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  1. bass stand for small stages

    The link does work, thanks. I'd like to hear if anybody has the same needs I have (cramped stage, switching between DB and bass guitar and needing to put the DB down somewhere safe) and has found something that suits. The Dewa McNutt looks interesting, could save time when switching and looks stable. Larger footprint that i'd like though, but less than laying the DB on its side...
  2. I need some recommendation on a new bass stand to be used on small stages and cramped corners of pub where I ply most of my "trade". I almost always double with DB and bass guitar, so I found that putting the bass down on its side is too dangerous (people moving about the stage often accidentally kick it). Using my old stand is impractical because it is not very stable and the wrong size. In an ideal world, a 2-in-1 DB and bass guitar stand would exist and be available for purchase What do people use and recommend?
  3. yep, not given it away yet. PM me if you want it
  4. Low tension, bright string suggestions

    I have Zyex on atm, but I used to have innovation golden slaps on before, so nothing similar to compare with in terms of brightness. I really like them anyway.
  5. Personally i'd go for the stagg, mainly because i've had one and know it. There are some interesting options in the "EUB for sale" section here on basschat for the same kind of money as a new Stagg. Perhaps you could have a look (i'm not selling anything btw)
  6. shamrock198804

    Just bought some DB string, excellent and easy transaction. Thanks.
  7. Our Fascination With Fretless

    McIntyre of Edinburgh, nice (Leith actually)
  8. As @petebassist says, very few EUBs can do an acoustic double bass sound convincingly. If you are looking for DB sound in a smaller package, the options are limited. Personally, I am not overly bothered by the details of the sound as long as the overall feel of the instrument is close to that of a DB, and the sound is not too much like an electric bass (i've got plenty of those). Picking an EUB with a DB-shaped fingerboard and with a good rest/arm/bout (what do you call the bit that sticks out from the side and rests against your hip/belly when playing?), and putting a good set of old-school sounding strings on it does marvels in improving the overall feel and sound. I am currently going through that process with the aria EUB i recently got, and i'm happy with that for now.
  9. Let's list all the vintage/used bass shops!

    When it used to be a brick and mortar shop (mid 1990's) it had the most astonishing array of never-seen-before gear, and all the makes and models you would dream about as a pre-internet impressionable young man. I have lusted over many a bass and guitar over there, and the guitarist in my band at that time managed to get together enough money to buy a Gibson Corvus/Futura. I think he paid the equivalent of £500 at the time, circa 1993.
  10. Let's list all the vintage/used bass shops!

    When I used to live there, this guy had a brick and mortar shop in town - most ultra expensive vintage gear i've ever seen! http://www.hendrixguitars.com/ Now online only, still has eye-wateringly expensive and rare kit
  11. Bass heaven, bass hell

    Heaven: Groove Hell: Bass Solos
  12. I dont get it... Ibanez upright.

    I think it sounds eq'ed and compressed to sound "unnatural". I can't really say just what it would sound like if it was eq'ed differently. I am also unsure about the 34 inch scale. Part of the fun for me is to play something that is physically very different from electric bass guitar. Perhaps Ibanez is trying to talk to its main customers, and give them an upright option that isn't too far from their usual offerings.
  13. I recommend tapping the shoulder of the bass if you have a piezo pickup, better response
  14. Not the cleanest of techniques, or the best of recordings, but it's good fun Two on DB, one on EUB