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  1. I think a lot of it depends on your band situation. A couple of years ago I was running my own band that I fronted as a singing bass player also supplying and running the PA and lights. So much gear to cart about and set up so anyway I could minimise gear and have one less run out to the car was most welcome. I could fit my GK MB500 into my gig bag and still get a reasonable sound. Now I’m playing in a touring band, we have the luxury of Roadies. I can concentrate on tone rather than convenience, hence the addition of an all valve brute of an amp. Just can’t bloody wait to gig it!
  2. I haven't noticed too many active short scales. Chownys mebbe? Been thinking about putting a pre in my Ibanez TMB 30. Need to see if there's room for a battery.
  3. I've been gigging with a Veyrom 1001T up until lockdown and can thoroughly recommend. Bigger than the Elf but still light and transportable. Huge volume and nice warm tone. For a more modern sound the MOSFET version might appeal.
  4. Bought an amp case from Martin. As described, a great price and well packed. Great Comms and s pleasure to do business with!
  5. I was wondering if that was the case. It happens at low volume levels though. Or do you mean that through using them together I've damaged the speaker?
  6. I've got a feeling that the white bits showing in the pic are gaps. It's hard to tell though. I've tried the amp with a 4x10 with tweeter also and it's fine.
  7. Thanks fellas. I've researched a few posts on Talkbass and I'm gonna treat this as an 8 ohm cab.
  8. Ive got and gigged both of those amps. The ELF is loud enough to gig if you have loud cabs. When we played at The 100 Club last November, I lent my ELF to the support band. it was through a Big Baby II stacked on top of an Eden EX112. The sound engineer had to ask the bass player to turn down. The SM amp is louder still and sounds more awesome. it's weightier but not unmanageable. I personally wouldn't want to take it on public transport. It's also more versatile than the ELF. If I was relying on public transport I'd get the ELF but it's not as good an amp as the big bugger!
  9. Quick update. I've taken the cover off the Eden cab. Looking at where the whizzer cone joins the main driver, I can see that the shiny black sealant stuff isn't consistent all the way round. Does this mean the speaker has failed? See pics.
  10. Picked up an old Nemesis 4x10 from here a couple of years ago. Love the cab and it's performed flawlessly. Labelled at 8ohm. Having bought a valve amp recently, I put a tester across the speaker out and surprisingly it's come up at 4.4 Ohm. I can only assume that it's either been incorrectly labelled from manufacture or someone's rewired it. As 4.4 isn't either 4 or 8 I'm assuming I'd set the resistance on my amp to 4ohms as it's closer. Correct? Also, if stacked with an 8ohm cab, what would the resistance be then? What would happen if I set the amp to 8 ohms and ran it into a 4 ohm cab?
  11. Yeah tried it with the horn open and shut!
  12. I've recently bought a Peavey VB-2 all valve 225W amp. Through my BF Big Baby II it sounds superb. Over the last couple of days I've been trying it through an Eden EX112 which is a small 12" cab with a whizzer cone instead of a tweeter. With this cab however, when the amp start to break up on the preamp, rather than smooth loveliness, the cab makes a horrible high pitched farty tone. Assuming the driver was fooked, I plugged a Trace SMX AH250 into it. Not so much overdrive on this but the cab sounds just fine. So my question is, is it likely the driver in the Eden is damaged and it's only apparent when overdriven tones are put through it, or is the cab just inherently unsuited to valve type overdrive. Please discuss!
  13. I love it. Sadly no chance of trying it at gig levels for the foreseeable but I bought it for the long term. I've not had much experience of valve amps, bit it seems very versatile and really comes alive when you turn it up. I'm pretty sure she'll be a keeper while I'm gigging in Stray. If I ever went back to pubs I'd more likely use something less weighty
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