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  1. Bass heaven, bass hell

    Heaven: Groove Hell: Bass Solos
  2. I dont get it... Ibanez upright.

    I think it sounds eq'ed and compressed to sound "unnatural". I can't really say just what it would sound like if it was eq'ed differently. I am also unsure about the 34 inch scale. Part of the fun for me is to play something that is physically very different from electric bass guitar. Perhaps Ibanez is trying to talk to its main customers, and give them an upright option that isn't too far from their usual offerings.
  3. I recommend tapping the shoulder of the bass if you have a piezo pickup, better response
  4. Not the cleanest of techniques, or the best of recordings, but it's good fun Two on DB, one on EUB
  5. EUB or "real" Double Bass for starter?

    As much as I agree with StingrayPete, I think you'll soon find yourself longing for the sound and feel of a wooden DB... There are some reasonable quality starter DBs on the for sale section, for very reasonable prices! Having said that, I still use an EUB for small venues, and for when I can't take the DB with me...
  6. My 3/4 size bass came with this old vinyl thin soft case, which I suspect fits a 4/4 size one as well. I don;t need it anymore. It's old and heavily used, it spent a long time protecting my bass in a dark storage area, it has a hole at the bottom where the endpin has worn through, but it is otherwise perfectly serviceable. It's free, buyer pays postage.
  7. Balancing your setlist

    I use both DB and bass guitar in the set, so a small amount of consideration has to be given to the flow of the show. Also, some songs are vocally very demanding, and the singer needs to have them late in the set. But these are constraints we have to work around when building a setlist that feels like a show (or two smaller shows )
  8. Balancing your setlist

    Thanks for the advice. Luckily we are already trying to do what you recommend. I think it just takes a little bit of time for people to warm up to the idea of getting involved. We'll probably swap out one or two of the more soulful songs for rowdier party gigs
  9. Watts on BC?

    But are they valve watts or solid state watts?
  10. Balancing your setlist

    I've been wondering for a while about what would be the best way to organise the setlist for our band, so I thought i'd ask the deep mind of Basschat We normally play 2-2.5 hours of material, organised in two sets of approximately 15 songs. Most of our material is upbeat, and we try to get people dancing as much as we can and as long as we can. We have a certain number of sure-fire dancing numbers which we are sure will get people up, but I'm afraid about putting them in too early, and waste them on a crowd that's too cold still. How do you guys build your setlist? Do you keep your more dancey material for later, accepting that people need time to warm up (and have a few jars) before they are ready to participate, or do you try to get them involved right away by playing some of your sure-fire stuff early on? By the way we do a very broad mix of covers, from swing to reggae to blues to pop to rock, often rearranged in a different genres from the original. Most of our gigs are pubs and private parties.
  11. NS Design EDBs

    I personally don't like NS EUBs. Great finish and looks (minus the tripod), but the action is too close to that of a bass guitar for my liking. Makes me want to play it like a bass guitar If I play upright, I like it to be like an upright as much as possible, including string height, fingerboard curvature, body contact etc. The basic tone is neither here nor there for me. Every (electric) instrument sounds like itself, it's just a matter of finding the tone that works for you and your music.
  12. Open strings: Yay or nay, with reasons.

    If you ever played double bass you would have learned to love open strings. I carry some of that love over when I play bass guitar, and dampen the note with my left or right hand, depending on what i'm playing.
  13. I agree that almost all the gear you buy these days from a reputable music gear shop is going to be ok. Perhaps not what you were looking for, not your cup of tea etc, but not downright bad. Unfortunately the niche reserved to the stuff that gets produced and sold to people who have no idea what they're buying needs to be filled by something. These days is truly ghastly ultra cheap stuff made in China or India just for that purpose. I visited a large "guitar" shop in Beijing some time ago, and the stuff they had hanging on the walls was so low quality, so badly finished and frankly so noticeably misshapen that I wouldn't even consider hanging on the wall of pub...
  14. How was your gig last night?

    Absolutely brilliant gig at a rather nice bar in central Edinburgh on saturday night. About one third through the gig the punters started shifting the tables away so they could dance. Fantastic reception, packed bar, I am hoping for multiple return bookings Played my newly aquired Aria SWB lite EUB, as well as the T40, all through the surprisingly adequate PJB briefcase, all polite 100w of it. A couple of people took some shaky videos with mobile phones, but they give the idea. [url="https://www.facebook.com/FAMILYCOMESFIRST63/videos/746511582347080/"]https://www.facebook...46511582347080/[/url] [color=#0000EE][url="https://www.facebook.com/FAMILYCOMESFIRST63/videos/746688308996074/"]https://www.facebook...46688308996074/[/url][/color] [url="https://www.facebook.com/FAMILYCOMESFIRST63/videos/746501762348062/"]https://www.facebook...46501762348062/[/url]
  15. Whats the longest you've had a bass for?

    28 years, but it doesn't get played much as it lives at my parents' house in a different country.