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  1. An LH500 is plenty loud enough for loud gigs if you wanted to save some money!
  2. The LH 1000 might not be massively flexible but the tones it can do are bloody nice! I had a LH500 and i never ran out of tone for classic rock.
  3. So using that link, on a Mac, I can see a list of the pics but then it directs me to different apps to unzip them. You should still be able to attach jpegs . . . .
  4. I can't see the pictures. Just a little blue question mark on each . . .
  5. One of my Christmas pressies was a Palmer Junction DI box. When I get back to gigging again I'll be able come from the speaker out of my Peavey VB2 into the Palmer. From there the speaker signal will go into my cab and the DI to FOH. Some of these DI boxes, including the Palmer, include a speaker emulation circuit so FOH gets that too!
  6. A DI for coming out the speaker out of my valve amp WHEN we get gigging again. The Gong album is a remastered special edition with out takes and a live set from The Marquee in 1975.
  7. Our band leader, Del Bromham, toured with Leslie a few years back. Our manager was also close friends with him and lived with him for a while. Both are devastated and only have good things to say about him. Poor chap. Apparently he'd only just moved home, life was good and he was happy, only to have it all snatched away.
  8. I'm toying with replacing my akai unibass with it. Ok it's not as versatile and doesn't do the fifth thing but at least you can play chords and double stops with it.
  9. I’ ve use bought one too. Loving it!
  10. Spotted on insta. New Rick bridge insert coming soon from Babicz
  11. Particularly those that came out before the Pao Ferro fingerboards. I'm not saying they're better but they might be perceived to be. Says he, hoping his first run Flea Sig that he bought as an 'investment' rockets in value!
  12. What @Cuzzie said about the lH500 eq. It's not very intuitive until you understand how it works. Your settings are very mid light and it's the mids that cut through a mix on bass.
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