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  1. Stray/Del Bromham's Blues Devils. At The Brickmakers in Norwich tonight!
  2. When I get back from tour I'll do me best to Photoshop the stickers out. Fake porn!
  3. King Tut

    My first UK tour

    I'm off on tour tomorrow with Stray/Del Bromham's Blues Devils. Here's the itinery: Weds 9th Oct The Waterloo , Blackpool Thurs 10th Oct Backstage at Green Hotel, Kinross Fri 11th Oct The Pavilion, Whitby with Zal Cleminsons Sin Dogs and The Groundhogs And Sat 12th Oct The Brickmakers, Norwich I've been on the road in Germany a couple of times but only for two gigs each time. Really looking forward to this - we all get on so well and it's such an honour working for Del who is a complete legend. If anyone comes to any of the shows, please say hi!
  4. That cab is coming on tour with me tomorrow! Blackpool, Kinross, Whitby and Norwich!
  5. Mine is an exact twin to yours but with a rosewood fretboard. I'm a sucker for maple though!
  6. Mate, I'm still lusting after your Sandberg!!
  7. No it's undotted. Out of interest, does anyone ever look at the front dots when playing? I only look at the side dots.
  8. King Tut

    Boss SY-1

    What's the bit of gear for switching presets? Can't speak for a fiver but my F1 tracks flawlessly to low E on a four. The SY1 sounds great for the money. Tempted to try one when they come in stock but hard to justify.
  9. Bad news for ya chap . . . . On January 23, 2016, Jimmy Bain died while in his cabin on Def Leppard's "Hysteria on the High Seas" cruise. He was due to perform on the cruise with his group Last In Line the following day.[8][9] The performance did not go ahead, and band members informed fans on the cruise that he had been battling pneumonia for some time. The cause of death was determined to be lung cancer. Bain had not been diagnosed with cancer and was aware only of his pneumonia.[10] He is interred in Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Hollywood Hills), not far from his bandmate Ronnie James Dio.
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