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  1. 50-something... it’s called The Hitmaker and has a GDP which would put most countries to shame 😂
  2. The bridge is the correct Accucast B IV bridge. It’s possible the route is to allow for the previous Omni-adjust model they used on the SRs and the route is as they were transitioning from one to the other but it’s no biggie either way. You will not notice a difference in sound if you try to realign it. It’s fine as it is, it really is. Here is an example of both.
  3. Best Madness tribute is in Madrid... Juan Step Beyond
  4. I once had a buyer complain that removing the neck broke the “factory seal”, that once the neck had been removed it could never be put back on with the same mojo sorcery as they do in the factory. Were it neck-through, I would have agreed with him but this was a standard bolt-on instrument out of Fujigen and I was slightly concerned for his mental wellbeing.
  5. Would you think the same if you had the name first and the roles were reversed? It sounds like you’re trying to justify yourself “borrowing” a name already in use. Just take it on the chin and come up with something of your own. You’ll be happier in the long run.
  6. IBAN bank transfer or cash. I would never accept Paypal when there is going to be no shipping receipt.
  7. I bought a 1985 Japanese one for €300 a few years ago. It had a bit of damage and had been up for a while with no takers. The asking price of a lot of instruments has multiplied over the last couple of years. Asking prices are getting stupid, it’s up to buyers not to entertain them. The 1100S is a very nice instrument, all the same, with a quality level which puts many of its US made peers to shame.
  8. I admire the execution but I have never needed to switch from fretless to fretted, and vice versa, in such time as to justify paying 5 grand for it. It reminds me a little of the Born To Rock guitar Piggy played before his untimely demise.
  9. I enjoyed that. It’s nice to hear the guitars for a change.
  10. I use them for regular playing, for solid lines of quarter notes, eighths and sixteenths, etc. I watched the Billy Sheehan video (the one where he plays the pink Yamaha) back in the day and, while most of the flashy stuff didn’t resonate with me, getting the right hand technique together that way made a lot of sense.
  11. I generally go ring, middle, index, ring, middle, index, etc It took a while to get used to but now I don't have to think about it.
  12. They're certainly the same pics in both auctions.
  13. Between them, Bloodstock and Wacken they have enough great archive footage to keep us going for a long time 🙂
  14. You make me look rational and, for that, I thank you 😁
  15. Wayne Shorter, you have the floor...
  16. Of course it's possible, but try to understand why you feel the need to justify it to yourself one way or the other.
  17. Because it wasn’t a 5 string Stingray? I had to sell a load of gear to cover legal costs after separating with the missus a few years ago. Everything I had sold previously was by choice but, with these, I needed to raise cash fast and would have preferred to keep them. I particularly miss: 1980 L1000 Late 90’s battered Stingray, it had been used to smash open a safe but such a nice player Bacchus Woodline P, I think someone here has it now PRS EB, such a very nice bass
  18. “PLAY HAMMER SMASHED FAAAAAACE!!!” Yeah, don’t miss that at all 😂
  19. Yeah. They should have spent a bit more time where the scratchplate meets the neck pickup. That just doesn’t work. It looks poor.
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