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  1. Really? Look at the first post. Job done. Some offered their judgement on those opinions, not the topic.
  2. Hooky is always good value for money in interviews.
  3. Is this kind of cancel-culture comment policing really going to be the future of the internet? I hope not. Half-hearted "at least they tried" back-handed critique seems to be the only response acceptable to some and it's a discussion and forum killer. We've all been crap in the past, we'll all be crap in the future and some of us are being crap right now. That's life. Grown-ups are allowed have opinions and, for now, are allowed express them. They won't all be good and that's a part of life.
  4. But... but... the pressure!!!! 😁 Ok, time to start looking 🙂
  5. Wow, thanks all, some great efforts all round, there. I don't have to pick a picture? That's actually quite a relief 😂
  6. Don't listen to them. Stay rational. Head over heart. Don't not buy it.
  7. 10% off the price they were thinking of bumping the price up to, perhaps?
  8. Bought an EMG preamp from Dean, great seller, no hassle and great communication. Top man.
  9. If it can be set up to play ok, sounds ok, won't crap out or fall apart then it's a pro-standard bass. The brand name or price-tag is irrelevant. If it's too precious, fragile or expensive for you to use then it's not really pro-standard. If it's got an old aluminium neck and goes out of tune before you reach the second chorus, it's not a pro-standard bass either.
  10. Almost every rap interlude in an otherwise melodically based song. There are a few, just a few, occasions where it works but usually it's some jarring ramble through, these days, bland sentimentality and drive-thru aspirational fluff and destroys what could otherwise be a decent song.
  11. Did you adjust the relief when you lowered the action? If the truss rod is not as tight as it should be, around the middle of the neck is where you can expect buzzing to start. If there was high action across all strings, it's quite likely the neck has settled a bit since it left the factory and a truss rod adjustment, rather than a bridge adjustment, is the first step.
  12. Yep, a pro attitude makes all the difference. I used to be in a band with a guy who was always having the strap coming off the button in rehearsals. He was a very talented player, singer and songwriter but low on work ethic or application. We badgered him to get straplocks and, eventually, he relented. We were amazed, it was quite unlike him. We played a gig shortly afterwards and, as usual, the bass dropped out for a while, then sort of came back, then gone again and he'd contorted into a hunched shape at the side of the stage. What happened? The usual, the strap was only on one button, the other end lying on the floor, and he was trying to support the weight of his bass, a rather nice Tokai Thunderbird, in his hands, on stage in front of an audience He had tried to install the straplock buttons with... a butter knife. Of course, the screws weren't tightened sufficiently and worked themselves out so, this time, the strap, lock, button and screw all came off. Attitude > Equipment.
  13. You were looking for a reason and then you found a reason, but...
  14. A dog with somewhere to go. Perhaps he's a country dog who moved to the city? Who can tell? Anyway, Pearl Export kit, Bacchus Jazzray bass, Bacchus Duke P90 for the guitar, Reason for the synth, all into the finest gear the Behringer corporation can make at the lowest price.
  15. I dig unstable every time 😂
  16. Almost. Don't forget your Arias 😉
  17. Surely a pro bass is any bass used by a pro? The player maketh the instrument, not the other way around, just as an Alembic or Fodera will not turn a fumblefingers into Johnny Talented.
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