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  1. Hi kinkmaster still available but the package is too large and heavy to post anywhere. It requires collection in person
  2. Cheers thanks for the positive comments. Genuinely hope someone gets some enjoyment from this amp. Let's see
  3. Ashdown ABM 500 Combo for sale. 4x10. Good condition for age. Perfect working order. Can be tried out at rehearsal room in central Manchester. 10 minutes walk from Piccadilly train station. Would require collection via car due to weight.
  4. Got a used super twin in the end. It's awesome. Thanks for all the help everyone
  5. Thanks artisan. Much appreciated. Agree on the MB badge by the way. Looks ropey.
  6. Thanks lozz I didn't know that, much appreciated for the insight. At the moment head and wallet is saying Markbass. 😀
  7. Thx for responses so far
  8. Hi all. Having not bought any gear for decades I'm trying to get a cab that's easier to transport to gigs. Obvious choices are Barefaced and Markbass. I'm liking the idea of a 2x12 set up and the Markbass 212 caught my eyes as it's easier on the wallet than a Barefaced supertwin. All the Markbass demos I can find online are from Technical players with a jazzy or funk sound which is not my bag so wondering if anyone out there is using the Markbass in more of a rock/ post rock sounding band? We r a three piece and play with FX and over drive on the bass lot. I tend to roll a lot of the mids and treble off using my brilliant, but extremely heavy, ashdown ABM 500 4/10 combo. I don't have any good music shops in Manchester these days to try things out and a trip to Brighton to GAK or Bfaced adds quite a bit of cost. Any advice/encouragement appreciated. Thanks
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