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  1. No mate it’s not heavy at all. Willing to post!
  2. For sale is my beautiful V7 Five String. I only bought this in case I ever needed a fiver for an awkward keyed song. I absolutely love the bass but can't get on with the neck width at the nut, I have tiny hands. It's never been gigged - in fact, it hasn't left the house, so it's immaculate, blemish free, in fact I'd go so far as to say it's almost virginal in its innocence. OK I'll stop waffling sorry. She's Ash bodied - looks like two piece with a maple board and pearloid block inlays. She weighs in at a reassuring 10.2lb I'm not really looking for trades but may be interested in something short scale, particularly if it were japaneezy and Mustang shaped. I'm based in sunny Milton Keynes and you're welcome to come over for a socially distanced tryout, or I can post at your expense and risk.
  3. Ashdown MAG 600 EVOiii head for sale. Bought from here a year or so ago, used at home and gigged once. Decent condition for age with a couple of grazes in the tolex. All features work as they should. Free collection from Milton Keynes or postage at buyer's cost and risk. Details can be found here: https://ashdownmusic.com/products/mag-600h-evo-iii
  4. Not many five string shorties about is there? Iban ezhave filled a gap with these and if it's as good as the four string version should sell well, assuming the low B sounds ok.
  5. King Tut

    NPD Joyo OJ

    I use one of these for my mild valvey overdrive sound - love it!
  6. I need to check hole size when I get home. If correct I'll have these pleeze!
  7. I'd jump on that if I were nearer. My first bass was one of them.
  8. I'd guess that there's Mahogany and Mahogany. I'd like to think the basses you're talking about are probably made from a more sustainable variation of Mahogany. I'd do a bit more research if I were you before ruling out some decent instruments.
  9. I play short and long scale basses. I've got tiny hands so I can play faster and more comfortably on short scales. I only really continue with long scale because I have some beautiful basses and I can't bear to let them go. I only really play continue to play a Ric in Stray because the original bass player used one and the rest of the band, crew and fans kind of expect it! The Ric does have a slightly shorter scale than a Fender mind!!
  10. I've just been learning this and the thing that stood out for me is how important it is to suss the best right hand plucking technique for the various bits, especially the little Jaco-esque phrase that starts on the FB. I've set up a similar drum loop and just gradually upped the tempo until I can do 104 BPM. Stated Friday and I'm just about there but not quite clean enough yet to be satisfied!
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