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  1. Hi Andy Old Trafford
  2. Electro-Harmonix Bass Big Muff. You know what these things do. Price includes postage.
  3. This is a bargain. Fantastic head. Hopefully finds a good home.
  4. They r quite a deep pickup with the larger magnets but with my bass, after removing the old crappy 30 yr old foam it was fine. I think someone posted the approximate depth of the pickups on this thread if u want to check up front.
  5. Looks great Marc. I remember when these came out (sadly) 🙂
  6. Cheers everyone. Always tricky pricing stuff to be appealing, but not a complete give away either.
  7. Reduced to £220. Up for sale my Ashdown RM head. Not really after any trades. Comes with the gig bag. Not a scratch on it really that I can find. Been sat in the rehearsal room recently for obvious reasons. Plenty of volume available in these heads. I never used the overdrive function but found the compressor v handy used in subtle amounts. Ideally collection from South Manchester. Can discuss shipping costs if it's essential on PM. Would be at buyers risk/cost. I've not got shipping costs confirmed but I'm guessing it would be between 20 and 30 quid but can discuss.
  8. Love this bass. Bloody Brexit. Wish they made the new ones in this colour.
  9. Hi Mr Zed. Yeah me and my friends used to tour the Manchester music shops in the early 90s trying out various pedals we could never really afford. Mameloks were quite nice to us actually. Last of the big spenders, I think I bought a guitar stand from them in the end.
  10. Was it Mameloks Music? ( I think that's how u spelt it)
  11. Bought a P bass neck off Pete. Great experience. Easy to approach. Friendly. Deal with confidence with Pete 👍
  12. Hi Al yeah not sure on the science of the EQ to be honest. On this demo he pretty much keeps each dial middled. It's not mentioned at all in the manual. I checked. My friend had the mark one version of the head and she let me borrow it for a while. It was good but it just started to overdrive too soon for me...it was just too wild... and I prefer to add drive with pedals esp as the gigs we play, I normally play through the venue's provided backline so can't rely on the backline having any reliable overdrive capability. Some folks I'm sure will love that aspect of the MK1 I'm sure. Horses for courses.
  13. It was this demo that I felt showed how good this head is. U probably seen it by now but just in case https://youtu.be/c4SMM28jblQ
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