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  1. Love this bass. Bloody Brexit. Wish they made the new ones in this colour.
  2. Hi Mr Zed. Yeah me and my friends used to tour the Manchester music shops in the early 90s trying out various pedals we could never really afford. Mameloks were quite nice to us actually. Last of the big spenders, I think I bought a guitar stand from them in the end.
  3. Was it Mameloks Music? ( I think that's how u spelt it)
  4. Paul C

    funkle's feedback

    Bought a P bass neck off Pete. Great experience. Easy to approach. Friendly. Deal with confidence with Pete 👍
  5. Hi Al yeah not sure on the science of the EQ to be honest. On this demo he pretty much keeps each dial middled. It's not mentioned at all in the manual. I checked. My friend had the mark one version of the head and she let me borrow it for a while. It was good but it just started to overdrive too soon for me...it was just too wild... and I prefer to add drive with pedals esp as the gigs we play, I normally play through the venue's provided backline so can't rely on the backline having any reliable overdrive capability. Some folks I'm sure will love that aspect of the MK1 I'm sure. Horses for courses.
  6. It was this demo that I felt showed how good this head is. U probably seen it by now but just in case https://youtu.be/c4SMM28jblQ
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Hi I've got the orange Terror head now with the clean switch. I dont play the styles you mention but i really like the head. It's got a really simple, musical EQ and a warm sound. I've had an ashdown ABM combo for over 20 years and they make excellent gear but I'm enjoying the Orange too. It's also a hell of a lot easier to move than my old combo.
  9. Paul C

    MB1 Feedback

    Martin bought my L2000 yesterday. True to his word on all fronts. And the sun was shining in Manchester......just. Buy/sell with confidence with Martin
  10. Hi Grahambythesea yeah I did return it in the end. A and E were just about in tune with the saddles all the way back. I dithered and then returned it. Could be just the one I got. Great looking instrument. I ordered the black/graphite one and you can't see it on the web site pictures but it's got a nice subtle sort of flecked finish but not shiny in any way. Really cool. I think I just didn't really bond with it. Maybe I expected too much. I never had the older model so cant say if it's anything like as bad as the previous batch. Definitely worth a try if there's a no quibble return policy available from seller.
  11. Just got a black one delivered today. A string intonation was quite sharp so the saddle is all the way back now. I'll let it settle and report back. Fantastic looking bass but if theres no tolerance on the intonation I may return it. Not sure. Just thought to let anyone that is interested know.
  12. Hi, relisting my L2000 tribute as despite marking it as sold a month or two ago the sale could not be completed. No problems. Thought about keeping it but..... To simplify the process I'm relisting it with shipping and insurance via Parcelforce included in the price as it doesn't feel like travel restrictions will be lifted any time soon. As a result the price is higher than the previous listing. I think this is for the best though as iv heard a few nasty shipping related mishaps on here of late and want piece of mind so no one loses out at either end of the process should something bad happen. Planning to ship it in a good sized chunky, strong bubble wrapped box with old soft case as well. Happy to provide a picture if anyone is curious about the packaging. I received a bass in this package myself from France prior to Brexit so should be good. Slight dink which i've tried to picture but it does not affect playability and is fairly smooth to the touch. Bass is as new apart from this mark. Thanks for looking.
  13. I really rate this pedal. Would recommend it to anyone looking for a nice bit of breakup/dirty boost. Hope it finds a good home.
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