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  1. Did you replace the strings, out of interest?
  2. I would expect a decent tech to be able to identify the cause of the buzzing quite quickly and tell you what the problem is. This is simple mechanics, there is nothing complicated in seeing where a vibrating string is making contact with a fret. He should have been able to tell you what was happening straight away. That he hasn't, combined with the Indonesian jibe, would have me concerned greatly. A setup is a quick and simple process, with experience. If it needed more than a setup, he should have been able to tell you what and why, right away. If a brand new bass needed a repair, he should have told you to send it back under warranty. He's had it a week? Wtf is he doing?
  3. Terry Butler's spot in Death, starting with Leprosy, before moving on to Spiritual Healing, though sticking around for Human, Individual Thought Patterns and Symbolic so I'd get to play with Reinert and Hoglan.
  4. Is this not the modern world? Everything is the best thing ever. Everything is so crammed full of profound moments you'll run out of skin once you start getting tattoos about the iconic memories you simply need to trigger. Make sure you let everyone know, too, with an array of carefully taken selfies to show how in the moment you were, living your best life out loud! Hey, PREMIER LEAGUE will be back soon, don't miss a second of it! YOLO!
  5. Always tune up to pitch. If you go sharp, tune back down below the note, give the string a bit of a pull away from the fretboard around the 12th fret to release any slack, then try again, only ever tuning up to pitch.
  6. Are they a Big Chief tribute band or did they just steal the name?
  7. Not MTD, but a real Tobias. Trujillo used to play them in his ST days. Interesting effort, not sure I ever need to hear it again, though.
  8. My experience, from cheap basses to very expensive (US PRS, for example) is that many bigger manufacturers err on the side of caution (and speed) when it comes to nuts and leave them far higher than they ought to be. Alembic and Warwick, to their credit, come with adjustable nuts which are easy to adjust to taste. Bacchus and Sadowsky come with nuts which have actually been addressed by somebody who knows what they're doing and gives a sheeeeeet. I'm sure there are more, but can only comment on ones I have experienced first hand.
  9. Around 2009, if I recall correctly. That 30 year mark is when the mojo crystallises and releases the tone endorphins, which right all known and unknown wrongs.
  10. The prices being paid for Fender's lowest ebb will never stop amazing me.
  11. The real worry, of course, is that one of the song titles contains "(feat. Ice T)" which should send a chill down the spine of us all. Ice is fine under his own steam but seldom do songs with his featurings ever result in anything other than a swift press of the skip button.
  12. It's terrible, yes, but it's not Lobster Vic, which means it could be worse... if not by much.
  13. I like cheese, grain and Paul McCartney, but I'd only eat two of them. Will that do? 🙂
  14. Could do without the war porn video, all the same.
  15. Sell it and be done with it. Stuff is just stuff.
  16. Sounds like Kiko was let off the leash this time. Very promising.
  17. Looks great, but I hear sirens approaching!
  18. The string tension pulls a bolt-on neck away from the body, just like a top mounted bridge. If the bolt-on neck design is ok, then it must be ok to bolt-on the bridge, too, no?
  19. Ahhh lads, it's not really yours until you've stripped it, removed to crustier biocrud, disinfected and reassembled it. It's part of the ritual these days 😂
  20. I get more bothered by people advertising Squiers as Fenders, Epiphones as Gibsons, LTDs as ESPs, Tributes as G&Ls, etc.
  21. You can also keep a sausage roll there while it cools, so you don't burn your fingers. That's a very versatile design.
  22. Open the contact page in google chrome and have it auto translate?
  23. They're designed to feed the lead around the strap button, which I always do. I've never had any trouble with the ones on my TRBs.
  24. If you mean cool as in it should be dropped in the Antarctic, never to be seen again, then I'm with you entirely 😁
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