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  1. razze06

    New-ish EUB Day and Aria question

    When i've had the need for a modification to one of these things (I own one of the models on the far right in the picture), i've taken it to a good luthier/guitar repair man and got the job done by them. I think the simplest thing would be to have such a person make you a new brace that fits into the holes already present in the instrument.
  2. Any takers at £650 then?
  3. Making space and cash for a new purchase (another PJB rig). Selling my trusty rig consisting of a PJB Suitcase combo amp, and its companion 4B cab. http://pjbworld.com/product_suitcase_top.html Incredible hi-fi sound, extremely musical eq and limiter, two separate input channels with individual eq and gain settings. I've used it a lot when doubling with electric and double bass. Rated at 200W alone, or 300W with with extension cab it is not the loudest combo on the market, but it is plenty loud and it will give you the best tone you've heard from your bass at that volume! This example is in good but not pristine conditions. It bears a few small scars from years of gigging, pictured below. The scratches and dings on the tolex are superficial and do not affect its structure or, god forbid, its tone. More pictures available on request, and you're welcome to come and try it at my place in Newhaven, Edinburgh. £650 for the pair, happy-ish to split, will ship at cost.
  4. @Dad3353 Sound advice. I neglected my profile since the forum switched to the new format, and somehow imagined that all the stuff in my profile migrated to the new forum...
  5. I'm not sure how to change the headline price, but i've taken it down to £350, in case anyone cares.
  6. Reposting from the main for sale forum.
  7. Sold! I'm thinking of parting with my trusty PJB Briefcase. I have gigged with it quite a lot on double bass and bass guitar, and used it extensively as practice amp. I am selling it mainly because I have bought a PJB Suitcase with extension cab, and I can't (shouldn't) keep both. This is the 100W version in black. It is in very good conditions, with only one small scratch visible on the left side (see third picture below). It comes with a light cover. I am happy to ship at cost. The amp is located in edinburgh, you're welcome to come and try it. I might be interested in trading this for a small quality bass amp head as well as cold hard cash. £400 350.
  8. After a few months of frantically switching jacks and tweaking gain and volumes, i've built a small pedalboard for this purpose: Double bass --> Headway EDB2--> A channel of ABY switch --> Boss tuner --> amp Bass guitar --------------------------------> B channel of ABY switch--> Boss tuner --> amp I tweak the volume and gain of the DB preamp to match the bass guitar during sound check, and then it's just a matter of putting the DB somewhere safe onstage when I swap them around
  9. razze06

    A new bass for dub reggae

    When I used to play in a reggae/dub band i used my Peavey T40 with both pickups at full humbucker mode, and played fairly close to the end of the fretboard. I also kept the same dean markley strings on for ever, and they sounded very un-zingy
  10. razze06

    bass stand for small stages

    I suppose i'll have to see if it works for me, so I ordered one
  11. razze06

    bass stand for small stages

    I'm concerned about the footprint of the bass once it's on the bass bar. I think it might occupy rather a lot of floor space, which is at a huge premium in many of the gigs I do. I would have thought that a stand that keeps the bass upright (see what I did there) would have a smaller stage footprint. Any comments?
  12. razze06

    bass stand for small stages

    The link does work, thanks. I'd like to hear if anybody has the same needs I have (cramped stage, switching between DB and bass guitar and needing to put the DB down somewhere safe) and has found something that suits. The Dewa McNutt looks interesting, could save time when switching and looks stable. Larger footprint that i'd like though, but less than laying the DB on its side...
  13. I need some recommendation on a new bass stand to be used on small stages and cramped corners of pub where I ply most of my "trade". I almost always double with DB and bass guitar, so I found that putting the bass down on its side is too dangerous (people moving about the stage often accidentally kick it). Using my old stand is impractical because it is not very stable and the wrong size. In an ideal world, a 2-in-1 DB and bass guitar stand would exist and be available for purchase What do people use and recommend?
  14. yep, not given it away yet. PM me if you want it
  15. razze06

    Low tension, bright string suggestions

    I have Zyex on atm, but I used to have innovation golden slaps on before, so nothing similar to compare with in terms of brightness. I really like them anyway.