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  1. Thanks inthedoghouse. I thinks it's a really nice bass and hopefully someone will love it. It just doesn't quite work with the music I play these days
  2. I recently bought a bass from Enrico and i can say he's a great seller and a nice guy. I was worried about shipping from Italy to the UK but he made the process v simple and and sent me lots of updates so I could see how it was packed etc and how to track the shipment. I can't afford this particular bass tho 😁
  3. SOLD **Price drop to £500** For sale my Warwick Corvette. Bought by me from the Bass Center in Birmingham in 1996. Well gigged but well looked after too. Great instrument, I just prefer a P bass these days. Weight around 4.2 kilos, Bubinga, Recessed Dunlop strap locks, New Rotosound strings, Comes with a bomb proof, handmade hard case, Collection is preferred Shipping possible but may have to be after lockdown. £30 in UK. Circa £45 to European destinations.
  4. Last go to try and move this badger on.
  5. Hi sorry no not really as I'm about three hundred miles from London unfortunately. Can u get to Manchester or equally not good for you 🙂
  6. Hi kinkmaster still available but the package is too large and heavy to post anywhere. It requires collection in person
  7. Cheers thanks for the positive comments. Genuinely hope someone gets some enjoyment from this amp. Let's see
  8. Ashdown ABM 500 Combo for sale. 4x10. Good condition for age. Perfect working order. Can be tried out at rehearsal room in central Manchester. 10 minutes walk from Piccadilly train station. Would require collection via car due to weight.
  9. Got a used super twin in the end. It's awesome. Thanks for all the help everyone
  10. Thanks artisan. Much appreciated. Agree on the MB badge by the way. Looks ropey.
  11. Thanks lozz I didn't know that, much appreciated for the insight. At the moment head and wallet is saying Markbass. 😀
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