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  1. I'll be following this with interest. @Phil Starr mentions that the cab is being designed to be full range - does that mean that the cab could potentially double up as a PA speaker?
  2. The hardest part for me was making the cuts accurately and squarely enough with just a cheap circular saw. I had to make some 'adjustments' along the way. After that it was mostly just the problem of never having enough clamps I've just bought a track saw to make things easier next time.
  3. Here's the baffle. I just painted it with some old spray paint I had. The white port doesn't show through the grill so I didn't bother attempting to paint. The grill was recycled from an old Marcus berry cab I had.
  4. Oh interesting. I'll look forward to that! I took a quick look into it myself but it seems more difficult to find a suitable 10" driver (not that I know too much about it really).
  5. I've just finished this basschat 112 cab: It's a slight variant in that it is built using 12mm birch ply and it is using the Beyma SM212 speaker with no tweeter/horn. It had its first test run last night at rehearsal where it sounded much better than the studio's Hartke combo I typically use there, a lot more focus and clarity. It was able to keep up with our weightlifter drummer and two guitarists too. Very happy with it. Thanks to all the folks who worked hard to create the design and produce such professional drawings to follow. I think I've caught the bug now - I want to build another, maybe a 8 or 10 inch for practicing
  6. Ah I just needed to be signed in to access the pdfs! Time to order some parts... Thanks @stevie
  7. Does anyone have the plans for this build that they could post? It seems they are all missing from the thread. I'd be keen to have a go at this build (though the electronics part is a bit daunting… much more comfortable with the woodworking).
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