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  1. Paul C

    MB1 Feedback

    Martin bought my L2000 yesterday. True to his word on all fronts. And the sun was shining in Manchester......just. Buy/sell with confidence with Martin
  2. Hi Grahambythesea yeah I did return it in the end. A and E were just about in tune with the saddles all the way back. I dithered and then returned it. Could be just the one I got. Great looking instrument. I ordered the black/graphite one and you can't see it on the web site pictures but it's got a nice subtle sort of flecked finish but not shiny in any way. Really cool. I think I just didn't really bond with it. Maybe I expected too much. I never had the older model so cant say if it's anything like as bad as the previous batch. Definitely worth a try if there's a no quibble return policy available from seller.
  3. Just got a black one delivered today. A string intonation was quite sharp so the saddle is all the way back now. I'll let it settle and report back. Fantastic looking bass but if theres no tolerance on the intonation I may return it. Not sure. Just thought to let anyone that is interested know.
  4. Hi, relisting my L2000 tribute as despite marking it as sold a month or two ago the sale could not be completed. No problems. Thought about keeping it but..... To simplify the process I'm relisting it with shipping and insurance via Parcelforce included in the price as it doesn't feel like travel restrictions will be lifted any time soon. As a result the price is higher than the previous listing. I think this is for the best though as iv heard a few nasty shipping related mishaps on here of late and want piece of mind so no one loses out at either end of the process should something bad happen. Planning to ship it in a good sized chunky, strong bubble wrapped box with old soft case as well. Happy to provide a picture if anyone is curious about the packaging. I received a bass in this package myself from France prior to Brexit so should be good. Slight dink which i've tried to picture but it does not affect playability and is fairly smooth to the touch. Bass is as new apart from this mark. Thanks for looking.
  5. I really rate this pedal. Would recommend it to anyone looking for a nice bit of breakup/dirty boost. Hope it finds a good home.
  6. Thanks all for the interest this is now sold.
  7. **deposit now taken to be sorted after lockdown** Hi I bought this Alliance Fretless acoustic bass many years ago from Manchester Bass Center. I'm not going to say a know much about it. It's not a vintage Luthier made instrument by any means but it sounds nice to my ears both amplified and unamplified. It also looks quite nice too with some nice cream binding. One slight dink I've marked by the jack socket but nothing major at all. Low light today so pictures a bit tricky. Has a simple 9volt preamp onboard. No major fingerboard wear. Made in Korea. Played a lot but looked after. Socially distanced collection fine. I do have a large ish packaging box too if delivery needed but it is an acoustic instrument and would not take kindly to delivery man treatment if abused 🙂. Thanks
  8. Tech21 VT DI for sale. As new condition and includes all original packaging, instructions etc. Even still got the sticker for what it's worth. Velcro on the back. Socially distanced collection possible. Posted in the UK fine. An extra fiver should cover signed for delivery via royal mail. Thanks
  9. Thanks Lozz. That's interesting. I do feel loyalty to Ashdown as I really like how they do stuff plus customer service as we know is top notch. Not that iv ever had one of their amps fail 🙂. Ideally I'd try in a shop but tricky to know when that mayb possible. Thx
  10. Hi I'm thinking of buying a new head. It's a toss up for me between the newer Orange Terror with the clean switch or the ABM 600 head. I'm sure both are fantastic. I've seen folks talking on old threads here about the Orange Terror but that was the older model without the clean switch. A friend of mine let me borrow that same version recently and whilst it's a really cool amp, it starts to go into overdrive, even with the gain down low, and it was just a bit too much for me and I couldn't get a nice clean sound. I tend to add FX to a clean ish tone. I've had an ABM 500 in the past so know what to expect from an ashdown and only downside of the ABM is it's a bit heavier.... but nothing back breaking. So, is anyone out there a user of the newer Terror Bass with the clean switch. Any feedback on it? One demo on YouTube shows it delivering some fantastic sounds both clean and overdriven and I really liked what I heard. Thanks in advance
  11. Thanks for this review. Been keeping an eye on these basses 👍
  12. Thanks 'The Greek' I will drop them a line. 👍
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