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  1. Hi I’m really sorry. This has been sold. Wish it hadn’t though… Thanks for your interest. I’ll get it removed from sale cheers
  2. Hi vincbt Thank you I don’t really know about the sound comparison tbh. I’ve only ever played a 6 string thumb other than mine, which I think is basically exactly the same guitar (body/neck/pups) minus the higher string to make the string spacing bigger. They’re splits under the soap-bars covers, so a bit more p than j as I understand it (but probably totally wrong). A bit fuller and richer, but still super clear and punchy due to the pup positions. I haven’t gigged or played it (I’ve been a bedroom only player for about 20 years now) with other musicians, but I think the sound would be pretty big and monstrous if it were let loose. The fretboard is tiger stripe ebony, which again is beautifully figured, just more subtly. There’s 26 frets on there and you still get crazy piano-like clarity right up to the toppety-top. It’s a beautifully put together instrument. Thanks again for your comments and interest cheers
  3. Thanks a lot, bassmayhem. Yeah, I love the swirls. The pictures don’t even really capture how beautiful they are, it’s like a hologram after a polish. Beautiful. Thanks again Rosco
  4. Beloved 2013 custom shop Warwick Thumb through-neck 5 string, built for me with the broad neck option and a lovely swirly bubinga pommele body. I'm the original owner, it's never been gigged, never even left my house. No mod's, no marks, regularly waxed, I still have all the tools and certificates and everything works perfectly. I get to play it roughly an hour a week. it's too nice to be an ornament. On the dodgy bathroom scales, I'm reading high 4's to 5 kilos, not sure if that sounds right, but it's defo on the heavy side and I know people like to know. I'm located in Suffolk and would be happy to travel to meet half way with a serious prospective buyer, or discuss splitting shipping costs etc. Original Warwick hard/flight case is also included either way Thanks
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