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  1. Had fun taking my Squire CV Mustang to the local rehearsal studio this weekend.
  2. I’ve purchased 2 sub £400 Basses over the last 12 months since picking up the Bass again. Both of which I love playing and work well with a band in a rehearsal room. A Bass Collection Bruce Thomas Profile P Bass. Second hand on this forum. A Squire CV FSR Mustang.
  3. Very happy with Santa’s delivery this year. I haven’t been able to spend much time with if yet. But so far I love it. The neck and tone are just what I wanted. I may switch the strings to flats in the future. I fancied trying a short scale and the Mustang bass was top of my list. I love the competition stripes and lake placid blue colour of this limited edition and am very happy that they came into stock in time for my Xmas hints to come to fruit. It’s subtly sparkly, which doesn’t come out in the photos.
  4. Anderson’s still have a good deal on the fallout. https://www.andertons.co.uk/g-l-tribute-fallout-short-scale-bass-surf-green
  5. I finally got in a rehearsal room with my new combo yesterday. Played with a drummer and a guitarist (the louder of our two guitarists couldn’t make it). Disclaimer. I’ve recently come back to playing after 22 years. Back then I played a few pub gigs with an 160 watt Peavey TNT combo. No other experience to speak of. I’m super happy with the studio 15. It dealt easily with the situation. I mostly played with the pre gain at around 3 o’clock , volume just before 12 and the volume on my Bruce Thomas profile P Bass about 3/4 It was plenty load enough and sounded fantastic to me and the others. We recorded a couple of tracks onto a zoom multitrack recorder with the amp miked up and a couple of tracks using the zoom’s build in mics in the middle of the room. Listening back today the sound good and the bass sounds clear and the loudest thing in the room. I’m very happy with my bargain purchase.
  6. Thanks. I ended up picking up a BassBalls instead.
  7. Hi. Is the Dr Q still available?
  8. I enjoyed KLF and Extreme Noise Terror at the Brits.
  9. My recent foray back in Bass has resulted in me taking delivery of an Ashdown studio 15. After finding a great B stock deal on Andersons. (Apparently the box was tatty). So far it sounds great at low volumes. Given my last gigable combo was a tank like Peavey TNT 160 this thing is crazy light weight. It’s likely to be a few weeks before I get to try it with a band and crank it up.
  10. I’m interested. Will message you
  11. I bought a couple of pedals from Greg. He was super responsive and great to deal with. Pedals arrived the next day very well paclkaged and are exactly as described in the ad.
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