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  1. Friday night I was depping with a covers band I used to be a member. A private party at a hotel in Clapham, just outside Bedford. Just before I arrived I got a text from the singer saying her hubby (guitar and PA) had just turned up at Luton. She’d texted him the postcode to their son’s cricket match on Sunday. To make things worse the A6 was shut due to an accident. We managed to start on time and a had a good gig. Alls well that ends well!
  2. I loved it recently when the bass player of our support band complimented me on my tone. Bass aside, it was a Line6 G30 radio into a Zoom B3n into a Bugera BV1001M into a Nemesis 4x10 that I bought off here for £80 and refinished!
  3. I'm halfway through and really enjoying it. I'm pretty sure I spotted a young Lemmy stroll by in the scene where they're loading out of The Marquee!
  4. Jim Lea from Slade was pretty tasty as well!
  5. Welcome fella. My daughter went to Trent Uni and had a whale of a time there. What a lovely vibrant city you live in!
  6. Just to add to this thread, a couple of times when I’ve taken my Elf as a spare, I’ve agreed to let the support band use it through my cab to save messing about with settings, once through a nemesis 4x10 and once through a BBii stacked on an Eden 1x12 No complaints on either occasion, and at The 100 club the sound engineer asked the bass player to turn it down! Ive also gigged the elf at small pub gigs and been complimented on the tone by other band members, so it’ll definitely get you out of a scrape. At the very least, consider it a DI box that will power a cab as a bonus!
  7. I’d probably go for a GK MB 500. It’s hugely capable but not sure you’d get it in a gig bag. I’ve got three smallish amps and a few big ones. I bought an Elf as a small backup to my Bugera Veyron T but of late, I’ve started using my GK MB 500 occasionally, so most of the time I stick the bugera and the gk on a small case, and whichever I use I have the other as a spare.
  8. Ive had Trace Heads fail a couple of times and a Hartke HA5500 puff out the magic smoke once. Only prob I've had with a class D was a dodgy di socket on a GKMb 500 but that was repaired under warranty.
  9. Well I guess anything can go wrong. I suggest taking a small backup amp or a di pedal with some to e shaping capabilities to use through pA as a backup. I always take a small spare amp.
  10. I noted a comment on the 'class D Diabolcal' thread that stated the 1001T looked like a Streamliner on the outside but was nothing like it in terms of operation. Or something like that. Has anybody had both and would care to comment? If it's not based on the Streamliner, is it based on something else or is it it's own thang?
  11. We played at The Boston Music Rooms at Tuffnell Park last night. A bit of drama with a punch up outside. One of roadies was a witness and had to give the feds a statement. Made to feel really comfortable by the staff there. The sound engineer was filling in but was really good. He only soundchecked the drums and vox. He did my bass while I was getting my tone but didn't bother with guitars and keys. Told us to run a number and did it on the fly with great results. Could have done with a few more in but enough to make it worthwhile and create a racket. That's the end of the official tour, next Saturday afternoon we'll be doing the Red Dragon Festival at Llangollen.
  12. I met a certain founding member of a well known Space Rock band not too long ago and wish I hadn’t! To the OP, thanks so much for sharing, loved it. Always loved Kate Bush, such moving and unique music, and I fancied her like mad when I was a teenager! Loved that brief window back in time to my late teens, old cars etc!
  13. We played at The Wrecking Ball Arts Centre at Hull. A long drive and a load in upstairs but what a lovely venue. Downstairs is a record shop/bookshop/cafe with lots of vinyl. Upstairs is a 100 seater venue with small bar. Nice sound due to heavy drapes all round. It's fitted out with a top quality PA and a young full time sound engineer who really knows his stuff. We played without a support band (Vambo have been with us on most of the dates) and it was nice to stretch our legs for over two hours. I had a change and used my GK MB500 instead of my Bugera. Achieved a nice tone with a really solid bottom end, not sure if it was the amp or the raised stage/PA but I'll try the same set up next week. Sound was excellent, had a decent crowd and despite being a man down due to illness we had a great night. The Bullingdon in Oxford next Thursday and The Boston Music Rooms in London on Friday bring the tour to an end.
  14. The Giffard in Wolverhampton this Friday 6th and the Wrecking Ball Arts Centre in Hull Saturday 7th. It's a three band bill at Wolves - one of the bands is Vambo.
  15. I've just messaged the seller to ask if it comes with the original headstock and tuners 😂
  16. I've got the valve version and gig it regularly. I'll cut the bass on mine and hoof the volume to bring the tops through. I've got a large valve amp and a couple of Trace heads which I do gig occasionally, but I find the difference in terms of audio is negligible and what difference there might be is compensated by the convenience factor.
  17. I’ve recorded one on the new Stray album. I’ll let you know when it’s released! The bass is modded though so it’s not gonna sound like an original music master!
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