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  1. This is a great price for a great bass. Played my first ever gig with one of these. The SFA pre's are amazing - so transparent 😉
  2. Motorola G4 Plus dual SIM phone in white. Good condition, glass screen protector so no scratches. 4gb Ram 64gb Rom. Unlocked, and will include rufty tufty case. £60 posted in UK
  3. Hartke LH500. Great condition and hardly used. Plenty of volume and heft! A couple of scratches on top panel and rubber feet removed for racking. Here's the blurb: LH500 Bass Amplifier The LH500, like its big brother, has a classic 12AX7 Class-A tube front-end design with a solid-state output. Developed with the HyDrive cabs in mind, the LH500 also has more than enough power and tone control to drive any cabinet on the market. This amp provides you with Treble and Bass Shelving to give its warm tone a little edge. Or use the brite and limiter switches to further sculpt your sound. Its intuitive front panel also makes adjustments on the fly a breeze. The LH500 packs a big punch in a portable, roadworthy package. A 2-rackspace metal frame chassis, steel faceplate and handles allow for easy, safe transport from gig to gig. With the needs of modern bass players largely centered around volume and versatility, the LH500 is an ideal solution that gives you plenty of options to create the exact sound you're looking for. £150 collected from Milton Keynes. Will post at buyers risk/cost.
  4. Huawei Watch GT in good clean condition. No scratches, includes box and charger. £90 posted in UK.
  5. I visited an old buddy today. In the early eighties I sold him my first ever bass - a Westone Thunder II. I regretted it ever since, but at least it quickly found it's forever home. Sadly he doesn't play anymore but won't sell it back to me. I visited him today and played it for the first time in 30 odd years! That's him in the pic, not me!
  6. Time for a diplomatic but assertive conversation!
  7. I'm in a quiet spot at the moment between bands. Touring with Stray kicks off in September, last gig with pub covers band was end of May I think - I have two deps in August. I thought I'd be crawling the walls by now but I'm absolutely not. Loving going to bed at a reasonable time on fridays and saturdays and not having a big chunk of my weekend taken up. Not missing mixing with steaming coked up drunks or trying to convince the best man's misses that we don't allow punters up to sing!! I'm really lucky to be stepping my game up soon and really looking forward to playing to people who are paying to see us and will hopefully treat us with some respect!
  8. How do you find this stuff out? I was just wondering how many of my FSR Mustangs came to the UK . . . . .
  9. I wonder how many came into the UK?
  10. Which gig is this Cosmo?
  11. I bought a Gator hard case with it - it's a guitar case in extra long - just about fits but you have to turn the 'G' string tuner sideways!
  12. This is a Mexican one buddy!
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