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  1. Westone Thunder iiA (aka Thunder iii). Bought new and quickly sold to a mate while I changed tack in a keyboardly direction. He still owns it and won't sell it back, which is a shame as it just sits in its case!
  2. Played at The Great British Rock and Blues last night, Skeggy, with Stray. It was a late one, 1115 to 1215 pm on the main stage. Sadly we were a man down due to illness. The supplied rig was an SVT Classic and 8x10 which was nice. For some reason, I couldn't get what I wanted out of it and have had better with my old Eden 4x10 and Bugera!! Sacrilege? 😂 Any was we had a great gig and went down well. Accomodation was decent, a massive rider and the food was blooming good. We ate in an onsite Italian restaurant and had an epic buffet breakfast this morning all thrown in. On the bus home now cream crackered!!
  3. Come on me lovelies - I'm decluttering for the new year - this has got to go!!
  4. Yes - got one of those too and had the earth checked. Also had some other mods done on that one to stop it self destructing. I've gigged that one a bit. It's a 7 band one.
  5. Yeah although it's inside a hard case. Just unscrews and you can bolt rack ears on the side.
  6. Yeah just checked - it's an SMX 250. It's got a heatsink - no fan!
  7. I bought a strip of self adhesive LEDs from eBay, then got an amp tech to hardwire the 12v transformer into the amp and just leave the connector poking out the front. I then stuck the LEDs around the inside of the front and attached the connector 😁
  8. Yes it's definitely a mark V. I'll have a look at my smaller one to work out what model it is. It has a valve pre and a dual band compressor.
  9. I've got this old Trace AH250 and had decided to move it on. It used to be the hire amp at our local music shop, Hollywood Music. Battered to funk and a weighty beast. So I took it to rehearsal yesterday to make sure it was all working and wow - just blown away with the tone. Solid, clean and amazingly loud! The guys immediately berated me for considering selling it so it looks like it's staying. It's nice and quiet now as I've had a new fan put in and the UV, which caused a crackle, has been replaced with LEDs. Just need to figure out a way to protect the front and back in transit and she'll be good to gig. Next rehearsal I'll be testing the much smaller Series 6 SMX250. If that sounds as good, this one might get the push but until then I've made some room in my life for it!!
  10. Anyone got a Squier CV Mustang? I've just picked a used one up. A pretty nice bass but the pickup is very microphonic. I've read of a few cases like this online. Is it normal for them? Maybe a side effect of the pup being mounted on the scratch plate? I dunno? Any fixes? It doesn't look like they come apart easily so I don't think wax potting is going to be possible. If I replace them has anyone got any recommendations of what will drop in, I think they're a bit smaller than standard Mustang pups.
  11. Sign me up. Exclusively fingers these day, two or three for a gallop! I’ve used a pick in the past but not very often and when I do use both in the same set i find it hard to equalise tone and volume between the two techniques, plectrum style jumping out of the mix. our original bass player, Gary Giles, uses an interesting technique of fingers and thumb pick giving him the best of both worlds I guess!
  12. I'm thinking I've just sold this to a mate. Shall amend add once confirmed!
  13. I picked up this Hohner headless bass up about a month ago - a bit of an impulse buy as I've had one in the past. It's fairly tidy but has been converted to passive, with one of the holes (untidily) filled on the front. Also, the catch on the legrest doesn't work very well so it's had some velcro attached - does the job!. The logo has also been removed. It's one of the later models with the rather useful Drop D tuner on the bridge. It's got some light scratching on the body. It's set up really nice, strings are nearly new - action is low and it's well playable. I'm only selling because I already have a Hohner Jack Bass and this does nothing that that one doesn't apart from the drop D tuner. Also comes with a Warwick Rockbag. I paid £180 for this and looking to move it on for what I paid - no offers. Collection from Milton Keynes or you organise a courier and I'll box it up.
  14. TD3 kit including stool, sticks and tuition book. Collection only from Milton Keynes, no offers or trades. £150
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