with the D400.
  10. That's some headstock on that thing!
  11. Cool, thanks. What is the difference between the two? They both seem to be stainless steel, but the fat beams appear to be wound under pressure?
  12. I need new strings on my trusty old Peavey T40. I want something with strong fundamentals and a bright edge to help me with the funkier side of life Please recommend me something, i'm happy to try whatever
  13. I'm a fan of Phil Jones Bass stuff, and i've used some of their amps and combos with the piezo pickup plugged in straight to the high impedance input. I'm yet to try with my latest entry, the D400, but the spec sheet quotes 4 MOhm/22pF. That should be high enough for most pieces of kit, surely!
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