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  1. Also, this should be the forum motto.
  2. Nice. That looks like a right goer.
  3. Livin’ on a Prayer is far from being crap. It’s a masterclass in commercial Rock songwriting, structure, performance and production.
  4. Wonderful bass made by the same people who make STR and Bacchus. This is a very high quality bass at a great price. Buy with confidence 🙂
  5. The volume is too low, too much string clacking being picked up by the mic. When he’s at full concert volume, his rib-shaking schtick is quite something.
  6. I'd have had that green Maruszyck off you a long time ago if you shipped. Having to travel internationally to collect a bass was a complete deal-breaker 🙂 My last few purchases have been from either here or ebay. As it's a specialist community, the pricing tends to be about right here. Ebay shares both fantatically low and stupidly high pricing, so there are stlll great bargains to be had there, occasionally.
  7. Does that mean if you put it in the fridge it gets harder to play?
  8. Still won’t be joining facebook, no matter what.
  9. They should have got a Fender Precision and strung it with flats. Leo got it right first time.
  10. You have no idea how good it is to know that actually happened 😂 What year was it, do you recall? I’d love to see it again.
  11. I have a fretless Streamer LX Jazzman with an ebony board which I have been thinking of having fretted, wanna talk? 🙂
  12. I can’t wait until every bass purchase comes with end-user safety training.
  13. I never would have figured that out for myself. Now for a reckless sip of what I presume is room-temperature tea I just made.
  14. Sweet bass but “last of 2020”? 🤣
  15. Work with me on this one... back in the 80’s, there was a TV show called “You Bet” where contestants would bet points on a challenge of some sort to be completed by guests they wheeled on. I’m pretty sure I’m not making this up. But I digress... I am reasonably confident a challenge on one episode was a guy who said he could name the bass being played from a selection of, let’s say, 50 basses. This was from the mid-80’s, before I started playing, but it stuck in my mind. Does anyone else remember this? He had to name something like 13 out of the 50, picked at random, based on listening alone. I think he couldn’t do it either. Tripped up by ebony not sounding dark like its colour and non-laboratory conditions making a mockery of the science of it all.
  16. The distorted wah tone he uses only for the intro?
  17. Your 20 fret neck may have enough overhang to install another fret. If not, you could get a luthier to add a small extension to the end of the fretboard to facilitate the extra fret. Or you could just get a short scale bass with the number of frets you’re looking for?
  18. Mine was also faded and grey. These were the t-shirts I lived my teens in, they were far from museum pieces. Very, very far in some cases 😂
  19. Exactly. It presents you with the results of your cognitive bias, nothing more. I remember a thread on talkbass years ago (before the humour vanished and the Fender shills ruined it) where someone put up samples of a late 50’s Precision and a bottom-rung Squier with a high-quality aftermarket pickup and listeners were tasked with picking which was which from audio alone. When faced with not being able to pick out the mojo, musically charged old-wood molecules, nitro, mellow aged magnets, pre-CBS sorcery and all the other guff we convince ourselves of and apply value to, some people got surprisingly defensive about it all. It’s amazing how much we hear with our eyes at times 🙂
  20. Foxy. White is a great colour for 54 style basses. Bassdirect had something similar a few years ago, white 54 style Custom Shop jobbie but with a mint scratchplate. I couldn't find a buyer for any organs, sadly.
  21. I bought a bass out of the money made from selling my old ('88 to '92ish) heavy metal t-shirts a few years ago. I frequently used to pick up a t-shirt a gigs and others were bought in HMV, Virgin or the likes. Some were in a condition which was, as a mate commented, "not fit to wash my car". All sold. An Iron Maiden Powerslave shirt went for €125, Acid Reign Moshkinstein €60, a manky Slayer Reign in Blood shirt with the sleeves cut off, around €50, it was crazy. Funnily enough, the one really rare one (an Ozzy t-shirt from the Moscow Music Peace Festival given to me by a TV cameraman who lived across the road and happened to work at the event) only went for €25. I made over €700 out of them all. Different times.
  22. Bonus: The drumming either side of that bit is insanely good 🙂 Edit -> Actually, here's a link straight into it, just watch the faces of the other guys in the band 😉
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