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  1. King Tut

    STRAY - UK Tour

    Just wanted to share this rather nice vid from our show at The Garage. Essentially Rik 4003 into Joyo Orange Juice into Bugera Veyron 1001T. Di Post EQ. You can hear the bass a treat with headphones. I'm pretty happy with that tone.
  2. Nice - our rhythm guitarist in Stray uses a couple of HB guitars!
  3. I've changed my board a bit and now using a Joyo Orange Juice for a mild overdrive. If you clip the pre on the Veyron it tends to rough it up a bit, particularly if you boost the mids on the middle of the three settings. Ironically I'm trying it with 2k boosted tonight for a bit more edge! EDIT - just realised you've got the MOSFET version.
  4. So i've used my Bugera for the last three nights having done 7 on the bounce with my Trace - all other things being equal. Last night can't count as we had a bit of a balls up. The engineer accidently knocked my DI switch from post to pre when we changed bands which resulted in massive bass going to front of house overwhelming the mix which we had to work through. However in Norwich, and tonight, at The Garage, I had a glorious sound, more than enough volume and a really nice focussed low mid. The EQ isn't as versatile as the Trace but the sound is nice and musical, and the convenience factor is great. So my Bugera is the way forward for the time being!
  5. Thanks Lozz. It's going through just the B1xfour on that song with a fuzz setting (a muff I think) and a Joyo Orange Juice. Fuzztastic!
  6. The Victoria Club Aylesbury, dreadfull load in and bad parking. Also a pub in the allegedly posh part of Luton (name escapes me). Horrible atmosphere and chavvy clientele.
  7. Pedant alert . . . . . it's a UV light, not a green light on mine 😉
  8. I've been gigging an old Trace AH300 for the last two weeks of our tour so I've really got used to the sound and feel. I've not been using the preshapes and have been using an amp simulator into the front end (VT or Orange Juice). I'm going to take the Veyron T out for tomorrow's show in Norwich so should be able to give an informed report back on how it compares in the heft dept. I'll be running it through a Nemesis 4 x 10.
  9. That's right yeah - no those were Silverlink days I think - or early London Midland - happy daze!
  10. I'm a Train Driver/Instructor working for London Northwestern. I've been on the railway since I was 17. In 1992 I went into management for 11 years but returned to driving in 2003 to reduce stress. We work a four day week but training often occurs over a five day week, so instead of taking the extra day as pay, I take it as time off in lieu which allows me to take time off to gig. I'm retiring August after next at age 60. Although I enjoy my job, I've had enough now and can't wait to retire!
  11. We've still got a fortnight of our tour to go and no intention of cancelling any shows at the moment - fingers crossed!
  12. A fabulous home gig halfway through our tout at Milton Keynes' Craufurd Arms - it's a public facebook link so should work OK - 'All In Your Mind' https://www.facebook.com/thisistotalmk/videos/218294945979232/
  13. This used to be mine and she is indeed a beaut. I sold her once and bought her back. Only let her go because I had two other really nice Jazzes and couldn't justify keeping three. Steve is a great guy to deal with.
  14. Despite what I've posted before, I do prefer the preamps on the two Ashdown heads I've had. And the fact that they're a going concern with good customer service is a big positive. I'm quite lucky because I've got a mate who lives locally and he deals with my Trace stuff for me. I'm using my Trace stuff as glorified power amps with a bit of eq really, amplifying my board sound and providing eq for the room and a di. A lot of people don't need really loud. Playing in a pretty raucous rock band in medium to large venues, I do and I can get it with less faffing thru a single 4x10 with my Trace heads. Horses for courses and good luck with your search!
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