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  1. Surprised no comments on this - anyone got any thoughts - particularly on the volume?
  2. Despite the power rating claims - and that's been done to death elsewhere, make no mistake that these are bloody loud amps. I'm using mine regularly with Stray who aren't exactly a quiet bunch of shrinking violets, and the volume on tap is ample.
  3. 600. It's 220, 600 and 2.5 khz on the valve one. And I'm already pushing the mids a bit on my VT Bass pedal. It obviously depends what you're aiming for. I'm looking for a big old school overdriven valve amp sound without the faff!
  4. Just used mine at rehearsal and wound the mids up full with the selector in the middle position. Sounded bloody fab. Next trip out for it will be Giants of Rock next Saturday.
  5. Got a Sire V9 4 string waiting for me to get home from work. Today's gonna drag!!
  6. Beautiful. My first bass was one of these and if I can find a decent o e at the right price I'll snap it up!
  7. Yeah thursday night - tickets in advance or on the door. Wow, would be glad to welcome a basschat posse!
  8. Thanks Al. Funny abut the recording, a guy called Alex Cohen (Alex Humbug) approached us at the gig and asked if he could record it. His hobby is recording/collecting/trading live band recordings. He set up at the back of the room with a pair of mics into a portable recorder and did his stuff. Our keyboard player sprinkled some magic dust on it afterwards and voila!. We're co-headling The Garage with Ken Pustelnik's Groundhogs on 12 March!
  9. Here's Stray at The 100 Club with 'I Believe It'. Bass isn't very clear in the mix but I'm using a Bugera Veyron T
  10. King Tut

    Eden ex112

    I used to use a pair for gigging. Really nice. I sold one and now use the other under a BF Big Baby. Probably overkill to be honest. I'd only use one for tiny venues.
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